Types Of Hair Extensions- Details

1 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Types Of Hair Extensions- Details

Achieving a sexy, sleek and stylish look by hair-straightening is possible to do by yourself if you have the right tools and time to learn how to blow dry straight correctly. Beauty and fashion experts agree to the fact that the key of achieving a beautiful look is the use of the right products for your hair type, high-quality brushes, a blow dryer with various heat settings including cold and the eagerness to take the time to do it right. An extension enhances the natural hair, by adding additional hair. The idea is to cleverly join extensions with the natural hair, in a way that it blends with the original. It is better to check with a beautician or stylist before getting extensions added, as not all extension techniques can work on everybody. What does work for one person, may not work for another person. There are quite a few types of hair-extensions available in the market, but the main types are specified below:

Individual Strand Extensions

The Individual Strand Extensions technique takes small amounts of extension hair (20-50 strands) that can be natural or artificial. These are applied in small sections to the hair by weaving/gluing/clamping/heat fusing or waxing. In all the techniques excluding clamping, a coat is applied.

However, these extensions have an expiry of only a few months, before they are taken out and need to be redone. The problem is to carefully get rid of extensions without harming your hair.


A weft is a small hair curtain connected at the top and bottom of the hair together to give a free flowing look. Wefts are generally machine made, but a perfect weft should be handmade. The personal beautician/hair stylist is the most preferable person to make wefts. The handmade wefts are best as they not only match an individual’s color, the color can also be blended in the making procedure. The customized hand made wefts suit everybody. Also handmade wefts last longer and are thicker if put side by side with machine made wefts.

Natural Hair Extensions

Natural hair extensions are those that are made from human locks. They come in a range of varieties and have the most ordinary look. These extensions are more costly than artificial ones. Natural extensions are offered in different qualities which choose their price. Asian is the cheapest but due to its crude texture, Asian extensions are not appropriate for everyone. European extensions are of supreme quality, and therefore the most costly among natural hair extension types. The main benefit of natural hair is that it can be treated and preserved like one’s own.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are the easiest way to insert length and volume in hair. This kind of extension is clipped to the natural hair. Just part your hair and start from the bottom of the neck, working your way up. These extensions can be easily detached before going off to bed. Therefore, clip in hair extensions are the best option for special events or occasions.

Sealed Hair Extensions

These hair extensions are attached or sealed with one’s natural hair. The hair is sectioned and the extensions are braided in. They are then painted with a connecting solution that fastens the extensions around the natural hair.


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