Why Are Great Lengths Hair Extensions So Popular?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Why Are Great Lengths Hair Extensions So Popular?

Article by Suzlar

Supermodels, actresses and television presenters alike swear by their Great Lengths hair extensions, but what makes them different from the other extensions available on the market? Well firstly they only use the finest 100% human hair, the origin and ethnicity of which is guaranteed. Great Lengths guarantee that with their hair extensions you will achieve the glamorous and sophisticated look that you’ve always dreamt of. They produce over 55 hair colours so there is no doubt that your extensions will match your natural colour and simply enhance what you’ve already got.

If you are a woman who struggles to grow her hair past a certain length or if your hair lacks volume then Great Lengths hair extensions could be the answer to your problems. Some people may worry that hair extensions can damage your existing hair, but with Great Lengths this is not a problem. The specially formulated bonds are attached to your own hair in a way that is kind to your scalp and are practically undetectable to others. There is also no trauma when removing the extensions either as they can be taken out whenever you desire and do not cause any damage to your own hair.

Great Lengths are different to other methods of hair extensions because they have a patented method of application that is gentle and non-damaging. The new method of application is called modulating in which keratin is used to bond the hair extension to your hair. Keratin has a molecular composition which is similar to that of real hair. The good thing about the bonds used by Great Lengths specialists is that unlike other glue-gun methods, they do not leave any deposits of residue on the hair; they can be removed easily without fuss and rarely fall out. You can also expect your Great Length extensions to last up to five months depending on the hair type and style.

The hair used is sourced from Indian temples where it is customary for people of a certain religion give their hair to the temple as part of a ritual offering. And because Great Lengths source their own hair, they can be sure that it is ethically sourced and of the highest quality. The Indian hair sourced is in virgin condition (it has not been exposed to harsh chemicals or heat), and is made up of 100% remis hair. This is when the cuticle layers are facing the same way so that it is smooth and tangle-free. The hair has a natural wave that can be easily straightened or alternatively be left in its natural state so that it creates volume and fullness. The hair can also be treated to match the texture of your own hair; it can be given a soft wave or a deep wave if so desired.

The aftercare of your extensions does not require hard-work and Great Lengths have brought out a range of products that aim to prolong the lifespan of your extensions. There are however a few maintenance tips that you should be aware of. For example, it is advisable to tie your hair in a loose pony tail whilst sleeping to avoid tangling. Also care should be taken when brushing your extensions. You should not comb between the bond and your scalp and on a regular basis you should separate the bonds with your fingers to avoid matting.

Great Lengths started in 1991 and have very quickly become an international hair extension company with over 60 franchises in countries all over the world. This instant success just goes to show the excellence of the product and the professionalism of the application. Their extensions are the safest way enhance your look and give you a well-deserved confidence boost.

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