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Natural treatment for hair care

3 November;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Natural treatment for hair care

Article by Stefania Constantin


Nutrition is the basis for a good health of the entire body, including hair. Hair treatments can only minimize the degradation, making it brighter, stronger, or giving a more intense color, but only a proper diet can stimulate a healthy hair growth.

Nutrients of any kind help keep a healthy hair, but its main support are proteins. (Hair contains 97% protein and 3% minerals). Important sources of protein are eggs, beans, yeast, peanuts, and dairy products. Yeast is an important source of vitamin B that helps in protein synthesis. On the other hand, sugar destroy vitamin B. In case of hair problems we have to be thinking of nutritional deficiencies. For example, a thin and dry hair shows that there are deficiencies of unsaturated fatty acids in the body, while dandruff draws attention to a lack of vitamin A and zinc.

In general, a well-balanced diet – containing a large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and sufficient amounts of protein – is the basis of a healthy hair and full of vitality. Fresh air, exercise, recreation and other health habits are beneficial for maintaining our body health. Stress, for example, especially experienced for long periods of time, damages the hair.

Beauty Formula Calivita

Beauty Formula is based on minerals and vitamins supplements, herbs and other nutrients and is used successfully to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails as well. It is a complex formula and carefully selected from the desire to supply the essential nutrients that our skin and hair need for maintaining the health and shine in permanently, that we all want.

Beauty Formula Calivita has in his composition minerals such as zinc, copper and silicium, vitamins A and C and B complex, and plant extract, known in traditional medicine for their extraordinary effects on health and beauty, such as nettle and horsetail.- Zinc and vitamin A helps to avoid the appearance of dandruff, which can lead to hair loss. – Copper is a complex mineral that causes total hair regeneration, even in patients with total loss of hair due to alopecia. Healthy copper concentrations are between 1.7 and 3, 5 milligrams. A higher or lower amount of copper will result in hair loss. – Vitamin B deficiency can lead to hair loss. – Biotin acts as an anti-aging agent and helps produce keratin and prevent hair loss. Biotin sources: whole grains, rice, liver, eggs, and milk.- Vitamin A is important for our general health. It is also beneficial to keep the hair root lubricated. Too much vitamin A can cause hair loss.- Traditionally, plants are used successfully for thousands of years to prevent or cure disease. Nettle and horsetail have been shown to have fabulous effects in hair regeneration, stop its fall and stimulate formation of new follicles.- Vitamin C helps improve circulation of the scalp. It is important to maintain the health of capillaries that carry blood to the follicles. Vitamin C is also an excellent antioxidant that acts against free radicals and is very beneficial for both hair and skin.- Vitamin E increases oxygen uptake, improves circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Because hair health is linked to immune system health, vitamin E and vitamin C is said to stimulate hair growth by enhancing immune function. Zinc also stimulates hair growth by enhancing the function of the immune system.- L-cysteine and L-methionine are two essential amino acids that improve quality, texture and hair growth, and help prevent its loss.- Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an important natural ingredient used in cosmetic skin care. Has antioxidant effect and is a great stimulant of the immune system.

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Home Remedies For Hair Care – Safe Natural Treatment

30 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Home Remedies For Hair Care – Safe Natural Treatment

Article by Dr Easton Patrick

Hair is important for all, for it makes us look good, young and adds an edge to our personality. Dense, thick, glossy hair is what everyone wishes for, but it does not come for free. Our hair is continually exposed to hair foes like dust, dirt, pollution, friction, scorching sun, dry air, harsh chemicals etc. Therefore you need to take good care of your hair in order to have dense, healthy and lustrous hair. Hair is of different types such as dry, oily and balanced hair etc and problems (dandruff, balding, thinning, pre-mature graying, itchy scalp etc) are multiple. Depending upon the type of hair and the problem, hair care treatments also vary a lot. The commercial hair care products make tall promises, but hardly do any good in reality. So it is better to take care of hair with the help of home remedies. Hair care home remedies are inexpensive and also free from harmful side-effects.

Home Remedies For Hair Care

1. Add 2 tablespoon honey in two cups of fresh cream. Apply on scalp and hair. Rinse with cold water after 30 minutes. This takes good care of dry, frizzy and entangled hair.

