Why Is The Hair Used In Great Lengths Hair Extensions So Superior?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Why Is The Hair Used In Great Lengths Hair Extensions So Superior?

Article by suzlar

Great Lengths is the leader in premium hair extensions and are used and loved by women all over the world. The company has been going for over 20 years and continues to be as popular as ever. They use only the finest 100% human hair of guaranteed origin and ethnicity. But why is the hair used by Great Lengths so much better than other hair extension companies? Great Lengths utilise Indian Temple hair to make their extensions. In order to see why this hair type is superior, let’s first take a look at why other types of hair are not suitable.

Some hair extension companies use European hair to manufacture their extensions. However, the hair is not only difficult to find in significant quantities, but it is generally too thin in diameter (especially the blonde variety) to be of much use in hair extensions. Also few women in Europe are willing to sacrifice their hair to hair extension companies. And even if they did, the hair would need to be in a virgin state- meaning that the hair had never been chemically treated before and this is unlikely and hard to find.

Chinese hair can be found in large quantities, but this hair is not compatible with ours because it has a round cross-section as opposed to the oval shape of Caucasian hair. The shape of the follicle means that it is too thick and rigid to be compatible with European hair.

Brushed Indian hair is also unsuitable for use in hair extensions. This is the process where every day tens of millions of Indian women gather hair that is collected after brushing the hair. The problem with this is that the hair is often of inferior quality and the method of collection means that the hair is often presented as a ball of yarn with the hair lies mixed in all different directions. However, the hair is cheap to purchase and is traditionally used in the manufacture of wigs and toupees. But it is thought that this quality hair is not good for use in hair extensions because the cuticles usually face in both directions and will cause inevitable tangling and matting. The use of brushed Indian hair in hair extensions is known to provide unsatisfactory results and not really worth the while. It is well-known in the hair extension field that some companies attempt to pass of brushed Indian hair as Temple hair as it is found in large quantities and is cheap to buy. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you visit a salon that is registered as a Great Lengths salon to ensure that you are getting real high quality Indian Temple hair.

The hair that Great Lengths use in their extensions has been sourced from Indian Temples in virgin condition- meaning that the hair has never been bleached, coloured or treated. Genetically, Indian hair is very similar to Caucasian in its basic structure so it is ideal for use in hair extensions. Also, all the proceeds received by the Temple for the hair which is donated freely and happily by the women as part of a ritual offering, is used to provide funding of schools, hospitals and orphanages in the Indian society. Great Lengths only use ‘Remy hair’ which means that the hair is collected with the cuticle layer facing in the same direction from root to tip to reflect the structure of natural hair. This is an essential part of the process that means that the hair does not tangle when it is made into hair extensions.

Great Lengths hair extensions can enhance your natural beauty and provide you with a brand new look. If you struggle to grow your hair and are constantly willing your hair to grow, be thicker or have more volume then Great Lengths hair extensions could be for you. If you are interested in investing in Great Lengths hair extensions then contact Inanch salon today for more information and to book a consultation.

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