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The No No Hair Removal System – From Laser Hair Removal to at Home Hair Removal Systems

Article by Jane Marcella

In terms of taking away unwanted hair, the NoNo Hair Removal 8800 System seemed to be a revolutionary gadget designed to remedy many conditions the previous traditional hair removal solutions witnessed. What were these complaints? First let?s take a look at the challenge at hand.

Many women take good pride into their looks, their beauty and glamour is everything that anyone can possibly imagine. Believe it or not, they put a great deal of effort into their appearance, and a lot of people don?t have any idea about it. One of the biggest concerns with women?s beauty is excessive hair. Hair in unwelcome places can be extremely unappealing. Imagine many women with hair beneath their arms, or above their own lips. It?s difficult to imagine that this is true but it?s legitimate, many women plus some men, usually are plagued using excessive hair regrowth in unwelcome places. If you were a female trying to attract a hubby or partner, or even impressing a potential employer, the presence of undesired hair can offer negative desirable consequences. You may think this is just applies to those who are shallow, but the truth is, society only pretends to be so accepting.

Many solutions include the obvious such as using a shaver or tweezer. Shaving has been around forever, and it will often be known one of the most practical, along with inexpensive at your home applications. You can easily shave your own legs after a shower and also the only you?ll at any time need is a new razor plus some foam. Nowadays shaving is still among the finest ways for some women who DON?T have much of a hair problem. It is a thing that can be done over a bi-weekly cycle. The most critical problem with waxing is the fact that it’ll always grow back, and infrequently thicker compared to before. It has never been a lasting solution. The continual reuse of shaving froth and the change of blades can also add up to an amazing cost over time.

Waxing is no greater, the cost for every session is quite a bit higher and so is the pain. Most people completely avoid waxing permanently as it doesn’t offer any further of a permanent solution. The advantage of waxing is that the item lasts a little bit longer, and also the immediate email address details are far more gratifying. Again, hair will undoubtedly grow back and the cycle continues.

In essence of looking for a more permanent solution, laser hair removal was discovered. Many folks understand that lazer hair will involve a focused laser that will dives into the roots and kills the head of hair at the follicles. If done correctly, it ought to never grow back. This was scientifically sound; even so there are a number of limitations. People with light locks cannot be helped by laser hair, in addition, the laser getting such a excessive intensity gadget has been found in order to affect pores and skin pigmentation. In addition, laser hair procedures are anywhere north of 0-0 per session, and will require a number of sessions.

That?s exactly why the No no Hair removal system, that is designed to tackle ALL of the issues above, solves all your problems. Instead of a laser application, your NoNo System uses Thermicon Technology, that’s essentially an extreme heat application(instead of a laser light) that focuses on the hair at the root. For this motive, there are no skin color or hair color limitations. For a one-time cost of about 0 and in most cases a free trial run, this is undoubtedly the first alternative anyone need to approach any time hair removal is a priority. The NoNo Hair program does eliminate hair quickly and easily. The application might take some time, and it also does will need multiple uses. However, you don’t need to pay for a number of uses, because device doesn’t require purchasing fresh parts possesses no re occurring expenses.

In terms of unwelcome hair removal, it’s worth every penny along with the time to try out the NoNo Hair removal system as soon as. It may not be for everybody, but it undoubtedly holds a higher merit in terms of revolutionary beauty products.

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If you are tired of shaving and waxing everyday, then one of the best ways to remove hair is through the use of the NoNo Hair Revmoval System.Visit my site to read my full NoNo Reviews.


Laser Hair Removal – FAQ’s

21 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Laser Hair Removal – FAQ’s

How does laser hair removal process?

laser hair removal systems throw a gentle beam of light passing through the skin into the hair follicle. The hair absorbs the laser energy is converted into heat and the hair follicle is disabled.

How does Laser Hair Removal compare with electrolysis?

Electrolysis can be a tedious and painful process to destroy the hair follicle at a time. This can sometimes require treatment over the years, at regular intervals.

Laser hair removal, instead talking about hundreds of hair follicles at the same time, the process is much faster.

Laser hair removal for someone?

Coolglide Technology

When the CoolGlide unique design is now the flexibility to treat all skin types, laser hair removal. Before CoolGlide, tanned patients and people with dark skin can not expect good results in the treatment of laser hair removal.

A cool slide unit has a wavelength, which can treat all skin tones. Although patients with fair skin still respond the best, medical studies have shown that patients with dark or tanned skin can now get a discount equal to fair hair skinned patients without adverse side effects.

Other apparatus for laser hair removal

With some equipment laser hair removal is an absolute requirement that the hair must be darker than the surrounding skin.

white skin with dark hair best suits. People who have a dark, coarse hair is easier to deal with dark hair contains melanin, a dark pigment which attracts the laser light is absorbed more laser energy. Fewer sessions required.

light-colored hair is more difficult to treat and blonde and red are very difficult to treat requiring multiple sessions of laser hair removal with varying results.

Anyone with a diet rich in beta-carotene may have to change eating habits if they want to get the best results from laser hair removal. The beta-carotene, vitamin A found in carrots, squash and other vegetables produces a yellow or orange in the skin absorbs the laser energy and interferes with the achievement of the hair follicles.

