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Cost of Hair Restoration: How Much is it Really?

6 June;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Cost of Hair Restoration: How Much is it Really?

Because it is a mess to suffer from hair loss, people spend on hair transplant procedures. The procedure is really expensive at .00 to .00 per graft. Looking at it this way, you may think that it is not much but you are forgetting that each procedure needs around 2000 grafts for the method to actually work. Because of this, cost of hair restoration is actually really high.

To avoid having to pay for a higher amount of money, you should really consider researching for the best deals first before going to a surgeon. There are two types of methods that you could choose from. One is Strip Harvesting while the other one is Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. The first method has been around longer since it was developed first. Having this procedure done on your scalp causes a bit more pain than the second one because actual scalp tissue will be removed. However, this is a lot cheaper than FUE.

FUE has the higher cost of hair restoration because it is a more meticulous process. It takes longer time and more manpower. However, this is preferred by more people now because it does not leave scars just like the usual Strip Harvesting. Instead of the scalp tissue being removed, it is just the hair follicles being touched.

Other than the type of procedure, the skills of the surgeon is also being taken into consideration. Of course you would not let just let anyone touch your hair unless it is someone credible and capable. Because of this, the more popular surgeons or physicians not only get the job but also gets the right to ask for more from the patients. It is important to go to a surgeon you can trust but you also have to check whether the surgeon is already practicing overpricing. You have to make sure you get the best price deals as possible so research will really take time.

Getting information from people who have undergone the same procedure will also be helpful. This way, you will fully realize what is the real cost of hair restoration.

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Hair Restoration During a Recession

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Restoration During a Recession

Our hair transplant surgery office of Orange County answers many questions from different patients but one has remained consistent: â??How much will a hair transplant cost?â? We consider this a vague and general question but it is still legitimate and noteworthy. Many people do understand the advantage of a hair restoration procedure but many are sacrificing quality work for cheapest price because of the current economic state.

Quality of work should always be above cost of work. In the end, you will find that they both go hand in hand when you consider the end result. You must set up the mentality that this procedure is permanent and can drastically change your personal features. In the long run, high quality work can be considered affordable if you are patient and willing enough to look around.

Hair restoration surgery is not something most people consider over night. This is why we suggest that our patients educate themselves on possible costs of their hair transplant and to make sure they know more than enough about their hair transplant surgeon. When you build that level of confidence in your surgeon you can be free of worry and let your surgeon handle your procedure freely and professionally.

Those who fail to do their â??homeworkâ? can be in potential trouble. Not all hair transplant offices practice ethical behavior and can mislead their patients. Some may even claim to give them a specific amount of grafts but have nothing to show for it. We have patients claiming their surgeons gave them 3000 grafts but all that can be seen is a number much less than 1000 grafts. In the long run, a cheap hair transplant may end up being just that: no more than a â??cheap hair transplant.â?

We know that it may seem difficult to afford a hair transplant surgery but we offer a variety of financing options tailored to help minimize your total out of pocket expense. Some of these services offer little to no interest and bring down your expense to affordable monthly payments. We offer a standby program for eligible patients with flexible schedules and a chance to save more on their overall surgery. Weâ??ve even managed to lower our surgical costs to as much as we deemed possible without sacrificing our high quality standards. Call our Los Angeles main office for further details or to schedule your private and personal consultation.

For more information regarding hair restoration or medical spa services and information, the Hair Transplant Clinic of Orange County and Encino Medical Spa of Los Angeles can provide educational information in person or by phone.


How to Choose Among a List of Hair Restoration Centers

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to Choose Among a List of Hair Restoration Centers

Some people think it is just vanity, but if you consider what hair does for the self-esteem and image of a person, you would not make rash criticisms for people who are concerned for the well-being of the crowning glory. Hair is an essential part of the body that contributes to the image you want to project to society. This is why it is a boost in a person’s self-confidence to have a great hairstyle and reduces their confidence when some people experience conditions that lead to hair loss. It is a good thing that there are now hair restoration centers dedicated to the cause of hair loss and offer solutions to people who may be going through such a crisis.