2. Massage with olive oil to get rid of dry hair.

3. Dry hair can also be treated with a generous application of mayonnaise.

4. Wash oily hair with Fuller’s earth daily. This will remove the extra oil.

5. Wash with triphala powder to get rid of oily, limp hair.

6. Use diluted lemon juice for the final rinse while washing. This will make the hair glossy.

7. Wash with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. This will make the hair glossy and bouncy.

8. Combine 1 teaspoon each of castor oil, mustard oil and coconut oil and apply on scalp. This gives relief from dandruff problem.

9. Add 1 teaspoon camphor to half cup margosa oil. Massage scalp daily with this blend. This cures dandruff.

10. Massage scalp with a combination of 1 part of lime juice and 2 parts of coconut oil. Leave for 2-3 hours and then rinse with warm water. This puts an end to dandruff problem.

11. Massage scalp with coconut oil or almond oil regularly for 10-15 minutes. This improves blood circulation at the roots and prevents hair fall.

12. Mingle 2 teaspoons henna powder, 1 teaspoon curd, 1 teaspoon fenugreek seed powder, 1 tablespoon coffee, 2 tablespoon mint juice and 2 tablespoon basil juice to make a paste. Apply the paste on hair and leave for 2-3 hours. This will color your hair naturally and hide gray hair from view.

13. Massage scalp with camphorated coconut oil daily at bedtime to get rid of itchiness.

14. Mix jasmine root extracts with lime juice and apply on scalp. This alleviates itching of scalp.

15. Blend lettuce juice and spinach juice to make a glassful and drink daily. This induces hair growth.

16. Grind seeds of lemon and black pepper; add little water to make a paste. Apply on bald patches. This treats baldness effectively.

17. Make a paste of licorice with milk and apply on bald patches. This is a hair growth inductive treatment.

18. Eat raw fruits and green leafy vegetables and drink plenty of water to have healthy hair.

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Natural Hair Extensions Installation Options – The Basics

15 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Natural Hair Extensions Installation Options – The Basics

Women have a deep and intimate relationship with their hair. Ask the average American woman how she feels about taking care of her hair each day, and up to what extent is she willing to take care of it, and you will get similar answers from one woman to the next. They will do pretty much anything and everything just to make their hair as glorious and as lovely as they can be. The hair can be the crowning glory of any woman, and to some point the hair is sometimes considered as the ultimate measure of a woman’s beauty. Thus, it is no surprise that women will pay huge amounts of money just to pamper it. It is also no surprise that women will even go as far as having natural hair extensions to make their hair even more stylish. For more information on just how women have natural extensions installed to their actual hair, all you have to do is read on.

The golden rule about natural hair extensions is that the shade of the natural extensions must be exactly, or close to, the actual hair of the woman. While it may be true that some women already use extensions that are far from their natural hair’s color, it is also true that in order to remove any distinction between the hair and the extensions, the extensions have to blend well with the actual hair. However, sewing in hair weave is the greatest and accountable way to add volume as well as style to your hair with hair extension. Though it takes longer to have the weaves sewn in to your existing hair but it also lasts longer and can provide you comprehensive satisfaction for longer. A hair weave can help you achieve the fabulous look you want, with Sew-in weave hair extensions, without disturbing your existing natural locks. It is also a great way of covering up thinning hair, as hair weaves are also meant to add volume to the hair. Moreover, hair extensions through Sew-in weave methodology are also a stronger and adoptable option than wigs for an ideal appearance.


The different methodologies mainly depend upon the personal preferences; some like to choose Sewn-in Weft technique that is extremely secure track of hair extension and used to stitch wefts of hair into your own hair through a basket hair stitch technique! In this hair extension technique wefts are attached to your head by sewing them to a tiny braid that runs horizontally all around the back of your head. The tracks are applied in the middle of your scalp beneath your hairline so that you can’t see them directly. Also the front area of your own hair covers the hair extensions making the extensions completely indistinguishable. Once all the braids are done, the wefts are gently sewn to them and then your own hair is blended with as well as combed over the extensions. The biggest and apparent advantage of Sewn-in Weft technique is extremely low maintenance to look after. It is more suited to normal thickness to thick hair types and lasts longer.

Fusion hair extensions or you say Keratin tipped extensions is another successfully technique that is perfect for people who feel uncomfortable with readymade hair. Fusion hair extensions could last longer (up to four to six months) when applied by a professional, experienced, expert and when maintained properly. In this method keratin tipped fusion hair extensions are meticulously attached to your hair by undergoing a procedure commonly known as “fusion bonding”. This method works by “fusing” the extensions with keratin proteins from your natural hair – strand by strand. The weft is then attached to the roots of your hair using a heated adhesive stick and bonding glue that are especially engineered specifically for fusion hair extensions.

