Types of Halloween Costume Wigs

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Types of Halloween Costume Wigs

Article by Kaila West

Accessories can make or break an outfit and Halloween costumes are no exception. Sometimes certain costumes just aren’t complete without Halloween costume wigs. You will be amazed at the variety of wigs you can actually purchase. There are wigs to go with nearly every costume!

Halloween is a chance for everyone from kids to adults to step out of the ordinary and play out a fantasy. Kids often get dressed up as superheroes, witches, cartoon characters, professions they dream of being when they grow up and more. Adult women tend to go for the sexy and glamorous costumes such as school girls, beer wenches, French maids, firefighters, police officers, lingerie models, cheerleaders, hippies, racer chicks and more. Men often go for costumes like body builders, referees, police officers, pirates, boxers and members of the armed forces. For any of these costumes and more there are Halloween costume wigs available to complete the look.

The types of Halloween costume wigs range from mens to womens to kids and come in a large variety. For a Cleopatra wig go for one that is long, stick straight with thick straight bangs. Clown wigs are afro wigs with lots of color. There is even a Donald Trump wig with the famous comb over that he is known for. Jamaican wigs are made of dreadlocks and rocker wigs are made with a lot of spikes. Additionally, there are era wigs such as the feathery hair style that was so popular in the 70’s, the flip hairstyle that was popular in the 50’s and 60’s, the long, flowing, flowers in the hair style that defined the hippie era. For guys there are also wigs that look like the Beatles hairstyles and for the women, there are Marilyn Monroe wigs. There are also pirate wigs, Indian wigs, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz wigs and so much more! Literally any costume idea you have there is bound to be a wig that will match.

Don’t forget about color. Maybe you’re a blonde that has always wanted to go red, or perhaps you’re a brunette that has always dreamed of going blonde. Try it out on Halloween. There are red and blonde mistress wigs, white disco wigs, white artist wigs, black Cher wigs, blonde heavy metal wigs, sun kissed surfer dude wigs, multi-colored rocker wigs and rainbow colored clown wigs. Indulge in your fantasy and try out a hair color completely different than you would ever wear in real life.

As with Halloween costumes, you can buy costume wigs in physical stores that pop up around Halloween or you can look online where costume businesses sell costumes and wigs year round. Prices may be cheaper online during the off season and you can do a quick online search for clearance costume wigs to help you save money.

You can get the most out of your Halloween costume wigs by using them more than once. For example if you purchase a long haired wig you can wear it with a cheerleader costume by putting it in pigtails, you can braid the pigtails to be an Indian or you can wear it down and stick straight for a Cher style. You can also cut it off at uneven angles and make it spiky for a rocker look.

Halloween costume wigs can last you through several costumes and can go a long way in making any costume. Don’t wait until Halloween, start looking for the perfect wig to complete your costume today to save money in the off season!

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