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Treatment For Female Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

12 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Treatment For Female Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Article by Luciana miller

Aid for thinning hair is available by thinning hair specialists. There might be a cure for thinning hair which you are an excellent candidate for. Consult using a nearby specialist to figure out if they have a thinning hair treatment which will provide you with the hair you dream of.

Anagen.This is the growth phase and this lasts for weeks or years. In the course of this phase the hair grows about 1 cm every 28 days. Scalp hair stays in this active phase of growth for 2-6 years. The length of time that any individual’s hair stays in the anagen phase is genetically determined. In late anagen, there is a gradual thinning of the hair shaft and a lightening of the pigment within the hair. This hair is then shed.A signal (however it isn’t identified what or how) causes the hair follicle to enter the catagen phase.

Catagen.This is really a transitional phase that marks the end of anagen and can last for about two weeks. A club hair is formed when portion of the hair follicle which is in contact with the lower portion of the hair, becomes attached to the shaft, cutting off the blood supply and efficiently causing the shedding of the hair.

Telogen.This is really a resting phase that lasts for several weeks. Throughout this time, the hair follicle is completely at rest as well as the club hair is completely formed. At any one time an typical of 13% of follicle will be in the telogen phase and 1% in catagen. Assuming an average scalp has about 100,000 follicles, roughly 70 hairs are shed every day.

Telogen effluviumThis is when some thing causes an interruption of the typical cycle which results in an unusual progression of numerous hair follicles into the catagen after which telogen phase. This means that numerous more hairs are suddenly lost causing a diffuse thinning of the hair instead of any bald patches. There is certainly almost often a cause, such as an acute illness 3-6 months prior to the hair loss. Pregnancy is another nicely known cause of telogen effluvium. The hormonal modifications of pregnancy create a prolonged anagen phase; when the pregnancy is more than, several hairs suddenly progress into catagen and then telogen with the result that suddenly the woman seems to be losing their hair. Actually the hair is simply returning to its pre-pregnancy state.

Other causes of telogen effluvium are

Drugs Thyroid illness Crash dieting Surgery Low iron shops Alopecia areata causes hair loss in patches and rarely complete baldness.

What vitamins are excellent for hair loss?

A good daily multivitamin containing zinc, vitamin B, folate, iron, and calcium is a very reasonable choice. Newer studies suggest that vitamin D could be somewhat helpful and worth thinking about. Specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies like iron or vitamin B12 could be diagnosed by blood tests and treated.

Multiple vitamins including biotin have been promoted for hair growth, but solid scientific studies for many of these claims are lacking. While taking biotin along with other supplements marketed for hair, skin, and nails probably will not worsen anything, it might also not necessarily assist the situation. Consequently, advertised hair-regrowth supplements should be approached with mild caution.

Hair loss prevention involves a number of elements depending on the underlying cause. Good hair hygiene with standard shampooing is a simple step. Excellent nutrition, especially sufficient levels of iron and vitamin B, is helpful. Therapy of underlying medical conditions like thyroid disease, anemia, and hormonal imbalances might useful in prevention.

Whenever you need to remedy your difficulty of thinning hair, you will find fundamentally two techniques of doing so. Making use of something which you massage into your scalp to encourage hair growth is the initial choice. You’ll be able to also take supplements that will help bring vitamins and nutrients back to the blood flow that makes your hair healthy.

Needless to say, the very best way could be to use both topical and hair growth supplements to help remedy your hair thinning dilemma. By following a topical therapy put together with massage therapy to increase blood circulation to your scalp, you need to also take vitamin supplements that sustain strong and healthier hair. With so much details obtainable today, you’ll be able to always search the net for all-natural baldness remedies which you’ll be able to use inside your own residence.

On the subject of discovering the proper type of hair thinning remedy to utilize, it makes the most sense to very first establish why you’re losing hair to begin with. The procedure will help you pick that is the best approach of stopping thinning hair and restoring your hair again.

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Hair thinning in men is really common

10 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair thinning in men is really common

Article by jill anderson

Hair, you’ve either got too much or too small of it.

Several folks consult their doctor concerned that they are losing hair. Within the vast majority of circumstances there’s nothing wrong and an understanding of the cycle of hair growth and reassurance is all that is required.

The word alopecia refers to any type of hair loss, thinning hair or baldness in any hairy region of the body. Baldness tends to be a more particular term among lay individuals, as it usually refers to hair loss on the scalp – nevertheless, it can mean hair loss in any portion of the body. Alopecia areata indicates “hair loss in areas”. Within the majority of instances hair loss can be a typical process of aging, and not an illness. Because it is not seen as life-threatening to doctors it is frequently disregarded. This is unfortunate since hair loss can cause serious distress in some people, with some far reaching psychological effects. In some instances hair loss might be a consequence of some medical therapy, especially cancer therapy drugs – when the hair loss is typically temporary.

Alopecia areata – hair loss occurring in patches anywhere on the body. Hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, generally from the scalp. As it causes bald spots on the scalp, particularly in the course of its early phase, it really is at times referred to as “spot baldness”. A tiny proportion of alopecia areata instances spread to the entire scalp, or even the whole body. Approximately 0.1% to 0.2% of all humans are affected. It occurs in both men and ladies, but much more frequently amongst females.

Alopecia areata just isn’t contagious. It is much more generally found amongst folks who have close family members member who have/had it. Folks who have a close relative with some kind of autoimmune illness are a lot more most likely to develop alopecia areata. That’s why most professionals believe it is an autoimmune illness – an illness exactly where the body attacks great parts of the body as if they had been foreign undesirable objects, such as some bacteria or viruses; in this case the body is attacking its own hair follicles.

