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The way to Maintain Individual Hair Extensions

8 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The way to Maintain Individual Hair Extensions

Article by Yesla2011

Nowadays, informed folks are deciding about clipping inside human hair extensions being a technique of prolonging and also thickening your hair. We today don?t must painstakingly enjoy our hair to progress a small half some type of inch month; we is currently able to be able to pop in to the salon along with emerge several hours later employing long slick hair that may rival even essentially the most a-list movie star. However, it could be a blunder to reflect that there are your exts fitted along with that?s the particular finale than me all. It is important to look closely at your exts and look after them properly in order that them that may last in your longest opportunity possible.We’ve witnessed several scary testimonies in earlier times regarding frizzy individual hair extensions, yet needs. Some individuals learn in which their exts drop out and so they damage the natural frizzy hair but when applied along with removed carefully and well-maintained people issues shouldn?t manifest being a problem. It really is wise in which well-cared designed for extensions go longer together together with since exts don?t typically come low-cost please get yourself a human head of hair moneys value!

It is simple to control your extensions of course, if you choose find a way to tend these they?re capable of last as many as 6 months and in addition process will be a lot better about together your natural and organic hair along with your scalp. In the beginning, you should make certain that you use a human hair extensions applied by simply a expertly experienced stylist. If any human hair extensions are already applied appropriately they probably are definitely to move longer. Ensure a particular person does several research inside salon just before receving the extensions slipped into and generally use a consultation ahead of application.Once individual hair extensions have been completely fitted any human head of hair stylist should provide you some essential instructions about how precisely best to be able to love your frizzy hair. It can be a must in which everyone stick to these in case you are to support an extensions for your prolonged time. They will furthermore guide you the quantity products to utilize specifically within your extensions. If you assist the best products within your extensions an individual may stretch out there their demand lifespan.You must take supplemental care when experiencing wet frizzy hair. You shouldn?t slumber regarding damp hair because it causes breakage once you sleep. In addition, you take safety measures not that may leave hair from your wet toilet towel or perhaps ponytail for a few minutes because it prevents virtually any hair together with drying thus softening virtually any bonds. Try that may always employs the certain minimal conditioners along with shampoos recommended from the stylist and you should not use any conditioner in to the bonds as this might soften them and generate the proxy head of hair to fall out.When being dressed in extensions you?ve have got to take supplemental care don?t permit flowing head of hair get twisted. If any human hair extensions obtain tangled within your natural frizzy hair then this will likely make these fall introduced or need be removed. With some extra look after your part you might avoid the particular by creating to remember to brush flowing hair on the bare bare minimum twice every single day, but acquire as gentle as they possibly can. Always start brushing inside bottom apart and don?t take excessively with tangles, alternatively gently tease them out. Before bedtime it’s wise to link flowing hair in the good reduce ponytail or simply just a plait to ensure it doesn?t obtain tangled during the time you slumber.When being dressed in real frizzy individual hair extensions you might still benefit from heat doing your hair equipment but try to be careful to guard the hair with a protection merchandise beforehand. But, if individual hair extensions are already synthetic or consists of low excellent hair you should not get ready to utilize heat fixed. Always confer with your stylist first.

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How to Maintain a Healthy Hair using Hair Conditioner

28 July;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to Maintain a Healthy Hair using Hair Conditioner

Article by Kelly

Our hair suffers from the harmful effects of polluted environment. It is, therefore, important to “>condition our hair. Hair conditioners help to improve shine and elasticity of the hair. They also help us manage hair easily. They rejuvenate our hair and so using the right one is an important aspect of hair care.

Various types of hair conditioners are available in the market like dry hair conditioner, frizzy hair conditioner, hair growth conditioner, damaged hair conditioner and so on. It is advisable to select a hair conditioner that suits our hair type. For instance, if the hair is dry and frizzy, choose a conditioner that moisturizes and reconstructs your hair. If the hair is thin, select a conditioner that adds the volume of the hair. It is also advisable to change the brand of the conditioner frequently so that hair is protected from build-ups and specific formula effects.

Conditioner that contains humectants is able to hold moisture into the hair. Conditioner that has hydrogenated keratin protein is good for reconstructing our hair. Since keratin has low molecular weight, it is able to penetrate the hair shaft and strengthens the hair deeply. There are some special hair conditioners that help safeguarding our hair from heat. These products contain effective heat absorbing polymers and thus protect our hair from heat damages. Some special conditioners help treating chemically processed hair and people having color treated hair can get more benefits by using this product.

A “>good hair conditioner ought to have moisturizer, reconstructor, detangler, acidifier, thermal protector and glosser. Apart from this, some chemicals like fatty acids, panthonal, sequestrants and preservative. These chemicals are active ingredients that induce better functioning of conditioner even in hard water.

