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The No No Hair Removal System – From Laser Hair Removal to at Home Hair Removal Systems

Article by Jane Marcella

In terms of taking away unwanted hair, the NoNo Hair Removal 8800 System seemed to be a revolutionary gadget designed to remedy many conditions the previous traditional hair removal solutions witnessed. What were these complaints? First let?s take a look at the challenge at hand.

Many women take good pride into their looks, their beauty and glamour is everything that anyone can possibly imagine. Believe it or not, they put a great deal of effort into their appearance, and a lot of people don?t have any idea about it. One of the biggest concerns with women?s beauty is excessive hair. Hair in unwelcome places can be extremely unappealing. Imagine many women with hair beneath their arms, or above their own lips. It?s difficult to imagine that this is true but it?s legitimate, many women plus some men, usually are plagued using excessive hair regrowth in unwelcome places. If you were a female trying to attract a hubby or partner, or even impressing a potential employer, the presence of undesired hair can offer negative desirable consequences. You may think this is just applies to those who are shallow, but the truth is, society only pretends to be so accepting.

Many solutions include the obvious such as using a shaver or tweezer. Shaving has been around forever, and it will often be known one of the most practical, along with inexpensive at your home applications. You can easily shave your own legs after a shower and also the only you?ll at any time need is a new razor plus some foam. Nowadays shaving is still among the finest ways for some women who DON?T have much of a hair problem. It is a thing that can be done over a bi-weekly cycle. The most critical problem with waxing is the fact that it’ll always grow back, and infrequently thicker compared to before. It has never been a lasting solution. The continual reuse of shaving froth and the change of blades can also add up to an amazing cost over time.

Waxing is no greater, the cost for every session is quite a bit higher and so is the pain. Most people completely avoid waxing permanently as it doesn’t offer any further of a permanent solution. The advantage of waxing is that the item lasts a little bit longer, and also the immediate email address details are far more gratifying. Again, hair will undoubtedly grow back and the cycle continues.

In essence of looking for a more permanent solution, laser hair removal was discovered. Many folks understand that lazer hair will involve a focused laser that will dives into the roots and kills the head of hair at the follicles. If done correctly, it ought to never grow back. This was scientifically sound; even so there are a number of limitations. People with light locks cannot be helped by laser hair, in addition, the laser getting such a excessive intensity gadget has been found in order to affect pores and skin pigmentation. In addition, laser hair procedures are anywhere north of 0-0 per session, and will require a number of sessions.

That?s exactly why the No no Hair removal system, that is designed to tackle ALL of the issues above, solves all your problems. Instead of a laser application, your NoNo System uses Thermicon Technology, that’s essentially an extreme heat application(instead of a laser light) that focuses on the hair at the root. For this motive, there are no skin color or hair color limitations. For a one-time cost of about 0 and in most cases a free trial run, this is undoubtedly the first alternative anyone need to approach any time hair removal is a priority. The NoNo Hair program does eliminate hair quickly and easily. The application might take some time, and it also does will need multiple uses. However, you don’t need to pay for a number of uses, because device doesn’t require purchasing fresh parts possesses no re occurring expenses.

In terms of unwelcome hair removal, it’s worth every penny along with the time to try out the NoNo Hair removal system as soon as. It may not be for everybody, but it undoubtedly holds a higher merit in terms of revolutionary beauty products.

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Home Remedies For Black Hair Helps To Prevent Premature Graying

5 November;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Home Remedies For Black Hair Helps To Prevent Premature Graying

Article by Dr Easton Patrick

The premature graying of hair is very common these days; especially youths who suffer from this problem should prefer to learn about home remedies for black hair. Hair is a part of the body that faces the maximum exposure to the pollution, and dust. That is why, it is necessary to take some extra care for this precious part of the body. In addition, a healthy, shiny black hair adds an extra beauty to our personality, but unfortunately many people does not find any time for hair care. Moreover, many people think that using a good shampoo and a branded conditioner is the only way to care about hair. But, there are many elements that affect the hair due to which an extra care is very important. The home remedies for black hair helps to prevent premature graying, and also it helps to keep hair healthy.