To install natural hair extensions, one must use a comb and leave it at the top of the woman’s head. This spot is where the parting will be. From this point, make an extension of the parting up to the mid ear level. After establishing a few rows, the extension can then be installed, making sure they blend will with the actual hair. Continue doing this until the last strands of the natural extensions are blended well.

Today, natural hair extension is extremely simple to attain. Hair extensions are surprisingly available in a wide variety of styles, lengths and products that also ensure you create a new trendy hairdo every time you want! These can allow you to have long hair, increase the volume of your hair, and get highlights to snatch immediate attention. There are several dedicated companies that are committed to offering you the superior gleaming quality of Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair and quality hair care products. They also make sure that they provide 100% virgin hair that has not been chemically altered in any way other than colouring. Of you demand they offer professionally machine wefted, shed-free, tangle-free natural hair extensions that are suitable for sew-in weave styles. Gone are the days when you used to be so curious of top notch Hollywood celebrities with their awe inspiring, trendy and sumptuously dazzling hairstyles. You can also stagger your friends and be the graceful gem among everyone’s eyes easily!

Marrikas Hair Extensions is a UK based company committed to providing you the very highest quality of Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair and quality hair care products. We, like most other women, love beautiful hair. That is why our hair virgin natural hair extensions represent our passion and dedication to providing the highest quality hair on the market.We are also committed to providing you competitively priced hair extensions. We don’t believe that you have to break the bank to afford high quality natural hair extensions!


Hair Extensions And Your Natural Hair

14 September;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions And Your Natural Hair

Article by Carolyn Clayton

The maintenance and the styling of hair extensions are two factors that are surrounded by negative stereotypes. The freedom that you actually get with hair extensions is continually overlooked; you can do a lot more with them in your hair than is realised and the maintenance required isn’t some complex chore but more like how you would treat your natural hair.

There is only one aspect that comes to mind where hair extensions are involved and this is adding colour to your hair or having touch-ups done on your existing colour. As you may or may not be aware you are unable to place colour on your hair extensions due to the fact that they have already undergone an intense chemical process to get them to the colour that they are now so adding more colour to them would cause damage and has the potential to cause your extensions to fall out. If your natural hair requires a touch up you should have this carried out before your extensions are placed in as doing this afterwards will become difficult and will leave your hair uneven as you wont be able to place any dye near to your extension bonds. It is highly important that you don’t get any chemicals in the bonds of your extensions unless you want them to fall out.

Ok so we have covered the colouring of your hair, now onto the styling. You are able to style your hair with extensions in the same way that you would style your natural hair. You are able to use appliances such as hair straighteners and curling tongs as long as your extensions are made from human hair; if your extensions are synthetic it is not advised to place heat on them but if they are human hair you can blow dry, straighten or curl, you can style them in anyway that you wish without causing damage as long as you don’t directly disturb the bonds.

If you’re natural hair is either permed or naturally curly you can still get hair extensions. This is because as well as coming in a wide range of colours your hair extensions are also available in a range of textures; you are able to buy your extensions already curled so that it is in keeping with your natural hair.

One of the main problems that can arise with your hair extensions is the fact that they can tangle easily. The easiest ways of stopping this from happening is by using a wide toothed comb to de-tangle your hair. Also it is a good idea to run a mild mousse/conditioner through it using your fingers. One more way of stopping it from tangling is by loosely tying it back when you are sleeping.

If you want your hair extensions to last you will have to treat them with respect. This involves a good aftercare routine as well as giving your extensions regular maintenance. This will ensure that both your natural hair and extensions are kept looking great.

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12 Bad Habits That Prevent Natural Black Hair Growth and Why It Happens

The most common 12 bad habits that prevent black hair from growing are the number one destroyers when it comes to growing black hair.  Almost everyone has some type of habit or has used some type of product that has produced a negative effect on their hair.  Bad habits are hard to break, and there are a number of them that prevent black hair from growing at a steady pace.

