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Hair Loss Treatments- Wacky and Strange Facts About Hair Loss And Why You Are Affected

Many people will lose either some of there hair or all of there hair at some point in there lives, However you can make a difference by correcting you habits and making a few changes to your daily lifestyle.

1. Androgenic alopecia, better known as male pattern baldness, or “MPB” is the most common type of hair loss cause known to man and affects about 50% of men and 40% of women over the age of 50 years old.

2. The biggest reason for MPB “Male Pattern Baldness” is a build-up of male sex hormones known as androgens, and the most common type of androgen is produced by too much testosterone or dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

3. DHT adversely affects normal hair growth by attaching it’s self to your hair follicles and chocking them making them unable to absorb proper nutriment and oxygen from the scalps blood supply. In essence, DHT chokes the hair and in affect killing the hair!

4. At first the effects of DHT will manifest itself as thin patches on the crown and in the “widow’s peak” areas of the head, the hair will appear as being very fine and also showing the scalp.

5. When left untreated your hair will develop androgenic alopecia and the thinning will begin until you notice a missing path of hair and finally complete baldness will occur, this is known as baldness.

6. When someone happens to be in the late stage of alopecia, there treatment options are very limited. And the only treatment options available are transplants, hairpieces, Plugs, hats, and shaving the head with a razor.

7. In the first stages of alopecia, when the hair is thinning but still visible, the scalp may still have a chance to reverse the conditions of DHT and be stopped and in most cases reverse the effects of hair loss and to start re-growing hair back to it’s original beauty.


8. The only FDA Approved hair loss treatment available for men with early to middle stages of alopecia are (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia).

9. Minoxidil was first used to treat high blood pressure and was a prescription medication used only for this treatment. However one of its commonly occurring side effects was hair growth! This stuff worked well even thought it was designed for something else and it has a success rate of about 64% of the men who use it.

10. Finasteride has an even higher rate of success… up to 83 percent. However this drug does not come without its side effects that can cause impotence and dysfunction. A natural alternative to the drug is the extract of a North American plant known as saw palmetto and has a success rate nearly as high without the serious side effects the drug can give to it’s user.

Below are additional facts associated with hair loss in both men and women, and the reasons why hair loss can occur.

1. At any given time, about 90% of the hairs are in the growing phase and about 10% are in the resting phase.

2. One fiber of hair can support the weight of 100 grams in most cases.

3. One of the many reasons for hair loss can be the use of drugs, either legal or illegal, alcohol and other recreation drugs fall into this category as well.

4. The main component of hair is the protein called keratin, which also gives your fingernails their strength and elasticity.

5. About 100 hairs a day are lost off your scalp daily until eventually all hair are replaced on your head.

6. Hair loss will only become noticeable after losing about 50 % of their entire hair from your scalp.

7. Africans and Europeans will tend to have more hair loss problems than Asians in general.

8. About 50 % of men and 40 % of women above the age of 50 years old will lose there hair.

9. There are more than 100,000 hairs over an average scalp – Scalps with blond hair have about 120,000 and scalps with red hair have about 80,000 hairs.

10. One hair has a thickness of about 0.02-0.04″.

11. Hair grows the best between 4 PM to 6 PM and10 AM to 11 AM, this is thought to occur because that is when the biggest meals of the day are eaten.

12. 40 percent of middle age women suffer from female pattern hair loss, especially after the age of 50.

13. In the U.S. there has not been an elected bald President since the age of television.

14. Your hair will grow at about 12 millimeters every month or to take a different approach about 35 meters of hair are produced each month.

15. Your hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body even out growing your fingernails.

16. In the Asian community hair grows the fastest and has the greatest elasticity.

17. According to studies hair grows the fastest between the ages of 15 years through 30 years of age.

18. Hair also grows faster in the summer months rather then the winter months.

19. 20 million women and 40 million men suffer from hair loss.

20. Your gender cannot be reveled through hair tests; Dna is not evident to reveal your gender type.

Also in addition to these hair loss facts, it is interesting to know that when taken concurrently minoxidil and saw palmetto results are very good and the likely hood of hair growth are almost guaranteed.

There is one hair loss solution that I am aware of that contains both minoxidil topical and saw palmetto along with other needed supplements for hair growth is Provillus.


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Homemade Treatments for Healthy Hair

1 September;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Homemade Treatments for Healthy Hair

Article by Kori Ellis

Home Hair Treatments are Safe, Natural and Inexpensive

Treating your hair at home, as opposed to going to a studio or salon is a lot like eating at home rather than an expensive restaurant. It can be cheaper and better for you and help prevent hair loss.

Instead of running to the salon for expensive hair conditioners and treatments, turn to your kitchen!

Certainly a wide variety of store-bought hair products are available; however, you can also create treatments for healthy hair right in your own home. Experiment with these natural recipes and find the best solution for your hair issues.

Dull hair treatments

If your hair has lost its shine and body, it may be the result of too much product buildup. The ingredients in shampoo, conditioner and other styling products can leave your hair flat and dull. In order to break down any excess product that has accumulated on your hair, every month or so use a rinse that removes buildup.

Place one-quarter cup of baking soda into a bowl and add water to create a paste. You may need more baking soda if your hair is long.

Apply the paste to damp hair, from the roots to the tips. Massage into your scalp and cover your head with a shower cap. Allow the paste to set for 15-20 minutes while you create your hair rinse.

Mix one part apple cider vinegar with four parts cool water and 10 drops of lavender essential oil (or any other scent that you prefer). The fragrance of the essential oil will help to mask the vinegar smell.Shampoo your hair as normal, using cool water to wash and rinse. As your final rinse, use the lavender vinegar mixture to remove any buildup remaining in your hair.

Dry hair treatments

This might sound like a fruit salad recipe, but it’s actually a wonderful deep conditioner for dry, damaged hair. The acid in fruit (especially citrus fruit) helps to add shine and manageability to hair, while powerful antioxidants protect hair from harmful environmental pollutants.

Blend together half of a banana, one-quarter of a cantaloupe, one-quarter of an avocado, 1 tablespoon of wheat germ oil, 1 tablespoon of yogurt and the contents of a vitamin E capsule.

Apply generously throughout hair. Cover with a shower cap or plastic wrap and leave in for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Thinning hair treatments

Volume is important for those with thinning hair. Although volumizing shampoos and conditioners can help, this homemade hair loss treatment of nettle tea also will add volume to your hair.

Nettle is an herb that is common in the Mediterranean. The roots, leaves and seeds of the nettle are known for their numerous health benefits. Nettle tea can aid in fighting nearly everything, from coughs and asthma to muscle pain and arthritis. Additionally, it is used for skin and hair problems, intestinal disorders and allergies. Nettle tea can be used to add volume to your hair, since it coats and thickens the hair shaft. You can find nettle tea online and at natural food stores.