As the beta-carotene can remain in the body for months, an adjustment in diet may be needed well before the laser hair removal treatment for optimal results.

People with fair skin is easier to treat, requiring less laser hair removal sessions, the results faster.

People who have dark skin or sun tanned skin take longer to get results because melanin, the dark pigment of hair, is also present in the skin. Melanin absorbs some of the laser light.

There is a danger of burning the skin dark, in these cases, if a low-energy laser beam is used. For this reason also a higher level of expertise required removal laser hair removal clinic.


How long time does laser hair removal treatment take?

The time required for laser hair removal treatment varies from person to person through skin, hair coloring and coarseness of hair that affect the entire time.

Here are some estimates that can give a rough indication.

* Back 1 ½ to 3 hours

* Shoulders 10-20 minutes

* Underarms 1-2 minutes

* Bikini Line 8-10 minutes

* Upper lip of less than 1 minute

* Chin 2-3 minutes

* Pin 1 ½ -3 hours

At least two or three treatments are needed, and hair that is waxed or removed with tweezers may take 5-8 treatments.

Why repeat laser hair removal sessions necessary?

Hair goes through cycles. Refers to the anagen stage of hair growth. treatment of laser hair removal works best on hair that is in the anagen phase.

If a laser hair removal treatment can have lasting effects, repeated treatments are necessary to obtain the best results to capture all the hairs into the anagen phase.

Laser hair removal is safe?

Yes. Laser uses a wavelength of light passing through the skin. Unlike X-rays, there is no residual left in the body.

The skin may appear pink or red after treatment. She disappears – in some cases, after a few minutes, in other cases, after a few hours, or in other cases, a few days. The use of cold compresses can speed recovery time.

Laser hair removal is painful?

It varies from person to person depending on their sensitivity. Some have described the sensation of the laser hair removal for a small plug of skin. Others say it feels like a pinch on the skin.

When can I expect to see the results of laser hair removal?

After the first treatment the hair will fall gradually over the next two months. Repeated treatments of laser hair removal are necessary to capture all the hair on their different stages of growth.

How much does laser hair removal?

This depends on the size of the area in need of laser hair removal treatment. The consumer guide to laser hair removal treatment will be provided $ 500 Fri. time management as a reasonable average of 3-4 sessions are usually required.

The whole area on the back or legs can cost considerably more but smaller areas like upper lip can be less expensive. Individual interviews are needed to establish accurate pricing laser hair removal.

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Laser Hair Removal – An Expose

21 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Laser Hair Removal – An Expose

Looking at ads in fashion magazines you come across many pictures of bare chested, hairless, good-looking men. This has become the new American norm. So now men join the women in the quest for smooth, shiny skin, less reminiscent of our ancestors.


Unwanted hair growth  has been a problem for women for many generations across many cultures. From the geisha of Japan that painted her eyebrows high above their natural place, to the women of Armenia who liked to look less hairy and shaved their arms.

In our modern times, the best way to achieve that smooth skin is laser hair removal. To understand why that is the case, here are the facts:


Since the modern world started using what we call a laser beam, our lives have been forever changed. Lasers are used in weaponry, industry, medicine, dentistry, cosmetic procedures, tattoo removal, and in the last few years, lasers have been used in hair removal.


It has become so popular that over 2 million procedures a year are performed in the United States alone. With so many uses and so many procedures, we understand lasers like we never did before. The treatments are quite simple. Specific treatments are designed for specific parts of the body, but what you can expect is a cooling gel being spread on the area, a few flashes of light close to the skin which will feel like little nip, zapping the hair follicle under the skin to prevent them from developing more hair. Then the gel is wiped, with all the unwanted hair.


Treatment length depends on several factors: the area treated, the color of the skin, the color of the hair and its density. Since lasers work on the melamine in the hair follicle, the darker the hair, the easier it is to target. Because the hair has to be in its growth stage to be affected, and our hairs grow at different times, repeated visits are needed to achieve smooth, hairless skin. Normal duration is somewhere between 4-6 visits.


Visit length depends on the area being treated, typically from 15 to 60 minutes.

The price varies as well. Just as botox can be found in different prices at different places, so can laser hair removal. Make sure it is a clean, reputable place. The laser is targeted to certain areas so the accuracy is very high, and the effectiveness long lasting. Research done in Ankara, Turkey, proved it is 60 times more affective than electrolysis, the other permanent hair removal method.


Side effects rarely occur, and when they do they take the form of mild redness that goes away after a couple of hours.


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Hair Growth Laser Makes For The Perfect Hair Loss Remedy

20 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Growth Laser Makes For The Perfect Hair Loss Remedy

Hair loss does not have to be something that holds you back for excelling and living life confidently.  While there are a number of treatments and products available to choose from, few compare the devices offered by Hair Growth Laser 50.  Laser treatment is gaining a prominence and this product is the perfect response to the hype.


When considering using laser therapy as a hair loss remedy, a lot of people turn to a doctor’s  office for assistance.  However what yo will find is Hair Growth Laser 50 uses the exact same lasers as the clinical models as a much lower price.  You will receive laser consisting of 5 to 0 mill watts in power and 650 nanometers  in wavelength, which is the exact same laser recently FDA approved.


