Top Four Hair Loss Information Myths

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Top Four Hair Loss Information Myths

Article by Irina Thorton

The internet is chock full of resources and information about hair loss and treatments. Unfortunately, it is also filled with misinformation and mythical beliefs. Before you decide on what to do about your balding condition, you should take not of top hair loss information myths.

Myth #1: Only men suffer from hair loss.

Many of us seem to think that only men suffer from the problem of hair loss. Recent hair loss information reveals however, that women are about just as likely to have the condition. The reason why we do not often hear about hair loss information for women is that the condition itself is not yet entirely socially acceptable. We seem to have this idea that a woman should always have full locks of hair.

One other reason why female hair loss is overlooked is because women do not obviously manifest hair loss as much as men do. Hair loss information and observation will reveal that a lot of men eventually end up with bald tops. Women however usually suffer only from diffuse thinning or hair loss. They don’t completely go bald unless their hair loss conditions are due to causes other than genes and hormones.

Myth #2: Hair on your brush is a sign of a hair loss condition.

Finding strands of hair on your brush or on your pillow in the morning might make you think that you already have a serious case of hair loss. Common hair loss information reveals though that it is normal to lose a few strands of hair daily.

It has been established that 80%-90% of a person’s hair is in the growing phase at any one time. The remaining percentage of hair is in the resting phase which will eventually lead to hair shedding. The hair that you find on your brush everyday may just be the strands that are scheduled to fall.

Myth #3: Hair products and styling can make you lose your hair.

Using too many products can definitely damage, dry or break your hair but they do not necessarily cause the kind of alarming hair loss that may lead to balding. Take note though that you should always check the product that you use on your hair. They should be approved for safe consumer use.

There is some hair loss information that says that some hairstyles like tight ponytails and corn rolls could lead to a type of hair loss known as traction alopecia. The tightly bound hair may eventually get pulled from the scalp. You can however immediately remedy this by refraining from tightly tying your hair.

Myth #4: Nothing can be done about hair loss.

According to recent hair loss information, there are two drugs that are FDA approved for hair loss treatment. Only one can be safely used by women. Surgical procedures have also been known to effectively remedy the problem of thinning hair or balding.

Aside from proven medical methods, there is also a lot of hair loss information related to supplementation. Many natural products containing herbal hormone blockers and nourishing vitamins and minerals also effectively address the problem of hair loss.

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