Steep a nettle tea bag in boiling water. Allow the tea to cool off and then pour it through clean, damp hair. Do not rinse; style hair as usual.

Frizzy hair treatments

Thin, frizzy hair looks damaged and lifeless; you can restore the radiance and eliminate the frizz with coconut oil.

Never rub your hair vigorously with a towel — this can damage the hair shaft and make it even frizzier. Instead pat your hair dry with a thick, absorbent towel to get rid of excess water. Rub a small amount of coconut oil into the palm of your hand and then through your hair. Apply a little bit at a time — you’ll want your hair to look healthy, not oily.

You can also create a hair tonic for frizzy hair by mixing gin and egg yolks. Beat two egg yolks until frothy and then add two teaspoons of gin. Beat the mixture with a fork or hand mixer until it becomes foamy. Massage into your hair and scalp; then rinse with warm water.

Homemade hair treatment tips

Try to use your homemade hair treatments immediately after you make them. Do not allow them to sit out for any long period of time. If you don’t use all of the mixture, seal the remainder in an airtight container and refrigerate. Use within five days for best results and to reduce any chance of spoilage.

Other natural ingredients that are good for your hair are honey, oatmeal and even beer! In addition to stocking the items that you probably have in your kitchen, many natural food stores have herbs, oils and other items that are effective as hair treatments, such as xanthan gum (a thickener).

Play around with ingredients to learn what works best for your hair. Don’t overdo it — two – or three-ingredient mixes are usually best. After experimenting and finding your ideal hair concoction, use it weekly or monthly to keep your hair healthy, strong and lustrous.

prevent hair losshair loss treatment

About the Author

Kori Ellis is a freelance writer who writes about health, beauty, and fashion. She is a contributing writer to HairLossDotCom and writes about hair loss treatments and hair loss conditions such as Trichotillomania. For more information please visit:


Bi Racial Hair Care Products and Treatments

29 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Bi Racial Hair Care Products and Treatments

Each and Every person would have different hair style. And based on the strength and body condition, the strength of the hair will also vary for each person, hence there are lots of hair care products in the market for various kinds of hair. The some of the hair care products which are generally used Hair Oils, hair Creams, Hair lotions, Hair Conditioner, Hair Relaxer, Hair Shampoo, etc. These products will help your hair to be strengthen and save from dust, pollutions, etc. There are lots of tools to maintain Bi Racial Hair, they are comb with wide tooth, Good moisturizing shampoo, Moisturizing solution, Hot oil treatment, Electrical Heat Cap, etc. These tools will make the hair to be perfect and keep away from hair problems.

Washing biracial hair about once a week is a healthy method. People with biracial hair, will go out frequently because of their business and children with the same hair will play, so they may use to wash their hair frequently, may be thrice or four times a week, and some may wash their hair daily. This will not suit for all the people. The person with biracial hair, who washes their hair daily may lead to dryness of hair and loss strength of the hair. There are different shampoos and oils available in the market to maintain the biracial hair, that too from the branded one. So wash your hair frequently once or twice in a week to make it strengthen. For the children with Biracial hair, who get sweating due to playing, can just rinse the hair in a warm water, condition, and then the normal hair wash.

Then while drying the hair, blot with the towel instead of rubbing vigorously. It’s better to allow the hair to air dry instead of allowing heat for drying. And you can also use conditioning cap to drive some of the moisture out before blasting the hair with forced hot hair. Some of the biracial hair doesn’t support hair oils but upto my knowledge, hair oil is one of the healthy product to take care of the hair, It gives strength and avoid dryness of hair. There are many online stores that offer all kinds of hair care products and i always prefer,, is the right place where you can find hair care products for all kinds of hair like Black Hair, Biracial Hair, Afro Hair, African Hair, Caribbean Hair, Curly Hair, etc. Hair Body and Mind Offers all Kinds of Hair Products like Hair Relaxer, Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner for all kinds of Hair.

More than this, Hair Body and Mind also offer treatments and advices for hair care. That too proper treatment for each type of hair for each person. So get the best hair care products and advices and make your hair healthy and strengthen


Hair Loss Treatments- Crazy and Strange Details About Thinning Hair And The Reason You May Be Affected

Article by DR Mosher

losing your hair? Has it turned out to be an awkward problem for you? Do you find yourself unwilling to be seen in public places, convinced that everyone is looking at you and talking behind your back? In case you said yes to some of these simple questions you might like to look at a hair loss solution by looking over this hair loss review.

Nearly all people will lose either some of there hair or all there hair at some stage in there lives, Nevertheless you can easily make a difference by correcting you routines and making a few modifications to your daily way of life.

1. Androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, or “MPB” is among the most common type of hair loss cause recognized to man and affects about 50% of men and 40% of females over the age of fifty years old.

2. The biggest cause for MPB “Male Pattern Baldness” is a build-up of male sex hormones generally known as androgens, and therefore the most prevalent form of androgen is generated by far too much testosterone or dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

3. DHT adversely affects normal growth of hair by attaching it’s self on your hair roots and chocking them which makes them unable to absorb appropriate nutriment and oxygen from the scalps blood supply. In essence, DHT chokes the hair and in affect eliminating the hair!

4. Initially the effects of DHT will manifest itself as thin areas on the crown and in the “widow?s peak” areas of the head, your hair will appear to be very fine and also showing the crown.

5. When not dealt with your hair will manifest androgenic alopecia and the loss begins until you notice a missing path of hair and ultimately complete hair thinning will occur, this is whats called baldness.

6. When someone happens to be in the later cycle of alopecia, there treatment solutions are incredibly limited. Additionally the only treatment solutions available are transplants, hairpieces, Plugs, hats, and shaving the head using a razor.

7. In the first phases of alopecia, when the hair is thinning but are still visible, the scalp may still have a chance to turn back the conditions of DHT and be stopped as well as in most all cases reverse the effects of hair loss and to start re-growing hair back to it’s original beauty.

8. Truly the only FDA Authorized hair loss treatment designed for men with early to middle stages of alopecia are (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia).

9. Minoxidil was first utilized to treat hypertension and is a prescription medicine used just for this treatment. However one of its commonly occurring side effects was hair growth! This stuff worked well even thought it was created for another condition and features a success rate of about 64% of the men who utilize it.

10. Finasteride possesses an even higher rate of success… up to eighty three %. Nonetheless this drug will not come without the unwanted effects that may cause erectile dysfunction and dysfunction. A natural alternative to the drug is the extract of the North American plant known as saw palmetto extract and it has a success rate nearly as high without worrying about serious unwanted effects the drug can give to it’s user.