Nowadays the consumer market is full of the hair care products that claims to be effective in keeping the hair healthy, and prevents its natural color. But, unfortunately these products are found to be less efficient than they claim to be. However, the home remedies for black hair have proved its effectiveness long time ago. In addition, many people have heard their grandmother or great grandmother using certain things for hair care which we may found weird these days. But, these weird things are those effective home remedies for black hair that have helped people to fight hair problems since ancient times. Some of these effective home remedies for black hair are mentioned ahead.

1. Prepare home made oil consisting of Indian gooseberry (Amla) and coconut oil. Boil few pieces of amla in coconut oil until amla pieces turns black. Massage scalp everyday with this home made oil.

2. Take 50 grams of grated ginger, and mix it with 50 ml of honey. Have one teaspoon of this mixture regularly.

3. Daily massage both scalp and hair with a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice.

4. Boil pieces of ribbed gourd in coconut oil till the pieces changes color to black. Massage this oil regularly on hair and hair roots.

5. Boil some curry leaves in coconut oil. Sieve the mixture, and store it. Massage hair regularly with this mixture.

6. Prepare a paste by mixing 2 teaspoon of henna, 1 teaspoon of powdered fenugreek seeds, 2 teaspoon basil juice, 1 teaspoon yoghurt, 3 teaspoon of coffee and 3 teaspoon of mint juice. Apply this paste on hair for 3 hours. Later rinse hair thoroughly, and use shampoo 24 hours after application.

The above mentioned home remedies for black hair are indeed effective, but some changes in lifestyle and eating habits will increase its effects. Firstly, avoid caffeine based beverages and carbonated beverages. Secondly, avoid alcoholic beverages. Thirdly, take some effective steps towards stress reduction. Fourthly, avoid oily, spicy and preserved foods. Also, avoid sedentary lifestyle; develop habit of exercising for at least 1 hour regularly. These preventions will not only help to keep hair healthy, but also it will help to retain the full body health. In conclusion, when the above mentioned preventions and home remedies for black hair are paired together a person will be capable to fight hair problems, and enjoy the physical fitness.

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Home Remedies For Hair Care – Safe Natural Treatment

30 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Home Remedies For Hair Care – Safe Natural Treatment

Article by Dr Easton Patrick

Hair is important for all, for it makes us look good, young and adds an edge to our personality. Dense, thick, glossy hair is what everyone wishes for, but it does not come for free. Our hair is continually exposed to hair foes like dust, dirt, pollution, friction, scorching sun, dry air, harsh chemicals etc. Therefore you need to take good care of your hair in order to have dense, healthy and lustrous hair. Hair is of different types such as dry, oily and balanced hair etc and problems (dandruff, balding, thinning, pre-mature graying, itchy scalp etc) are multiple. Depending upon the type of hair and the problem, hair care treatments also vary a lot. The commercial hair care products make tall promises, but hardly do any good in reality. So it is better to take care of hair with the help of home remedies. Hair care home remedies are inexpensive and also free from harmful side-effects.

Home Remedies For Hair Care

1. Add 2 tablespoon honey in two cups of fresh cream. Apply on scalp and hair. Rinse with cold water after 30 minutes. This takes good care of dry, frizzy and entangled hair.

2. Massage with olive oil to get rid of dry hair.

3. Dry hair can also be treated with a generous application of mayonnaise.

4. Wash oily hair with Fuller’s earth daily. This will remove the extra oil.

5. Wash with triphala powder to get rid of oily, limp hair.

6. Use diluted lemon juice for the final rinse while washing. This will make the hair glossy.

7. Wash with a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. This will make the hair glossy and bouncy.

8. Combine 1 teaspoon each of castor oil, mustard oil and coconut oil and apply on scalp. This gives relief from dandruff problem.

9. Add 1 teaspoon camphor to half cup margosa oil. Massage scalp daily with this blend. This cures dandruff.

10. Massage scalp with a combination of 1 part of lime juice and 2 parts of coconut oil. Leave for 2-3 hours and then rinse with warm water. This puts an end to dandruff problem.

11. Massage scalp with coconut oil or almond oil regularly for 10-15 minutes. This improves blood circulation at the roots and prevents hair fall.

12. Mingle 2 teaspoons henna powder, 1 teaspoon curd, 1 teaspoon fenugreek seed powder, 1 tablespoon coffee, 2 tablespoon mint juice and 2 tablespoon basil juice to make a paste. Apply the paste on hair and leave for 2-3 hours. This will color your hair naturally and hide gray hair from view.