Symptoms generally appear as tiny, soft, bald patches. They could be of various shapes, but are generally round or oval. The scalp and beard are probably the most frequently affected locations; but can occur in any hairy part of the body. The patient might really feel tingling, or even some slight discomfort in affected locations. Some parts of the body may encounter hair re-growth although other people will not. It can go into remission for lengthy or short periods, as well as forever (gets far better and in no way comes back).

Some doctors specialize in a laser therapy that encourages hair growth with a low energy treatment of the scalp. Other people offer hair transplants that put grafts into places of hair loss that promote hair growth. If your hair loss is caused by infection, your physician may possibly not suggest any of these much more involved processes. You could simply need a medication to treat the infection. Only a specialist can figure out the causes of your hair thinning and so they are the ones who can tell you how you can stop thinning hair.

Many people hesitate to see a specialist since they do not wish to pay and they worry concerning the financial output. Be conscious that many doctors provide free consultations so that you’ll be able to get an assessment of your causes of hair loss and you’ll have an estimate of the thinning hair solution your doctor has in mind for you.

A doctor will also be able to tell you if your hair loss is most most likely temporary as a result of pregnancy, nursing, hormonal adjustments, or some other medical reason. In this case, you might simply must follow the specialist’s recommendations to cure thinning hair in your case. This may be as simple as adding a supplement to your diet plan, or changing your shampoo.

When you need to remedy your issue of thinning hair, you will find fundamentally two methods of doing so. Utilizing some thing that you simply massage into your scalp to encourage hair growth may be the first option. You are able to also take supplements that can aid bring vitamins and nutrients back to the blood flow that makes your hair healthy.

Needless to say, the best way would be to utilize both topical and hair growth supplements to help remedy your hair thinning dilemma. By following a topical treatment put together with massage therapy to boost blood circulation to your scalp, you should also take vitamin supplements that sustain strong and healthier hair. With so significantly info accessible these days, you are able to often search the net for all-natural baldness remedies which you are able to use in your own house.

On the subject of finding the right type of hair thinning remedy to make use of, it makes one of the most sense to initial establish why you are losing hair to start with. The process will enable you to select that is the most effective technique of stopping thinning hair and restoring your hair once again.

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Hair Loss Treatments- Crazy and Strange Details About Thinning Hair And The Reason You May Be Affected

Article by DR Mosher

losing your hair? Has it turned out to be an awkward problem for you? Do you find yourself unwilling to be seen in public places, convinced that everyone is looking at you and talking behind your back? In case you said yes to some of these simple questions you might like to look at a hair loss solution by looking over this hair loss review.

Nearly all people will lose either some of there hair or all there hair at some stage in there lives, Nevertheless you can easily make a difference by correcting you routines and making a few modifications to your daily way of life.

1. Androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, or “MPB” is among the most common type of hair loss cause recognized to man and affects about 50% of men and 40% of females over the age of fifty years old.

2. The biggest cause for MPB “Male Pattern Baldness” is a build-up of male sex hormones generally known as androgens, and therefore the most prevalent form of androgen is generated by far too much testosterone or dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.

3. DHT adversely affects normal growth of hair by attaching it’s self on your hair roots and chocking them which makes them unable to absorb appropriate nutriment and oxygen from the scalps blood supply. In essence, DHT chokes the hair and in affect eliminating the hair!

4. Initially the effects of DHT will manifest itself as thin areas on the crown and in the “widow?s peak” areas of the head, your hair will appear to be very fine and also showing the crown.

5. When not dealt with your hair will manifest androgenic alopecia and the loss begins until you notice a missing path of hair and ultimately complete hair thinning will occur, this is whats called baldness.

6. When someone happens to be in the later cycle of alopecia, there treatment solutions are incredibly limited. Additionally the only treatment solutions available are transplants, hairpieces, Plugs, hats, and shaving the head using a razor.

7. In the first phases of alopecia, when the hair is thinning but are still visible, the scalp may still have a chance to turn back the conditions of DHT and be stopped as well as in most all cases reverse the effects of hair loss and to start re-growing hair back to it’s original beauty.

8. Truly the only FDA Authorized hair loss treatment designed for men with early to middle stages of alopecia are (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia).

9. Minoxidil was first utilized to treat hypertension and is a prescription medicine used just for this treatment. However one of its commonly occurring side effects was hair growth! This stuff worked well even thought it was created for another condition and features a success rate of about 64% of the men who utilize it.

10. Finasteride possesses an even higher rate of success… up to eighty three %. Nonetheless this drug will not come without the unwanted effects that may cause erectile dysfunction and dysfunction. A natural alternative to the drug is the extract of the North American plant known as saw palmetto extract and it has a success rate nearly as high without worrying about serious unwanted effects the drug can give to it’s user.

Listed here are additional facts regarding hair loss both in men and women, as well as the reasons why hair loss can occur.

1. At any moment, about 90% of the hairs will be in the developing phase and about 10% are in the sleeping phase.

2. One fiber of hair can support the weight of a hundred grams in most cases.

3. One of the numerous causes of hair loss could be the use of drugs, either legal or illegal, alcohol and other recreation drugs fall under this category as well.

4. The main element of hair is the amino acids called keratin, which also gives your finger nails their strength and suppleness.

5. About one hundred hairs per day are lost off your scalp each day until eventually all hair are substituted upon your head.

