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How Frequently Should You Wash Your Hair

11 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Hair

In Western culture bathing and washing our hair is a natural custom. For some people it is a daily procedure for which they feel is necessary. Washing ones hair is required to remove dirt, oil, excess sebum and chemicals from the environment or from hair products. Washing your hair is a general practice in which most people learn from their parents, or hair care specialists (hairdresser, stylist). Where it differs is how often one should wash their hair.

            Determining how often you wash your hair really comes down to personal preference. Medical and hair care professionals disagree about the amount of time in between hair washes. Some advise against frequent shampooing because it leads to an overproduction of sebum to compensate for the removal. Others recommend more frequent shampooing because an accumulation of sebum can lead to oily hair and acne production. Oily or unwashed hair is also unacceptable and unsightly in Western society. It can also feel gross or dirty. However, without sebum or natural oils, your hair becomes dry and can prematurely shed.

            Today’s hair washing routines are based on a system of depleting the hair of its natural moisturizing oils by using shampoo and soap and then replenishing it with conditioners. In the 1950’s women had their hair washed and styled once a week at their hairdressers. At the beginning of the 20th century it was recommended to shampoo every two weeks or even longer once a month. It is only in recent years that shampooing daily has become a more frequent hair care practice.

            To determine your own frequency of washing your hair consider your hair type, the length and thickness, the use of hair care products, and scalp or hair conditions. People with naturally oily hair should consider washing their hair daily or at least every other day. Short hair or long and fine hair tend to look greasy or oily very quickly because there is less surface area fro sebum to travel down the hair shaft. Therefore these types of hair should be washed daily or every other day. Naturally dry hair is a sign of damage therefore hair should be washed less frequently to allow natural oils to moisturize and heal the damaged hair. Specially formulated shampoos and conditioners can repair dry and damaged hair. Additionally, curly, coarse and thick hairs make it more difficult for natural oils to travel down the hair shaft. Therefore, you should only wash this type of hair 1-2 times a week.  Using hair products, chemical processes or heating appliances affect how often you should wash your hair. Adding hair products to your hair causes them to build up on your hair strands. This makes it easier for dirt, dust and pollution to stick to your hair. To remove these hair products wash your hair daily. Chemical process such as perms, relaxers, bleaching or coloring makes hair more fragile. Heating tools such as blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners dry out the hair exposing it to damage. Excessive washing and drying processed or heated hair can weaken the strands even more. Therefore it is only necessary to wash this type of hair 1-2 times a week or every other day. Lastly if you have a scalp rash or condition such as dandruff, wash you hair daily to reduce oils and yeast that is causing your condition. Medicated shampoos can be used to completely eliminate rashes and flakes caused by dandruff.

            If you are unsure of how often to wash your hair try washing daily for a week. Then the following week wash your hair only every other day and see how your hair is affected. If you still can’t decide on how often to wash your hair consult your hair care professional to determine your best course of action.

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Can I Wash My Hair Everyday?

17 April;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Can I Wash My Hair Everyday?

Article by Kacey C.Hall

Protect your hair, as well as your skin, from the sun. Unprotected hair can fry in UVA and UVB rays resulting in a head full of straw-like strands that may take months to repair. Use a sunscreen on hairline parts.

Three Types of Hair

1. Lanugo hairThis is the hair that develops on an unborn baby. It begins to grow about three months after the baby’s conception. The hairs are fine and soft, and they grow all over the baby’s body. They all grow at the same rate, so the hairs are the same length. Some prematurely born babies are still covered with these downy hairs. Normally they are shed about four weeks before the baby is due to be born.

2. Vellus hairsVellus hairs are short hairs, only a centimetre or two long, and contain little or no pigment. The follicles that produce them do not have oil glands (often called sebaceous glands), and never produce any other kind of hairs.

3. Terminal hairsTerminal hairs are the long hairs that grow on the head and in many people on the body, arms and legs too. They are produced by follicles with sebaceous glands. In people who have inherited a tendency to baldness the hairs in these follicles gradually become thinner and shorter until they look like vellus hairs.

Hair is surprisingly strong: a single hair can support a load of about 100 grams without breaking. You could even spin rope out of hair! The keratin protein of the cortex is responsible for this unusual strength. The long keratin molecules in the cortex are compressed to form a regular structure, which is not only strong but also flexible.

