Types Of Hair Extensions

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Types Of Hair Extensions

Article by Peterson Andrews

Everyone agrees that the maintenance of long hair requires lots of attention and time. Many people are looking forward to get long hair either by means of long haired wigs or hair extensions. Hair Extensions have become widely popular for several years and serve as an instant way for getting long hair. Hair Extensions are strands of hair, which are attached to the natural hair to increase its length and boost its volume. Myriad of hair extension techniques are utilized nowadays, which allows wearing various hair extension styles. Hair Extensions are the best solution for people, who are eager to try different coloring technique and hair styles. Depending upon the material used for hair extension it is divided into two type i.e. natural hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Natural hair extensions involve human hairs and give natural look. The benefit of natural hair extensions is that it can be easily maintained like normal human hair. Therefore, it is preferred by people, who want to have full head of extended hair. However, if such hair are not properly maintained, they get matt together. Moreover, this type of hair extensions are more durable and can be easily styled in any of the desired manner. Synthetic hair extensions are referred to man made hair, and are easily available as compared to the natural hair extensions, but are difficult to match perfectly. Moreover, they tend to matt excessively, particularly, when shampooed. Usage of heat styling equipments cause them to become frizzy. The only remedy to avoid all such problems is to clip them out, while, using such equipments. Synthetic hair extensions are best choice for people, who want to try different hairstyles without spending heavy amount of money. The hair extensions are attached to the hair fibers in following manners. Clip in hair extensions are used for enhancing volume and length to hair. Weaved hair extensions involve natural hair that are weaved with the help of treads. In sealed hair extensions, the extensions are sealed with a bonding solution to hair fibers. Glue that is utilized while sealing hair extensions with hair fibers consist of resins, heated wax, and small cylinders.

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