6. Hair loss will only become apparent after dropping about 50 % of their entire hair from your scalp.

7. Africans and European people will generally have more hair loss problems than Asians in general.

8. About 50 % of men and 40 % of women above the age of 50 years of age will lose there hair.

9. There are more than 100,000 hairs over an average scalp – Scalps with blond hair have about 120,000 and scalps with red hair have about 80,000 hairs.

10. One hair has a thickness of about 0.02-0.04″.

11. Hair grows the best between 4 PM to 6 PM and10 AM to 11 AM, this is believed to occur because that is when the biggest meals for the day are consumed.

12. 40 % of middle age women experience female pattern hair loss, especially after the age of 50.

13. In the U.S. there has not been an elected bald Us president since the age of television.

14. Your hair will grow at about 12 millimeters each month or to take a different approach about 35 meters of hair are produced every month.

15. Your hair is the fastest developing tissue in the body actually out growing your fingernails.

16. In the Oriental community hair grows the fastest and has the greatest elasticity.

17. According to studies hair grows the fastest between the ages of 15 years through thirty years of age.

18. Hair additionally grows faster in the summer months rather than the wintertime months.

19. twenty million women and 40 million men are afflicted by baldness.

20. Your gender can’t be reveled through hair tests; Genetic make-up is not proven to show your gender type.

Also in addition to these hair loss facts, it’s intriguing to understand that if taken at the same time minoxidil and saw palmetto effects are excellent and the likely hood of hair growth are almost guaranteed.

There is one baldness technique that I am aware of which contains both minoxidil topical and saw palmetto extract as well as other necessary supplements for hair regrowth is Provillus.

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Female Thinning Hair- 5 Simple Tricks To Avoid It

23 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Female Thinning Hair- 5 Simple Tricks To Avoid It

Article by Barisa Wyse

Female thinning hair is usually a very disturbing event for most women, nevertheless there are actually a number of simple things which you can do to lessen this problem. In this article we’ll check out 5 very easy ways you might take that should help reduce the occurrence and concern related to female thinning hair.

The subsequent guidelines aren’t intended to be a guarantee to resolve the female thinning hair problem, however they can go a long way in reducing the amount and frequency of hair loss for women.

Tip 1. Love Your Scalp

When we talk about what leads to hair loss much of the consideration is of course focused on the hair itself. What lots of people forget is the important role played by the scalp in promoting healthy hair growth. Think of your scalp as being the soil for your hair, much like the task performed by dirt when growing a vegetable garden. If you have poor soil, you’ll wind up having a poor vegetable garden. The same can be said when looking at the scalp. If you do not possess a healthy scalp, then why would you expect to get healthy hair? This fact underlines the need for taking good care of your scalp by frequently washing and shampooing it to get rid of the accumulation of dirt, oils and residues from hair care products. Also it is vital to frequently do a gentle massage of the scalp to improve circulation just as you’d till the soil in your vegetable garden to promote good soil drainage.

Tip 2. Be Kind To Your Hair

Your hair is a living part of your body and as such must be taken care of! Many hair care products bought today contain very harsh components that can seriously damage your hair. Some shampoos for example contain sulfates used to provide the foaming effect of the shampoo, however chemicals like sulfates are very hard on your hair, and utilized for extended periods of time will injure your hair and scalp. Think about purchasing all natural products when it comes to shampoos and hair conditioners to help you avoid this problem.

Added potential dangers to your hair health and are causes of hair loss include some kinds of perms, hair coloring solutions, as well as heated styling devices. Merely waiting at least 6 weeks before hair applications and permitting your hair to air dry as frequently as possible are easy solutions to the forementioned problems.

Tip 3. Avoid Harmful Hair Styles

Not all hair looks are created equal. There are some hair styles which were found to be more damaging and stressful than others which often help to promote female thinning hair problems. Any kind of hair styles which could possibly break your hair must be avoided. These include familiar styles like pony tails and cornrows which often tear, rip, and stretch the hair resulting in permanent hair damage.

Tip 4. Health and Hair

Procedures to stopping hair loss should on no account ignore the very close relationship between having healthy hair and living healthy in general. Sometimes female thinning hair problems are merely a very noticeable symptom of problems related to poor health in general. To put it another way, if you would like healthy hair, you need to have a healthy body. So if you are alarmed having a loss of hair, consider your overall health status. Are you eating the appropriate foods to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep the body in tip top shape, getting regular exercise, drinking ample water, and getting sufficient sleep? All of these basic keys to good health will also affect the ability of your body to avoid the problem of female thinning hair by promoting healthy hair growth.

Tip 5. Hair Aid

Many individuals for one rationale or another struggle to maintain a diet that is sensible and healthy. This can be where vitamin and mineral supplements might help offset poor eating habits and supply the necessary ingredients missing from their diet. As pointed out in Tip 4, any improvement in general body healthiness will help with hair health. For example, taking additional calcium for bone health has a direct relation to hair health, as it helps to reinforce the hair roots and follicles within the scalp which can promote more and thicker hair growth.

Hopefully you realize the 5 tips mentioned above could be very simple to make part of your every day living and hair care routine. Using these straightforward tips would be a very good starting point when coping with a female thinning hair problem and assist you to keep more of your precious hair on your head, instead of in the waste basket.

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Women’s Hairstyles for Thin Hair or Thinning Hair

18 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Women’s Hairstyles for Thin Hair or Thinning Hair

If you are a female with thin or thinning hair you are not alone. There are over 30 Million women just in the United States alone with thinning hair and even more with thin hair. This can be very frustrating for women but there are certain hairstyles you can go with to improve the appearance of thin and thinning hair.

This article will go into a few base hairstyles that can be employed to help camouflage fine, thin & thinning hair.