13. Massage scalp with camphorated coconut oil daily at bedtime to get rid of itchiness.

14. Mix jasmine root extracts with lime juice and apply on scalp. This alleviates itching of scalp.

15. Blend lettuce juice and spinach juice to make a glassful and drink daily. This induces hair growth.

16. Grind seeds of lemon and black pepper; add little water to make a paste. Apply on bald patches. This treats baldness effectively.

17. Make a paste of licorice with milk and apply on bald patches. This is a hair growth inductive treatment.

18. Eat raw fruits and green leafy vegetables and drink plenty of water to have healthy hair.

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Home Hair Treatment for Healthy Hair

15 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Home Hair Treatment for Healthy Hair

Article by Peter Hutch

Hair is made of the protein kerotin, the same substance found in nails and skin. Each hair rises out of a bulb-like follicle and goes through a cycle of growth for up to five years. It then stops growing and goes into a period of rest, after which it falls out and a new hair starts to grow.

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, some of which are circulation, stress, hormonal changes and nutrition. Of course the toughest factor to overcome is genetics.

Hair is a reflection on the overall condition of your body. A healthy and well-nourished body reflects in bouncy and healthy hair. Analyzing a snip of hair can give a clear picture of any deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Any sort of nutritional deficiency would result in thinning hair, hair loss or even baldness. A malfunctioning thyroid can also play havoc with the condition of your hair. Excessive stress and certain medications are known to contribute to falling hairIron deficiency is the biggest problem for non genetic hair loss amongst women in Britain.

For iron to be absorbed in the body Vitamin C and Lysine acid needs to be taken. If you do not eat alot of red meat then it could be difficult to absorb enough iron, so it is advisable to consider using a supplement. It is very important to look after your digestion by eating vegetables and fruit on a daily basis. It is also important to eat the following foods on a regular basis.

Home Hair Treatments

Here are some herbal homemade hair treatments and natural home remedies for hair, which have also stood the test of time:When your hair looks very stressed, nettles are a wonderful tonic and detox. Infuse dried nettle leaves (some health food stores now carry nettle tea bags) and drink the tea. The infusion can also be used as a hair rinse.

Home remedy for conditioning your blond hair – To shine and condition blond hair, rinse in chamomile tea. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice to a liter of tea for extra shine.

Rosemary – Beauticians have swore by the benefits of Rosemary herb as a beauty and skin aide. It will nourish your dry and flaky scalp helping you get rid of dandruff. It also slows down premature hair loss and graying.

Chamomile – Chamomile is a great conditioner for damaged and dry hair. When used for rinsing after shampoo it will help restore shine and bring out the natural highlights for blondes. It also helps to strengthen the hair to prevent breakage, tangling and split ends.Ginger hair oil is a wonderful hair treatment which stimulates hair growth, boosts the scalp’s circulation, and alleviates dandruff. Ginger treatment will leave your hair feel soft, clean, and pleasantly smelling of herbs. In order to make this fantastic hair remedy at home, grate 1 tbsp fresh ginger root, place it in a cheesecloth, and squeeze ginger juice (you will get about 1/4 tsp juice). Mix the fresh juice with 1/4 cup light sesame oil and blend well together. To treat hair, apply the ready ginger hair oil onto your scalp, massage inside your hair, and leave on for about 15 minutes before shampooing

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Causes and Home Remedies for Dry Hair

8 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Causes and Home Remedies for Dry Hair

Hair is a remarkably tough material but over time abuse can wreak havoc with its natural properties. The hair becomes weakened, loses its elasticity and shine and becomes dull, brittle and eventually breaks. Hair is composed primarily of proteins (88%). These proteins are of a hard fibrous type known as keratin. Keratin protein is comprised of what we call “polypeptide chains”. Hair normally has a moisture content of approximately 10%. Dry hair is hair that does not have enough moisture and oil to maintain its normal sheen and texture.


Dry hair may result from too much washing, harsh detergents, a dry environment, inadequate diet, or underlying conditions, such as those due to malnutrition. Dry, brittle hair may be a symptom of metabolic diseases such as hypothyroidism and Menkes kinky hair syndrome. Dry hair is often caused by too much time in the sun, chlorine, salt water, over-shampooing, permanents, heat styling, or neglect. Healthy, silky hair is something we all want, but in our fast paced, fast food world, dry hair is what many of us have.


