What is the Origin of Wigs?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

What is the Origin of Wigs?

Article by Cindy Lee

The fashion of wearing wigs to cover a bald area of the head is nothing new. They have been in use for the past many years. Wigs available in the market come in varied varieties. You can find wigs made from natural human hair as well as from artificial/synthetic hair. Wigs have been in high demand both among men and women. Both men and women can become self-conscious about their looks when their hair begins to thin.The origin of this head covering can be dated back to the times of Egyptians who shaved off their entire head so that they could wear wigs and protect themselves from the scorching heat of sun. It has been more than a thousand years since wigs have been in use. Over this long time span, wigs have undergone major transformations. Now, there is a wide array of wigs coming up in the market ranging from intricately designed real stylish wigs to the simple ones having braids and even costume wigs for Halloween, Mardi Gras and other celebrations. It has become usual to wear wigs when the hair fall is excessive as happens in the case of cancer patients after undergoing chemotherapy. Wearing a well-made wig during and immediately after chemotherapy can do wonders for restoring the vision of themselves that is so important during this stressful time. Men and women now can even have wigs made from their own hair. Wig head coverings have been worn in different times to exude different aspects. At the time of war, warriors used to put on wig to leave an impression on their enemy. In certain cultures, wigs have been worn as means to demonstrate luxury and wealth. During the rule of French King, Louis XIII, wearing a long wig with almost every garment became mandatory. This happened due to the fact that this king himself lost a lot of hair and thus started wearing wigs and then made it an essential part of the clothing of the royal men. A lot of elaborate designs came from the French but after the French Revolution wigs lost their importance. With the passage of some time, wigs picked up popularity again around the start of 1820. For centuries, wigs have been in use due to various reasons such as profession, as an adornment, a symbol of style and fashion and a lot more. In the ancient times, hair wigs were made from animal hair. During the 1960s as wigs become extremely popular, it was at that time that a lot of attempts were made to develop superior quality wigs producing hair in an artificial manner. Now you can find fabulous variety of lightweight wigs in a great variety of natural and natural-looking colors that are easy to put on and also lend you a stylish look. There is a wig for every personality type. People reserved by nature can have simple wigs made, whereas bold people can go out of the way to experiment with new hairstyles that can lend them a new image.

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