Utilize Curls and Waviness

Curls are a very effective way to create volume. Styling with curls and waves will allow you to arrange those curls to cover thinning areas. Curls should be as close together as possible to cover problem areas. Add curls from the top to back and then sides to complete the look. Pull and scrunch your curled hair to create even more fullness.

Utilize Your Blow Dryer

Apply a light weight mousse while your hair is wet. Flip your head upside down and blow dry using your fingers to scrunch volume. You will be amazed at how much volume this simple well known trick can manufacturer.

Layering & Texture

Layering your hair in to close cut layers can be an easy trick to disguise thin and thinning areas. Layers are cut horizontally and then trimmed vertically to create a nice blended look. Having you stylist Texture the ends will also work to create the appearance of more volume.

Shorter Hairstyles for Thin Hair Create Volume De-Emphasize the Appearance of Thin Hair

First a shorter hair style with help de-emphasize thinning. Long stringy straight hair will tend to weigh the hair down and will emphasize and show your thinning a lot more than a shorter hair style. If you currently have long hair going to a shorter hairstyle will add instant volume and fullness. The best short hairstyles for thin hair will be from a short bob to roughly chin length or even slightly longer with textured ends and will naturally help to detract or draw the eye away from the issue.


The Bob Cut

Another short hair option is the Bob cut and it’s many variations. This should be roughly ear lobe length and can be worn with or without bangs.

The Chop Cut

This is basically a modified bob cut with Irregular Ends and can be worn slightly longer. The ends are less blunt and less severe looking.

The Crop Cut

This syle is basically a short cut with tapered ends and, as with the bob, there are several variations of the basic style cut.

Shoulder Length Blunt Cut

If short hair is not an option for you may want to consider a shoulder link cut with light layering. If utilizing a shoulder length cut the ends angled forward to create the illusion of even more fullness. Wearing your hair a bit longer will not create quite as much volume as the short styles above but – combined with other tricks – may give you all the volume and fullness you need to diminish the look of thin hair.

Shoulder Length Shag Cut

An alternative to the blunt look is the sexy messy shag style look. This will add great texture and allow your shoulder length hair to look fuller. It is a layered look where the ends are feathered with scissors so they will appear thicker. Shorter layers may reach just to the ear with the longer layers adjusted to your individual length preferences and what will work best with your hair.

For some great ideas go to Google Images and put in some of the various cuts you are considering to get an idea of what they look like. You might also want to do a Google search on the term: free hair style image software. You will find sites where you can upload your photo and try new hairstyles virtually to help you decide on a style before committing to it fully.

Secrets of the Stars to Fuller Hair – Thinning Hair and Hair Loss Concealer

Men and women in Hollywood have used this trick for decades. Consider a hair loss, hair thinning or thin hair concealer such as 20 Second Hair fibers.
These all safe and effective hair loss, thinning hair and thin hair concealing fibers fit very nicely into your bag of tricks to conceal hair loss or thinning. The fibers come in colors that match your own natural hair and are statically charged to attach themselves to your existing hair. This creats a substantially fuller and thicker head of hair and completely and naturally conceals your thin hair, thinning hair or hair loss in a matter of seconds.

The fibers are a 100% safe and a premium secret blend of coloring pigments and statically charged ion particles. These color matched & 20 Second Hair fibers attach and cling to your existing thicker hair in a manner that allows you to “build “a great head of completely natural looking hair. Visit: for more information on this product

Concealing hair loss in this manner has been a secret Hollywood stars for years and is just beginning to be discovered by the general public. It is an inexpensive, undetectable and cost effective way to conceal your thinning hair and build a great looking head of full and volumus hair.

20 Second Hair is dedicated to helping people better understand the issues related to hair loss while improving our own understanding of these issues. We are hair loss sufferers and are dedicated to better understanding our own as well as others alternatives for treatment. Hair loss concealer is a wonderful cosmetic tool while to utilize while we search tirelessly for our best options to a more permanent solution. For more info on hair loss concealer visit


Thin Hair, Thinning Hair and Hair Loss – Are Men’s Hair Pieces a Good Solution? Part 1

We’ve all seen the commercials for the big companies that sell men’s hair replacement systems.   A guy has a great natural looking head of full hair and says it’s his own real hair and he can wash it, swim with it, women run their hands thru it etc.  Is this all true or just marketing hype?
The reality is – well done hair replacement systems can look really great and do wonders for your appearance but they also can be pretty expensive and even time consuming to maintain. Not to mention – If you choose a bad piece – it can be simply embarrassing to wear in public.

The Commercials Can Be Slightly Misleading- How do These Actually Work?

The systems you see advertised on TV are simply human hair attached to a base of either Mesh or Polymers. These hair pieces are usually then attached to your hair using either a clip system, strong tape or strong glue (often referred to as something medical sounding but it’s essentially glue).

The mesh base can be more comfortable due to it’s lighter weight and more breathable material.  Mesh bases also afford for a more natural looking hairline. The main drawback to a mesh base is mesh is it’s much less durable and thus more expensive as it breaks down and needs replacing more frequently. Good mesh systems look great but are also very high maintenance.

Polymer hair pieces are generally made from silicone or polyurethane and are much stronger than mesh. The Polymer is a skin tone and can mimic the appearance of the scalp when the hair on the piece is parted. The “look” of a polymer system can be a lot less natural than mesh however. The other big drawback to the polymer system is that Polymer materials can be pretty uncomfortable to wear because the base on the polymer piece does not allow your scalp to “breath”.  Essentially it’s like a piece of rubber with humanhair attached to it then glued or taped to your scalp.   On the positive side- the polymer base for hair pieces costs less and is more durable.