There are a couple of things you need to know about these hair restoration centers and this can help you in deciding among a long list of clinics and centers in your surrounding area.


–          Some clinics offer a free initial consultation before or after signing up with them. You need to carefully search for these places to lessen the cause of your hair treatment.

–          Check centers that have licensed specialists, physicians and surgeons. Some cases need drastic measures like surgery and you cannot take chances by not making sure whether the person who would operate on you has a medical degree or not.

–          You can check out the clinic’s website for reference. Most hair loss clinics and centers have their own websites so you can go and read their services and what they have to offer prior to scheduling an appointment and visiting their place.

–          Make sure that you visit at least 3 clinics that you can put on your shortlist. To do this, you must carefully consider the following criteria: client testimonials, services, and costs.

–          Make sure that the place is sanitary, clean and orderly. Check out their facilities to be assured that their tools are properly cleaned, sterilized and they have the best gadgets to conduct surgeries with.


It is essential that you use these tips when looking for the right hair restoration centers. Let these tips guide you so that you will get the best results you are looking for.

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Hair Loss Restoration

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Loss Restoration

Article by Paul Java

Hair loss restoration is observed to be a manlier phenomenon as it is man rather than women who avail the restoration. Women generally tend to show greater hair retention power then man. Some says since the boys’ works in field, the ruthless nature causes such hair loss. For a bald head guy or some one having hair loss problem should take necessary measures for hair restoration.

For centuries hair loss is perceived to be male occurrence and unacceptable to happen with women. There are two basic methods of hair loss restoration: surgical and non-surgical. With the aid of modern scientific advanced knowledge hair loss now can greatly be minimized by hair loss restoration. Surgical hair loss restoration is more popular among men than woman. And it is proved and celebrated to be most effective way of restoring your hair.

For hair loss restoration hairs are taken from the back side of our head, which is a plugging – grafting procedure. The hair bunches are then grafted to the less densely populated areas of our head to give the area a fuller appearance and feel. In surgical hair loss restoration the results are gradually observed over time. In case of surgical hair loss restoration, subsequent restoration is needed. The surgical hair loss restoration treatment course is decided on the basis of requirement and desire and actual condition. Surgical hair loss restoration can give permanent solution to baldness in both men and women.

Among non-surgical hair loss restoration laser restoration is the most popular. The laser restoration is yet to be rated as best methods since the popularity of surgical method is too large in comparison to the laser technique. In the non surgical method of hair loss restoration, lasers are used to increase the follicles through chain process of increased metabolism. It improvises the productive capacity and repairs the outperforming follicles to grow more and more hair. Several lasers shots are made for this purpose all around the bald head, specially the bald areas. Some medical practitioners have observed that laser therapy for hair restoration also improvises the growth behavior of our hairs. They consider it to be best as there is nothing wounded and no scar will develop; which are common in surgical hair loss restoration process. But the re-grown hairs lasting and retention level is much higher in surgical hair loss restoration.

Apart from above most popular hair loss restoration methods, some other ways are also present including skull injection, some hormonal medication etc. For some cases the hair loss restoration process both; surgical and non-surgical methods have differing results like hair loss due to genetics or hormone.

The key to hair loss restoration is the unique combination of hair implants, laser treatments and hair growth prescribed medicines. Hair loss restoration is a great process for treating baldness and can be of great use for at least more than thirty percent of people around the world.

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How to Find the Best Hair Restoration Solution for You

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to Find the Best Hair Restoration Solution for You

Hair loss products cater to a widening market these days all because of the increasing number of hair loss and baldness cases among men and women. Age isn’t even the main cause of these cases, but various reasons have come up why these people are experiencing premature bald spots nowadays. It is no wonder that different hair restoration products and solutions are now being offered to the public these days.