1.  Hair Pulling:  Hair pulling is a bad habit and a tough habit to break for those like myself who are afflicted with it.  Hair pulling often comes from some type of traumatic event that may have occurred early on in life, and pulling the hair was a way to cope with the stress as it provided some source of comfort.  I have lived with hair pulling since I was a child, but now whenever I get the urge to pull my hair, I stop myself and focus on the goal I wish to achieve, which is to have long beautiful waist length hair.  I can assure you if you continue to pull your hair, you are not going to meet this goal no matter how good it feels to pull your hair.

2.  Alopecia and Nervousness:  Alopecia is a disorder often caused by nerves or stress characterized by a circular pattern of baldness usually on the top of the head.  Alopecia is treated with injections directly into the scalp in the affected area.  I have never had Alopecia, but I will admit that during stressful times in my life, my nerves have gotten the best of me which resulted in lots of hair combing out.  Until you gain control of your stress, whether it is treated with medication or by a more natural way which is exercise, your hair will suffer greatly.

3.  Sickness:  If you have to go to the hospital and you are prescribed multiple medications for an extended period of time, it can really wreak havoc on your hair, leave your hair in an unhealthy state, and can actually take your hair out resulting in thinness and severe hair loss.  It usually takes a long time for the hair to recover from this ordeal, but with time and patience, your hair should be back to normal and in good shape.


4.  Infrequent Washing:  If the hair is not washed often (at least once a week), the hair becomes stale smelling and takes a long time to show any signs of growth.  By not washing the hair often on a regular basis, you are depriving your hair of the following:  (a) good blood circulation to the scalp, and (b) adequate moisture to the hair which are essential in fast hair growth.

5.  Harsh Non-Hydrating Shampoos Loaded with Sulfates:  Some people think the more suds a shampoo has, the cleaner your hair will become.  That is not true.  In fact, shampoo that is very soapy has a tendency to dry out the hair and rob it if the necessary oils needed to promote black hair growth.  The best thing to use is a sulfate-free shampoo which will effectively clean the hair without drying it out. 

6.  Not Enough Moisture:  Black hair dries out quickly, so it is important to apply cream and spray moisturizers at least twice a day to keep the hair well conditioned, which will make it less likely to break off.  Co-washing, which is washing with a conditioner, is also a good way to keep moisture locked in.

7.  Unsafe Hair Dyes and Frequent Use of Dyes:  Dyes that are unsafe are those that contain ammonia which is a very harsh chemical that can lead not only to hair loss if used often, but can also cause serious disease like cancer.

8.  Too Much Heat:  Too much heat can literally fry black hair, particularly in young women who seem to think that using a flat iron every single day is absolutely necessary!  They don’t realize how much damage they are doing to their hair.  I recommend only applying this type of heat once a week.  In order to preserve your style, if your hair is long enough, wrap it at night so that you don’t feel the need to use the flat iron on it again the next day, or wear protective styles if at all possible during the week.

9.  Use of the Wrong Fashion Accessories:  Any hair accessory such as a barrette that has a metal clasp is capable of breaking the hair off because the hair will always get caught inside the clasp  when trying to remove it.  Whenever possible, search for accessories that have plastic clasps and those barrettes that are made with satin backing.  These types will cut down on hair breakage tremendously.  I know for a fact that Target carries a lot of satin barrettes that won’t tear your hair out.

10.  Excessive Handling of the Hair:  The rule of thumb is that if your hair is long, use protective styles during the week saving the more elaborate or free-flowing hairstyles for the weekend.  If your hair is short, use a simple style such as an afro with or without a part in it, or frame your afro with a pretty scarf or head band.  Simple styles when your hair is short during the grow-out phase will help prevent breakage.  Save the twists and braid-outs for when your hair has gotten longer (at least 6 months out from your big chop).

11.  Use of the Wrong Styling Tools:  To comb afro-textured hair with a fine-toothed comb in its natural shrunken state is a crime because it rips and tears out the hair.  Always use a wide-toothed comb and moisture the hair first.  This will help the comb glide through the hair better.  If you use a pick to pick out your fro, picks with metal prongs are bad for the hair as they tend to shred the hair.  Using a plastic pick is much better and causes far less damage to the hair.

12.  Wigs and Weaves:  The use of wigs and weaves during the grow-out phase only suffocates the scalp and does not permit adequate air to get to the scalp for fast growth.  Also, when you are wearing a wig or a weave, there is less of a chance that you will be massaging your scalp, and scalp massage is a necessary part for hair growth.  Your hair and scalp need to breathe, and they cannot do so if they are continually covered up.

