Virgin Hair Extensions

16 June; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Virgin Hair Extensions

Non cuticle hair causes tangles, matting and poor performance.
Indian hair extensions are very popular because Indian hair is not as coarse as Chinese hair extensions and not as silky as European hair extensions. It is important to note that European hair comes in many natural occurring colors where as Indian hair comes in natural occurring blacks, dark brown and brown. Now the mass is catching on and those with the knowledge are seeking out better quality hair. Cuticle hair is cut from the donors head. Non cuticle hair is hair that has been swept from floors and removed from brushes. Primarily Indian hair extensions are worn by African American women, mixed race women. Virgin, Indian hair extensions is available in three textures: straight, wavy and curly. There are some places that sell color treated hair extensions as virgin Remy Hair. Indian hair is more versatile and comes in several textures that can be worn by many ethnicities. There are pedigrees in hair extensions. All the hair is not aligned in the same direction. Cuticle hair or Remy Hair is premium quality extensions. There are however many Hispanic women and Caucasian women wearing Indian hair extensions.

Cuticle hair extensions are the highest level human hair extensions available. There is less tangling and the hair has longer shelf life. Many African American celebrities in Los Angeles, CA and Atlanta, GA chose cuticle Indian hair extensions. All of the hair is aligned in the same direction and applied to a weft or arranged in bulks for fusion or pre-tipped hair. This is a bit misleading. Human hair extensions that have not been processed are considered virgin, Remy hair extensions. Who can blame them? No one wants to spend money on throw away hair. Informed women are realizing that they can save money in the long run by purchasing quality Remy reusable hair extensions.
Blond Indian hair is not virgin hair. Once the hair has been color treated it is no longer virgin hair because the hair has been chemically altered. Most cuticle hair extensions can last a year or beyond.

Cuticle hair extensions are long lasting, durable, do not tangle, maintains sheen over time and therefore reusable for up to a year.

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