Remember that every product and solution promises great results, but not all of these can deliver what they have promised. The most important thing you should do is to take the necessary steps to make sure that you are applying the right kind of solutions to your problem. To do this, here are some necessary steps:


Try to consult a hair restoration specialist. In your initial consultation your case will be properly assessed so they can give you the root cause of your hair loss and make necessary recommendations. Hair loss can be caused by different conditions and not all of them can be treated the same way. It can be harmful to diagnose yourself so employing the help of a licensed professional is definitely a must.
It is also necessary to take a blood test to make sure that your body is not lacking any kind of nutrients that might be the cause of hair loss. If the lack of nutrients is the main reason why you are losing hair and having these bald spots, then perhaps proper nutrition should be addressed and not a hair restoration procedure.
When using hair loss products, try to check the ingredients and what these products are made of. Research on these key ingredients to find out if this meets your specifications.
Research different procedures and products you can use before you start using them. Ask friends and families who have the same condition for their opinions and recommendations regarding products they use.


Hair restoration is no longer a hard problem to resolve. Because of modern technology, you now have a variety of options to consider when treating hair loss.



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Short Hair after Hair Restoration through Strip

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Short Hair after Hair Restoration through Strip

Follicular unit transplant through strip technique is considered the golden standard for hair restoration in both men and women suffering from male or female pattern baldness and it continues to be practiced and used on thousands of patients around the world.  The only remaining con to this procedure is the linear scar that remains in the donor area.  Although patients understand the benefits of hair restoration surgery, they sometimes seem to be taken back because of the remaining scar.  But for those who go through with their transplant, especially men, they ask if there is another way to avoid having such a visible scar or not have a scar at all?  What are the chances of the scar widening and becoming more visible?

Most male patients like to keep their hair at a shorter length.  However, the length of hair is obviously up to the patient’s best disclosure.  In some cases, any hair length under 1/4” or #2 buzz clip may make the scar more apparent.  A hair stylist can also give you better suggestions on hair length and combing techniques depending on the width of the scar and density of hair.

The linear scar that is left after a hair restoration procedure through strip technique is really inevitable but can be made less visible depending on your hair transplant surgeon.  Most facilities that do hair transplants practice a technique known as trichophytic closure for their patients.  Trichophytic closure is a technique used where hair follicles will penetrate through the donor scar which, in turn, minimizes its visibility and detect ability.  This can be compromised if the scar ends up stretching or widening.  Another study conducted has shown that BOTOX can be used to prevent further stretching or widening of the donor scar and must be applied by a professional physician for best results.

The only other option available to minimize scarring is through a different hair transplant technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE).  This technique is done by selectively extracting follicular units and refining them for hair transplantation.  The result is undetectable and the downtime is even less than that of follicular unit transplantation through strip technique.  This procedure can also be used to fill in existing scars where hair use to grow or the donor scar area.  Findings on this type of procedure were originally published when conducted on patients with neurological scar revision.

Southern California has many hair transplant clinics available including those in Orange County and Los Angeles.  Some may even offer medical spa treatments that can benefit hair transplant procedures.


Hair Transplant Restoration

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Transplant Restoration

Article by anthonyf gree

In addition to the treatment of male and female model for hair loss baldness, hair transplant surgery using micro and mini grafts are now widely used in hair transplant repair procedures and reconstructive surgical hair restoration procedures. With the increasing use of micro-and mini-implants along with a follicular unit hair transplantation, reconstructive surgery hair transplants now account for approximately 8-10% of the total surgical hair restoration.

Because of their small size, micro-and mini-implants have lower requirements than the metabolic Plug implants and a better survival rate than follicular units, which can be damaged during the autopsy. Because these grafts are able to successfully grow on burned fibroid head or district, they seem to hold great promise for reconstructive surgery of hair transplantation.

Only precautions to hair transplantation with these mini and micro grafts is that the dissected mini and micro grafts should be inserted in the head as soon as possible after the sludge is produced. Transplantation of grafts in the shortest time increases the chances for survival of hair follicles hair transplant procedure, and actually turned in their hair. To speed up the aforementioned hair transplant procedure, with the help of an assistant who is taken directly inserts the implant into the slot, as soon as it was created by the surgeon hair transplantation. Blades for surgery, so small and sharp, they leave almost no scar is found on the head.