Listed here are additional facts regarding hair loss both in men and women, as well as the reasons why hair loss can occur.

1. At any moment, about 90% of the hairs will be in the developing phase and about 10% are in the sleeping phase.

2. One fiber of hair can support the weight of a hundred grams in most cases.

3. One of the numerous causes of hair loss could be the use of drugs, either legal or illegal, alcohol and other recreation drugs fall under this category as well.

4. The main element of hair is the amino acids called keratin, which also gives your finger nails their strength and suppleness.

5. About one hundred hairs per day are lost off your scalp each day until eventually all hair are substituted upon your head.

6. Hair loss will only become apparent after dropping about 50 % of their entire hair from your scalp.

7. Africans and European people will generally have more hair loss problems than Asians in general.

8. About 50 % of men and 40 % of women above the age of 50 years of age will lose there hair.

9. There are more than 100,000 hairs over an average scalp – Scalps with blond hair have about 120,000 and scalps with red hair have about 80,000 hairs.

10. One hair has a thickness of about 0.02-0.04″.

11. Hair grows the best between 4 PM to 6 PM and10 AM to 11 AM, this is believed to occur because that is when the biggest meals for the day are consumed.

12. 40 % of middle age women experience female pattern hair loss, especially after the age of 50.

13. In the U.S. there has not been an elected bald Us president since the age of television.

14. Your hair will grow at about 12 millimeters each month or to take a different approach about 35 meters of hair are produced every month.

15. Your hair is the fastest developing tissue in the body actually out growing your fingernails.

16. In the Oriental community hair grows the fastest and has the greatest elasticity.

17. According to studies hair grows the fastest between the ages of 15 years through thirty years of age.

18. Hair additionally grows faster in the summer months rather than the wintertime months.

19. twenty million women and 40 million men are afflicted by baldness.

20. Your gender can’t be reveled through hair tests; Genetic make-up is not proven to show your gender type.

Also in addition to these hair loss facts, it’s intriguing to understand that if taken at the same time minoxidil and saw palmetto effects are excellent and the likely hood of hair growth are almost guaranteed.

There is one baldness technique that I am aware of which contains both minoxidil topical and saw palmetto extract as well as other necessary supplements for hair regrowth is Provillus.

About the Author


For More Free Information And Reviews On Proper Hair Loss Prevention Go Too: Hair Loss Treatments Or </SCRIPT> Hair Regrowth</SCRIPT>


Treatment of Lice ~ Hair Home Treatments

25 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Treatment of Lice ~ Hair Home Treatments

Parents have become so frustrated with repeated treatment of lice and attempts to combat an infestation of nits that they are willing to go to such extremes…out of desperation…to rid their child of these pesky vermints…Some parents have even gone to such lengths as to cut their child’s hair short, often leading to a traumatized child.

Head Lice Home Treatments: Don’t resort to these drastic measures when there are other natural hair home treatments available at a fraction of the cost and work more effectively, without damaging your child’s natural hair follicles.

Natural Lice Head Treatment

Hair Lice Remedies: Hairspray ~ Preventing Lice: If you encounter an outbreak of lice at your child’s school, the first step to preventing lice from being attracted to a head of hair, is to spray a thick coat of strong spelling, super hold hairspray on the hair before leaving the house (costs less then the commercialized lice products on the market). The spray will create a barrier for lice to penetrate the scalp. The lice will also be repulsed by the smell of the hair spray. Instruct your child to douse their hair again, if necessary, midday….as a precaution and as a refresher.

Vegetable Shortening and Vinegar: Suspected symptoms for lice–If you do happen to come down with head lice…saturate the hair with a thick coat of vegetable shortening applied to the hair and roots (use lard, shortening, rather than oil for a more suffocating effect). Make it good and thick. Put a shower cap on, or wrap the head with plastic wrap, above the eyes, nose and mouth, and let sit for two hours. Afterward shampoo hair thoroughly. (Read below about using your regular shampoo.) The oils in the shortening suffocate head lice and prevent oxygen from getting to the eggs. It will also condition the hair and makes a great moisturizer. Rinse hair with (AVC) vinegar, catch the vinegar in a bucket then reapply (see note below), eventually rinse with clear, hot water. Comb hair with a nit comb to remove the dead eggs. Repeat one week later. Note: AVC (apple cider vinegar) will not destroy the natural pH balance to hair as with white vinegar, which is much harsher on hair follicles. (See notes below if you are having difficulty removing the lard from the hair)

Use Vinegar for Head Lice ~ AVC (Apple Cider Vinegar): Adult lice lay eggs, called nits, which stick like ‘glue’ to the hair shafts. After treating hair with a vegetable shortening (see above), or any of the remedies listed below, rinse hair thoroughly (over a ‘catch’ bucket) with AVC then reapply several times. The AVC dissolves the “glue,” allowing you to comb the nits from hair easily with a nit comb. (Careful with AVC, too much use and it will strip the ‘natural’ oils from hair creating dry and damaged hair—do not prolong use—use in moderation).

Baby Oil and Dawn: Use as a hair protectant. Saturate hair with Johnson’s Baby Oil (only trusted oil, besides olive oil) and cover with a shower cap (or wrap the head with plastic wrap—avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth) and let sit for two hours. The lice drown in the baby oil. Wash the baby oil from hair with Dawn Dishwashing liquid. Repeat one week later.

Antiseptic Mouthwash: Wet the hair and scalp with an antiseptic mouthwash, cover with a shower cap and wait two hours. Make sure the mouthwash is a strong antiseptic so it will kill the lice and prevent further infestation. A cheap brand will work just as well as long as it has strong antiseptic properties.


Lysol: Also a great antiseptic…To clean brushes and combs (particularly a nit comb), soak the items in Lysol, then rinse them with hot water. Lysol works the same way as the bleach and mouthwash mentioned above. Note: Lysol tends to be harsher on hair then other hair home treatments. It can be used but will dry the hair.

Tree Tea Oil for Head Lice: In preventing lice, shampoo hair regularly with tea tree shampoo. Tea tree oil, from the Melaleuca tree, is a natural ‘louse’ repellent. Tea tree contains antiseptic properties.

Olive Oil for Head Lice and AVC: Saturate hair with olive oil (the best of the best hair oil) and cover with a shower cap (or wrap the hair in plastic wrap—avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth) and let set for two hours to kill head lice and make removing nits easier. Follow by rinsing with AVC and comb out the nits with a nit comb.

Mayonnaise for Head Lice and AVC: Saturate hair completely with a thick coat of mayonnaise (a cheap brand will contain plenty of thick oils), working the mayonnaise in the hair and roots well. Wrap hair with plastic wrap (above the eyes, nose and mouth) or put a shower cap on. Let set for two hours. Shampoo hair thoroughly. The strong fatty oil in the mayonnaise will suffocate and kill head lice and nits. Besides, the mayonnaise is also an excellent hair conditioner. Rinse hair with AVC (apple cider vinegar) repeatedly, then rinse clean with water and comb hair with a nit comb. Repeat one week later.