To learn about other bad habits that prevent natural black hair growth and what you can do to promote your own black hair growth, you will find the answer in Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long.  Simply go to  

Tracey M. Kramer is a graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Office Administration.  She is a mother of two, an expert author and article writer who enjoys writing about crafts, personal growth and health issues. 


Tips for Natural Treatment for Hair Loss

6 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Tips for Natural Treatment for Hair Loss

It just makes a lot of sense that since hair develops from your scalp; properly caring for your scalp is definitely an integral part of good hair care specially when you need a treatment for hair loss. Your scalp must be properly supplied with the right amount of nutrients in order to make a healthy environment for hair growth. All the same, you might be surprised on how many experts in line with hair growth treatment miss that important point.

Non-Organic Treatment For Hair Loss Is Bad

Those so-called hair care experts will suggest you to bombard your scalp with harmful chemicals in the hopes of somehow fertilizing the hair follicle as a great treatment for hair loss. Instead, these will just tend to raise the existing harmful chemicals in your hair follicles which are the main culprits of your troubled hair. These harmful chemicals cause damage to your scalp, restricting the growth of your hair and causing swelling. So you ask, how to get healthy hair?

In place of chemical remedies, the best treatment for hair loss focuses on improving the general health of your scalp soothingly and naturally. Having a healthy scalp would translate to having a healthy hair follicle that is free to make the hair grow. If you want to have a healthy scalp, the following are some tips on treatment for hair loss that should get you started.

Getting To The Point With Some Tips On Treatment For Hair Loss


Look for a balanced among clean and just too clean scalp. Having your scalp thoroughly clean is an integral part of the treatment for hair loss. Cleaning will get rid of the excess sebum that contains the harmful toxins. Cleaning your scalp also eliminates the damaging germs which deteriorate the hair follicle’s general wellness. On a regular basis, you must clean your hair, although cleaning it much frequently will flush away too much of your skin’s natural conditioning sebum and will lead to severe drying. When this happens, small dead skin cells will tend to accumulate in your scalp and will tend to clog the follicles of the hair. This will eventually prohibit the growth and restricts the effectiveness or other treatment for hair loss.

At night, raise the humidity. This strategy is actually one of the most commonly known treatments for other skin concerns such as eczema and psoriasis. Those individuals suffering from these skin issues are aware that moist, warm environment encourages healing within their skin. In this very same way, your skin on your scalp will respond to hair concerns.

Find a spare time to provide your scalp a good and nice massage. It is a generally accepted fact that massages can actually promote rapid healing by increasing the circulation while on the treatment for hair loss. In your scalp, this only implies that the healing nutrients found on your diet can more easily penetrate through your problematic hair follicle. Majority of hair fall regimens include scalp massages, along with a topical treatment in order to promote the growth of new hair and stop hair falling.

Treatment for hair loss must be done from inside out. These are great remedies for your hair and scalp. They will encourage hair growth and assist the follicles of the hair to heal. Treating your scalp however from only the external can only do a lot. You may heal the follicles of the hair externally with organic hair products, although this will not prevent the assault coming from the inside. This is why you also have to pay attention to correcting issues from the inside the body that might play a role in hair loss.

Standing Out With High-Quality Treatment For Hair Loss

Advanced Hair Gear is one of the most popular names in the industry of natural hair care products that provides clients with a wide range of clinically tested products that are effective in addressing the problems externally which make your hair fall out. Advanced hair Gear provides a plan in nurturing your scalp back to optimal health externally. That is a dynamic challenge which requires an excellent strategy on a treatment for hair loss.




What if you just can’t grow you hair back?

I know how hard it can be to find a special and efficient treatment for hair loss, but if you want to really make your hair sing for you again you’ll need to learn a single method that works amazingly well.

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Some Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

13 July;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Some Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Article by Caizechong

How to naturally regrow lost hair? Can you regrow hair naturally? Believe it or not, regrowing hair naturally is not difficult. But what types of remedies are going to work best for you? There are numerous ones that also serve to help your body in other ways.

1. Protein deficient diet can lead to hair loss. Studies reveal that people experiencing thinning hair show deficiency in proteins. One of the natural ways to regrow hair is to have a diet high in proteins. As hair is made up of proteins, a protein rich diet can surely restore natural hair regrowth. Foods in which protein is found in high amounts include chicken, fish, nuts (almonds), cheese and beans. Along with proteins, intake of other nutrients such as minerals and vitamins can also help to regrow hair naturally.

