Why Choose Weaved-in Hair Extensions

20 August; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Why Choose Weaved-in Hair Extensions

Ask any reputable hair salon and they’ll say weaved-in or sewn-in hair extensions are the best means of applying additional hair to your head. Whether you choose Weft hair or individual strands, weaving in the hair is still the way to go if you want to reduce damage.

Weft hair extensions are thinly clamped strands of hair. They are held together in strands and can be hand-tied or machine wefted. Individual hair extensions are composed of around 20 to 50 strands of hair which can be weaved in, glued, or fastened. This type of extension can also be manufactured with natural and synthetic hair. Hair without a weft is called a bulk. Bulk hair is loose. It is used primarily for stand bonding and braiding.

Weaved hair extensions last for 3 months or more depending on the degree of maintenance that you invest in your hair. A partial head of extensions would cost around 0 to 0 on the average (for the application only). A full set of hair extension should be about 0 or more, excluding the actual cost of the hair.

Weaving is the best choice of hair extension application for people who want to keep their extra hair for longer periods of time. Even if your hair gets longer, weaved extensions will adjust to the look of lengthy hair. They do cost  more but imagine having the convenience to have it trimmed, colored, and styles without having to worry of it being taken out or re-done.


Micro Weaving is applied using thin tracks of weft hair extensions. The strands are positioned horizontally on the scalp and reinforced with weaving threads in a lock stitch. If your hair pattern is a little weird, worry not because the stylist will follow the natural direction of your hair. This technique is also called chord weaving and its only downside is the stress it puts on the scalp during application. No pain, no gain, right?

The most popular extension weaving technique is the cornrow track extension. Cornrow braids are used instead of a weaving cord to form the tracks. This type of weave allows hair to be put in without threads or glues. Weaved hair is braided in with the clients hair in cornrowed braid layers close to the scalp. If want a chemical-free procedure, this is your best option.

Strand Bonding Weaving involves bonding small sections of your own hair with the extensions. Hair adhesives are applied to attach the strands together. This technique is known for giving hair natural movement. You can actually do this yourself but then again, a hair salon stylist is still recommended. This type of weaved hair extensions can last half a year if you’re really careful with handling your hair.

Some salons will charge an hourly rate to apply extensions you buy yourself; however, it usually is a better idea to purchase hair through a licensed hairstylist. People who have medium to severe hair loss problems; those who have allergies to certain chemicals, or people who are not willing to make regular trips to the salon are not good candidates for hair extensions. Hundreds of dollars will only go to waste and you’ll have added problems of taking them out (which is paid by the hour).

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