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Thinking of Coloring Your Hair? Have a Pro Do It Right

16 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Thinking of Coloring Your Hair? Have a Pro Do It Right

Article by Patricia Woloch

Changing the color of hair is not a new idea and dates as far back as when ancient Greek heroes reddened their hair into a blazing symbol of courage, while their Roman counterparts used natural dyes to darken their hair. In the 1700’s, French women used powder to tint their hair shades of blue, pink, yellow and white, and today, about one-half of all American women color their hair. The number of men coloring their hair is increasing, also.

Unfortunately, however, many people are attempting to color their hair at home. This can be disastrous. We have all seen people walking around with bad color jobs including orange-tinted hair that was supposed to be red or blonde, hair that is much too dark, or much too light for their skin tone.

A big, floppy hat is one solution to a bad color job at home, but an even better solution is to go to a highly trained professional hair stylist in the first place. Whether you are trying to bring back the hair color of your youth or just trying something new and different, a hair stylist in a luxury salon can give you a new look without the need for a big hat and dark sunglasses.

You should see a professional hair stylist to color your hair if:

· Your hair is damaged. If your hair breaks easily and you lose a lot of hair while brushing, you need a professional to correctly color your hair. Hair can be damaged by a number of factors including too much heat from constant blow-drying. Excessive brushing and tearing of the hair will cause damage as will the sun. Your skin is not the only part of your body that needs to be protected from the sun’s UV rays. Powerful UV rays can damage your hair any time of the year, not just during the heat of the summer. Over-perming is also something that can damage the health of your hair. A normal perm can do damage to your hair, so over-perming will really do some damage. Over-washing you hair can dry out your scalp, cause flakes and less the natural oils on your head that protect the roots of your hair.

· You want to lighten your hair more than three shades. If you have dark hair and want to be a blonde, you must see a professional hair colorist. A professional may need to “strip” your hair of its pigment to add the new color of choice. It is a complicated process that, if not done properly, can turn your hair orange. A pro will prevent this from happening by using a toner to cancel out the redness, providing a more attractive golden color.

· You want a dramatic change such as brunette to blonde. By going to a professional hair colorist, you will save yourself the trouble of permanently damaging your hair or having the color come out all wrong.

· You have colored your hair and messed it up big time! If you attempted to color your hair at home, and it turned out poorly, please contact an experienced hair colorist immediately to schedule an appointment for a color correction. The more chemicals you put in your hair trying to fix your mistake, the more damage you will do and the more expensive correcting it professionally will cost.

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Find The Best Hair Extensions at The Right Price

20 April;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Find The Best Hair Extensions at The Right Price

Article by Danni Reese

Getting an instant new look has never been easier than they are now with clip in hair extensions. These are hair pieces that are better alternatives to permanent extensions, because you can easily put them on and remove them even without paying a professional hairdresser. Perhaps you have decided to try using a extension, but may find yourself wondering where you can buy hair extensions. It’s a good thing that you now have several choices you can explore when it comes to clip in extensions.

When you have decided that you would like to buy extensions, it is important that you research the best options for you. This should include searching local online stores, visiting your local beauty or hair salon and also researching and finding out about what other consumers are saying on beauty forums and information websites. Up to date information about the brands, the types of hair extensions they sell, the quality and the price are the most important factors to consider when you want to buy extensions.

The most convenient way to buy extensions is through online stores. It may get a little confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for, so before you start your search, try to decide on the style, the length, the color, the thickness, and the type of hair used (human hair or synthetic hair). You may also have to decide on the number of hair pieces that you would need. There are other factors that you may need to consider but your choice may boil down to how much you are willing to pay when you buy extensions.

Another good way you to buy extensions is in person at your local beauty or hair salon. This option has the advantage of allowing you to see the hair extensions before you buy them. It will also help you get the closest color match to your own hair as you will be able to compare there and then. Most retailers will allow you to take out the hair to feel it and check the quality but you will not be allowed to try on for hygiene purposes. This is important because you will also be able to feel how thick it is and if it will be suitable. The disadvantage of buying extensions in a beauty or hair salon is the price. Often the cost can be three to four times more expensive and you can easily pay 0 or more for a set of clip in extensions that you can purchase online for 0. This is because buying online allows you to miss the middle man as many online stores deal straight with the manufacturer and do not have to pay expensive rent or middle man costs. Sometimes it may even be beneficial to go into a store and get an idea of the type of hair extensions and color you would like and then buy hair extensions online for a better price.

