Top – 7 reasons for hair loss

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Top – 7 reasons for hair loss

Article by Olivier Glynn

Introduction:Are you tired of seeing hair on your comb, towel, and bed? Are you wondering that you may go bald considering the rate at which you are losing hair? Do you also desire to have healthy and lustrous hair like your favorite star but find it impossible due to excessive hair loss? Do not worry as you are not alone fixed in the condition where you are surrounded by hair everywhere except on your head. Hair loss is the most common and the most prominent hair problem that is affecting people in today’s age. Most people living in the word face hair loss to some extent and it is a normal ageing process. But, when hair loss is significant at an early age it creates a lot of worry in people’s mind. Before learning the ways to tackle the hair loss problem it is important to understand the factors that trigger hair loss.

Top – 7 reasons for hair loss

Hormonal causes:This is one of the most prominent reasons for hair loss among males. If a person has any hormonal abnormality in the form of excessive or less thyroid hormone, high insulin levels, excessive testosterone or polycystic ovary syndrome, that person is bound experience thinning of hair or complete hair loss. If you are diagnosed of any abnormality in your hormones, seek immediate treatment from your doctor and also discuss about hair loss issue.

GenesGenetic factors also contribute when it comes to hair loss problem. If you have a family history of baldness or hair thinning you are most likely to inherit this condition. So, if your grandpa or father was bald, you are at high risk of facing hair thinning in future.

Natural cycle of hair:The natural cycle of hair results in hair loss. This is because a hair strand grows over a period of time and then falls and is replaced by another hair strand. Hence, at any given point, there will be some amount of hair loss which you can notice while combing, shampooing or toweling. This is a natural body process and hence does not necessitate a treatment.

Psychological FactorsHair loss is often triggered by some psychological factors such as stress, anxiety or depression. Such people are more prone to hair loss. By treating your psychological condition you can deal with hair loss problem to a great extent.

Scalp inflammation: This also triggers hair loss. Scalp inflammation in the form of psoriasis, eczema or seborrhea causes hair loss. A person having ringworms or fungal scalp infections, alopecia areata and folliculitis bacterial infections also experience hair loss.

Heavy medicines People suffering from severe ailments and are on heavy dose of medicines tend to face excessive hair loss. People taking steroids, chemotherapy or certain diuretics usually experience more hair loss.

Local Trauma Individuals wearing tight hair bands, caps, undergoing chemical hair treatments, affected by scabies or lice, wearing helmets for long duration of time usually witness excessive hair loss.

Conclusion:The above are the top reasons that trigger hair loss in people. Besides these, smoking is also seen to cause hair loss. Also, women may face hair loss after child birth. It has been noticed that after the delivery of a baby, several women tend to suffer from excessive hair loss sometimes extending to few months. Though hair loss problem after childbirth is not permanent and may cease with time.

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