In order for the base of piece to attach to your head properly – any existing hair on the top of your head needs to be shaved down as close to the scalp as possible.  When you have these first “installed” they shave your head – glue, tape or clip the system in place – then cut the hair attached to the system down to your desired length and style.  If you are unsure about the hairstyle you desire when choosing new hair systems – start with a longer hairstyle in the beginning.  Once the system is cut to a certain length you can’t go longer since the hair on the system obviously does not grow.  If you start with a longer cut you can always go shorter once you get used to wearing it.


Maintenance & Expense for Hair Pieces

Once hair system is placed on your head – there is a certain amount of monthly or even as often as bi-weekly maintenance required.  This will depend on if and how fast your own hair under the hair system base grows out and pushes the base out of place.  How much you exercise and are outdoors also can matter.   The more you sweat – the more most systems will naturally loosen.  The fragile human hair on the unit is also susceptible to damage from the sun’s rays.

With most hair replacement systems providers or clubs this maintenance is where there can be unexpected expense so make sure you factor maintenance intothe equation.  Your own hair on the back and sides needs to be cut and shaped bi-weekly or at least monthly so that it blends in properly.  In addition the human hair on the system will likely need to be dyed on a regular basis as well so that it continues to match the color of your natural hair.
This is because the hair attached to the hair piece will also tend to oxidize over time.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that affects the color hues in your hair anytime oxygen is present and the molecules are exposed to UV light.  Oxidation tends to cause these hairs to turn reddish or an orange hue – especially the more the hair is exposed to sunlight.
Servicing hair pieces – as well as your natural hair – is essentially a monthly expense that is going to be hard to avoid if your going to keep the hair piece looking natural.  These charges vary but will run you between to 0 a month depending on where you have it done.

Frequency of Replacement for Hair Pieces

All hair pieces tend to break down over time.  The more lightweight and natural looking the hair piece -the more fragile it will be.  The most natural looking hair pieces (lightweight mesh) need to be replaced the most often.  Some companies even advise replacement of these light weight hair pieces monthly.  With a more durable piece and regular servicing you should be able to achieve several months of wear.

A Great Alternative to Hair Systems and Pair Pieces – Hair Concealer Fibers

if you are reading this and thinking you have not lost enough hair to want to go thru the rigors and expense of wearing a hair piece you might consider a hair loss concealer such as 20 Second Hair.  This is a quick and inexpensive fix to conceal and cover thinning hair and balding spots.

20 Second Hair Fibers are in-expensive, safe and effective hair loss, thinning hair and thin hair concealing fibers.   The fibers come in colors that match your own natural hair and are statically charged to attach themselves to your existing hair.  They create a fuller and thicker head of hair and completely and naturally conceal your thinning hair and hair loss. Visit or see the link to Part 2 of the article for more info on 20 Second Hair.

We continue the discussion on hair pieces in the second part of this article.  Please see PART 2 OF THIS ARICLE Here:–are-mens-hair-pieces-a-good-solution-part-2

20 Second Hair is dedicated to helping people better understand the issues related to hair loss while improving our own understanding of these issues. We are hair loss sufferers and are dedicated to better understanding our own as well as others alternatives for treatment. Hair loss concealer is a wonderful cosmetic tool while to utilize while we search tirelessly for our best options to a more permanent solution. For more info on hair loss concealer visit


Hair Care for Thinning Hair: Separate Fact from Fiction

7 July;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Care for Thinning Hair: Separate Fact from Fiction

Smart Hair Care to Prevent Hair Loss

Changing some of your styling and grooming routines can go a long way toward improving the look and health of your hair and helping to prevent hair loss. When it comes to caring for thinning hair, as it often turns out, less is more.

“Every day my clients come to talk to me about their thinning hair and hair loss issues, and I find that they really have some major misconceptions on how they should be caring for their hair; once they know better, their situation ultimately improves,” says Shelly Beatty, owner and master stylist at Stylemakers Salon in Fort Worth, Texas. How does she know? She is a hair loss treatment specialist who has also suffered hair loss and thinning following thyroid surgery. In this article Beatty sets the record straight on many hair care myths.

MYTH: You have to use a lot of mousse to make thinning hair look thicker.

FACT: “Mousse is made up of primarily alcohol, which will coat each hair strand with its drying effects, and in fragile, thinning hair, that is just asking for breakage! It’s a commonplace product, but it’s not meant for those with thinning hair. The best solution is to work with your hairstylist to switch to a hairstyle that does not require so much volume. If the long-term goal is healthier hair, then you need to move away from styling products containing alcohol.”

MYTH: Regular drugstore hair care products are just fine for my thinning hair.

FACT: “Products made specifically for thinning hair, regardless of the reason for the thinning, will be formulated in a specialized way to exclude certain harsh and drying ingredients that can damage the hair. One component called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a common, cheap detergent ingredient in drugstore shampoo; it will strip fragile hair of its only support system — the hair’s own natural oils. SLS will degrade even a strong cuticle, or outer layer of the hair shaft, which thinning hair does not even have. Ditto for alcohol in hairstyling products from the drugstore. Look for salon brands, recommended by your stylist, that have product lines for thinning hair and are sulfate free and alcohol free.”

MYTH: If my shampoo is not sudsy, it’s not working.

FACT: “The suds come from the SLS, the harsh, drying detergent in the shampoo that moves the dirt away from the scalp and hair via the bubbles. There are many other, gentler ways to remove the dirt that do not require this harsh chemical and will still work just as well, as long as you are also not using stiff, sticky styling products.”