If you do decide to buy extensions online, check the customer feedbacks on Facebook or other social networks as well as on eBay if you find the style you like on an eBay store. You can also do a Google search and you may find some YouTube videos giving advice on where to buy hair extensions. Check out the before and after photos of people who buy hair extensions. This way, you can get a comfortable feeling and you can easily buy extensions that can bring out the best in you.

Once you have decided how you want to buy hair extensions, don’t hesitate because there is nothing better than being able to have instant long beautiful hair. Clip in hair extensions are great to also add volume to your hair and they give you lots of options for different hairstyles. Before you buy extensions, make sure you read about the different types available, read all the details and the small print on online stores and eBay, go into a local beauty or hair salon to have a feel of some and to help you determine the best color, and also take the time to read other customer feedback online to see what they think of the different brands and options for clip in hair extensions. And if you cannot buy hair extensions yourself, ask someone to give them to you as a present!

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Danni Reese is a Hair and Beauty Specialist .


Your hair problem there is that 10 right? – Hair, hair – hairdressing industry – car wash machine

Article by hi joiney

Hair, there will always be a variety of hair problems, especially in the dry autumn, 10 hair problem, you are there such problems? What is the hair

NO.1 empty? A: Whether hair thickness, dry or oil, there are empty, but empty, with varying degrees, hair in general, the void rate of about 20%, say, a hair 20% empty. The empty pit like a sponge, as is used absorbent. Her hair soaked in water, the water absorption rate of particularly fast, hollow hair absorb water, will affect the hair. Empty too many, seems dry, rough, dull, too easy to hit off, difficult to comb hair into the hair shaft when the uneven pigment, dye is not effective. Blow the whole, dyeing, hot easily lead to empty too, so should use strong repair of hair care products.

NO.2 my conservative work environment, but I wanted to put her hair another color, how to do?

A: I suggest you may wish to try some of the hair dye. For example, hair can be divided into four or five are summarized, and then your natural hair color and a little more than a little light cream for coloring dye, dyed hair after dyeing the hair will be and is not integrated, so that hair color is not an exaggeration elegant soft posture. In addition, the entire head is not dyed, so the hair damage is also reduced to a minimum. As for the location of hair, I suggest you choose the best face contour area, so that the sides or front hair combed hair combed up, the part will be able to show up coloring.

NO.3xh pour film work? A: xh oil down the role of film is by heating, so the nutritional content of which penetrate into the hair in layers to fill the vacancy helix protein, pores, repair, restore luster to damaged hair, for shine on hair restoration have some effect. Only, hair care is a long process, once or twice, the effect is not obvious, especially in serious damage to human hair, should be twice a month xh, adhere to six months, of course, quality should be guaranteed.

NO.4 DIY hair I want to be how to do it?Volume bar use of electricity, it can help you be more proficient in modeling, but the volume bar in the purchasing power when you had better pay attention to selecting the best grip for the plastic material of the electrical volume bar, because the iron material easy to heat, there are burn risk of hand. The volume bar electric ceramic surface treatment for the material, less damage one’s hair. If it is shiny stainless steel, although the fast heat, burning the hair if not careful will. Then follow the hair style in mind to select desired size – Liu (Electrical volume bar diameter 19-20mm), the wave volume (volume electric rod diameter 25-28mm), the big wave of curly hair (electric volume diameter rod 32-35mm).

Used methods are: first washed, hair dryer, electric sub-thread paper wrapped stick, stay two or three seconds down, all the hair was finished, marked a small amount of wax, hand finishing can be .

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Select the right wig for your fancy dress costume

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Select the right wig for your fancy dress costume

Article by Jason Edworthy

Fancy dress wigs have the power to transform the mundane into something attractive, or, if you wish, they can do just the opposite by making something very ugly that’s normally beautiful. After applying your wig, (which only takes a few seconds), it will draw attention and admirations for the entire evening.