Freshen Up Your Hair For Shiny Hair!You’ve got your perfume and your body spray, so why not something sweet and tantalizing for your tresses? A number of well-known companies offer deliciously delightful fragrances for hair, like Clairol’s Herbal Essences Style Refreshing Mist. It comes in a compact pump spray bottle with flirty floral fragrances that are sure to keep you feeling great about your hair.

Another option – if you simply must wash your hair every time you shower, so be it. Shampoo and condition your hair, but do without the blow dryer during the warmer months. Twist your hair up and secure it to your head with a hairpin or some bobby pins. Try a sexy style with some little claw clips or pull your hair back into a classic braid.

Why You Need Conditioners

The conditioners also help raised cuticle scales to lie flat against the hair surface. Not only does this improve the shine and lustre of the hair: the change in the hair surface enhances the depth and life of the hair color too.

The smoothness of the conditioned hairs also means that detangling and combing the hair, both wet and dry, at once becomes easier. The hair becomes softer and more manageable. This is particularly important for dry, damaged or permed hair, to stop further deterioration.

Healthy Hair, Shiny Hair

We have seen that in older people hair may not be able to grow as long as it used to, and may become thinner and lose its pigmentation. It might be thought to be less healthy. But it can still maintain its structure, and indeed many elderly people have beautiful hair.

Hair Care Advice:

Hold your head upside down while drying for extra lift. Using hair dryer too often could dry your hair and scalp out. And if used inexpertly, it could even burn your hair. Be sure to keep moving the dryer throughout.

Probably the most obvious aspect of healthy hair is its shine – its ability to reflect light. This property depends mainly on the cuticle of the hair shaft, and how intact it is. So the good condition of your hair in fact depends on the current state of each of the 100,000 or so individual hair shafts on your head.

We urge you to find out more about Hair Care and how you can better care for your hair today!

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Your hair problem there is that 10 right? – Hair, hair – hairdressing industry – car wash machine

Article by hi joiney

Hair, there will always be a variety of hair problems, especially in the dry autumn, 10 hair problem, you are there such problems? What is the hair

NO.1 empty? A: Whether hair thickness, dry or oil, there are empty, but empty, with varying degrees, hair in general, the void rate of about 20%, say, a hair 20% empty. The empty pit like a sponge, as is used absorbent. Her hair soaked in water, the water absorption rate of particularly fast, hollow hair absorb water, will affect the hair. Empty too many, seems dry, rough, dull, too easy to hit off, difficult to comb hair into the hair shaft when the uneven pigment, dye is not effective. Blow the whole, dyeing, hot easily lead to empty too, so should use strong repair of hair care products.

NO.2 my conservative work environment, but I wanted to put her hair another color, how to do?

A: I suggest you may wish to try some of the hair dye. For example, hair can be divided into four or five are summarized, and then your natural hair color and a little more than a little light cream for coloring dye, dyed hair after dyeing the hair will be and is not integrated, so that hair color is not an exaggeration elegant soft posture. In addition, the entire head is not dyed, so the hair damage is also reduced to a minimum. As for the location of hair, I suggest you choose the best face contour area, so that the sides or front hair combed hair combed up, the part will be able to show up coloring.

NO.3xh pour film work? A: xh oil down the role of film is by heating, so the nutritional content of which penetrate into the hair in layers to fill the vacancy helix protein, pores, repair, restore luster to damaged hair, for shine on hair restoration have some effect. Only, hair care is a long process, once or twice, the effect is not obvious, especially in serious damage to human hair, should be twice a month xh, adhere to six months, of course, quality should be guaranteed.

NO.4 DIY hair I want to be how to do it?Volume bar use of electricity, it can help you be more proficient in modeling, but the volume bar in the purchasing power when you had better pay attention to selecting the best grip for the plastic material of the electrical volume bar, because the iron material easy to heat, there are burn risk of hand. The volume bar electric ceramic surface treatment for the material, less damage one’s hair. If it is shiny stainless steel, although the fast heat, burning the hair if not careful will. Then follow the hair style in mind to select desired size – Liu (Electrical volume bar diameter 19-20mm), the wave volume (volume electric rod diameter 25-28mm), the big wave of curly hair (electric volume diameter rod 32-35mm).

Used methods are: first washed, hair dryer, electric sub-thread paper wrapped stick, stay two or three seconds down, all the hair was finished, marked a small amount of wax, hand finishing can be .

