What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hair Extensions?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hair Extensions?

Article by suzlar

The most lusted after celebrity hair style of the moment is Cheryl Cole’s long and lusciously thick locks. Hair like Cheryl’s is so popular because it is versatile, glamorous and signifies health and vitality. It has been well-documented that Cheryl received a little help in the form of real hair extensions in creating her glorious barnet, but it is not only celebrities who can achieve red carpet-worthy hair. More and more ‘normal’ people like you and me and turning to hair extensions as a way of achieving instant glamour and length and loving the results.

Growing and maintaining a long hair style can take up a considerable amount of time, and for some the wait is too much to bear. Therefore, hair extensions are the solution to the long hair most of us have been dreaming of. Some people find that their hair just doesn’t grow as fast as other people’s does or that it stops growing when it reaches a certain point. This can be very frustrating for someone who craves lovely long locks. Long hair is known for its versatility and hair extensions mean that you can experiment with lots of different styles without being restricted by the length of your hair. You can reinvent your style with the perfect accessory: beautiful hair. If you do decide that long hair isn’t for you can remove the extensions or have them trimmed so that they suit you perfectly and you won’t have to go through the pain of cutting the hair that you have so patiently grown.

Hair extensions are not always all about extra length. Some people have extensions put in as a way of creating thickness and volume to thin or limp hair. Extensions can also be a good solution to thinning hair. Good quality hair extensions will always match your hair colour perfectly so that no-one except you will know that your flowing locks aren’t all your own. You can also experiment with colour and highlights as a way of reinventing your look with extensions.

If you choose to have high quality extensions fitted then you will be able to treat them as you would your own hair. You can style it with heat appliances and wash it the same way that you would normally. You will need to visit the salon for maintenance check ups every 6 to 8 weeks though in case adjustments need to be made.

On the other hand, the initial process of applying hair extensions can be very lengthy. Although it will not hurt if done properly, it is very time-consuming. The duration taken to apply the extensions depends on the length, fullness and the method of application. In some cases we could be talking 8 to 9 hours sat at the salon.

The biggest obstacle standing between you and the hair of your dreams is the cost. It is not worth scrimping on the hair quality as you will not be pleased with the results and it will look cheap. If you want your extensions to look as natural and beautiful as possible you need to invest in some top quality hair. This costs a lot more but in my opinion it is worth the cost. The cost will also depend on the length and volume of the hair extension and on the stylist you choose for getting them applied.

Another major drawback is the potential damage that you could be doing to your real hair. Some people get away without suffering any damage at all but others may react differently to hair extensions. You may be one of the lucky ones but if you are contemplating hair extensions then you need to be aware of the potential damage they could do to you. Since the hair is attached using thermal heat, braiding or glue it can damage the hair root or strand. The glues, chemicals and heat can break, split or burn the hair strands, while the tight knots and braiding technique of a weave can even pull your hair out of the root or cause your scalp excess stress.

If you do make the decision to get hair extensions then make sure you are dealing with a fully qualified technician. You should make sure that the hair that is being applied is not too heavy so as not to put any unnecessary pressure on your scalp or your own hair. If you are not sure about making the commitment to having hair extensions properly fixed in then try clip in hair extensions. These extensions can be removed and clipped in whenever you need some instant glamour. They do no damage whatsoever and are completely safe. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are fully clued up on your decision before you go ahead with any procedures.

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