The Different Types Of Human Hair Extensions.

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The Different Types Of Human Hair Extensions.

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If you want a new look, hair extensions are a great way of giving your hair a new lease of life. Hair extensions can lengthen and thicken almost any sort of hair and really re-invent your look. When it comes to hair extensions, the idea is to get the most natural look possible and, whilst synthetic hair is cheaper that real human hair, it often looks fake and tacky. If you want hair that looks and feels like your own then opt for real human hair extensions. You may end up paying more for them but the results are well worth it, and they will almost certainly last longer.

So, you’ve made the decision to get human hair extensions, the next decision you need to make is what sort of human hair do you want. There are three main types of hair that is used in extensions and they typically have advantages and disadvantages.

European hair confusingly does not necessarily come from Europe. It is a category name for hair with a similar structure such as Indian and Latin American hair. European hair tends to be relatively thin and straight, therefore it is important to consider the texture of your own hair before having European hair extensions. European hair can also be quite expensive, more so than synthetic hair as it looks and feels more natural. If you are looking for long, flowing locks then European hair extensions could be for you.

Another popular type of hair used in hair extensions is Asian hair. It is much thicker than European hair but the colour options are naturally fewer. In fact, most Asian human hair extensions come in one colour- dark black. This can be dyed however, depending on your natural hair colour. Before the hair is sold, it is prepared in an acid bath to make it thinner and some of the severe black colour is extracted, meaning that it is more suitable for non-Asians to use it. Human Asian hair extensions are cheaper than human European hair but more expensive than synthetic hair.

Indian human hair is similar to the structure of European hair and is sometimes categorised in the same way. This type of hair is considered the best sort to use in hair extensions because it is of such high quality and because there is a specific process of collecting it. Every sort of human hair is comprised of cuticles, the exterior part that protects the hair, and it is essential that all the cuticles lie in the same direction otherwise the quality is compromised and the price greatly reduced. The cuticles are usually removed to prevent tangling and the hair is then covered in a silicon gel to give a healthy sheen.

If the Indian hair is collected properly, with all the cuticles in the right direction then it is one of the best types of hair to use in extensions. As it has such high quality this also makes it the most expensive. But with hair extensions you really do get what you pay for, as with Indian human hair you are paying for the most natural results.

Whatever type of hair you opt for, make sure it’s real human hair. Human hair looks so much better than synthetic hair and you really can treat it how you would your own hair. This includes styling, washing and dying.

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