Will My Short Hair Stop Me From Having Hair Extensions?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Will My Short Hair Stop Me From Having Hair Extensions?

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Nowadays, celebrities often change their hair from short to long all in the space of a red carpet appearance. Now unless they are using some sort of extremely powerful hair growth product you can be sure that they are using hair extensions! One day your favourite celeb will be spotted sporting a funky bob cut and the next they have long flowing locks, so how do they do it? The secret is hair extensions and they can be for everyone, not just celebs. However, if you have short hair you will need to carefully consider what type of extension is best for you as some methods are not suitable for short hair.

The biggest challenge when using hair extensions on short hair is that you need to ensure that the basic scalp hair is thick enough to conceal the hair extension attachments. This is especially important in the case of clip-on extensions. The main issue with extensions is that they must look natural in order to be worth undergoing the process. If the attachments are on show then it will become clear that the hair is fake and the whole thing will look tacky. Also, if your hair is short as well as being extremely fine or thinning it can be very hard for a stylist to attach the extensions and can cause further problems. Therefore it is important to undergo a thorough consultation prior to having extensions fitted so that these problems can be dealt with.

If your hair has been cut in a very short style, like a pixie cut for example then it may be hard to fit extensions as they may not look natural and the bonds may be visible. If you are thinking of getting hair extensions with short hair like this you will need to consult with a stylist as to whether it is possible or not.

Once you have had a consultation and the stylist has given you the go-ahead then when buying extensions you should make sure that the colour perfectly matches the colour of your natural hair. Even a small discrepancy in colour will look like you are wearing extensions and this will be made more prominent because of your short hair style.

Another important thing to consider when getting extensions with short hair is the length of the extensions. You should be careful to make sure that the length is suitable for your natural hair as long extensions can be quite heavy putting unnecessary strain on your own hair. This can cause damage to your natural hair, including breakage and even bald spots. The strain can also cause the finished look to look messy and fake. Therefore, if you are considering extensions with short hair then you should opt for shorter extensions.

The method of application is also very important with short hair. For slightly longer short styles you can try clip-in extensions or weaves. These methods suit hair that is slightly longer as the attachments can be hidden with the natural hair. However, if you only have an inch or two long hair then this will not be enough hair to cover the clips and weaves and it will be quite clear that you are wearing extensions. The best bet for shorter styles is to use either glue-in options or fusion hair extensions. The extension hair is placed very close to the scalp so is hidden well and with fusion extensions the extension hair is fused to the natural hair so there is nothing to be seen.

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