MYTH: Wearing a hair system is bad for what hair I have left and for my scalp.

FACT: “A hair system can be beneficial because it sits on top and allows hair and scalp to recover if the hair loss was the result of a trauma such as hormonal issues, surgery, medications, childbirth, over processing, and so forth. It also protects fragile areas from overexposure to the sun.”

MYTH: Brushing will damage my thinning hair or make me lose more hair.

FACT: “Brushing is great for you but only with a very soft, natural-bristle hairbrush. It will glide easily through the hair, distributing the hairs’ natural oils down the hair shaft while stimulating blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. Beware of hard nylon bristle brushes with ball-tips, which can tangle and pull fragile hair, and never brush hair that is stiff or sticky from styling products (which you should not be using).”

MYTH: Thinning hair needs to grow to look healthier.

FACT: “You must get hair trimmed on a regular basis, every four to six weeks, because it’s more susceptible to breakage and split ends. A split end will continue splitting up the hair strand, further weakening it and adding to its frizzy look.”

MYTH: Conditioner and conditioning treatments will weigh down my hair and make it greasy.

FACT: “You simply have to choose the right type of hair conditioner. Ask your stylist about a reparative treatment, not a moisturizing or oily one. And if you’re not using shampoo with SLS, you’ll notice fewer problems with dryness and tangling. Definitely treat thinning hair to a deep conditioning reparative treatment once a week.”

MYTH: Heated tools work best on the highest setting.

FACT: “Not for people with thinning hair! The highest heat setting will fry and burn off your fragile hair strands. The high settings are for the coarsest hair types and the healthiest hair. You should be using these devices minimally and at the lowest setting.”

MYTH: I can achieve some volume by getting a perm.

FACT: “You may get some volume or curls, or your hair may break off from the harsh solution. Perms chemically open the outside layer of hair, which causes hair to swell — and snap midshaft because it’s weak already. Try Velcro rollers for volume and fullness without long-term damage, or, better yet, if that’s the hairstyle you’re set on, get a high-end wig!”

MYTH: Coloring is a no-no for thinning hair.

FACT: “Usually. But shine or gloss treatments that contain no peroxide actually coat and protect hair strands without entering and chemically changing the hair structure, so hair is not weakened by the process. Instead they seal down the hair shaft and add shine. But do not use bleach or permanent or semi permanent hair colors, because they do use penetrating chemicals and will weaken fragile hair.”

MYTH: Sunscreen is not necessary for hair.

FACT: “Sunscreen is very necessary for hair and the scalp, too, especially when hair is thinning and weak. The sun actually lightens hair because the ultraviolet A and B (UVA and UVB) rays penetrate the hair shaft, so you need to protect your hair from this damage. And don’t forget your scalp — because hair is thinner, not shielding it from the sun’s burning rays doesn’t help. Always spray on a sunscreen and keep hair loosely braided, in a bun or under a hat when outdoors or at the beach.”

MYTH: If I brush and style my shorter hair upward, it will have more volume.

FACT: “That’s the classic mistake that can really date a woman. If you brush it straight up, you can see just how thin it is, as the scalp now shows through. Instead, go with a flatter, shorter, choppy fringe cut that covers the scalp and looks fresh.”

MYTH: More styling product means more hold.

FACT: “You may get more hold, but you’ll get more breakage, too! Hair should never have that crispy feel to it. Less is more.”

Naomi Mannino is a freelance writer who writes about health, beauty, and fashion, with a specialty in writing about hair extensions and hair loss prevention.  She is a contributing writer for HairLoss.Com who writes about hair loss condition and hair loss solutions. For more information please visit:


Safe Hair Extensions For Hair Loss And Thinning

10 June;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Safe Hair Extensions For Hair Loss And Thinning

Hair loss in women is more common than you may think. Two-thirds of women suffer from hair loss at some point in life. Not, surprisingly, many women find it alarming as men do perhaps even more so. A woman is not a woman without her hair. Hair is one of the very first things that is noticed when a woman enters the room. It makes a woman feel feminine, empowered, attractive, and confident.

Hair Loss in women is something that is rarely talked about, and yet is becoming increasingly common. Female hair loss is a problem for millions of women around the world (30 million in the United States alone, according to the American Academy of Dermatology) and its various causes are often quite different from those that result in male baldness. For decades, doctors believed that the androgenic alopecia that accounts for 95% of male hair loss was the culprit for women’s hair loss as well; now it’s widely accepted that for women, it can be caused by many factors – including hormonal problems like PCOS, extreme stress, severe illness, thyroid disorders, genetics, negative reactions to medication, and more.

Many women have been turning to human hair extensions to solve their problems. Hair extensions have been gracing the pages of magazines, catalogs, and media since the early 2000’s. Almost a decade ago, however, hair extensions NY are more popular now than ever.

For most realistic hair extensions, there is human hair extensions, which are applied using Cold Fusion, or copper coils. This technique must be maintained every two to twelve weeks, for proper safety reasons for your natural hair. By redoing them so often, helps release tension and weight that you may endure after the twelve week phase. Stylist professionals at hair extension NY or hair extension NYC will ensure the best styling and safest hair extension method suitable for you.

Hair extensions are offered in different textures, colors, and lengths. Each individual is different, therefore should have their hair matched identically to hair extensions for a natural look. At hair extensions NYC you will find the most natural looking and safest hair extension method available today. There are many hair extension specialists with new and advanced techniques that will match your appearance as natural as you want. A good expert will use a strand-by-strand hair extension method that is suitable for you.

