The primary Hair Loss Causes

28 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The primary Hair Loss Causes

Article by William Kadutzi

Hair loss is a very natural cycle which each and every individual goes through. However, unnatural hair loss causes embarrassment for the person, which ultimately results in baldness or thinning of hair. Hair replacement procedures can save you from such embarrassments and social discomforts.

The genetic predisposition is said to be one of the primary causes of hair loss. These tend to affect the hormones resulting in loss of hair follicles. These factors primarily lead to male pattern baldness.

Medical treatments for prolonged illness such as cancer are considered to be one of the major hair loss causes. People undergoing surgeries or chemotherapies suffer from problems of hair loss. Intake of medicines like anti-depressants, interferon and steroids, and nutritional supplements like vitamin A results in loss of hair. Surgical as well as non-surgical Hair loss treatments available these days can take care of the problem of thinning of hair arising out of these causes.

Hormonal imbalances in the body also lead to hair transplant. The hyper or hypo activities of the pituitary glands result in hormonal imbalances.

Some underlying hair loss causes can be diabetes, stress, anxiety, and stress.

If you are suffering from the problems of hair fall, it is advisable you seek help from the skin specialists. The doctors treat patients analyzing root causes that underlie the problem of hair fall. There are different hair loss treatment modalities available these days which are prescribed by the experts.

Some of the natural hair loss treatments suggested are

Use of olive oil: In contrary to the surgical or the artificial hair replacement therapies application of olive oil in the areas affected is considered to be safe. The oil needs to be massaged on the dry scalp once every week (or as suggested by the doctor). The hair should be cleansed using mild shampoos that are free from harsh chemicals.

Ginkgo supplements act as natural remedies for hair replacement treatments. It promotes proper blood circulation. Natural hair loss treatment also stresses on regular intake of about 8-10 glasses of water and folic acid supplements.

Unlike artificial methods for hair replacement, which are very expensive, you can apply Rosemary essential oil as suggested by your doctors. Hair rinsed with rosemary vinegar is extremely beneficial for dandruff and psoriasis that may cause hair loss.

It is advisable that you apply filtered water for washing your hair. The tap water in your area may have high chlorine content leading to hair loss.

Egg is a very good source of protein and acts as a hair tonic. Egg white can be massaged on the scalp gently and then rinsed off using a mild shampoo. This natural hair loss treatment acts effectively for maintaining healthy scalp condition and arresting hair fall.

Whatever the hair loss causes are following these natural remedies will definitely help improve scalp condition and fight back hair fall.

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