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The No No Hair Removal System – From Laser Hair Removal to at Home Hair Removal Systems

Article by Jane Marcella

In terms of taking away unwanted hair, the NoNo Hair Removal 8800 System seemed to be a revolutionary gadget designed to remedy many conditions the previous traditional hair removal solutions witnessed. What were these complaints? First let?s take a look at the challenge at hand.

Many women take good pride into their looks, their beauty and glamour is everything that anyone can possibly imagine. Believe it or not, they put a great deal of effort into their appearance, and a lot of people don?t have any idea about it. One of the biggest concerns with women?s beauty is excessive hair. Hair in unwelcome places can be extremely unappealing. Imagine many women with hair beneath their arms, or above their own lips. It?s difficult to imagine that this is true but it?s legitimate, many women plus some men, usually are plagued using excessive hair regrowth in unwelcome places. If you were a female trying to attract a hubby or partner, or even impressing a potential employer, the presence of undesired hair can offer negative desirable consequences. You may think this is just applies to those who are shallow, but the truth is, society only pretends to be so accepting.

Many solutions include the obvious such as using a shaver or tweezer. Shaving has been around forever, and it will often be known one of the most practical, along with inexpensive at your home applications. You can easily shave your own legs after a shower and also the only you?ll at any time need is a new razor plus some foam. Nowadays shaving is still among the finest ways for some women who DON?T have much of a hair problem. It is a thing that can be done over a bi-weekly cycle. The most critical problem with waxing is the fact that it’ll always grow back, and infrequently thicker compared to before. It has never been a lasting solution. The continual reuse of shaving froth and the change of blades can also add up to an amazing cost over time.

Waxing is no greater, the cost for every session is quite a bit higher and so is the pain. Most people completely avoid waxing permanently as it doesn’t offer any further of a permanent solution. The advantage of waxing is that the item lasts a little bit longer, and also the immediate email address details are far more gratifying. Again, hair will undoubtedly grow back and the cycle continues.

In essence of looking for a more permanent solution, laser hair removal was discovered. Many folks understand that lazer hair will involve a focused laser that will dives into the roots and kills the head of hair at the follicles. If done correctly, it ought to never grow back. This was scientifically sound; even so there are a number of limitations. People with light locks cannot be helped by laser hair, in addition, the laser getting such a excessive intensity gadget has been found in order to affect pores and skin pigmentation. In addition, laser hair procedures are anywhere north of 0-0 per session, and will require a number of sessions.

That?s exactly why the No no Hair removal system, that is designed to tackle ALL of the issues above, solves all your problems. Instead of a laser application, your NoNo System uses Thermicon Technology, that’s essentially an extreme heat application(instead of a laser light) that focuses on the hair at the root. For this motive, there are no skin color or hair color limitations. For a one-time cost of about 0 and in most cases a free trial run, this is undoubtedly the first alternative anyone need to approach any time hair removal is a priority. The NoNo Hair program does eliminate hair quickly and easily. The application might take some time, and it also does will need multiple uses. However, you don’t need to pay for a number of uses, because device doesn’t require purchasing fresh parts possesses no re occurring expenses.

In terms of unwelcome hair removal, it’s worth every penny along with the time to try out the NoNo Hair removal system as soon as. It may not be for everybody, but it undoubtedly holds a higher merit in terms of revolutionary beauty products.

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If you are tired of shaving and waxing everyday, then one of the best ways to remove hair is through the use of the NoNo Hair Revmoval System.Visit my site to read my full NoNo Reviews.


Hair Replacement & Hair Systems – The Psychological Impact

13 April;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Replacement & Hair Systems – The Psychological Impact

Article by Travis M Keeler

It’s no secret to any of us that losing one’s hair can be traumatic. And even though millions of men and many women experience this traumatic loss at some point in their lifetimes, few are truly prepared for the emotional impact of such a loss. When hair loss occurs, it becomes time to seek out Hair Replacement solutions.

