Watch out, there is the destroyer of beautiful hair

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Watch out, there is the destroyer of beautiful hair

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Beutiful and Shine Hair, every woman wish to have shine and healthy hair.Perfect sheen of hair loss often the result of habit or external factors that sometimes you can not control. Want to know what can make damaged hair?

We can not deny, a woman and appearance are two inseparable things. Indeed, if you’re feeling beautiful, confident aura that will shine out by itself. But in an effort to beautify themselves sometimes unconsciously you often give up something so precious, that is hair.Hair is the crown of women. And to make it more beautiful framing your face. possible in at least three times a week you visit the salon for just ironing subscription or blow that beautiful hair. No need to remind how your hair looks healthy now could end up damaged if the heat wave hit continuously, because you must have known. But the causes of damaged hair is not all. Many other factors, some of which come from routine – day, which can make you surprised. Get to know more in the cause of damaged hair.

Combing hair Yes, you heard us right. Combing hair can also make damaged. Indeed many are not aware of the cause of this one, because this is the day – day and has become routine. Usually the command again without your hands immediately take a comb in my bag each way out of the room. But every time you step aside can cause excessive hair friction and consequently so your hair can be easily broken.

Sun The skin is not the only one who could be damaged if the risk of frequent exposure to sunlight, but hair could be effected to sunlight too. The main component of your hair is protein (or usually called keratin) and protein amino acids. Ultraviolet light and heat from the sun can cause hair loss such amino element. This is what can make hair look dull, dry and unhealthy.

Chlorine water Swim a lot in delight because it includes a fun sport. In addition to providing the body shape you always wanted, you do not feel the heat even after a full hour to do. But certain chemicals get into the hair and damage the proteins in the hairs. And chlorine in swimming pools, including one of them. Over time the hair can make enlarged pores and cause brittle hair.

Usage TowelBlow-dry your hair with a hair dryer makes clear damaged. Then to avoid you use a towel to dry hair. How? After shampooing, rub the hair with a towel before they are allow to dry. What’s with this free hair damage? Apparently not. Because if wrong, your hair cuticles to open and eventually lead to a dull-colored hair and quickly broken.

Healthy EatingBe honest, how many of you who often miss breakfast because of hasty move. Or you may be one person with type that satisfied your taste like by eating delicious foods with minimal nutrition and high cholesterol levels than healthy foods rich in nutrients. If it does not help with the supply of healthy nutrition, your hair will eventually become dull and unhealthy. And also can lead to loss if you do not notice your nutrition from an early age.

Stress As an active woman with a solid rush, there are two diseases that often you are approached stress and fatigue. Similarly, the problems caused due to the lack of sleep, stress can cause hair loss. Usually the effect will be visible after a while you experience the stress and depends on your stress level.

Hair Accessories if you’re having a bad hair day or are bored with your hairstyle, the easiest way to save her is to wear hair accessories, such as binding model pony tail hair, hair clip, ribbon. Make no mistake, this accessory makes the friction on the hair can cause hair shiny and not dull or dandruff.

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