Types of hair styling products

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Types of hair styling products

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Beauty market is overflowing with plenty of hair styling products today. By familiarizing yourself with the different types of such products helps you select the right product quickly.

Mousse is also called styling foam and it works well with most of the hair types. It makes your hair strong, voluminous and shine. It also prevents hair from frizzles and damages caused by styling stress. Some brands offer alcohol free mousse. It is advisable to use them, particularly if you have dry hair. Some brands even come with enriched pro vitamins and sunscreen that protects your hair from harmful UV rays. There are some moisturizing mousses that give colored, permed or naturally curly hair more strength and exceptional shine.

Gel is another hair styling product that is good for entire covering of hair. It is used to stiffen the hair to suit different hairstyles. Many gel products come with numbered variants. High number gel provides greater hold on hair whereas low number gel does not make the hair stiff. Hair gel is useful for wavy and curly hair to hold them throughout the entire day. Using only a small amount of gel assists you get soggy texture in your hair.

Pomade is generally referred to hair wax and is one of the most important hair styling products. It is particularly useful; for short and dry hair. It is essential for making various hairstyles. It makes your hair glossy and smooth. Unlike hair gel and hair spray, pomade does not dry quickly. It requires more shampoo wash to remove it completely. Pomade contains petroleum jelly, mineral oil and some sort of wax. Some brands even contain perfume and coloring agents.

Glossing or polishing hair drops are silicone based hair styling products. They are specially designed to soften rough hair. They remove fly away and frizz. You are able to use them in wet or dry hair. They leave the hair naturally shine and beautiful. You need to use only little drops to get the polished look. Some brands offer non-greasy formula, which helps to avoid weightedness on hair.

Hair styling creams are specially formulated to give long lasting frizz controls and fly away. They are best suitable for any hairstyles. They do not leave weighted down. Hair lotions are more similar to hair creams and they help moisturizing the hair. Some of them are fortified with organic conditioners. Therefore, they replenish the essential hydration in hair.

There are some special styling products that are made available for the hair which helps you get sleek, smooth straight hair. Hair straightener is a useful product that helps to straighten, bend, curl and spiral your hair. The product is suitable for healthy and fast hair styling. It is versatile and user friendly and so you are able to use it easily. Curl remover is another product that alters and controls the curl pattern of curly hair and removes curls from permed hair.

Rollers and curlers are useful in creating soft, voluminous curls in your hair. It eliminates static and frizz. They heat up quickly and produce maximum number of ions to create luxurious curls. These products are suitable for any hair type and they are the best styling tool for long hair. Some products do not use any chemicals to create curls. Selecting such products help you prevent any hair damages.

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