Stephen Strouse is a professional writer in the beauty industry, who turns emerging brands into household names and take established brands to the next level. One of his many clients, includes Hair Goddess Of NY, a hair extension specialist, who has developed her own customized hair extension system for women suffering from hair loss. For further information on Hair Extensions NY, hair extensions NJ, hair extensions nyc, visit


Find your hair thinning solutions

31 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Find your hair thinning solutions

Article by Suzlar

Believe it or not, many women are sufferers from hair problems such as fine hair, or even thinning hair. It’s becoming an increasingly common problem amongst women, and it’s a problem that causes a lot of embarrassment and loss of confidence. But there is a solution that will allow you to leave your home full of confidence and pride, ready to show off your new head of hair, hair that you never thought you’d be able to achieve again.

Unfortunately, when women begin to suffer from thinning hair, it can be due to a range of different factors. The hair will become more vulnerable to breakage, and eventually gets thinner and sometimes even falls out and leaves bald spots. Hair thinning can be caused by 4 main factors. The first is genetic predisposition, this cause is often unavoidable, if thinning or fine hair runs in your family, then it’s likely that you may one day suffer from it. As well as this, there are environmental influences to consider, such as stress and toxins found in the environments we generally spend time around. Your general nutrition also plays a big role within your hair condition, especially when it comes to the aging process with skin and hair. As we age, hair starts to lessen, and becomes more tired and frail, a good diet can ensure that your hair stays healthy for as long as possible, but unfortunately none of us are immune to aging! And finally, hormonal imbalances can often be an issue in hair problems, various diseases and medications can cause our hormones to spin out of control, but other unavoidable occurrences such as pregnancy can also cause hormonal hair loss.

It’s obvious that when we begin to suffer from hair problems, we try to do whatever we can to solve the problem and counteract the problem, however, there are not many products out there that can effectively strengthen fine hair, or grow back hair that has been lost, so you find yourself still searching for an answer. The solution? Hairdreams. Hairdreams can literally make your hair dreams come true, their revolutionary method allows women to gain some of their lives back, as well as doubling their confidence with a fantastic head of hair they never thought they would ever get again. Hairdreams offers an effective and durable solution for any kind of thin or fine hair problem.

For sufferers of fine hair, Hairdreams supplements your existing hair, and replenishes it with high-grade, hand selected natural human hair. The hair chosen will match your own hair perfectly, in colour, length and structure, giving you a natural look that is completely seamless and undetectable. The process can give a look that you could easily mistake as your own hair, and the additional volume looks completely natural, making it a perfect solution for fine hair.

For people suffering from thin hair, a microfine hairnet will be applied to the crown of your head, it is virtually invisible, and the hair has been hand tied to it to ensure a natural and perfect outcome. The net will be custom fitted to suit your needs, and is shade and texture matched to make sure you get the results you’re looking for. This process insures secure hold and comfort, even when playing sports and swimming. It’s perfect for ladies with very thin hair that want a solution that lasts.

You don’t have to suffer in silence, fine hair and thinning hair can be a pain for any women, but Hairdreams promises to give you the hair you’ve always wanted. For more information on Hairdreams, visit Inanch, and if you think the might be for you, make a booking today.

About the Author

Suzlar writes on the behalf of Inanch to find a solution to all your hair care needs.


Hair Extensions for Fine and Thinning Hair

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions for Fine and Thinning Hair

Hair Extensions for women can be compared to a cosmetic surgery procedure in that it can greatly enhance a person’s appearance making them feel more confident and happier with their overall appearance.  Hair is a direct visual representation of health and in the same way a poor complexion can be temporarily enhanced with make up, hair extensions can transform a thin, weak head of hair into a thick and glorious mane.  Hair Extensions when applied in a safe fashion by a competent technician are a fantastic style option that can turn even the limpest locks into a glorious fashion accessory.

Hair Extensions can be a fantastic boost for fine or thinning but they can also be a disaster, so if you have decided to get hair extensions service and you have thinning or fine hair you have to be thorough when researching the hair extension techniques that interest you. Avoid cheap hair extensions and visit a hair extension expert who can work their magic on your hair. 

Working with the natural hair fall and growth cycle

The hair extensions you choose must be designed to work with your natural hair cycle; if your hair extensions are not temporary then it is essential that the hair extension attachment can stay safely anchored over time without putting extra strain on the natural hair as your hair periodically sheds.  Some hair extensions need to be replaced as the natural hair sheds, whilst some hair extensions require top-up (maintenance appointments) to counteract the deterioration of the hair extension attachments.  If your hair extensions will need maintenance over time, remember to factor this into your hair extensions cost, otherwise you may find your hair extension service might not fit your budget in the long term.

Hair Extensions on Fine/ Thinning Hair

Firstly, it is important for you to define whether your hair is fine or thinning.  If your Hair is fine then it may be your hair simply has a low density or that your hair shaft diameter is smaller than average.  If your hair is fine it is important that the individual hair extension attachments are able to be varied to suit your personal needs.

 Example; Pre Bonded Hair Extensions are only available in predetermined sections, although your hair extension technician can adjust the section sizes slightly (by cutting the bond in half) it will still not be tailored to your own individual hair density.

