The Subversion of natural hair

28 April; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The Subversion of natural hair

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1.Does hair not shine? No way!

In connection with straight hairGHD Hair Straightener,using special hair care products could make it more shiny soon is necessary. Care, the first bifurcation of the hair to long hair and sharp cut, and then strongly care. Special hair care products in the repair and wheat protein nutrient hair can get in 20 minutes healthy and shiny (like: Pantene Pro-V’s “deep conditioner nutrients”). Straight hair is best to use moisturizing shampoo, it refuses to accept posts can become soft and smooth hair thread, and then use a suitable hair conditioner, leave hair silky smooth. When the shape of dry hair with a GHD Hair Straightener to straighten, make hair super shiny, but must also use heat-resistant gel.

2.Fine hair?look here!

Even the actress Suofeimasuo is willing to ask Marc to pack her fine hair like silk, Marc said: “I blow dry hair with a hair dryer when the hair started to pay attention to the natural shape. For fine hair, I generally do not do strength of maintenance, only some of the cleaning-free hair conditioner, and moisturizing conditioner to be able to even put on the hair on the brittle fracture easily. But one thing is to note, the most damaged hair, hot hair, long-term use of heat Hair will make hair dull. curly hair comb hair with the most taboo, rough-tooth comb is ideal. in hair care, if done on the Nutrition thin hair protection, so they will pull hair towering spirit did not appear. “

3. Do up your hair Hair is always unkempt, became the head like a lion? Please use a strong role in the eco-soft hair shampoo, but do not forget to use conditioner to help hair fluffy. And your hair care for clear lines and minor level. With fluffy hair ways to make your hair to keep their youth, the specific approach is that hair with a round brush or hair after the hair Juan Zhu Volume 2 minutes and let it dry.A flexible hair spray can make your hair to avoid the rigid feel. After using the tackifier can always use a little finger dipped in water, combing hair, hair can be long maintained.


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