Fancy dress wigs range in cost from almost nothing to hundreds of pounds and the choice is getting bigger and bigger. The price variation is due to the fact that costume wigs are made out of a variety of different materials to suit your style and budget.The cheapest wigs are made out of synthetics that appear to be similar to real hair, but they don’t act or feel like the real thing at all. One such company offering a great range of wigs online is Better wigs are made out of fibre which is soft and supple and provides a natural look and feel. But the best wigs are, of course, made out of real hair. You’ll pay a lot of money to wear one of these wigs, but many think it’s worth the cost because it makes their costumes seem very realistic so the cost it worth it.Where is it appropriate to wear a costume wig? Costume wigs are great for Halloween parties, theatrical costumes, dress ups, Mardi Gras, and for being fun and crazy on a Friday night. They’ll be good for a couple of parties or so, but after that the wig will be so ragged and disfigured that you’ll have to get a new one.What kinds of wigs are available? It depends on where you look. Selections in traditional bricks-and-mortar stores are limited, but it you look online, you’ll find pretty much anything you want. And I mean anything! Afros, witch wigs, mermaid wigs, Elvis wigs, Marie Antoinette wigs, 80;s wigs, and celebrity look-a-like wigs, such as Little Britain wigs, punk rocker wigs, and fun wigs. In addition to wigs, there are costume beards and moustaches for men ensuring you have everything for your costume.

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Why hair extensions could be the right choice for you

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Why hair extensions could be the right choice for you

Article by Suzlar

Hair extensions have been always been a massive hit throughout the world, more and more people are turning to them in order to solve all their hair needs, even celebrities, but what’s so great about hair extensions anyway? There are a wide range of advantages to using hair extensions that could even apply to you, so if you’ve ever wondered why hair extensions have become the latest must have hair piece, you’re about to find out.

One advantage has to be you can gain a lot of length in a very short amount of time. If you have ever tried to grow your hair to the length you want, you’ll know how tedious and annoying it can be. It can take years for hair to grow a significant amount and whilst this is happening you loose any sort of hair style as more often than not you’re trying to grow out the previous one. Hair extensions can give you that instant length you’ve always wanted and what’s even better is that they also look completely natural as you can get them in the perfect shade to match your natural hair colour.

Another advantage is that once you’ve got them, you can have an instant new look, go longer, go texture, get definition, the possibilities are literally endless because hair extensions are so versatile. You can play with length, colour, texture, you name it, it can give you an instant new and unique look if you’re bored of the old one. It’s because of this reason that they’re so popular with celebrities, as well as why you see so many of them with a totally different hair do from one day to the next.

Of course, hair extensions aren’t only for those craving long locks, they’re also perfect for people with shorter hair by giving your hair some well needed volume and texture, creating a perfect, defined look that could only be achieved through well placed extensions. Hair extensions can give a fantastic, voluminous look in an instant that will rival any celebrity hair do.

Hair extensions also give you the opportunity to try new styles out before you commit to them, trying out a daring new look suddenly becomes a lot easier, because you can try it out on your hair extensions first, if you don’t think it works, then you don’t have to worry about growing your hair back, dyeing it or even chopping it off, it gives real limitless hair style opportunities that you no longer have to be scared about trying out.

As well as this, hair extensions are also relatively easy to look after, meaning you don’t have to go out of your way to take care of them. A lot of the time, you can just take care of them the same way you would with your own hair, as long as you treat them with a bit of extra care and condition well, your locks will remain as stunning as the first day you got them, but your stylist will be able to tell you the best way to take care of your hair extensions that take no time at all to do.

If you’re interested in getting hair extensions, then Inanch has to be the place for all your hair extension needs.

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Choosing The Right Hair Extension Salon.

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Choosing The Right Hair Extension Salon.

Article by suzlar

Hair extensions can be very costly and can potentially take a long time to be fitted, therefore it is essential to visit a reputable salon. All permanent forms of hair extension should be fitted by a trained professional, as ill-fitting extensions can cause damage to the natural hair. Choosing the right hair extension salon is almost as important as choosing the right sort of extensions. A good stylist can make the difference between the hair of your dreams and nightmare hair, so it is important to get it right.

Once you have made the decision to have hair extensions, you expect them to look amazing once they are in and this process takes time. You also want them to look as natural as possible and this requires the highest quality hair and this costs money. Hair extensions are a great way of transforming your look into something completely different and in order to get results you need to go to a reputable salon that specialises in extensions.

So how do you choose the right salon? As the demand for high-quality hair extensions has hit an all time increase in recent years, the demand has been met by hundreds of salons who have realised the lucrative potential of offering such a service. With so many options flooding the marketplace it makes choosing the right hair extension salon a tricky decision. Apart from the obvious things that need to be taken into consideration such as the quality of the hair used, the experience of the hair technicians and method, there are other factors that need to be assessed during the consultation stage to help make the decision a little easier.

You need to assess the overall quality of the salon itself. The salon should be clean and comfortable, if it does not fulfil these requirements then take your business elsewhere. If a salon look clean and tidy it generally shows that there is an agenda for hygiene and proper sanitation. A clean salon conveys a message to the clients that the salon and its employees take pride in what they do and maintain clean and tidy work areas. This should mean that this pride flows over into how well all services are coordinated and performed.

