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Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

24 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

pThe a title=Keratin Hair Straightening href= target=_blankBrazilian Keratin Hair Straightening/a is the newest permanent hair straightening technique that leaves your hair silky, ultra smooth, and in fantastic condition. During the procedure, keratin is used on the hair to strengthen hair at its root. Years of damage can be repaired in just a matter of minutes using this revolutionary new technique. Before having the procedure done, you will have to wash your hair using a special shampoo that removes any residual conditioner and oil /br /After you have shampooed your hair, the keratin will be brushed into your damp hair in order to penetrate each strand of hair, right to the root of the haar shaft. This method is similar to coloring the hair, since it is easier to do if the hair is separated into four parts. After the keratin is applied to your hair, you will seal the hair with another cream that contains several different nutrients and amino acids. After that, you will blow dry the hair and straighten it with a flat iron. The straight style can then last for up to several months as the hair gorws out. During those months, you should wash your hair regularly with a PH balanced shampoo. On average, many women say that their hair stays straight for about three or four /br /This particular treatment is extremely popular, since it is very easy to keep the hair straight and healthy looking. Because many women spend hours a day just trying to temporarily straighten their hair, this procedure is commonly done. A reputable hair dresser will be able to do the Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening technique for you. A professional hair dresser will also know exactly how to apply the keratin and how long to leave it in. The beauty of the Brazilian a title=Keratin Hair Straightening href= target=_blankKeratin Hair Straightening/a technique is that years of hair damage and color damage can be repaired in just an hour./p