Bleach: While you are in the washing frenzies, using lice-killing shampoos, laundering clothes and bed linens (use bleach when washing linens in the wash cycle and high heat in the dryer)…try adding ½ a cup of bleach to a sink full of water and soak all combs, brushes, barrettes, and hair clips in the solution, let them soak for at least an hour… then rinse thoroughly with hot water. Don’t forget razors, tweezers or any other ‘equipment’ used in or around hair.

Plastic Trash Bags: Quarantine your child’s favorite stuffed animal. What a great way to teach a child about hibernation. Place all comforters, quilts and stuffed animals in plastic trash bags, tie shut, and store in the garage for two weeks. Lice cannot survive without a human host. The eggs take one week to hatch, so after two weeks all the lice should be dead and your child’s “favorite pet” will then be ‘starved’ for lots of love just like an animal comes out of hibernation and starved for food. (But please instruct your child about the difference.)

Symptoms for liceStrange Facts:

Medicated lice shampoos may cause serious side effects in children and should never be used without a doctor’s supervision.
Most people resort to a lice shampoo containing the pesticide pyrethrin (derived from chrysanthemums) or permethrin (a synthetic form of pyrethrin). Recent Harvard studies indicate that lice are becoming pyrethrin resistant. These lice are becoming more resilient to the commercialized medicated products on the market today. That is why it is very important to become familiar with natural hair home treatments.
The medical term for a lice infestation is pediculosis.
The word louse, the singular form of the word lice, is slang for “a bad person.”
The word nitwit originated from the false idea that head lice infest only poor, uneducated children. Not so!! Don’t be humiliated, frustrated or embarrassed if your child comes down with lice. Lice have become more resilient to the commercialized medicated products on the market. According to data from Harvard researches, there are ‘superlice at large in the land.’ This gives more reason to experiment further into natural home hair remedies.
The term nit-picking originated from the tedious act of having to pick every nit from the head of a person infested with lice. This is a great time to teach your children about why apes and monkeys ‘groom’ themselves.
The expression “going over it with a fine-tooth comb” stems from combing the hair of a lice-infested person with a fine-tooth comb to get rid of all the nits, dead or alive.
Lice burrow into the scalp to feed on human blood. A chemical in their saliva stops blood from clotting. This chemical causes the persistent itching effect.
Female lice lay up to ten eggs a day. In a week the eggs hatch…in two weeks, with proper treatment…they can be disposed of.—Learn and know your remedies.

Note: To remove excess oil (especially petroleum jelly) from the hair…but only to be used on a short time basis for it will strip the natural oils, pH, of the hair use the following as a rinse:

Cornmeal or cornstarch (dry shampoo, best choice for natural alternative, however you may spend days with greasy hair)
Dawn dish detergent (best, fastest alternative, but will dry hair)
Goop hand cleaner—this is an extreme but if necessary, use—will dry out hair.
Wisk laundry detergent—also an extreme due to stripping the hair of the natural oils.

*Whichever you use—be careful not to get detergent into eyes.

*Many shampoos on the market today interfere with the effectiveness of the hair lice remedies. The only shampoo found so far to combat hair lice with medicated ingredients or hair home treatments was Prell. Remember, according to Harvard research studies, you are now dealing with ‘superlice’, which are adapting to commercialized remedies…but yet so far…have not adapted to natural hair remedies at home….

Photo of Head Lice/Picture of Head Lice

Because Lice is such a persistent annoyance…please visit Hair Remedies At Home for further information on treatment of lice.

Learn more about Dry shampoos, Mayonnaise and hair, Hair Masks, Condiioners and using AVC on Hair along with other Natural Hair Remedies at Home here! More Hair Home Treatments

Kali S. Winters


Kali S Winters is a gardening enthusiast and author who spends much of her time teaching others how to create home herbal remedies. Discover Kali’s latest book, “Hair Remedies at Home” including over 1000 home hair remedies and receive a special limited time offer of 6 free bonus e-books Including: Essential Hair Oils, 300 Tips for Lips, 650 Natural Products for Cleaning, Hair Analysis, Holistic Remedies and Herbal Tea Remedies.


Hair Loss and Replacement Treatments

18 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Loss and Replacement Treatments

Article by Olga Sutcliffe

If you feel embarrassed about your hair and are constantly worried about the hair fall then West end hair are the specialists you were looking for. Hair fall is a common problem all across the world. We may blame it on many things including our genes, routine and lifestyle. Today’s life is very hectic and it is difficult to find time for taking care of ourselves and that is why the problems reach a serious level very easily.

Hair fall is never considered for clinical treatment until it gets beyond control. It is then when you start looking for someone who can help you with replacement of the hair and treatment to stop further loss. Hair loss Melbourne is being dealt with many specialists in the market however West End Hair specializes in the hair loss problems for women. They believe that the problems in men are different from women and have to be treated differently.

Hair loss in women can be because of various reasons. One of the main reasons of hair fall in the late 40’s and early 50’s is the hormonal change in the body that happens due to menopause. The hair start getting thin in many cases and this change is unavoidable. There is specific pattern of hair loss in women. Most common pattern is hair fall from the top area and widening of the partitions.

There are clinical reasons of hair fall as well. Treatments like chemotherapy lead to extensive hair loss. These conditions are very complicated to be handled by everyone. A quick and easy way to get hair back on or head is to wear “clip in” hair. Hair extensions Melbourne is quality product and has been trusted by the customers for a long time now. The clip in hair offered by West end hair is 100% human hair. You can also choose to add volume to your hair. The hairs that are added are matched for the texture and the color so that they give you a natural look.

The clipped in hair looks just like your own hair and you can style them easily just like you have been doing so far. The volumizers just need to be tightened after 5-6 weeks. Clip in hair can be clipped in on your own after you have been instructed on that. Hair replacement Melbourne has almost all solutions for your hair that would make them natural and full like they were. In fact you can choose designs and styles you like according to your face and personality.

Australia is one of the few countries that have the facility of getting rebate on hair transplant and treatment. So if you are one of those who have started losing confidence in her personality because of the change in appearance because of hair loss then you should check what all Westend hair can do for you. If you want to discuss about the procedures and the cost involved you can visit our website and leave your contact details. You would be responded on your query by our team.

About the Author

Australia’s leading hair extension specialists provide Hair Extensions looks natural, re-usable & easy to remove. Expert Hair extensions Melbourne do quality hair extensions with full guarantee. Hair replacement Melbourne centre gives you best treatment for your hair back. Get information on alopecia treatments, hair extensions, replacement, etc.


