What Are The Relevant Treatments For A Falling Hair

15 April; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

What Are The Relevant Treatments For A Falling Hair

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Hair fall or hair loss occurs at all age group and happens for different reasons in both men and women. A 100 hair shred per day is considered normal by experts and has nothing much to worry about as beneath every hair that has fallen grows another hair follicle.

Hair fall can always be prevented and treated with the science going so far, but before understanding the various treatments or prevention tricks it is important to understand the reason or cause behind hair fall or hair loss.

Some of the most common causes of hair loss in men or hair loss in women are genetic disorder, medications, treatments like chemotherapy or radio therapy and deficiency of important vitamins, minerals and iron in the body. Most of the men or women as well as teenagers experience hair fall or hair loss when they tend to avoid the basic care of their hairs and expose it to sunrays or dust or harmful chemicals like cosmetic shampoos, hair color and more.

When it comes to hair fall ‘prevention better than cure’ works at its best, hair fall prevention works towards making the treatment easy and successful.

Very common treatment and most approached treatment of hair loss is medication for hair loss i.e. capsules containing relevant vitamins, irons, minerals, calcium and more. Often, doctors and dermatologist prefer to offer such capsules or syrups to strengthen the hair rots to slow down and cut down the loss of hair. Hair loss solutions consist of clinical methods ranging from medication to herbal or dermatological shampoos. Also, the increase in DHT that causes hair loss is also controlled in clinical process by hair loss doctor or expert.

Another treatment is the right diet. Hair loss when in teenagers or young age men and women occurs mostly because of protein lacking diets or incomplete food intake. When experiencing hair loss at such early age in spite of no disorder or medical problem, one should eat protein rich diet such as fish, eggs, nuts, grains, beans, cheese and meat or chicken.

In cases where hair loss is a direct cause of unhealthy hair management hair loss treatment consists of giving the hair follicles the care and love they deserve. This kind of treatment begins with saying no to hair shampoos, experiment on hair like straitening, perm or hair color. Damage hair follicles due to improper care can always be treated by keeping hair clean and protected from heat, sun rays and any exposure to dusty environment. Using a conditioner after shampooing hair with a mild and herbal product also helps to protect hair follicles from damaging.

From healthy diet to medical treatment to prevention there are numbers of relevant and successful treatments for hair loss and this also includes the surgery option offered by many superior doctors and institutes across the world.

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