The Benefits of European Hair Extensions

16 September; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The Benefits of European Hair Extensions

Top quality hair extensions can completely transform your hair, your looks, your whole style! It’s the easiest way to add the length and volume you need for all those stunning hairstyles that are impossible to achieve using only your own hair.

For the most natural look and feel, choose hair extensions made from 100% human hair rather than synthetic hair. But you should also be aware that not all real hair extensions are the same. Human hair is traded in many parts of the world and its characteristics vary from region to region. Hair extensions made from European hair are generally considered to be of the highest quality for all the following reasons:


Most European hair is fine and soft with a silky feel and natural shine. Hair from the Far East is usually thicker and coarser than European hair and some is chemically treated to make it appear finer. This treated hair is weak, breaks easily when it is used for extensions, and won’t remain looking good for as long as genuine European hair.



European hair extensions can be obtained in all the natural shades of blondes, reds and brunettes so it’s easy to find an exact colour match for your own hair. If you like to colour your hair, you can safely use your favourite hair dye on your European hair extensions.


Whether you have weft or clip in European hair extensions, they can be washed, blow dried, straightened or curled using the same methods you would use on your own hair.

They are tangle-free and make it so easy to create those celebrity hairstyles you’ve always wanted. And if love the sleek and sophisticated look, you won’t find straighter hair than that in European extensions.

Completely natural

Insist on 100% virgin European hair extensions and you can be sure that they won’t have been pre-treated in any way. They will look and feel completely natural – because that’s exactly what they are!

Some inferior hair extensions are made from human hair that has been coloured, curled or straightened with harsh chemicals. Others are treated with silicone or other additives to make them appear glossy. They might look good when they are new, but they quickly become dull and brittle.

Although the best virgin European hair extensions are not the cheapest on the market, their long lasting good looks are worth every penny. To avoid disappointment, always buy from a reputable specialist supplier like Diva Natural Hair that does all the quality control checks for you.

Naadu Nartey is the founder of Diva Natural Hair, a UK based supplier of the highest grade, high density Brazilian hair extensions, Indian hair pieces and lace wigs in a variety of textures, lengths and colours. For more information email Diva Natural Hair at or visit


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