What Are The Relevant Treatments For A Falling Hair

15 April;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

What Are The Relevant Treatments For A Falling Hair

Article by Mr.G

Hair fall or hair loss occurs at all age group and happens for different reasons in both men and women. A 100 hair shred per day is considered normal by experts and has nothing much to worry about as beneath every hair that has fallen grows another hair follicle.

Hair fall can always be prevented and treated with the science going so far, but before understanding the various treatments or prevention tricks it is important to understand the reason or cause behind hair fall or hair loss.

Some of the most common causes of hair loss in men or hair loss in women are genetic disorder, medications, treatments like chemotherapy or radio therapy and deficiency of important vitamins, minerals and iron in the body. Most of the men or women as well as teenagers experience hair fall or hair loss when they tend to avoid the basic care of their hairs and expose it to sunrays or dust or harmful chemicals like cosmetic shampoos, hair color and more.

When it comes to hair fall ‘prevention better than cure’ works at its best, hair fall prevention works towards making the treatment easy and successful.

Very common treatment and most approached treatment of hair loss is medication for hair loss i.e. capsules containing relevant vitamins, irons, minerals, calcium and more. Often, doctors and dermatologist prefer to offer such capsules or syrups to strengthen the hair rots to slow down and cut down the loss of hair. Hair loss solutions consist of clinical methods ranging from medication to herbal or dermatological shampoos. Also, the increase in DHT that causes hair loss is also controlled in clinical process by hair loss doctor or expert.

Another treatment is the right diet. Hair loss when in teenagers or young age men and women occurs mostly because of protein lacking diets or incomplete food intake. When experiencing hair loss at such early age in spite of no disorder or medical problem, one should eat protein rich diet such as fish, eggs, nuts, grains, beans, cheese and meat or chicken.

In cases where hair loss is a direct cause of unhealthy hair management hair loss treatment consists of giving the hair follicles the care and love they deserve. This kind of treatment begins with saying no to hair shampoos, experiment on hair like straitening, perm or hair color. Damage hair follicles due to improper care can always be treated by keeping hair clean and protected from heat, sun rays and any exposure to dusty environment. Using a conditioner after shampooing hair with a mild and herbal product also helps to protect hair follicles from damaging.

From healthy diet to medical treatment to prevention there are numbers of relevant and successful treatments for hair loss and this also includes the surgery option offered by many superior doctors and institutes across the world.

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Hair troubles and treatments

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair troubles and treatments


Hair is a filamentous growth of dead cells from the skin found only on mammals. There are two types of hair – (1) the lanugo (vellus) hair and (2) the terminal hair.There are differences in rate of growth, structure, length and responses to various stimuli for hairs in body. Males are having more terminal hairs particularly on face, chest, abdomen, legs, arms while females are having more vellus hairs. Average humanhas 100,000 hair fol1icles. Each follicle can grow about 20 individual hairs in a person’s lifetime. Average hair loss is about 100 strands a day. Primary component of hair fibre is keratine. (1)

Anatomy of Hair

Hair is a derivative of epidermis. Hair is composed of two parts- ­

(1)   Hair Root (Inside the epidermis)

The hair bulb, the lowermost portion of the root, is an expanded mass of epithelial cells which give rise to different types of keratinized cells. The upper portion of the bulb produces the medulla of the hair, the hair cortex, and the hair cuticle. The cuticle cells of the hair and those of the internal sheath are interdigitated, an arrangement which locks the hair in the follicle.

    (2) Hair Shaft (Outside the epidermis)

The cuticle cells overlap each other so as to form a tight imbricated “capsule” containing the cortex. The fusiform keratinized cells of the cortex are tightly arranged in the long axis. (2)

Hair growth cycles: – Three phases ­

1.      Anagen (Growth Phase): During this phase the hair is actively growing. The growth phase is of about 2-6 years.
Catagen (Transitional phase): This phase lasts about 3 to 4 weeks. The dermal papilla condenses and cells of the follicle stop growing.
Telogen (Resting Phase): During this phase the dermal papilla becomes isolated in the dermal area. This phase lasts about 2 to 3 weeks. (3)

Characteristic Features of Hairs

Physical properties of hair
1.      Elasticity: Hair can resist forces that could changes its shape, its volume or its length. The elasticity of hair depends on the long keratin fibers in the cortex. Both natural sunlight and artificial ultraviolet light break down chemicals in the hair and damage its elasticity.
2.      Static electricity: When dry hair is rubbed, static electric charge builds up on the hairs. This is especially noticeable in hot, dry weather. The result is flyaway hair, which stands out from the head and looks unmanageable.
3.      Moisture Content:

In heat and humidity  –           more moisture, less static electricity,  collapse.

In dry condition          –           less moisture,   more static electricity, more volume.

      When hair is wet the cortex swells and the edges of the cuticle scales tend to lift.   

4.      Porosity: The cuticle covering the cortex is intact, and is then almost waterproof. Increasing the temperature, or applying an alkaline lotion, separates the scales of the cuticle enough to allow the chemicals to pass through.
5.      Texture: Much of the attraction of a beautiful head of hair lies in its texture, or feel. Texture of hair depends on several things. The first is the average diameter of the individual hairs. Secondly, different people’s hair naturally feels different. Thirdly, the texture is affected by the degree of weathering of hair.
6.      pH; The ideal pH sof hair is between 4.5 and 5.5. Above 5.5 the hair starts to open and below 4.5 it starts to contract. (4)

Chemical composition of hair

Human hair is a complex fiber made up of various morphological components and different chemical species. Different chemical components in the human hair act together, to maintain the normal flow of functions.

1. Protein: Human hair contains about 83-87% proteins. Protein is the most important element and is present throughout the hair from root to tip. Hair, from its growth under the skin of the scalp, is filled with a fibrous protein called keratin. Most of the keratinous proteins are present within the cortical cells. The keratin protein found in hair is called “hard” keratin. (5)

2. Water: Water content is about 7%. It promotes normal and healthy hair growth and provides healthy hair appearance. When it is impregnated with water the weight increases by 12-18%. (4)

3. Hair Lipids: It is about 3% in hair. Hair lipids are composed of fatty acid, ceramide, cholesterol and cholesterol sulfate. The lipid content of the hair is not constant but varies with age and other factors. (4)

4. Hair Pigments: These are about 2% in hair. Melanin is the hair pigment which gives colour to the hair. They are produced by a group of specialized cells called melanocytes. Eumelanin form of melanin gives different shades ranging from black to brown. Phaeomelanin gives yellow, ginger and red shades to the hair. (5)