Perhaps because hair frames our faces, we think of it as an integral part of the ‘picture’ we have of ourselves when we look in the mirror. It defines who we are and, to some degree, our expectations about ourselves. Unfortunately, the world judges us by our appearance. And though losing one’s hair, by anyone’s standard, should not define us or take a front seat to ‘who’ we are, often that disconnect happens when hair loss occurs. We feel like some part of us has gone missing. And, it has. That’s why so many people turn to Hair Replacement technology today to restore what was lost and regain a sense of wellbeing.

Gabe Telsnor was only twenty-six when he began losing his hair. “My father lost his hair young, so I kind of expected I would lose mine early, too. But at twenty-six, I was unprepared for the kind of hair loss I had. I tried every product out there, but in the end, nothing worked.” Gabe got depressed when he looked in the mirror and began to lose confidence around women and blow job interviews. “It might have been my imagination, but I felt like people would stare at me with pity, because I was so young, but my hair loss made me look old.”

He ordered a set of cheap Hair Systems off the Internet, but that turned out to be worse than no hair. It was ill fitting and there was no one to help him fix it. Finally, Gabe found a high-end Hair Replacement clinic nearby where experts in Hair Replacement technology fitted him with a Hair System that made him look his age again. It was so real, made from human hair, it was virtually undetectable. Gabe found he could shower, swim and not worry about rainstorms with his new Hair System. And the best part? With his new Hair System, his confidence began to come back, too. Now, two years later, his friends and family hardly remember the old, balding Gabe. He’s getting married. And in the wedding photos, he’ll be wearing the Hair System that gave him back his confidence.

According to the American Hair Loss Council, losing one’s hair to genetics is only one aspect of hair loss. Illness, stress and accidents can factor in, as well. Chemo and radiation therapies are infamous culprits in causing hair loss. And for patients undergoing cancer treatments, it’s like getting kicked when you’re already down.

Sarah Lindross was focused on surviving the chemo and radiation that was treating her breast cancer, but when she lost her hair, it was almost the last straw. Looking at herself in that state was demoralizing and she hated wearing scarves on her head to hide her baldness. A friend suggested a Hair Replacement clinic he had visited for his own hair loss. Sarah was able to meet with a woman named Gina who had been helping people like Sarah with Hair Replacement needs for years. When she got her new hair, it was lightweight, woven on feather-light netting and when she had it on, she felt like herself again. “I didn’t care if my friends knew it was a Hair System,” Sarah remembers. “I knew my own hair would grow back eventually, but I didn’t want to feel different when I went out to live my life. And that absolutely helped me to heal.”

If there is a downside to Hair Replacement technology and Hair Systems, it’s that some clients struggle with the idea that people will know and judge them for being vain. But for those suffering through hair loss, it’s not about vanity; it’s about feeling whole. Friends and family will notice when you look like yourself again, but they’ll soon accept it and even forget it after a while. There is also a certain commitment to keeping your Hair Systems maintained. Clients at high-end Hair Replacement clinics must work this into their schedules and their lives.

Purchasing a high-end Hair System will save you the embarrassment of strangers noticing your new hair, because high-end Hair Systems from high-end Hair Replacement clinics are truly undetectable. Expert technicians not only measure you precisely for your Hair System, they cut and color it to blend seamlessly with your own hair. Hair Systems are adhered to the scalp with a special adhesive that is comfortable and water resistant and, depending on how much you sweat, keeps you hair in place and worry free for weeks. Should you need to re-adhere the edges in between visits to the Hair Replacement clinic, the technicians will teach you how to do it at home. Occasionally, because high-end hair replacement systems only use real human hair, new hair will have to be added to your Hair System because of normal shedding. But you can expect to wear your system out the same day as your appointment. For most people who purchase high-end Hair Systems, it’s an investment that’s well worth the money and time. What do they get in return? They get their lives back.

About the Author

Travis M. Keeler is a Hair Replacement expert who generously shares his expertise with hair loss sufferers and hair replacement wearers. For more information about the opportunities and pitfalls of nonsurgical hair replacement, please visit :


Hair Systems and Ethnicity

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Systems and Ethnicity

Article by Naomi Mannino

Hair Systems and the African-American Client

There are major differences you should know about in creating and caring for your hair systems, depending on your ethnicity.