You will want to make sure that the price offered by the salon is competitive. That is why it is a good idea to visit several salons and see how much they quote you before deciding on a final salon. When it comes to hair extensions, you probably won’t have any idea of the price before the consultation stage. Most salons will tailor-make the price depending on the client’s individual needs. Most salons will charge by the strand so depending on how much hair you want and how long you want it, the price may change. If a client has thick hair they will need more hair to make it look natural, whereas if a client has thin hair they may not need so much, unless they want extra thickness.

The level of customer service is another thing you should look out for when choosing a hair extension salon. Great customer service is measure on how well a salon exceeds the needs of its clients. First impressions really do count. As a customer you want to feel welcomed and at ease as soon as you step into the salon. Even beforehand in some cases, things like if the staff helpful on the phone can make a big difference. You want the stylist to be willing to listen to you and be confident in answering any questions you may have. For a lot of people, getting hair extensions is unknown territory; therefore you would want to be made to feel relaxed and confident in the abilities of the stylist.

As you are likely to be sat in the chair for a good few hours, you want to feel comfortable and able to make conversation with the person attending to your hair. Any little extras like a free drink or a full range of glossy magazines to keep you entertained are all things that will make your time spent in the salon that bit more special.

You will know when you’ve found the right hair extension salon. You will feel confident, relaxed and excited about the prospect of your new look. Inanch Emir of Inanch London has over 12 years of experience in the specialist field of hair extensions and delivers exceptional results every time. Inanch’s clientele a-list includes Hollywood actress Mischa Barton and model and socialite Peaches Geldof to name but a few, and it keeps growing all the time. Just to prove how good she really is, she recently won UK Hair Extensionist of the Year and her salon was awarded Great Lengths Hair Extensions Salon of the Year at the prestigious Great Lengths 2010 Awards.

For a full list of hair extension services available at Inanch London click here.

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How to Pick the Right Wig

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to Pick the Right Wig

The reason of wearing a wig depends on the individuals. Some wear wig as a fashion statement, some wear wig just for fun, and some wear wig to cover thinning hair or bald areas. Whatever the reason is, someone should learn how to pick the right wig so that the wig is a worth buying.

The first thing to consider is how frequent you want to use the wig. If it is for a daily use, you might need to spend a little bit more. In general, the higher the price the better the quality of the wig and the longer its life spans. If you just want to use the wig for once in a while occasion, pick those less expensive. The wig for a daily use should be light, fine and has air circulation through the wig and scalp. Therefore, the wig is suitable to be wear for a long time in a day.

The second thing to consider is how you are going to style the wig. If you want to color, curl or perm the wig, then you should go for a human hair wig. Though it is more expensive then the synthetic wig but you will be satisfied with the ability to alter the style anytime.

The third thing to consider is what types of wig suit you best. Is it the full wig or the 3/4 wig or the clip-on wig? If you want to try a wig which is different from your own hair color, then you can pick the full wig. It will cover you head entirely. If you have hair color that almost exactly like the wig’s color, than 3/4 wig could be the best option for you. You still have your original hair visible, but as they blend together it will look very natural. Another option for those having the same color as the wig is the clip-on wig. You can comb your hair to the back, tied it and then put on the clip-on wig.

The fourth thing to consider is which style of wig suits the shape of your face. If you have a round shaped face, a linear and long hair style suit you best. If you have a diamond shaped face, a short chin-length style suit you best. If you have an oblong shaped face, a soft curl around the neck or a long front hair that swipe you face suit you best. If you have an oval shaped face, any style, layered of texture can fit into you. If you have a square shaped face, a curly texture or a straight style suit you best.

It is important that you incorporate the above tips into your decision making before buying your wig.

Shop around and make the very wise purchase. Visit My Revlon Wigs Blog to watch videos of Revlon wigs, to learn about useful tips to take care of your wig and other info about wigs.

Good Luck!

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Black Womens Wigs – Choose the Right One For Your Needs

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Black Womens Wigs – Choose the Right One For Your Needs

Article by liuyufei

A huge variety regarding wholesale wigs which can be ideal for Black females can be obtained. Genuine hair or perhaps human hair wigs are the top grade within quality and therefore are furthermore the more costly. These types of wigs tend to be created from hair which usually comes from China or India. This is heavy black hair that is perfect for dark can easily wigs. It makes wigs which may be styled to be able to any style the actual wearer wishes. That is great quality hair which is utilized to make either lengthy or perhaps quick hair wigs.

