Wigs Hair Extensions, How To Be Beautiful

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Wigs Hair Extensions, How To Be Beautiful

Article by Dr. James Dazouloute

Wigs Hair Extensions, How To Be BeautifulWigs hair extensions are the norm these days and for how to be beautiful, extra plush and get plenty of attention. As wigs can give you an instant face lift and also change your appearance from recognizable to unrecognizable, and they can give you long lustrous hair, or short and hip for the day. Wigs hair extensions are very easy to put on, and you can attach them solidly in a matter of minutes, and they are the perfect item for your head and face when in a hurry, or want your spirit lifted. Also they are very affordable, anywhere from .99 up to your pocket ‘s ability, and you can choose different colors and different styles by using all the special attachments. And wigs hair extensions have been in used since before Christ came to this earth, as the Egyptians were notorious for using wigs every single day of their life. And wigs continued to be used all throughout the centuries without ever skipping a beat.One way on how to be beautiful with wigs hair extensions is by adding length to your hair, and completely change the contour of your face. You can get highlihgted wigs that will give you that super model look, or you can have long wigs in a color that match your most sexy oufits. And with long hair you can easily create different styles like pony tails, or split in the middle, and even covering your eyes for that intriguing look. Do remember that you must get good quality extension wigs that will last you a while, and that will not smell when wet or when sweat gets in them. And the best quality wigs to get are the ones made with human hair, and of course you have hair from horses, sheep, vegetable fibers and even some made out of cotton strands. Also doing the great Renaissance and even the start up of our country, everybody was wearing wigs and powdered make up. Look at all the opera singers and the old movies with Kings and Queens and you will begin to notice that wigs hair extensions have been with us since men started building monuments. So I say all this to show you that you are not an abnormality, as this is a well accepted vice and it is also an ever lasting culture.Another way to be beautiful is to use the wide arrays of hair attachment methods that are available for your wigs hair extensions. And the different wigs attachments all depend on the quality, the color and the price that you are willing to pay for these items, and the way that you attach the extensions are really up to you. For you can us a method called the weft, and that way all you do is attach the extension hair one strand at a time and that is a very simple method. You can also bond the wig on your head of hair, and this one does attach just like it sounds, you simply just attach the wig hair extension by using some local glue made for hair.You can also have your hair wig extension fitted just for you head shape, as each head is unique and you want something that will compliment your dome. Just like cologne or perfume, you have to find one that will match your pheromones, so have a few wigs made just for you and you will love them and keep them for a long time. And I must tell you dear friend, that there are some bad things associated with wigs like using glue all the time to attach a wig to your hair, and when it is time to remove the wig you have to pull and rip sometimes, as there is not one glue remover that will completely disintegrate the old glue. And you have seen many women with no hair on the sides of their head, as this part of the head have the weakest hairs strands, and that is because they have pulled off and ripped out hair extensions right out of their head and in the process yanked all the hair follicles from the inside. And that is where the roots are. Also some wigs are made with a lot of chemical in them so they can last, please be careful as your head is very sensitive, and when it sweats, chemicals will be absorbed right throught. And in the long run you may get some diseast that will affect your brains and its functions.These days science has made great stride for people losing their hair, like Rogaine and hair club for men and women. But even if you do not fall into one of those categories, you can still enjoy a beautiful wig to give you diversity, styles and compliment from others. You can have hair extension wig that you just clip to your hair, or you can have wigs twisted up in your regular hair and keep that look for a month or two. And to help you further Go now to http://www.freedazoshopping.blogspot.com/ and visit this site right now and they will help you as well with all you need to know about wigs hair extensions and how to be beautiful. By Dr. James Dazouloute.

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