The most important thing when it comes to choosing a hair system, no matter who it’s for, is that it has to have that natural frontal hairline that matches how your hairline looked before. “It’s the first thing people notice when you walk in the door,” claims Cynthia Turner-Primus, senior design consultant at HRS of Atlanta, a non-surgical hair replacement provider in Atlanta, Ga., in business for more than 32 years. “If the wind blows, you still want a natural look. You’ll still want to be able to style your hair without any inconvenience. You’ll want to let it down or have an elegant updo from the nape. But above all, you don’t want anyone to know you are losing your hair!”

Another commonality in all ethnicities is that hair systems for men are easier to create than hair systems for women. “Luckily,” says Turner-Primus, “there are lots of tips, tricks and technology now to accomplish this more natural-looking result in women, too.” She explains that in creating the hair system, the four most important differences to capture when designing for a black woman are the frontal hairline, the texture of the hair, the cap tone itself and the hair density. And, finally, a black woman’s hair system requires more diligent care because of the processing of the actual hair, which makes it more fragile.

Designing hair systems made for African-Americans

Hair texture: “Until recently, black hair never really looked natural on a wig or on a hair system: It was too wavy and had a hard shine on it, which does not look natural. Once we were able to get the right process on the hair, hair replacement systems for African-American women became a great option,” says Turner-Primus. “For Asians we’re able to match their hair texture exactly by using 100 percent human Asian hair, and for Caucasian women we use medium 100 percent human Indian hair for its natural wave variation, shine and volume while not being overly dense.”

Frontal hairline: “It doesn’t matter who the individuals are or what their ethnicity is, we are trying to match their natural look, the way it used to be before they lost their hair. And the best way to do that is through pictures. We can hand customize and re-create any hairline whether it needs to blend with existing hair or on a full cap of hair, and we try as hard as possible to mimic the person’s hair as it used to be,” adds Turner-Primus. A lot of the customization to the person’s formal style or ethnicity will happen upon the final cutting, designing and styling of the hair system while the client is wearing it.

Hair density: “Hair density definitely differs among ethnicities,” states Turner-Primus. “While we can match the hair texture by using different types of hair to begin with, we are careful to match the necessary density the person used to wear, as well. Especially for African-American women, too much density in a hair system can be overbearing, particularly if they’ve been without hair for some time,” she adds. The main thing is that it shouldn’t look like a wig, which is often too thick and dense.

Base tones: While most Caucasian and Asian women use the same basic neutral base tones, African-American women come in many different skin tones and hues, which must be customized and personalized at the base for a natural-looking scalp, as if the hairs are growing right out of it and it perfectly matches the client’s skin tone.

Caring for hair systems made for African-Americans:

* Never brush hair from the top of the crown downward, because hair can get mixed and matted. Brush from the ends first, working your way up to reduce tangles. The hairs are not attached to a live follicle, so they can un-knot or simply break off. Caucasian hair can be a little silkier, so you can brush it gently.

* Wear a satin hair cap to bed, or make sure hair is safely contained in two loose ponytails or braids. Because of the hair’s chemical processing, it tends to mat very quickly if not protected at night.

* When shampooing, always do so in a shower and always in the direction that water and the hair naturally flow, which is down. Never pile hair up or rub it around. You must minimize tangling at all cost. Just massage gently with fingers at the cap to push shampoo and water through to clean your scalp underneath.

* Use a spray-in, leave-in conditioner to avoid buildup at the cap. Brush from the ends first, working out any tangles.

* Use special products and tools formulated and created for use on hair systems that your hair replacement specialist recommends and shows you how to use, no matter what your ethnicity. And stick to the same line of products.

* All tools should be used on the lowest heat setting, especially for hair systems for African-Americans, since the hair is already processed and more fragile.

“It’s a learning curve,” says Turner-Primus, “one that I take very seriously. I really listen to my clients about what they need their hair to do, and I take my time to show them how to get the best results. I let them participate in making choices in the creation of the hair system so they can have a vision of what they’re going to look like in it — then I help make it come true!

About the Author

Naomi Mannino is a freelance writer who writes about health, beauty, and fashion. She is a contributing writer for HairLossDotCom and writes about hair loss treatments and hair loss conditions such as traction alopecia