Hair transplant surgery procedure for recovery of facial hair (eyebrows, mustache and sideburns) is more difficult and different. If the surgeon transplants hair is about cracks other grafts, the neighboring grafts tend to “jump out” their respective slots. Surgeon hair transplantation in such cases, make slits in a preliminary manner, with cuttings added a few minutes. More hair transplant surgery procedure is the same when the hair transplant surgeon withdraws his needle, assistant implant graft forceps jeweler. An experienced hair transplant surgeon, has always paid close attention to the natural direction of growth in the performance of reconstructive surgery of hair transplantation, and take care to insert his blade or a needle at an acute angle to the lateral eyebrows.

For successful reconstructive surgery of the restoration of the natural direction of hair growth restored more important than the amount of hair. To restore the hair loss facial hair, hair transplant surgeon holds the blade as flat as possible to the surface of the lips, in order to ensure a downward direction of growth.

On the eyelids, hair transplant procedure is more complicated, because age is very thin, highly mobile and adjacent to the eye. The most difficult aspect of the operation of hair transplantation in this case is to maintain the direction of hair growth. Usually eyebrow hair is used as donor hair, and about 10-12 micro-grafts are inserted in the century in two separate sessions Hair restoration is carried out with an interval of about 8-12 months between them. Using a curved needle for a century of innovative new hair restoration technique that hair restoration surgeons have begun to use for the convenience of hair transplantation surgery.

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Hair Growth Laser Delivers Lasting Results As A Laser Hair Restoration Device

When thinking about someone losing their hair, most picture an old male or possibly someone with cancer.  What many do not realize is how common it is becoming for females to lose their hair.  Even more startling is how young females can go through this.  But the good news is laser hair restoration can help put an end to this worrisome problem for women.

There are different clinics and products you can use for hair re-growth. One product that delivers outstanding results as a bargain price is Hair Growth Laser 50.  This laser hair restoration device can quickly repair any hair loss for women with tremendous results.

Hair Growth Laser 50 puts to use a number of lasers with each covering several square inches of scalp. Not only will this speed up the process, but wil also provide maximum ongoing coverage.

How this device works is by stimulating the scalps follicles, thus increasing the overall blood  flow.  In addition, it blocks the hair loss effects of DHT which will repair damaged follicles. This re-growth process impersonates the properties of sunlight to promote blood flow in the region of the thinning hair follicle.

With this, the laser hair restoration device will help increase the circulation of the blood thus providing the surrounding tissue with more nutrients.  As a  result, this will allow thin hair follicles to re-grow stronger and thicker than ever before.

Technology has improved several facets of life including hair loss with women. More and more people are beginning to realize what laser hair therapy treatment can do for the thinning and lifeless hair.  Regardless of the age or gender, Hair Growth Laser 50 can deliver prime results.

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Eyebrow Hair Restoration for People with Hair Growth Defect

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Eyebrow Hair Restoration for People with Hair Growth Defect

The eyebrow hair restoration has been developed to help people who have eyebrow disorders. Eyebrows are important since it protects the eyes from dirt and contaminants. Some people have developed a genetic disorder that leads to eyebrow deterioration and decline. This can be attributed to the lack or inactivation of genes that is involved in the proliferation of eyebrow strands. This can be treated through the use of proper medications that can induce the cells required for eyebrow production.

Hair disorder is not a superficial disease since it involves lack of proteins and enzymes that are needed to produce hair strands. In the case of eyebrow deterioration, a certain gene is lacking that is specifically assigned for the growth and proliferation of hair in eyebrows.

The eyebrow hair restoration can be achieved by inducing cell growth in the specific area. This can be done through gene therapy. This is one of the latest medical breakthroughs in the field of cosmetic surgery. This is very effective since eyebrow hair growth can be restored permanently. The procedure is fast and simple. The patient is injected with an mRNA substance or messenger ribonucleic acid. The mRNA specifically targets the hair cells in the eyebrow area. After several sessions, the number of hair cells in that area would have multiplied exponentially. This is ideal for aging patients who have experienced decline in eyebrow hair due to malnutrition or lack of protein intake. This serves as a long term treatment.