2. Cycling, swimming, jogging, walking, etc tend to lower testosterone levels. This, in turn, lowers DHT levels which might mean less hair loss. Note: Heavy weightlifting exercises will make DHT levels increase (which is why bodybuilding has been linked to hair loss).

3. Aloe, Arnica, Birch, Burdock, Catmint, Chamomile, Horsetail, Licorice, Marigold, Nettles, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Southernwood and Stinging nettle are the major herbs that are used for hair growth. These herbs increase the circulation and the supply of blood in the scalp. Herbs like Aloe, Nettles and Stinging nettles help to clean the blood and the skin for hair growth.

4. Having a clean head is another way to increase hair growth. Removing dead skin cells, oil, dirt and styling products from the hair and scalp allows hair follicles to breathe and grow hair. Just as clogged pores cause skin problems, clogged hair follicles cause hair growth stagnation. Roots cannot grow hair if they are blocked with oil and dead skin. One home remedy for cleaning the hair is making an egg shampoo. The yolks of two eggs, two ounces of mineral water and a tablespoon of lemon juice is a recipe recommended by the “Homemade Shampoo Recipes” on the Your Hairstyles website. Mix all the ingredients and apply the mixture to your scalp and hair. Rinse with warm water. Another option is to use commercial shampoos.

5. A very useful technique that boosts hair regrowth involves gentle massage to the scalp. Concentrate more on massaging the bald areas, but ensure that the massage is evenly given to the whole head. Poor blood circulation to the scalp, is the main cause behind thinning of hair. A scalp massage promotes better blood flow, necessary for healthy regrowth of hair.

6. Essential oils are associated with many beneficial effects for both the mind and body. Over the years, many have been used as natural remedies for thinning hair, hair loss as well as other skin and hair conditions. They are extremely concentrated and should normally be applied using a base or carrier oil (olive oil is especially good for healthy hair growth and removing residues from your scalp). Methods of application include: hair oil, rinse and massage.

7. Saw palmetto is the herbs that are used in the products like folligen and revivogen. The extract of this herb is mixed in the composition of the medicine. Some pills are also available from the ayurvedic treatment that helps in the hair growth and regrowth. Other herbs for hair growth are listed and explained below.

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Common Types of Natural Hair Extensions

11 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Common Types of Natural Hair Extensions

The use of natural hair extensions is very popular. However, you want to become familiar with the different types that may be used to put them in place. There are pros and cons to each method. What you will find is that some hair dressers are only trained in one or two types. If you have a preference you need to make it known well in advance. Take the time to find out if they can do it too – don’t just assume they are skilled in the method you want for your hair extensions.

Weft hair extensions are held in place with small threads that are very fine. It can have a heavy texture to it which does work well for fine hair. It can be part the weaving hair extensions process as well. This is where it is put into the real hair on the head to offer a uniform look. It prevents the hair extensions from being discovered.

It can take a great deal of time though for weave hair extensions to be put into place. That is why the process can be expensive. It may take hours and hours at one setting too in order to get them secured in place. If you are considering it ask the hair dresser how much time they feel will be involved with that process.

With weave hair extensions the natural hair is woven into the real hair at the root. This helps it to be very secure so you don’t have to worry that it won’t stay when you move or when you style the hair. This method is perfect for anyone who is going through hair loss or thinning hair. It is also common for brides who want to have long, luxurious hair for their wedding day.

It is important to note though that weave hair extensions have been known to weaken the real hair. For those trying to cover up thinning hair or that which is falling out this could speed up those problems.

To help speed up the process but to give nice results many people turn to the process of glue in hair extensions. They feature a type of adhesive that help them to be secured in place. Another benefit of this is that they can be put into place without looking bulky for a more natural look.

On the down side though glue in hair extensions can damage the roots of the real hair. As a result it can be come very thin and brittle. Split ends may result too so it is very important to keep a good eye on the overall health of the hair when they are in place. Since glue in hair extensions are faster and cheaper than the weave method though many people go this route.