Hair conditioners come in different types also. Pack conditioners are heavy and creamy and they are highly useful in treating damaged hair. It is sensible to leave such conditioners for long time in hair. This type of conditioner helps to cure split ends and other problems. Leave-in conditioners are lightweight and contain oily surfactants. Generally, good conditioner has a balance between these two.

Most of us think that conditioner should be used daily to keep our hair healthy. However, it is not a real thing. It is preferable to use hair conditioners once or twice a week. We need to cleanse the hair with a normal shampoo first and then apply the conditioner distributing it thoroughly with a wide-toothed comb. It is essential to leave it for five minutes before rinsing.

It is important to “>apply Hair conditioners on the hair shaft and ends and not to apply them on the scalp. Applying conditioner on scalp creates a limp look and leads to build-ups. Since the ends and hair shaft are dead proteins, applying conditioner there can create smoothness and thickness.

Though conditioning is specially meant for dry hair, it is wise to use it on all types of hair to keep it gleam and strong. It gives the hair an intense type of nourishing treatment. Treating the hair with conditioner helps to correct the poor hair care effects. If the outer cuticle is damaged, applying conditioner can help recover from it.

There are some hair conditioners that utilize essential oils and botanical extracts like avocado, aloe Vera, shea butter and so on. Using such products help to replenish the look and feel of the hair after shampooing and so, the hair looks smooth and glossy.

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Tips to Help You Maintain Healthy And Vibrant Looking Long Hair

Article by Amber Joanas

Maintaining healthy, vibrant looking long hair requires a great deal of time and effort. There are a number of problems that naturally accompany long hair. Your lifestyle and you diet will have an affect on the quality of your hair. If you don’t maintain a healthy balanced diet or if you skip a lot of meals eat, you are more likely to have hair that is dry and coarser. Stress and a lack of sleep also play apart in your hairs health, and the longer your is hair, the more noticeable the damage will be to your hair. Hair breakage is very common with long hair. When strands of long hair start to break, your hair will start to take on an uneven look. Hair breakage is the cause of flyaway hair and split ends. To keep your hair looking healthy, and tidy you need to engage yourself in a long hair care program that will restore the luster and shine of your long hair. However when it comes to long hair care products, you should be very careful!

Today there are many long hair care products being sold that might not be suitable for your hair. If you are serious about finding a long hair care program that will work well with your hair you should consult an expert before you purchase any over the counter products. A expert will be able to look at your damaged hair and provide you with sound advice concerning products you should use to fix the damage that has been done that has been done to your hair. Because there are a number of things that we don’t about our own hair its always a good idea to consult an expert first and get their advice. I’m not going to lie to you, unless you are a really smooth talker your probably going to need to spend some money to get a professional to look at your hair and give you advice, but the money you end up spending will be well worth the advice the advice that you are given.

In order to maintain healthy long hair, constant trimming and proper shampooing need to be part of your hair care program. Because its impossible to avoid hair breakage, you need to trim your hair regularly. Whenever you notice splits ends you should go, and get your hair trimmed before your hair starts to look untidy. You should also use a shampoo that is right for your type of hair. You should always follow the advice of your hair care expert when it comes to choosing the shampoo that is right for your hair type, and you should never purchase anyone of the run of the mill shampoos that you find on the shelf at your local supermarket without consulting a hair care specialist first.

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How to Maintain Your Remy Hair Wigs and Lace Front Wig

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to Maintain Your Remy Hair Wigs and Lace Front Wig

Article by James Streak

Remy hair wigs are the most sought after wigs and if you want to invest in a high quality wig without compromising on looks, then you can go for a Remy or a lace front wig. Wigs were once headgear that had important social and religious significance and judges and aristocrats wore them. These days however, wigs are worn for purely cosmetic reasons and Remy hair wigs are high on the wish list because it is very important for wigs to appear neat and look good else the purpose of wearing it is defeated.

Remy hair wigs are made from hair and are the most sought after wigs because of their quality and shine. A lace front wig made from hair is totally indistinguishable from a real head of hair. This is because this hair has all the cuticles aligned in one direction resulting in a smooth and uniform hair texture and all the hair together in a wig make a nice head of hair. Though there are many ways to make wigs, the Remy hair is usually reserved for the best.

To keep a wig looking good for years to come, its maintenance is very important. Remember one thing when you are wearing Remy hair wigs. Unlike natural hair, the hair on the wig does not get nourished and fed by the body and they will not replenish themselves naturally, so you have to follow some basic maintenance tips for these wigs. Do not be rough and do not tug at the hair with a comb. Be gentle, otherwise they will start coming off, fall off the lace base. The sun is the biggest enemy. The hair can tolerate some sun damage; the wig won’t sizzle and vaporize like a vampire in the sun, but too much exposure to the sun will result in cumulative damage.

