Types of Hair Replacement Surgery Being Offered Today

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Types of Hair Replacement Surgery Being Offered Today

The hair loss market is indeed a thriving industry. This is probably due to the fact that there are many hair loss issues by both young and old, men and women who are encountering this problem nowadays. Different causes appear each time a hair loss cases come up and perhaps the only solution to this growing concern by many people is through hair replacement surgery.


One of the types of hair replacement surgery being offered today is the follicular unit extraction or FUE. This is done by obtaining follicular units from other areas and transferring them to the bald spots. Multi-sessions are required for patients with thinning areas and experiencing premature balding in certain areas.



Another type of surgery for hair replacement is the strip excision hair transplant. Unlike the FUE, this process involves removing a strip of scalp tissue surgically from the donor area. What the surgical technicians would do is to dissect the scalp with the healthy strip of hair into the follicle unit hair grafts.


Another surgery that is popular among hair loss cases is the removal of some sections of the scalp to solve alopecia or male pattern baldness. This can either be done through scalp reduction or scalp expansion. With scalp reduction, hair is restored to reduce the visible size of the bald area in the scalp. This involves a surgical procedure that removes skin from the balding area. The hair-bearing skin will then replace the skin removed by pulling together from both side upwards. A suture would close the incision.


On the other hand, scalp expansion is a surgery that involves a balloon-type device known as the tissue expander which will then be implanted under the scalp. You will see it gradually inflate and the expansion will take over a period of 1-3 months. Thiw would result to a big amount of excess skin on the scalp. This procedure is mostly used for patients with larger bald spots on the top of their head.


It cost a lot to undergo hair replacement surgery which is why you have to carefully think it through before you consider having one. An initial consultation with the clinic is necessary to make some assessments regarding your condition.

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