5. Trace Elements: Other than these important elements, the chemical composition of hair also contains trace elements which are essentials for its healthy functionality. These elements are Al, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ca, Fe, Mg, Zn, etc. (4)

Denaturation of Hair

Denaturation disrupts the normal alpha-helix and beta sheets in a protein and uncoils it into a random shape. Denaturation occurs because the bonding interactions responsible for the secondary structure (hydrogen bonds to amides) and tertiary structure are disrupted. The most common observation in the denaturation process is the precipitation or coagulation of the protein. A variety of reagents and conditions can cause denaturation;

Alcohol Disrupts Hydrogen Bonding.
Acids and Bases Disrupt Salt Bridges.
Heavy Metal Salts Disrupt Disulfide Bonds.
Reducing Agents Disrupt Disulfide Bonds. (6)


1.      Alopecia areata ­

Alopecia areata is considered an autoimmune disease. In alopecia areata, white blood cells attack the rapidly growing cells in the hair follicles. The affected hair follicles become small and drastically slow down hair production. Alopecia is called ‘Indralupta’ or ‘Khalitya’ in Ayurveda. The Kuff with blood blocks hair papilla so hairs are not generated and Alopecia is produced.

2.      Dandruff­

Dandruff causes due to oily skin, shampooing too, a poor diet, and stress. But, the real culprit may be fat-eating, yeast­ like fungus called Malassezia. This results in a large number of dead skin cells. Dead cells become white and cause ‘Rucci’ in hairs. It is called Darunak in Ayurveda.

3.      Premature Graying of Hair­

The physiologic basis for graying of the hair is the inability of melanocytes in the hair matrix. The graying may occur independently of any change in the structure or growth of the hair. It is called Palit Rogin Ayurveda.Angerness, Sadness and Hard work produce ‘Heat’ and ‘Pitta’ in body. These ‘Heat’ and ‘Pitta’ after reaching in head make the hairs gray or white in early age.

4.      Head Lice ­

Head lice is a parasitic insects found most commonly behind the ears and near the neckline in hairs. The medical term is Pediculus Humanus Capitis. It causes scalp itching, sensation, red sores on scalp etc. This is called Arunshika in Ayurveda. Because of ‘Kuff, ‘Pitta’ and Worms the hairs become weak and multiheaded with some sebaceous spots.

5.      Folliculitis­

Folliculitis is the infection of hair follicles. This can occur anywhere on the skin or scalp. Folliculitis looks like acne pimples or non-healing, crusty sores.

6.      Hirsutism (Excess of hair)-

Hirsutism can be caused by abnormally high levels of male hormones (androgens). Other symptoms include acne, deepening of the voice and increased muscle mass. Women who have hirsutism have dark, thick hair on their face, chest, abdomen and back.


Allopathic Aspects

1. Alopecia areata

 Drugs: Corticosteroids, Minoxidil, Anthralin, Sulfasalazine.

    Marketed Products

(i)     Tugain (5% Minoxidil) by Cipla Pharmaceutical Ltd.

(ii)    Multigain (Spray) by Torrent Pharma Ltd.

(iii)  Minoxidil Topical Solution by Alpharma Ltd.

(iv)  Hisone by Smarth Pharma Ltd. (7)

2. Dandruff

    Drugs: Salicylic acid, Selenium Sulfide, Ketoconazole

      Marketed Products

(i)      Clinic All Clear Shampoo by Hindustan Lever Ltd.

(ii)    Candid – TV Suspension by Glenmark Pharma Ltd.

(iii)  Cetrimide by Nicholas Pharma Ltd.

(iv)  Nizoral Shampoo.

 3. Premature Graying of Hair­

       Drugs: Vitamin (Biotin) Suppliments.

    Marketed Product – Bencozyme Forte. (8)

 4. Head Lice ­

      Drugs:  Lindane, Trimethoprim,­ Sulfamethoxazole.

      Marketed Products

         (i)  Keralice (1 % Permethrin) by Femcare Pvt. Ltd.

        (ii)  Permisol (5% Pennethrin) by Geolife Sciences Ltd.

        (iii) Kwell by Dey’s Pharma Ltd.

        (iv) Septra and Bactrim by Nicholas Pharma Ltd.

5.      Folliculitis­

Drugs: Minocycline, Tetracycline, Ammonium Lactate, Cortisone.

Marketed Products

(i)     Syno by lndilina Pharma Ltd.

(ii)    Bactroban Ointment by Prime Life Science Ltd.

(iii)    Tetrasil by Melissa Pharma Ltd.

6.  Hirsutism (Excess of hair)-

Drugs: Finasteride, Dexamethasone, Spironolactone.

Marketed Products

(i)           Ladogal by Aventis Pvt. Ltd.

(ii)         Evalon by Infar Pharma Ltd. (9)

 Ayurvedic Aspects                                             

1.      Indralupta or Khalitya

Drugs: Narikelamrit (Cocos nucifera), Tilashthak, Extract of Tila (Sesamum indicum) leaves and roots, Bhringrajswaras (Eclipta alba) and Bhringraj Taila

Marketed Products

(i)     Nutrich Oil by Ayu Labs Pvt. Ltd.

(ii)    Sessa Oil by Ban Labs Ltd.

(iii)  Ambica Hair Tonic by Medi Herbs Pvt. Ltd.

(iv)  Bhringraj Taila by Dabur Pvt. Ltd. (9)

2.      Darunak

Drugs: Bhringraj swaras, Chamalipan (Jasmium officinalis), Bibhitak, Mastak, Patolpatra.

Marketed Products

(i)     Bhringraj Taila by Dabur Pvt. Ltd.

(ii)    Trichup by Vasu Pharma Ltd.

(iii)  Shakuntalam Oil by Nagarjun Pvt. Ltd.

(iv)  Harims Shampoo by Sushrut Krupa Pharma Ltd. (10)

3.      ‘Palit Rog’ (Premature graying of hairs)

Drugs: Bhrinbrrajswaras, Extract of Indigofera tinctoria leaf, Godanti Bhasma, Gandhak Rasayan, Shilajeet sudha.

Marketed Products

(i)           Bhringraj Kesh Taila by Dabur Pvt. Ltd.

(ii)         Shyam Kesh Taila by Vasu Pharma Ltd.

(iii)       Hariras Mehandi by Sushrutkrupa Pharma Ltd.

(iv)       Sessa Oil & Capsule by Ban Labs Ltd. (11)

4.      Arunshika

Drugs: Alcoholic extract of seeds of Indigofera tinctoria, Sesamum indicum, Cocos nucifera oil.

Marketed Products

(i)     Hariras Hair Cleaner by Sushrut Krupa Pharma Ltd.