Weft hair extensions are the fastest method and it may seem unreal that they can be applied in just a few minutes. There is a special type of backing involved that the hair is secured to. To help it stay in place sections of real hair are placed between those sections of the natural hair extensions. That is a bonus benefit of weft hair extensions.

hair extensions
remy hair extension


Natural Hair Loss Treatment – How to Prevent Hair Loss

8 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Natural Hair Loss Treatment – How to Prevent Hair Loss

Article by Bryan len

Hair loss is not a rare case anymore! Almost all the people across the world suffer from hair loss in their lives one or the other time. The reasons could be many, ranging from hormonal disturbances to stress and from heredity to improper hygiene of hair. Whatever the cause is, though hair loss may not affect the bodily system by damaging them, it is an embarrassing problem that can make a person feeling so down among others.

Unfortunately, men are more to suffer from hair loss as compared to women. On the other hand, luckily, there is a way to treat this problem. There is an advanced technology through which, one can implant the hair on bald area but then, natural hair loss treatment is always first choice among many men across the world. This is solely due to natural hair loss treatment does not require any cut or incision and it does not ask for any harmful synthetic way to treat the hair loss problem.

The natural hair fall treatment includes application of some hair oil or lotion and to massage it onto the scalp in order to nourish the hair roots and so the hair. Such hair root nourishing not only help strengthening the hair roots but also help in repairing the hair shaft and damaged hair ends. In this way, they help in preventing the falling of the hair.

Hair fall is quite common and to lose 60-80 hairs a day is considered to be a normal, physiological body response. However, more than this number of hair falling surely require medical attention. The symptoms of severe hair fall are noticing a lot of hair falling while combing the hair. Moreover, on shirt, tee-shirt and on shoulders and sleeves, one may find a lot of hair fallen out. Also, on pillows and bed sheets there are many hairs fallen.

While bathing, the hairs fall more than the regular amounts and there, they really require treatment. Natural hair fall treatment may also include some internal medications that comprise of natural herbal extracts in pills/powder form that help in strengthening the hair roots. Ayurvedic herbs such as bhringaraj, amalaki (Indian gooseberry) are said to be very useful in providing proper nourishment to the hair. Also, natural herbal hair oil that includes bhringaraja, amalaki, henna, tulasi and amla is also believed to be very useful as natural hair loss treatment.

Many holistic health care providers believe that holistic exercises such as pranayama and meditation can also help in preventing the hair fall. They are also considered as a natural hair loss or hair fall treatment. Stress is one of the major reasons for hair fall and practicing pranayama and meditation, one can get rid of stress that ultimately prevent the hair from falling. Acupressure and yogasanas such as shirshasana are useful to prevent hair loss. Also, avoiding spicy and oily food is must to keep hair from falling.

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The Subversion of natural hair

28 April;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The Subversion of natural hair

Article by yueguangduying


1.Does hair not shine? No way!

In connection with straight hairGHD Hair Straightener,using special hair care products could make it more shiny soon is necessary. Care, the first bifurcation of the hair to long hair and sharp cut, and then strongly care. Special hair care products in the repair and wheat protein nutrient hair can get in 20 minutes healthy and shiny (like: Pantene Pro-V’s “deep conditioner nutrients”). Straight hair is best to use moisturizing shampoo, it refuses to accept posts can become soft and smooth hair thread, and then use a suitable hair conditioner, leave hair silky smooth. When the shape of dry hair with a GHD Hair Straightener to straighten, make hair super shiny, but must also use heat-resistant gel.

2.Fine hair?look here!

Even the actress Suofeimasuo is willing to ask Marc to pack her fine hair like silk, Marc said: “I blow dry hair with a hair dryer when the hair started to pay attention to the natural shape. For fine hair, I generally do not do strength of maintenance, only some of the cleaning-free hair conditioner, and moisturizing conditioner to be able to even put on the hair on the brittle fracture easily. But one thing is to note, the most damaged hair, hot hair, long-term use of heat Hair will make hair dull. curly hair comb hair with the most taboo, rough-tooth comb is ideal. in hair care, if done on the Nutrition thin hair protection, so they will pull hair towering spirit did not appear. “

3. Do up your hair Hair is always unkempt, became the head like a lion? Please use a strong role in the eco-soft hair shampoo, but do not forget to use conditioner to help hair fluffy. And your hair care for clear lines and minor level. With fluffy hair ways to make your hair to keep their youth, the specific approach is that hair with a round brush or hair after the hair Juan Zhu Volume 2 minutes and let it dry.A flexible hair spray can make your hair to avoid the rigid feel. After using the tackifier can always use a little finger dipped in water, combing hair, hair can be long maintained.


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