Why Wear Wigs?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Why Wear Wigs?

Have you ever thought of wearing a wig? Wigs are hair structures often used by people suffering from baldness. Sometimes, these are placed on the head for various purposes. Wigs were previously used as disguise mechanism for these officials. In Britain, some judges and parliamentary officials wear wigs as symbols of office. In Australia and New Zealand, wigs are used during special occasions and inauguration of new barristers or lawyers.

Aside from parliamentary offices, wigs are commonly seen in Hollywood and theatrical performances. They are a basic tool in stage design and make-up. Hollywood celebrities use wigs to give life to different characters in films, TV shows, and music videos. Wigs can enhance an actress’ or artists’ abilities. In the same way, wigs can help bring out characters of theater artists.

Wigs are also popularly used on holidays such as Halloween. Children, teenagers, and young adults wear wigs during parties. Manufacturers create different kinds and types of wigs for Halloween. Some wigs may give the appearance of white and frizzy hair, hard and rough hair, dark and curly hair, or extremely curled short hair. Wigs are great accessories for Halloween costumes and often improve the appearance of Halloween characters.

Wigs also have religion-specific purposes. In some religions, high priests require women to cover their head. For instance, to follow Orthodox Jewish law, married Jewish women cover their hair once they get married. Orthodox Jews refer to these wigs as sheitels. Some women opt to adorn their sheitels with hats. Hair boutiques may offer different types of wigs for women, like Jon Renau wigs.

Some people opt to wear wigs on a daily basis. Cancer patients wear wigs to conceal baldness. Hair strands often aren’t strong enough to withstand the process chemotherapy. Likewise, those who suffer from alopecia wear wigs. Alopecia is commonly referred to as male-pattern and female-pattern baldness. In Western countries, hair shops manufacture a wide array of wigs, like Jon Renau wigs, for their customers.

Wigs have aesthetic and practical functions. They are used in fashion and entertainment. In science and medicine, wigs remedy hair fall and hair loss. Many hair boutiques offer popular wigs such as Jon Renau wigs, as well as various wig styles for different occasions and functions.

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