(ii)   Trichup Shampoo by Vasu Pharma Ltd. (10)

Homeopathic Aspects­

1.      Alopecia areata

      Drugs: Acidum Phos., Jaborandi, Lecithinum, Lactulaka Sativa, Embellica off.

      Marketed Products

(i)     Arnica Plus by Allen Laboratories Ltd.

(ii)    R89 by Tegor Laboratories Ltd.

(iii)  Jaborandi by SBL Pvt. Ltd.

(iv)  Coconica Hair Oil by SBL Pvt. Ltd. (7)

2.      Dandruff

Drugs: Armoracia Sat Q., Arsenicum Alb., Kalium Sulph., Psorinum.

Marketed Products

(i)     Montana hair shampoo by SBL Pvt. Ltd.

(ii)   Scalptone by SBL Pvt. Ltd.

(iii)  Annoca Plus – S by Allen Laboratories Ltd. (11)

3.      Premature Gryaing of Hair

Drugs: Acidum Phos., Lycopodium, Pilocarpus 1000, Polysorbattam.

Marketed Products

(i)     Scalptone by SBL Pvt. Ltd.

(ii)    Jaborandi by SBL Pvt. Ltd.

(iii)   Bioforce AG by Holistic Remedies Pvt. Ltd. (12)

4.      Head Lice

Drugs: Lycopodium- 200, Calendula, Jaborandi, Camphora MT.

Marketed Products

(i)     Hair Aid by Baksan Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

(ii)   Arnica Montana Shampoo by SBL Pvt. Ltd.

5.      Hirsutism

Drugs: Oleum Jec, 3x, Thuja occidentalis. 1ml.  (13)


To impart gloss, shine and luster to hair, many domestic preparations are used in our country from ancient time. Some preparations among these are:

Equal amounts of Shikakai, Aritha are boiled in water for 20-25 minutes. This mixture is used to wet henna and applied to hair. Shikakai and Aritha impart Shine and strength to hair, whereas henna imparts colour to hair.
Another traditional preparation is paste of dried mango seeds. Mango seeds are dried in shade, then these are broken and inner portion of these are separated. These are then grinded to make a black paste with water. This preparation imparts natural black colour to white hair.
Egg yolk is mixed with lemon juice (1 tea spoon) and mustard oil (1 tea spoon) to impart smoothness and shine to hair. This preparation is used for hard and rough hair.
Lemon juice is added to curd and then egg yolk is mixed with it. This mixture is applied to drive away dandruff effectively.
Boiled tea water is used to make loose henna paste and this paste is kept in an iron utensil for overnight. This paste is then applied to hair to impart colour to hair with better luster and stability.
A paste of licorice made by grinding it in milk can be applied in the bald patches. It induces hair growth. A paste of seeds of lemon and black pepper may also be applied on the bald patches. (10)


Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are a specific blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are known to benefit in hair loss. Some of the ingredients in one particular supplement include Biotin, Vitamin B6, magnesium, and zinc. Herbs that may be used for hair loss treatment is Siberian Ginseng and Pumpkin.

Herbs and Diet Treat Hair Loss                       

Certain foods are key ingredients for the proper function of hormones and for nourishing scalp and hair roots. A high protein diet can be very beneficial in promoting hair growth because keratin, a type of protein, is one of its main building elements. Some nuts and greens, like spinach, sunflower seeds, and walnuts, have shown their positive effect on preventing hair loss and maintaining healthy hair.

Aloe:  It has anti-inflammatory, emollient and nourishing properties and helps to maintain healthy and thick hair.

Lavender: It has strong anti-inflammatory effects and is helpful in treating Alopecia.

Capsicum:  It accelerates hair growth and increases the blood circulation of the scalp. It is used for treating hair loss conditions that are triggered by a reduced blood and nutrients flow to the scalp.  

Burdock: It is helpful for treating scalp irritation, as well as reversing hair thinning caused by alopecia. Also, burdock supplies essential fatty acids and natural phytosterols to hair roots, thus, improving hair shine and strength.

Ginger: It is a circulatory agent that helps boost the growing cycle of hair follicles. In addition, it is rich in beneficial oils, which act against hair shaft thinning.  

Rosemary:  It promotes circulation and helps eliminate scalp sebum accumulations and dandruff.

Sage: It contains potent astringent and antiseptic components that stimulate growth. It also adds strength and thickness to hair. (15)


Head hair is beauty of human being. Characteristics like elasticity, static electricity, moisture content, diameter, porosity, texture, pH etc. are properties that govern physical appearance of hair. Chemically hair consists of keratin protein, water, lipids, pigments and trace elements such as Al, Mn, Zn, Mg, Ca, Fe, Cu etc. Various ailments like Alopecia, Dandruff, Folliculitis, Decoloration etc. pose threat to hair and hair growth. Remedies to such hair diseases include Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatments along with Hair transplantation to cope baldness. To enhance beauty and properties of hair, various commercial or natural pharmaceutical products are used such as Hair dye, Henna, Amla, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair oil, Hair creams and Tonics, Hair removers etc. Hair problems can also be solved by taking proper diet and nutrient supplements and to keep you away from stress and pollution.


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Meenakshi B., Kamal S.Rathore, Sunita P., Nema R.K.

Reader, B.N.Girls College of Pharmacy, Udaipur


Hair Loss Treatments Hair Loss Treatments – Conquering Hair Loss In Pure Manner

The acceptedest type of hair loss is macho or changeable sample baldheadedness – or androabiogenetic Alopecia – which is attributable to analysis. A number of other affairs – from ecology to medical can also cause hair loss.,How to Grow Hair Naturally

Earlier than you activate any remedy regimen, you need to argue a dermatologist to avertabundance the reason for your hair loss. Hair loss is a standard symptom for tons of of medical situations – and free whether or not or not your hair loss is a symptom of a medical condition will actuate the route you must take – your medical condition will have to be taken affliction of beahead remedy for hair loss. Realizing the reason for the hair loss is the aboriginal step to advertent a profitable hair loss remedy.

Hair Loss Remedies

Once you have bent the reason for your hair loss, you’ll disawning there are a number of hair loss treatments – some pure, some medical,Renewable Energy Solar homes – the benefits of solar power in the Home,Rogaine for Men, and some cosmetic. Your dermatologist ability help you find the proper solution. Over the past few years, medical remedy of hair loss has developed tralterously – in some instances, studying what causes the hair loss accredits medication to be made that can caffluence the hair loss afore it appears.

Drug-accessoryd hair loss treatments don’t work for everyphysique and the sucassessment of one of these hair accident remedy depends upon the reason for the hair loss. Cosmetic treatments accept aswell abound to be a well-admired adjustment for association to action hair loss – and is usuaccessory an option for people who acquisition themselves not profitable with other anatomys of hair loss remedies. Howanytime, corrective hair replaadhesive will be adequately big-ticket.

