Ways to prevent hair loss

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Ways to prevent hair loss

Article by Kelly

Hair loss is a common problem experienced by almost all of us at least once in lifetime. Though there are multiple reasons, hair loss prevention methods can help avoid severe hair loss. Proper intake of vitamins, protein and iron rich diet, washing hair regularly with a good shampoo that suits your hair type, utilizing relaxing techniques like meditation to get rid of stress and worry are some of the hair loss prevention methods.

Diet that contains whole foods especially the outer skin of the plants such as cucumbers, green and red pepper, sprouts etc prevent hair loss problem since they contain a rich mineral called silica. Foods rich in iron like lean meat, greens are very essential for giving strength to hair. Over consumption of salt and sugar may also lead to hair fall. Hence, avoiding or minimizing them can prevent hair loss. Similarly avoiding alcohol and tobacco consumption is also a great prevention method.

Improper care and damage can lead to hair loss problem. Taking some simple hair loss prevention methods can help cure this problem. If you over color your hair or use hot iron, blow dryers etc on hair, then hair loss can occur. Minimizing the frequency of hair coloring can help you avoid hair fall. Likewise, drying in the hair in natural air helps you avoid hair damage.

Hair loss may also be caused due to fungal infections of scalp. Hence, preventing such infections by cleansing and massaging the scalp thoroughly can prevent hair fall. Avoiding the hairstyle that pulls hair when you brush it is also an effective prevention method.

Drinking plenty of water along with proper diet is the best hair loss prevention method. Lack of adequate sleep may also cause severe hair fall. Hence, getting enough sleep is important to maintain healthy hair. Severe illness, infections etc can also cause abnormal hair fall. Keeping yourself strong against illness helps your hair more.

Using a good hair conditioner whenever you use shampoo helps you avoid hair fall. Hair conditioner helps reconstruct the damaged hair structure and so it prevents hair loss. The shampoo and conditioner need to be mild and nonalkaline. It is better to select shampoo with organic ingredients. Massaging the scalp while shampooing can improve blood circulation and thereby stimulate hair growth.

If you have split ends, then it may damage the entire hair. Trimming the split ends is the best hair loss prevention method. If you use hats, then select one that suits your head well. If the hat rubs your scalp, then it may cause bald patches. Massaging the hair regularly with essential aroma oils such as lavender oil, rosemary oil, grape seed oil, and jojoba oil is very effective and helps in preventing hair loss problem. These oils also stimulate new hair growth. The ayurvedic herbs are also reported effective for hair loss prevention.

A preliminary study shows that hypnosis acts as an effective hair loss prevention method. Hypnosis helps treating depression and anxiety, which are the major causes of hair fall. The treatment helps to avoid abnormal hair loss even for those who do not respond to conventional treatments.

Healthy lifestyle is the best hair loss prevention method. Leading a good routine helps you avoid abnormal hair fall. It is also important to get enough sleep on time regularly. Having more knowledge on how to prevent hair loss helps you solve your problems.

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