In case you are unsure that length are going to be the most suitable it is advisable to purchase a long wig. When later you select you want a shorter style it may be cut to time-span exactly like your hair. Total lace and entrance lace wholesale wigs are very common. Each hair is actually tied in to the lace base independently that makes this seem really natural. The particular wig also matches the top carefully and the hairline is practically invisible. Under the particular wig a wig cover may be used and also this suits the particular remaining hair carefully giving a great starting to the wig. The actual wig limit have to be the same colour as your organic pores and skin in order that it won’t surface the actual wig unnaturally.

Complete lace wigs are extremely adaptable and can always be fabricated inside various ways effortlessly. The actual hair may hang obviously shed or even could be linked into a bun or perhaps ponytail just as your personal hair may. For the best results the particular lace wig needs to be mounted on the particular remaining hair at the front end utilizing wig mastic. This final results in a very real looking hairline. Other designs of African american wholesale wigs are available at reduced expense but the lace wigs tend to be the very best.

Man made hair wigs tend to be significantly less costly than genuine hair, such as the have exactly the same quality. Man made hair today is a lot much better than it was some time ago and a great quality artificial wig can seem excellent. Nonetheless it does not possess the really feel or perhaps characteristics regarding genuine hair. If the price range won’t stretch out to investing in a actual hair wig you should consider an excellent artificial. Chosen carefully you will discover a thing that works perfectly in your case. This is especially true if you don’t intend to wear the particular wig every day yet alternatively just for an evening away or perhaps big day.

Synthetic wholesale wigs don’t previous so long as human hair, below continuous utilize, and that means you would certainly find it finest to obtain a genuine hair wig if you wish to wear it every day. If you want to have the ability to affect the doing you hair you have to only have the human hair wig. Synthetic wigs can’t be restyled successfully given that utilization of sizzling hair dryers or perhaps curling tongs can damage or perhaps dissolve the particular hair. To be able to summarise the most effective choice within wigs is a real hair lace wig. It’s comparatively pricey but lasts for a long period if combined with care.

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Wigs For Different Purposes : How To Find The Right One

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Wigs For Different Purposes : How To Find The Right One

Halloween is the festival of colour and enjoyment. People wear colourful costumes and different types of attractive wigs. They dress up differently to add more colour to the Halloween parties. Wearing colourful wigs have become a fashion among the Halloween party lovers. They just love to wear different types of wigs to compliment with their costumes. There are certain factors that needed to be considered while choosing a wig. Budget plays a crucial role. On the basis of your budget, you need to select a wig.

Different types of wigs are available for different purposes. Select the one that you consider suitable and that goes well with your personality. Cost is an important factor that you should consider while buying a wig. You need to know how much the wigs cost. Handmade wigs are a bit expensive. It starts from 250 dollar. Human hair wigs are not so much costly. These wigs start from 100 dollar. You can also find very cheap wigs to match with your budget. Synthetic wigs are less expensive and this is the reason why many people buy synthetic wigs for various purposes.

Wigs have been used for many years. Egyptians wore this to cover their bald heads. Wigs helped them to protect their heads from sun damage. Wearing wigs was a fashion among royal and upper class families. Many people used to wear wigs as it indicated social standing.

Both women and men wore wigs. But it was more popular and common among men to wear wigs than the ladies. They used to wear powdered wigs. The powder contained lavender or orange fragrance. It helped the wearer smell good and pleasant. The color of the wig changed because of the powder. The wigs could turn into pink, white, blue or purple.

In the 18th century, the size of the wig became smaller. They were a part of proper dress attire. Today, lawyers and judges in UK still wear wigs. It is actually a part of their traditional court costume. Various types of wigs are available. You can also find ceremonial wigs. These items are bigger than the everyday style wigs.

In the past, wigs were considered as a part of social standing. Many people used to wear wigs to protect their bald head from damage. Men can wear partial or complete wigs to cover their heads. Women also suffer from balding problems. To remain beautiful and to get rid of baldness they sometime wear wigs. Cancer patients often lose hair due to chemotherapy. There are various types of wigs available for cancer patients.

There are many African-American ladies who wear wigs or hair extensions. They get different looks by wearing these false hair pieces. It adds to their beauty and attractiveness. They consider wigs as great fashion accessories. There are some reputed and renamed producers who offer high-quality wigs. They provide different types of wigs to meet the demands of different types of customers. Wearing a wig to have a different look is not a bad idea at all. It can enhance your beauty.

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