Natural hair will recover, but the ‘dead’ hair on the wig won’t. You’ll just have to discard the wig and get a new one. Well, eventually you should because even the best of the best Remy hair wigs come with a shelf life, but it shouldn’t be allowed to happen prematurely. Cleanliness is also of utmost importance – do not leave your lace front wig lying around where it can collect dust.

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How To Wash And Maintain Your Lace Wig

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How To Wash And Maintain Your Lace Wig

How to wash and maintain Remy hair Lace Wigs.     Lace wigs are professional products and it is extremely important you familiarise yourself with the texture of your lace wig. Only use products that work well with your lace unit’s texture. Some products you use on your own natural hair may not work well with your Full lace unit.   


1. Before washing your Full lace Unit, gently brush using detangling brush or leave-in conditioner such as Brandywine to soften the unit so you do not pull on the fragile knots as this may cause shedding. Brush from tip of the wig to base, Never begin brushing from top or middle as this may cause damage or tangle the unit.  


2. Ensure you have cleaned and removed any adhesive or tape residue around the perimeters of the lace using soft bristle brush and Oil based solvents such as C-22 Remover  

3. Place your full lace wig on the Styrofoam head and use T pins to gently secure.  


4. In a spray Bootle, mix a capful of shampoo and fill the remaining with Luke warm or cold water. It is very important to use shampoo that is suitable for your Full Lace wig texture. Products that work well are Silicon mix,  Nearly Natural , Aveda, Paul Mitchell.  


5. Place your Full lace wig  on the Styrofoam head under a gentle stream of cold or luke warm water and pour or spray shampoo mix evenly over the wig and use a wide tooth rounded edge brush to distribute the shampoo evenly. remember to always comb from ends of the hair to the root, Never from top or middle.   6. Rinse your unit thoroughly on the Styrofoam head using gentle stream of cold water.   7. In a spray, mix a capful of conditioner and fill the remaining with cool water. It is important to use conditioner products that are suitable with your full lace wig texture. products we recommend are silicon mix, nearly natural, Redken Smooth down, Aveda, Paul Michelle  


8. Place your Full Lace Wig on the Styrofoam head under a gentle stream of cold water. Pour or spray the conditioner mixture evenly over the unit and using a wide tooth rounded end comb to distribute the mixture all over the unit from tip to root of the unit. Remember not to comb from top or middle as this may cause damage or tangling.  

For deep conditioning – you may spray the Nearly Natural Lace wig restorer evenly on the unit after applying the conditioner and allow to sit for 5 minutes before rinsing with cold water. This products will soften, restore and revive your unit sealing all split ends.



9. Rinse your Full lace wig thoroughly on the Styrofoam wig head in a gentle stream of cold water.  

10. Blot dry your full lace wig with towel in gently patting motion.


Spray or apply your leave in conditioner if desired and allow to air dry.



11. To minimise shedding, Apply the Knot Sealer. This is done by turning the unit inside our and spraying the knot sealer inside of the base of your unit and dry with warm hair dryer. 2-3 coats of the knot sealer is recommended.  


12. Style your Full lace wig as desired. Remember not to apply to many oil based products on the unit as this may weigh down the hair and cause tangling.



   How to maintain and care for Curly Full Lace wigs  

Curly Full lace wigs can be challenging if you are not experienced in how to care for curly hair. Be very gently and patient with your Curly Full lace wigs




Follow all the above steps. And ensure you use products that are suitable for Curly hair texture. Do not apply too many products such as moose, serums, and gels as this may cause build up on the hair and may provoke tangling and make hair harder to manage. Less is more. Hair should always have MOVEMENT!.  

DO NOT brush Curly Full Lace Wig as this may change pattern of natural curls. You may use your fingers to separate the curls.


Braiding Curly Full Lace Wig at night before sleeping will maintain curl pattern and reduce restyling.  



Maintain Your own hair underneath Your wig   

Always try and remove your Wigs at least every 2 weeks and reapply of required. Skin naturally sheds and may build up under a lace wig and this may cause irritation and unhygienic.


Always shampoo, steam and condition your natural hair regularly.


Always oil your scalp to combat dryness and dandruff build up


Always dry your own hair thoroughly before reapplying your unit.


If you suffer from hair loss conditions such as alopecia, ensure you apply your treatments to your scalp at least once a week and keep your scalp clean.   If you have any reaction to adhesive products, Stop immediately, You May Use Hypoallergenic adhesives such as Oil resistant white Glue for future applications.  

If you are receiving treatments such as Chemotherapy; Ensure you use non chemical based adhesive products, solvent and sealants.



Store your wigs if not in use on Styrofoam heads, or satin bags and stuff the unit to maintain form and shape of the wig.




























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