The Facts About Hair Extensions.

14 April; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The Facts About Hair Extensions.

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Hair extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years and are extremely versatile. With extensions you can create length and volume and completely change your look. Extensions come in a wide range of colours and textures so there really are no limitations providing that your hair is suitable and healthy. Professionally fitted extensions will look completely natural that no one ever need know that they aren’t your real hair! Extensions are so popular nowadays, that most celebrities are rarely seen without them.

There are many different methods of applying hair extensions and it is important to do some research into your preferred method before going ahead. This article aims to dispel some of the myths that surround hair extensions in order to put prospective clients straight about the benefits of hair extensions.

One of the biggest things that can put people off having hair extensions fitted is horror stories about the damage that can be inflicted on the natural hair. However, when hair extensions are applied properly there is virtually no reason why they would damage your hair. Most clients will actually see a marked improvement in the condition of their hair and some even use extensions to grow their own hair to a desired length without any adverse side effects.

However, this is not to say that extensions are suitable for everyone. Before having extensions applied you should undergo a thorough consultation with a professional stylist who will assess whether extensions will suit your hair type and your lifestyle.

It is not true that wearing hair extensions will impose limitations on your lifestyle. It is a myth that you cannot swim when wearing hair extensions. You can shower, swim and go out in the wind and rain without having to worry.

A lot of people think that you cannot wear extensions if your hair is fine. This is not true. Many people use extensions to add extra volume to thin or fine hair. Many methods of application use single strands of hair so, if done properly, will be virtually undetectable.

It is completely untrue that you cannot brush or style your hair with hair extensions in. As long as you use the right brushes, ones with soft bristle hair are best, then you can brush your hair as you would do normally. You can also straightening irons and curling tongs as normal, as long as you are careful to avoid the bonds.

Badly fitted hair extensions have given extensions in general a bad name. If you extensions are fitted properly, placed in the right places and expertly cut in, they will look exactly like your own hair and no one will know you are wearing them.

You needn’t worry about having to dye your hair to match your extensions as most salons will be able to match the extensions perfectly to your own hair colour. There should never be a need to dye your hair to match the extensions.

It is a complete myth that extensions hurt or are uncomfortable to wear. For the majority of wearers there is no discomfort at all. You may find it a little uncomfortable to sleep at first as you get used to the bonds and your head may feel a little heavier than usual due to all the extra hair, but this will soon pass and is not a huge problem.

For the majority of people, hair extensions greatly enhance their look and give them the hair they’ve always wanted. If you can’t wait for your hair to grow a miserly half an inch a month then hair extensions are for you! Just make sure you get them fitted by a professional and take the time to look after them properly and they will last you for up to 6 months.

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