Visible symptoms and proper treatment can help control hair loss

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Visible symptoms and proper treatment can help control hair loss

Article by Stefen Arkinson

Most men experience hair loss symptoms by the time they hit 50. It is estimated that over half the male population suffers from hair loss at some time or the other. It’s important to understand the various aspects of hair loss to help combat it effectively.

Hair loss – A brief idea

Both men and women suffer from hair loss. The causes and the amount of hair loss suffered by them may vary from one person to another. Also, the efficacy of a particular treatment option will be varied, in terms of results. Hair loss is a common problem and is known for its progressive nature. If hair loss is not treated in a timely manner, a person is likely to lose most of his hair in no time at all. Before starting out with any kind of hair loss treatment, it would be a good idea to know the underlying causes of your hair loss and its symptoms. This will help you treat it better.

Hair loss in men – Symptoms

Hair loss is characterized by loss of hair on the temple or at the top of the head. Typically, such symptoms are a result of inherited hair loss. A receding hair line is the most common symptom of male pattern hair loss. Over time the receding hair line forms an ‘M’ shape. Another symptom of hair loss is the gradual thinning or shortening of existing hair. Also, the hair at the crown begins to thin and eventually this thinning crown meets the receding hair line. When this happens, a horse shoe shaped pattern of hair is formed around the sides of the head.

Don’t allow your hair loss to worsen

It’s important to control your hair loss on an immediate basis. If you don’t give this due importance, you are likely to lose all your hair in no time. You shouldn’t let the situation worsen and must get started on a treatment plan immediately. Facilitate this treatment plan by making changes to your lifestyle. You can control hair loss by eating and living healthy. Regular maintenance of your existing hair will remove all that sweat and dirt accumulated in and around the pores. This helps the pores breathe, improving the health of your scalp as well as your hair follicles.

Hair loss treatment

Two of the most common and effective treatment options for hair loss are Propecia and Rogaine. While the former is an oral treatment medication, the latter is a topical solution that needs to be applied onto the scalp. Propecia is the first prescription pill that is known to help treat male pattern hair loss. Various studies and surveys conducted on this drug have proven that it is effective in treating and controlling hair loss. There are various hair replacement procedures like slit grafting, scalp reduction, and micro-grafting that are also equally good but expensive hair loss treatments.

Propecia – Now available online

The great part about most oral and topical hair loss treatment options is that they are available online. You don’t have to make the rounds of various pharmacies in order to buy Propecia. You can log on to the internet, search for a reputed online pharmacy and buy this treatment online. One of the pre-requisites of buying Propecia is a doctor’s prescription and even an online pharmacy will demand one from you. Stay away from those online pharmacies that are willing to give you Propecia even without a prescription.

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