Many people have begin pure treatments for hair loss. The preambience abaft pure hair loss treatments is that hair loss is a pure condition and can, in some instances, be badly abatementd through the use of pure remedies. There are a lot of forms of pure hair loss treatments together with exercise to access blood stream, massadverseg the scalp, and natural hair loss treatments, which absorb using pure herbs.

Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

There are a lot of forms of natural treatments for hair loss – some are used to stimulate hair progress and others are used to advance the hair and the scalp advantageous as a way to praccident hair loss. Let’s ascertain a few of these pure hair loss remedies.

1. Henna can be utilized to action and preserve healthy hair – thus, abbreviating the possibilities of hair loss. Henna is a standard herb that has been used for a lot of years to capitaltain healthy hair.

2. Aloe Vera is addition traccessional herb that has been used finer within the prevention of hair loss. Native Indivibifolds, as well as folks within the Caribbean and India have used Aloe Vera to maintain healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Combined with wcalefaction antibody oil and attic milk, Aloe Vera will be fabricated into a shampoo that absolves and heals the scalp.

3. Jojoba Oil is an natural remedy for hair loss that has been used successaboundingy in alones who endure from skin situations, commensurable to eczema, psoriasis, and has been used successabsolutely within the remedy of dandruff.

4. Aroalgebraicerapists use lavender and bay acceptationant oils to therapeutic beating the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

5. Horsetail can be utilized to stimubackward hair corpuscles. This herb can be utilized to abetment beat sabounding alopecia by strengthening weak hair and selling hair advance.

6. Rosemary is another natural remedy for hair loss that can be utilized in oil for accumulationcrumbling the scalp and stimulating hair growth.

7. Saw Palmetto can be utilized to dam the hormone DHT, which is part of the reason for hair loss. Saw Palmetto can be utilized in oils, added to other blueprints, or taken centralizedly in abridged form.

8. Ginseng can be utilized as a stimulant and helps advance apportionment. Ginseng may also be used to remove toxins bottleneck the hair follicles, rising the possibility of healthy hair growth. Like Saw Palmetto, Ginseng can be utilized as oil, added to other formulas, or taken internally in capsule form.

These are just a few of the various natural treatments for hair loss. Other herbs used to apprehend hair loss or stimulate hair progress actualize blooming tea, of hair loss in lots of mixtures of shampoos and oils – some even used as teas to stimulate claret stream, thus stimulating the pure progress of hair. As with every remedy, be sure to analysis together with your barktolobasis to find the reason for the hair loss to be able to accomplish an abreast accommodation on the proper hair loss remedy for you.

Dr John Anne is an natural speciaaccount with yaerial of ability and accelerated assay on herbs and various alleviateth. If you are seaccomplisheding for added abstracts, read abender Hair Loss Resolution and Feminine Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatments, ginkgo biloba, licorice, nettles, and sage. There are a lot of other herbs that can be utilized for the prevention and remedy


Hair Thinning Treatments For Every Hair Loss Cause

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Thinning Treatments For Every Hair Loss Cause

Perhaps one of the worst things that women have to deal with is their hair falling out. Nobody wants to deal with losing hair and whether it is thinning hair or bald spots, it is a distressing thought. To make matters worse it seems like every celebrity out there has a full head of hair, as if thinning hair or bald spots would never dare plague them.

One of the problems with hair loss is that many women are under the impressions that it is something that just happens as they get older. Thinning hair and bald spots are not a natural part of getting older; usually there is something else behind it. Knowing what is causing the hair loss in the 30 million women who suffer from thinning hair or bald spots is the first step to treating it. Not to mention that treating the hair loss is the best way to get back the lifestyle that you deserve. While you might not notice it now hair loss can affect your self-esteem, relationships, and your self-confidence.

Hair Loss Types
When it comes to hair loss there are four main types of hair loss, female pattern hair loss, traction alopecia, alopecia areata, and telogen effluvium. Each of these types of hair loss is caused by genetics or some kind of disorder, such as a medical condition. The biggest difference between these types of hair loss is how the hair is lost. With female pattern hair loss, the crown and vertex are of the head suffer thinning or even hair loss. Traction alopecia, which is the most popular type of hair loss, causes thinning hair or hair loss because of the hair itself breaking. Alopecia Areata doesn’t just cause thinning hair; it actually causes bald spots to develop all throughout the hair. Telogen effluvium causes hair loss all over the head, but it usually starts in a certain place and spreads out from there.

Hair Loss Causes
While there are numerous hair loss causes the most common one is hair breakage. Hair breakage occurs for a variety of reasons, but overusing heated styling tools, wearing the hair pulled back too tight, and chemical treatments are the most common reasons for hair breakage. Luckily, any hair loss from traction alopecia can be reversed, but it has to be caught early enough. If the breakage isn’t caught early enough the hair follicles can become damaged, which leads to permanent hair loss.
Female pattern baldness is another common cause of hair loss. Women who suffer from this type of hair loss do so because of genetics, but also because of postmenopausal factors. Alopecia Areata is caused by stress, while the causes of telogen effluvium are pregnancy, thyroid disease, anemia, and even a poor diet. Other causes of hair loss can include surgery, medications, testosterone supplements, or scalp disorders. Scalp disorders can include seborrheic dermatitis, scarring alopecia, cicatricial, and psoriasis.

Common Hair Loss Treatments
With how big of a problem hair loss is it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of treatment options available. However, how good those treatments are varies, just like everything else some methods are better than others are. Surgery for hair implants and transplants is one of the methods that many people turn too. The problem with the surgery is that if further hair loss occurs it can leave you with irregular patches of hair on your head, not to mention the cost of the treatment. A Nioxin Three Part Hair and Scalp System is another treatment option for women. This method is designed to help restore your hair back to a healthy condition by cleaning, restoring, and activating the hair follicles. The biggest problem with this system is that even though it is custom-made based on a person’s specific needs once the product is no longer being used the hair loss can come back.

Wigs are another popular treatment for hair loss, no matter what the cause is. Wigs are a popular choice because you can easily hide any hair loss, but you also don’t have to worry about taking medications or using medicated shampoo day in and day out. However, not all wigs are going to be the best solution, some will cause more pain ad embarrassment than the hair loss itself. Traditional wigs, like the kind your grandma wears are to be avoided at all costs. If you plan to wear a wig, you want to find a high quality lace wig. Lace wigs offer you the chance to hide the hair loss, and nobody will even know you are wearing one. Lace wigs are made to be virtually undetectable, and they can comfortably be worn for an extended period of time.

* was created by SWIGCH’D to alleviate the painful and sometimes embarrassing side of effects of Women Pattern Baldness by providing women with gorgeous and undetectable hair solutions.

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