The Most Common Cause of Hair Loss – And How to Stop It

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The Most Common Cause of Hair Loss – And How to Stop It

Hair loss, a condition that affects thousands of UK residents in one way or another, is caused by a limited number of things. Almost all cases of pattern baldness are the results of the over production or mutation of a single male hormone â?? testosterone, which morphs into the androgen DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. DHT prevents the human scalp from forming new hairs to replace the old ones, which fall out on an average life cycle of anything between a few days and six months.

So â?? if hair loss is so common, and so simply caused, how can it be so difficult to reverse or treat? Well, the good news is this: it isn’t. It used to be but now it’s not. That’s because older techniques relied on uncertain information, and were bent towards less guaranteed methods of treatment. Modern hair treatments â?? which are split broadly into the categories of minor surgery and medication, are prescribed with a much better idea of the causes of the hair loss being treated. That means better chances of success â?? and that explains the increasing numbers of UK residents that have been able to stop or even reverse their hair loss problem.

Medication for hair condition works by preventing testosterone from morphing into DHT. Without the presence of elevated levels of DHT in the oil produced by the scalp, human hair is much, much less likely to fall out. There are two major strands of hair medication, both of which have shown considerable success in completely arresting baldness â?? and in some cases, if applied early enough, have even been able to reverse the process to a greater or lesser degree. These medications are prescribed once the doctor in question is sure that the baldness is a result of increased DHT production, and not some other environmental factor like physical stress or crash dieting.

Hair loss caused by stress or dieting is actually pretty common, in both sexes. The old adage that stress could cause your hair to fall out is completely true: put the body under enough physical stress and it gets rid of all its hair so it can divert all of its energy towards repairing itself. In cases like this, the best solution is to wait. Hair lost through physical stress grows back after the repair is complete.

Another way to deal with baldness is Follicular Transfer, or FT. FT involves implanting individual hairs, one at a time, to the bald areas. The hairs are chosen for their natural growth direction, which mimics as closely as possible the natural growth of the lost hair. Hair loss treated in this way is almost always successfully halted: the new hair takes root and then dies, falling out and leaving its root behind. That root then grows again, in the natural direction of the lost hair.

Lost hair used to mean either a lifetime of baldness or a constant quest for a cure that didn’t work. Not any more.

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