The New & Improved Hair Extension

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The New & Improved Hair Extension

When hair extensions first arrived to the mainstream hairdressing industry, they were traditionally the wefted style of hair extension commonly referred to as a weave. This is wear th hair was sewn onto tracks or weft of hair and then they were added to a persons own head of hair using a bonding adhesive or sometimes sewn or woven in, hence the word ‘weave”.

The drawbacks to these types of hair extensions were that you couldnt take them off when you wanted to, they caused a lot of damage to your own hair if worn over long periods of time and they were very expensive to get installed. After thousands of woman rushed to their family doctors and hair dressings in tears due to excessive hair loss and damage, the wig and hair extension makers in the hair industry knew that something had to be done.

On the Hollywood Fashion and Music scene, celebrities were already using this new and improved type of hair extension that could be removed daily. They simply pinned hair onto the clients hair or clipped it in. Why didnt they think of that earlier?

All the craze started when stars like Jessica Simpson hit the mainstream media, openly talking about adding hair to her own hair for public appearances and performances. It really got people talking. Then Paris Hilton, and Beyonce started to show up on the scene some days with long hair and some days with shorter hair. What were they doing that made their hair look so amazingly people asked? They were wearing the clip in hair extension.

if you ask the average woman out there if they like their hair, they would probably tell you no. And if you asked them what they didnt like about it, they might tell you it is not long enough or it doesnt have enough body. That is where the hair extension comes into play.

The clip in hair extension is a woman or a mans, one cure all for all love hate my hair stories. The sole purpose of the hair extension is to add length to short hair and volume to thnning hair. The hair extension can give you longer hair when you want it, fuller hair when you want it and even add luminous highlights to brighten up your own hair color. Whatever the case may be, hair extensions are definitely becoming one of the most popular hair accessories on the beauty market today.

Clip in hair extensions are great becaus they wont damage your hair, you can apply them on your own and take them off as needed. It is an effortless, and quick beauty tool. To apply one simply clips them on and is left with an instant hairstyle in seconds!

There are many types of hair extensions available for consumers in both human and synthetic hair.  The synthetic hair extensions are reasonably priced from as low as to 0 and prices range depending on the length in most cases or the type of fibre used. The most commonly used sytnhetic extension are the heat resistant fibre brand because they can be curled or straightened on low heat like human hair.

For a more natural and longer lasting product, human hair extensions are a great way to go. The prices vary for human hair based on length, colors and type of human hair. Asian human hair usually starts at 0 and prices start to climb near the 0 mark for Remy hair or Euorpean hair products which are deemed at a higher quality.

If you wanted hair extensions in the past and didn’t think you could afford it, that is in the past. Now you can purchase a do it yourself at home hair extension kit. Its the fastest and surest way to have longer more beautiful hair at an affordable price.

Some of the companies who offer hair extension kits are Easi Hair and Easi Xtend. These brands offer high quality heat resistant synthetic fibre extensions, human hair extensions as well as a Remy Elite Kit that can be used at home or can be taken to your stylist for professional application. Click here to view Hair Extensions By Brand

The introduction of Clip in hair extensions  to the general population is great news for everyone involved. You don’t have to wait years for your hair to grow anymore. Buy a hair extension kit, save money and look great while doing it.







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