The Buzz in Salon Hair Straightening

19 September; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The Buzz in Salon Hair Straightening

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When you see a woman with really straight hair, you can’t help but feel attracted to her. Most girl’s appearance is enhanced when her hair is straight that is why an increasing number of women are going to salons for hair straightening treatments. Hair salons can actually offer different services and methods to make hair straight and the buzz in today’s hair fashion is treatments that can provide permanently straightened hair like chemical relaxers and Japanese Thermal Straightening.

If your hair is super curly, chemical relaxers for the hair will surely be your preferred hair treatment. These treatments are most of the times performed in hair salons where expert hair dressers with lots of experience can safely handle your hair. They would use chemical ingredients and permanent solutions that will first break down your hair’s protein bonds. The chemicals will also act to reform and eventually solidify the hair shaft’s protein bonds. It can be easy to trust a friend who has experience in hair straightening to save cost on hair salon expenses but a hair salon straightening is safer and more effective even if you need to spend more.

Chemical Relaxers can be combined with hair irons for a more enhanced hair straightening. This process is called the Japanese Thermal Straightening developed by a Kyoto hair salon head beautician Yuko Yamashita. Hair is permanently straightened after this treatment but since hair normally grows, retreating the hair will be necessary every six months.

Yet before you rush to the hair salon to have this treatment, make sure that you know some important points first. One is the cost of Japanese Thermal Straightening. Since the method can really create the most favorable result using sophisticated techniques, expect to pay a really high amount. This treatment will normally exceed 0 in total cost.

You should also need to understand how the process is done. Prior to the actual treatment, your hair strands will first be subjected to a test to see if your hair will be good enough for the thermal straightening. If the hair has been formerly subjected to a chemical treatment, you may not be able to have the Thermal Straightening. Some hair strands too may be too thin or unhealthy to be given the treatment. A fluid similar to that in hair perm is applied onto hair twice. The first application is for breaking the hair bonds and the second application is for hardening the hair. After each application the hair stylist will iron the hair to smoothen and straighten the strands. Hair is rinsed then conditioned. Be informed that the whole process actually takes up to eight hours to complete, depending on your hair type, thickness and length.

It is essential that your recently straightened hair will not get wet within 48 hours or you’ll just waste your 0. To maintain the flawless appearance of your straightened hair and retain its healthy condition after being subjected to chemical and heat treatment you need to deep condition it. If you want to color or subject the hair to another chemical treatment after it has been straightened, you need to consult with your hair stylist if your hair can still manage the possible stress, otherwise your hair will just likely be damaged beyond repair. To reiterate, chemical straightening of the hair is better entrusted to professionals to ensure of safe procedure and quality results.

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