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How To Wash And Maintain Your Lace Wig

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How To Wash And Maintain Your Lace Wig

How to wash and maintain Remy hair Lace Wigs.     Lace wigs are professional products and it is extremely important you familiarise yourself with the texture of your lace wig. Only use products that work well with your lace unit’s texture. Some products you use on your own natural hair may not work well with your Full lace unit.   


1. Before washing your Full lace Unit, gently brush using detangling brush or leave-in conditioner such as Brandywine to soften the unit so you do not pull on the fragile knots as this may cause shedding. Brush from tip of the wig to base, Never begin brushing from top or middle as this may cause damage or tangle the unit.  


2. Ensure you have cleaned and removed any adhesive or tape residue around the perimeters of the lace using soft bristle brush and Oil based solvents such as C-22 Remover  

3. Place your full lace wig on the Styrofoam head and use T pins to gently secure.  


4. In a spray Bootle, mix a capful of shampoo and fill the remaining with Luke warm or cold water. It is very important to use shampoo that is suitable for your Full Lace wig texture. Products that work well are Silicon mix,  Nearly Natural , Aveda, Paul Mitchell.  


5. Place your Full lace wig  on the Styrofoam head under a gentle stream of cold or luke warm water and pour or spray shampoo mix evenly over the wig and use a wide tooth rounded edge brush to distribute the shampoo evenly. remember to always comb from ends of the hair to the root, Never from top or middle.   6. Rinse your unit thoroughly on the Styrofoam head using gentle stream of cold water.   7. In a spray, mix a capful of conditioner and fill the remaining with cool water. It is important to use conditioner products that are suitable with your full lace wig texture. products we recommend are silicon mix, nearly natural, Redken Smooth down, Aveda, Paul Michelle  


8. Place your Full Lace Wig on the Styrofoam head under a gentle stream of cold water. Pour or spray the conditioner mixture evenly over the unit and using a wide tooth rounded end comb to distribute the mixture all over the unit from tip to root of the unit. Remember not to comb from top or middle as this may cause damage or tangling.  

For deep conditioning – you may spray the Nearly Natural Lace wig restorer evenly on the unit after applying the conditioner and allow to sit for 5 minutes before rinsing with cold water. This products will soften, restore and revive your unit sealing all split ends.



9. Rinse your Full lace wig thoroughly on the Styrofoam wig head in a gentle stream of cold water.  

10. Blot dry your full lace wig with towel in gently patting motion.


Spray or apply your leave in conditioner if desired and allow to air dry.



11. To minimise shedding, Apply the Knot Sealer. This is done by turning the unit inside our and spraying the knot sealer inside of the base of your unit and dry with warm hair dryer. 2-3 coats of the knot sealer is recommended.  


12. Style your Full lace wig as desired. Remember not to apply to many oil based products on the unit as this may weigh down the hair and cause tangling.



   How to maintain and care for Curly Full Lace wigs  

Curly Full lace wigs can be challenging if you are not experienced in how to care for curly hair. Be very gently and patient with your Curly Full lace wigs




Follow all the above steps. And ensure you use products that are suitable for Curly hair texture. Do not apply too many products such as moose, serums, and gels as this may cause build up on the hair and may provoke tangling and make hair harder to manage. Less is more. Hair should always have MOVEMENT!.  

DO NOT brush Curly Full Lace Wig as this may change pattern of natural curls. You may use your fingers to separate the curls.


Braiding Curly Full Lace Wig at night before sleeping will maintain curl pattern and reduce restyling.  



Maintain Your own hair underneath Your wig   

Always try and remove your Wigs at least every 2 weeks and reapply of required. Skin naturally sheds and may build up under a lace wig and this may cause irritation and unhygienic.


Always shampoo, steam and condition your natural hair regularly.


Always oil your scalp to combat dryness and dandruff build up


Always dry your own hair thoroughly before reapplying your unit.


If you suffer from hair loss conditions such as alopecia, ensure you apply your treatments to your scalp at least once a week and keep your scalp clean.   If you have any reaction to adhesive products, Stop immediately, You May Use Hypoallergenic adhesives such as Oil resistant white Glue for future applications.  

If you are receiving treatments such as Chemotherapy; Ensure you use non chemical based adhesive products, solvent and sealants.



Store your wigs if not in use on Styrofoam heads, or satin bags and stuff the unit to maintain form and shape of the wig.




























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