Causes of Dry Hair:

The primary causes of dry hair can be narrowed down to two incidents: One, lack of sebaceous gland production – sebum oils produced by skin glands or two, over-styling and heat damage. Sebaceous glands produce hair oils – sebum – and are associated with all glands of the skin, including the scalp.


Heat is the number one enemy of your hair. It causes the moisture in the strands to evaporate. Thus, one of the most important parts of caring for your dry hair is being aware of not subjecting your hair to too much heat. This is to lock in the moisture as much as possible.


Dry hair, scalp and dandruff are the end results of certain elements that rid the natural oils your body is producing so that the oils can reach your hair and skin. Nobody is born with damaged hair, so you must think about this when trying to recapture or get back your healthy scalp.



The scalp and hair however, were not designed to withstand a consistent stream of hot air more than 40 degrees Celsius. We are talking of course of the humble yet violent blow dryer. The blow dryer may have been useful to Hollywood stars, theater actors and hair stylists for the past few decades, but the fact remains that it damages the hair.


Eat healthy. This is probably the best thing you can do to bring back life to your hair. Hair is dry because there is not enough sebum produced in hair follicles. To maintain the natural moisturizing abilities of the scalp, it is advisable to include fish such as salmon or try some flaxseed oil in your diet. Food rich in zinc, like oysters, is also good for the hair.


Environmental causes of dry hair basically include anything that happens to your hair that comes from the earth. The most common one is easily the sun. Powerful, unfiltered UV rays can have some very negative effects on the hair and scalp. You should treat your hair like you treat your skin. Use a shampoo or hair care product with UV protection.


Home Remedies for Dry Hair


Massaging scalp and hair with hot oil can be an excellent treatment for dry hair. Massaging improves blood circulation at the roots and stimulates oil glands. Hot oil can easily penetrate pores and nourish the hair. One may take half cup of coconut oil, add four crushed almonds to it and steam the mixture. The warm mixture is to be massaged on the scalp and hair, a towel is to be wrapped around the head and the oil is to be kept on the hair for 30 minutes, and then one can shampoo the hair. This is an effective remedy for dry hair. Even heated olive oil can serve the purpose. For massage you can also use Hylix herbal hair oil. It will cure the dry hair problem as well as dandruff and baldness.


One may make a smooth paste by mashing 2 ripe bananas and adding half cup beaten curd to it. This paste is to be applied along the length of the hair from root to tip. The hair may then be piled up to a bun and kept for about 15 minutes. Shampooing is to be done after this. This treatment will definitely make the hair soft.


One may beat up an egg in a cup of milk or yoghurt, squeeze the juice of one lemon in to it, add one teaspoon coconut oil or olive oil to the mixture and apply it to the hair. Then one is to wrap a warm, moist towel round the head and keep the hair drenched in the mixture for an hour. After this shampoo is to be applied. This is an effective treatment for dry hair.


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One may heat a cup of mayonnaise until it becomes oily, then apply a coating of liquid mayonnaise on the hair and keep it for 15 minutes and then wash off. This will check the hair from becoming dry.


Honey is an excellent natural conditioner. A hair pack made out of yoghurt and honey is good for dry hair


Lime juice is also an effective conditioner. One may apply lime juice to the hair before the final rinse. This treatment will reduce the dullness in hair.


One may spray beer to the hair after shampooing. This will impart shine to the hair, doing away with dryness.


The problem of dry hair is an object of concern for many these days. Hair becomes dry when they become deficient in moisture and the natural oils secreted by the oil glands at the base of hair follicles. These deficiencies cause the hair to lose their natural luster and even texture. Thus dry hair is coarse in texture, uneven, has split ends, frizz and is quite brittle. This often leads to hair fall. Dry hair resembles unwashed straw; it is thicker towards the scalp but has tapering ends. It is very difficult to run comb through dry hair as there can be several tangles. Combing of dry hair often leads to loss of hair.

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Causes and Home Remedies for Hair Problems

4 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Causes and Home Remedies for Hair Problems

Hair loss is more common among men than women. But that does not mean man hair loss is an accepted thing, and men do not care about it. On the contrary, hair loss is a matter of concern for most men who are ready to do anything to prevent it. Hair loss can affect their personal as well as professional lives. Some people lose their self esteem that makes it difficult for them to interact with others.