You will find hand held laser brushes that can get the job done as well.  The problem many consumers have with these devices is how much work is actually involved. It can wear you out quickly whereas Hair Growth Laser 50 products are all hands free.  Instead of working to re-grow your hair you can sit back and relax while your hair becomes thicker, healthier and fuller.


One problem that some products present is actually covering the entire thinning area fully. The good news is that hair loss remedy devices provide 100% coverage of the entire thinning area.  Instead of having a few laser to work with, Hair Growth Laser consists of an incredible number of 50 lasers or more.


Finally, you have got to talk about the price when i comes to these kinds of procedures.  Professional laser salons can charge thousands of dollars for a 6 month treatment.  Laser combs charge around 0, but the product is far less effective with just one laser.  Hair Growth Laser is the ultimate Hair Loss Remedy with over 50 lasers providing the maximum, results at a bargain price.



Commerical hair growth laser manufacuturer and distributor for over 10 years.  For more information on hair laser products visit


Womens Facial Hair- the Laser Hair Removal Solution

30 April;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Womens Facial Hair- the Laser Hair Removal Solution

Women’s Excessive Facial Hair Growth – there’s no need to suffer!

Excessive facial or body hair in women is a condition called hirsutism. Hirsutism either runs in the family, usually presenting at menopause and puberty, or it can be an indicator of a larger underlying problem. Research indicates that up to 10-12% of the Australian female population is affected by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which can be linked to excessive hair growth and hirsutism.

Hereditary hirsutism is largely an aesthetic rather than a health concern. When not hereditary it is most likely the result of excessive male hormone production (adrenal virilism), or an increased sensitivity of the hair follicle to normal male hormone levels. It is important to both a woman’s health and her self-con dence to have this condition diagnosed by a doctor. Hirsutism and any hormone imbalance that may underlie this condition can be treated. Excessive facial and/or body hair can be managed. Electrolysis is one means of managing excess hair but this can be painful, slow and very costly requiring many visits as only one follicle at a time is usually treated by sending an electrical pulse down the hair shaft.

Laser hair removal (as distinct from the much less effective IPL) is a much more manageable maintenance procedure as it treats a larger number of follicles at a time, is more comfortable than electrolysis and provides fast effective treatments. Hormonal hair growth via Laser Hair Removal therapy is efficient and manageable but not always a permanent solution as it is likely that hormonal hair regrowth may occur although usually at a much slower rate and usually much thinner than before, so hirsutism sufferers should be wary of claims by any service provider that they will achieve a permanent solution.

A woman might consider bleaching her facial hair, which makes it less visible alternatively regularly waxing can also assist. All of these methods should be used as means to treating the symptom, but any woman with progressing hirsutism should consult a doctor for a diagnosis in order not to compromise her health, or her self-confidence.

Nad’s Laser Hair Removal Clinic treats a number of hirsutism sufferer’s however warns that when it comes to facial hair, clients need to carefully select their treatment provider as Nad’s Clinics see a large number of clients that have been treated by inexperienced IPL and Laser Clinics. Inappropriate treatment can result in additional hair growth to facial or hormonal areas. Nad’s Laser Hair Removal Clinic warns that ONLY the affected areas should be treated by highly skilled therapists that have a sound understanding and many years experience in dealing with skin as inappropriate treatments may result in adverse side effects.. Additionally, certain medications are photosensitive and can result in an adverse affect if a pre treatment Consultation is not accurately conducted by skilled Therapists. For more information on laser hair removal visit


Hair Growth Laser Delivers Lasting Results As A Laser Hair Restoration Device

When thinking about someone losing their hair, most picture an old male or possibly someone with cancer.  What many do not realize is how common it is becoming for females to lose their hair.  Even more startling is how young females can go through this.  But the good news is laser hair restoration can help put an end to this worrisome problem for women.

There are different clinics and products you can use for hair re-growth. One product that delivers outstanding results as a bargain price is Hair Growth Laser 50.  This laser hair restoration device can quickly repair any hair loss for women with tremendous results.

Hair Growth Laser 50 puts to use a number of lasers with each covering several square inches of scalp. Not only will this speed up the process, but wil also provide maximum ongoing coverage.

How this device works is by stimulating the scalps follicles, thus increasing the overall blood  flow.  In addition, it blocks the hair loss effects of DHT which will repair damaged follicles. This re-growth process impersonates the properties of sunlight to promote blood flow in the region of the thinning hair follicle.

With this, the laser hair restoration device will help increase the circulation of the blood thus providing the surrounding tissue with more nutrients.  As a  result, this will allow thin hair follicles to re-grow stronger and thicker than ever before.

Technology has improved several facets of life including hair loss with women. More and more people are beginning to realize what laser hair therapy treatment can do for the thinning and lifeless hair.  Regardless of the age or gender, Hair Growth Laser 50 can deliver prime results.

Commerical hair growth laser manufacuturer and distributor for over 10 years. For more infomation on Hair Growth Laser 50 devices visit