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How to choose the best hair straighteners for you

11 November;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to choose the best hair straighteners for you

Article by Sarah

If you want help choosing which are the best hair straighteners for you, read on.

If you want silky, straight hair, hair straighteners are the invention that so many of us now can’t do without. If you want to buy a new pair of hair straighteners or flat irons to style your hair with, you may need assistance choosing which type of straighteners are the best for you. With so many different types available it can be a tricky job to search through the options out there, so to get started you first need to think about what you need from your straighteners. To follow are some things to think about before you start looking at which straighteners are best for you.

Hair typeWhat type of hair do you have? Is it wavy, curly, chemically treated or fine and thin?

Thick hairIf you have thick, course hair, you might want to think about straighteners with broad plates, to straighten out more hair with each stroke than standard sized straightners. This will save you time and effort in getting that beautiful poker straight hair.

Curly/wavy hairIf your hair is wavy or curly, you’ll want more heat to get it completely straight and keep it that way. You’ll need to look for straighteners with a high maximum temperature setting. If your hair is fizzy, some have found that steam-straighteners can lead to more frizz, so these may not be the best choice for you.

Damaged/chemically treated hairIf your hair is already in bad condition, you should choose straighteners with an adjustable temperature control. Without this control, your hair would have to withstand the straighteners’ maximum temperature every time you style it with them. It’s inevitable that straightening will cause damage, but with an adjustable temperature control you can make sure you only get them as hot as you need for each section of hair to be straightened.

Fine hairIf your hair is fine and already pretty straight and you want, the best straighteners for you will also have an adjustable temperature gauge. This way you can ensure that you set your own preferred top heat setting to avoid causing your hair extra damage.

Travel straighteners

Where are you planning to mainly use your straighteners? If you’re going to be just using them at home, then standard straightners with a cord will be absolutely fine. Do remember to check the length of the how long the electrical cord is – if there isn’t a plug socket close to your mirror,you may find yourself in all sorts of strange poses trying to see what you’re up to while straightening, if the cord is quite short! Cordless straighteners are another good option if plug sockets are in short supply.

If you think you’ll need to straighten your hair while on the move, or are planning a fair bit of travelling and want gorgeous straight hair wherever you go, it’s worth thinking about buying travel straighteners. You can buy portable straighteners that are more compact and slimmer than standard models, making them better for tucking into your bag or suitcase.

You could also buy cordless re-chargable straighteners, that take loads less space in your bag and you can use them without the need for a plug socket. These are a brilliant option if you’re going travelling and aren’t sure if you’ll have access to power or don’t have much space in your suitcase. They’re also fantastic for slipping into your handbag to give silky straight hair as and when you need it.

So remember to take these points into account when choosing which are the best hair straighteners for you.

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Some more knowledge about hair straighteners

3 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Some more knowledge about hair straighteners

Article by stephen hall

Silky and straight hair is the most desirable hair texture for now. Women prefer straight hair to curly hair. Hair is women’s crowing glory and it needs care and gentle affection. But now getting straight is no more secret. Anyone can get a silky and straight hair with the help of hair straightener and hair straightener iron. Straight hair is capturing both men and women’s heart. For women straight hair is can be easily maintained and any style is normally applicable on this type of hair. It can go with any type of hairstyle. Now curliest hair can be transformed into straightest hair and the process by which it can be got is equally easy and simple. You just have to know the proper way to get it. Hair straightening iron can give you the opportunity that you can control your curly and unruly hair waves and give it a straight and sleek look.

But the problem is that you have to learn how to use a hair straightener iron safely and use it properly. Then you can get that desired silky and straight hair look. Let your hair speak your own style statement and catch everyone’s attention. Be hurry and grab that style which is just a slide away. As we have said earlier straight hair is easier to manage and also there is a chic and sleek quality attached to this type of hairstyle. And that is why it is everybody’s hot favorite and a happening choice now. Every woman from different age group wants to have this style. For this reason hair straightener iron has become an inseparable part of every fashion conscious and fashionable women. Either they style this at their own home or they go to their hair expert and have a straight hair texture and hairstyle. It is recommended by a number of hair experts that you should for the first time consult your hair expert about the use of a hair straightener and then use it on your own. This invention of technology and science has changed the history of beauty and fashion section greatly. By this appliance you can change your makeover. Now read the following things and have some common knowledge about your favorite hair appliance.

Avoid any kind of water attachment. Water can bring back the old curly waves. Sprinkling of water and excessive sweating can cause ruin of your hairstyle. Actually hair straightener changes the hydrogen bond of hair shaft and thus the curly hair become straight. It is done by the heating application of the straightener iron. If water is applied on hair then the curliness will be back again. Rainwater should be avoided strictly.

Before using your hair straightener wash your hair with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Then dry it with the use of a towel but do not rub your hair roughly.

You can also use hair protective products on your hair before using the particular hair styling tool. You can use the combination of straightening balm and hair protective moisturizing cream or hair serum. But use it only on your hair shaft, not on the hair roots.

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Controlling Various Hair Types with Hair Straighteners

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Controlling Various Hair Types with Hair Straighteners

Article by Grace Enderlein

There are methods, products, and styling tools for hair straighteners, but there are so many different types of hair that treatments may vary. Simple observation shows the dramatic difference in hair textures and thickness. Hair textures range from baby fine to very coarse; stick straight to corkscrew curly. In order to straighten or relax hair, there are lasting methods which permanently change the texture and shape of the hair until re-growth occurs. There are also hair products used to aid in styling, applied during the styling process which wash out with the next shampoo. Another effective method to control hair is a ceramic tourmaline flat iron, which leaves hair flat and smooth and eliminates frizz. When using any of these methods, use them accordingly to match the hair type and texture.

Permanent relaxing methods are available for straightening hair. There are chemical relaxers and hair straighteners, but these are known to damage hair and even cause burns to the skin. Natural hair straighteners should always be used instead, because they are effective and safe. If hair is coarse and curly, the strongest solution may be needed to straighten hair, and it may need to be left on the hair for the maximum recommended time period. Fine hair may need much less time, or a weaker solution of a permanent straightening product to achieve the desired results. A small section of hair should always be tested in advance to observe results before product use on a whole head of hair.

When it comes to hair products, there are so many from which to choose, and there are many options for particular hair types. For example, a light product which does not weigh the hair down can be used for fine hair; using a heavy product will make fine, thin hair flat and make it look dirty. Coarse, unruly hair can handle a heavier hair styling product. It will control and tone down the bulk of overly thick and curly hair. Hair products are widely available, and their packaging clearly states the type of hair for which they can be used, as well as the results to be achieved.

The use of a flat iron hair straightener is a very effective way to flatten hair, but they need to be used with caution. Ceramic flat irons can straighten hair without scorching or burning when used properly. They work by sealing moisture into the hair cuticle and literally ironing the hair with the flat ceramic plates. They operate at very high temperatures, and a gradual progression of temperatures should be used to see which works best for different hair types without damage. If the temperature is too hot, or the flat iron stays on the hair for too long, it can cause major damage. Coarse hair typically can handle the high temperatures, and in fact may need the hottest setting to be effective; however, starting at a cooler temperature is best for any texture of hair.

Choosing from the many methods, products, and tools available for hair straightening is based on the differences in hair type. Select high quality, safe, and natural products for effective softening and control.

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