If your hair is thinning, it is important to try and ascertain why.  Thinning hair can be a result of a poor diet, stress or simply a natural part of the aging process. Sometimes women think their hair is thinning when in actual fact their hair is breaking as a result of chemical treatments like colouring or hair straightening or excessive heat damage.  The gradual loss of density can lead women to believe that their hair is thinning when in fact the hair shaft strength has been seriously compromised.  Ensure that if your hair is thinning, you can at the very least stabilize this type of hair loss, as over time hair extensions can exacerbate the problem.  Address the problem by visiting a Trichologist or your doctor rather than ignoring the problem as thinning hair, in its early stages, has a better chance of recovery.

The Best Hair Extensions for Fine Thinning Hair 

To help you work out which type of Hair Extensions may be best suited to fine or thinning hair I have reviewed some popular Hair Extension techniques / Hair Weaving Techniques and accompanied the reviews with a star rating.

****Great Hair Extensions for Fine/ Thinning Hair

***Good Hair Extensions for Fine / Thinning Hair

**Ok Hair Extensions for Fine / Thinning Hair

*Not Recommended for Fine / Thinning Hair

**** Natural Hair Extensions

Natural Hair Extensions are unique hair extensions, as they do not use any heat, wefts, metal clips or chemicals during application, they will not compromise the integrity of the hair shaft.  Extension hair is added to match your own hair density, so you can avoid unnecessary weight and stress on your roots.  The Natural Hair Extensions is a completely bespoke service so if you have a particularly sparse area i.e. the crown area, the hair extensions attachments can be placed around this area so the hair extension attachments will not show.  Natural Hair Extensions were designed to compliment the natural biological hair fall / growth process, so as time passes and your natural hair sheds, the hair extensions will not begin to place unnecessary tension on you hair and scalp. Natural Hair Extensions are not vulnerable to external elements making them easy Hair Extensions to look after.  Natural Hair Extensions are undoubtedly the best human hair extensions.  This service requires no maintenance or top up appointments making them affordable hair extensions

***Fusion/Keratin/Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded Hair Extensions are applied by melting a small amount of resin and creating a tiny bond.  The natural hair is connected to the natural hair with this bond.  This is a good option for fine or thinning hair as the extension hair density can be added to match your own.  Removal involves the use of acetone, and as long as your hair extension technician is gentle, should not involve any pulling or tugging.  If you decide to use a glued in hair extension technique, then you MUST ensure your hair extension technician is experienced, as there is a great potential for hair loss with poorly applied glue hair extensions.

 *** Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

These Hair Extensions are similar to Clip In Hair Extensions, but rather than having the extension hair added in individual rows, the extension hair is on a hair piece and the clips are positioned at the top and bottom of the hair piece.  To apply, simply separate your crown area and braid or tie back the hair in the lower area and sides of your head, then fix the hairpiece over the sectioned hair.  Even on thin hair these extensions are very discrete, will blend easily, and should not show through thin hair.  These extensions are great for people who have thinning hair on the crown area but it is important that your hair is thick enough to hold the extensions at the clip attachment points.

 ** Shrinkies TM

Shrinkies are applied and removed with a heated wand.  They are essentially keratin (resin) lined plastic tubes which shrink when heat is applied.  Shrinkes are generally available in one size, to ensure that the Shrinkie attachment does not slip, the hair extension technician must ensure they add enough extension hair so that when the tube shrinks there are no gaps and it will hold well.  This effectively means that this hair extension service cannot be completely tailored to your own hair density which would make it a less suitable option for those with thinning hair.

 **Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions consist of wefts of extension hair with clips attached.  The Hair Extensions are applied on rows to the first inch of your own hair.  The Clips need to be anchored firmly in the natural hair so that they do not slip (the metal clip slipping down your hair shaft can strip the cuticle severely over time). If the crown are of your hair is fine then you may not have enough hair to cover the attachments.

  **Microrings / Microlinks

Microlinks are small nickels beads that are looped through the natural hair and then has extension hair added, to create a firm attachment.  The Microlink beads are available in 4 sizes, so to some extent the hair extension attachments can be varied to suit your own hair thickness.  Microlinks have a tendency to slip if not applied firmly, but if applied too firmly the Microlink can distort creating sharp edges that can strip the hair cuticle whilst it’s being held in place.  Regular maintenance is important with Microlinks to keep the attachment secure.  Unfortunately, because of the attachment material, the Microlinks are likely to be visible in fine or thinning hair.

 *Traditional Weave

The Traditional Weaving method involves creating a corn rowed base with the natural hair and some synthetic hair and weaving a weft of extension hair onto the cornrow.  This type of extension lasts approximately 2-6 weeks before it needs replacing or retightening.  It is generally unsuitable for fine or thinning hair as the cornrow base must be quite firmly braided into the scalp and can cause pulling and discomfort on those who do not have a thick head of hair to begin with.  Over time, as the cornrowed base grows away from the scalp this will start to tug on the hair follicles causing stress on the scalp which should be avoided at all costs on fine or thinning hair.

 *Laser Weave

The laser weave is much like the Traditional weave except there is no cornrowed base to attach the hair extension wefts.  Instead the natural hair is prepared with a blanket stitch sewn in with weaving thread; the weft is then anchored to this.  If the natural hair is not thick enough to adequately anchor the blanket stitch the extension hair weft will slip within hours.

Generally Hair Extensions are great at giving skinny hair a boost but can cause further problems if the hair extension attachments are unsuitable for fine or thinning hair.  It is advisable to visit at least 3 Hair Extension Experts and talk to them at length about your concerns. Most Hair Extension Consultations are free and the remainder are usually redeemable against a Hair Extension service.  Hair Extension Training and Courses generally do not specifically include working with fine hair so always ensure your Hair Extension Expert has plenty of experience with fine hair.

Shannel is a Hair Extension and Hair Loss Solution Expert