The eyebrow restoration treatment involves taking hair supplements and vitamins necessary for hair growth. Biotin and testosterone pills are the most commonly prescribed by doctors. This should be taken in a daily basis in order to reinforce the natural hair growth in the body.

The eyebrow hair restoration treatment has been used by patients who have experienced eyebrow hair loss. People who are not cleared to undergo surgical procedures should opt with the mRNA hair treatment since it is equally effective. The eyebrow would continue to grow and proliferate since the medication induces cell development and multiplication. This is ideal for aging people who have generalized hair growth problems. This is the best solution for long term hair growth.

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Are You Afraid of Hair Restoration?

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Are You Afraid of Hair Restoration?

Youâ??re losing your hair. Your doctor has just explained to you that hair restoration is the definite solution to your hair loss. He says that without intervention, youâ??re probably going to end up looking like your bald uncle. Hair restoration surgery offers hope. Still, you remain hesitant.

But will you let this opportunity to reclaim your hair pass, just because you’re afraid of something you have never tried?

Will it be painful?

Fear of pain is the main reason why most people are hesitant to undergo hair transplantation. You may have heard of relatives or friends who previously underwent the procedure, and complained that it “hurt like hell.” You should realize, however, that the procedure has drastically changed over the past 4-5 years.

Ronnie Talent, CEO of Legacy Hair Center in Charlotte shares, “I used to work for the worlds largest hair restoration and hair replacement chains, and Iâ??ve seen thousands of men and women go through thisâ?. He addsâ? Many of the larger practices still use the â??old wayâ? of administering the anesthesia, which was sometimes a little uncomfortable.

We use the Pyllo Anesthesia Method, our patients described the pain during the entire procedure as almost non-existent. Iâ??ve heard at most 1, in a scale of 1 to 10.”

Using advanced techniques for giving anesthesia, a well-trained hair specialist can ensure your comfort throughout and after the procedure. Before surgery, you may also be given medication to alleviate your anxiety.

Will your friends notice?

The stigma of an ugly hair transplant may be worse than that of a balding head. Perhaps you’re worried about colleagues teasing you on your failed attempt at hair restoration. You wouldn’t want complete strangers to give you the puzzled look, wondering why you have doll-like hair. Besides, you don’t just want more hair. You want a natural hairline, too.

â??The most important part of the restoration procedure is the hairlineâ?¦ â?? Talent adds.â? If you simply need a little more density in the back, many doctors can do that. But if they want an undetectable hairline, they have to see someone who offers advanced frontal and temporal hairline techniques, or theyâ??ll spend their lives having people stare at their hairlines.â?

The solution to these concerns is simple: seek an experienced hair loss expert. Do not be misled by large-scale advertisements; they may tell you only half-truths. Try to look for previous clients. Find out if they were satisfied with the outcome and listen to their recommendations. Hair transplantation doesn’t just require surgical skill. Your doctor should have the artistic creativity to give you aesthetically pleasing results.

Will you be able to afford the cost?

The cost of hair transplantation varies from one hair loss center to another. The cost will also depend on the number of sessions you require to cover your scalp’s balding areas. Your hair specialist will take into consideration your age and the quality of your hair among other factors, and should be able to give you a reasonable estimate.

Do not be ashamed to ask about hair loss options within your budget. An honest hair specialist will explain to you the pros and cons of both surgical and non-surgical hair loss options. Your hair specialist should take the time to answer your questions, and not just push you into getting the procedure.

In the end, it is most important that you trust your hair specialist. Only then will he be able to allay your fears, guide you to reasonable expectations, and give your satisfactory results.

The Legacy Hair Center specializes in the latest hair restoration and hair replacement options for both men and women. You don’t have to suffer from hair loss. Visit the center in Charlotte, North Carolina and be among the thousands of people that Legacy has helped reach their hair restoration goals.