Hair loss forces some men to even change the course of their careers. Things have perhaps begun to change now – clean-shaven heads are gradually becoming a fashion. Man hair loss mostly takes place as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia.


Our hair normally grows at the rate of ½ inch every month, and the growth continues for 2-6 years before it falls out. But a new hair replaces the old one as soon as the latter disappears. At any given moment, about 85% of the hair is in the process of growing while the remaining 15% has settled down. Man hair loss occurs when a hair falls out, but no new one emerges to take its place.


What causes excessive hair loss?

A number of things can cause excessive hair loss. For example, about 3 or 4 months after an illness or a major surgery, you may suddenly lose a large amount of hair. This hair loss is related to the stress of the illness and is temporary.


Hormonal problems may cause hair loss. If your thyroid gland is overactive or underactive, your hair may fall out. This hair loss usually can be helped by treatment thyroid disease. Hair loss may occur if male or female hormones, known as androgens and estrogens, are out of balance. Correcting the hormone imbalance may stop your hair loss.


Many women notice hair loss about 3 months after they’ve had a baby. This loss is also related to hormones. During pregnancy, high levels of certain hormones cause the body to keep hair that would normally fall out. When the hormones return to pre-pregnancy levels, that hair falls out and the normal cycle of growth and loss starts again.



Some medicines can cause hair loss. This type of hair loss improves when you stop taking the medicine. Medicines that can cause hair loss include blood thinners (also called anticoagulants), medicines used for gout, high blood pressure or heart problems, vitamin A (if too much is taken), birth control pills and antidepressants.


Certain infections can cause hair loss. Fungal infections of the scalp can cause hair loss in children. The infection is easily treated with antifungal medicines.


Finally, hair loss may occur as part of an underlying disease, such as lupus or diabetes. Since hair loss may be an early sign of a disease, it is important to find the cause so that it can be treated.


Home Remedies for Hair Loss


Massage- Regularly massage your scalp and hair with good oil. It entirely depends on your choice but coconut oil, almond oil or mustard oil is recommended for better results. Regular massage improves blood circulation and helps in hair growth.


Trimming- Trim your hair every 2-3 months to avoid split ends. It is also important for healthy hair. Add some amla to 3 cups of coconut oil and boil this. Drain off the amla and store the oil in bottle. Apply this oil to your hair 2-3 times a week. It prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. One of the effective home remedies for hair loss.


Mix some castor oil with coconut oil and apply on the scalp and leave for 40-45 minutes. Wash with shampoo for better result. Use castor oil rarely but it is a sticky substance.


Honey- Make a paste of honey, olive oil (hot), and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply it over the scalp for 10-15 minutes and wash after that.


Coconut Milk- Fresh coconut milk is very good for hair growth. Apply it over the scalp and leave for half an hour. After that, wash your hair with shampoo. It is a well known remedy for hair growth.


Mustard Oil- Take a cup of mustard oil and add 5 teaspoons of henna leaves to it. Boil this mixture for 5-10 minutes. Drain off the leaves and store the oil in a bottle. Use this regularly to stimulate hair growth. One of the best home remedies for hair loss.


Amla- Mix some amla powder to one egg yolk and massage the scalp with this. Leave for 30 minutes. Wash your hair after that.


Find powerful herbal remedies Hair Loss Remedy


Alfalfa- Make a juice of alfalfa and fresh spinach. Have it daily for strong and healthy hair.


Yogurt- Mix honey, yogurt, banana and skimmed milk to make a smoothie. Drink this daily for healthy hair.


Liquorice- Add few pieces of liquorice and a pinch of saffrron to milk. Grind this mixture and apply it over scalp. It prevents hair loss.


Black Dal- Take ½ cup of black dal and a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds. Grind these to make a rough powder. Add ½ cup of yogurt and mix well. Now massage the scalp with this paste. Leave for 1-2 hours and rinse after that. It prevents hair loss. One of the useful home remedies for hair loss.


Coriander- You can apply juice of coriander leaves on the scalp and hair for preventing hair loss.


Lemon- Mix fresh amla juice and lemon juice in equal quantity and use this as a shampoo for hair wash. It promotes hair growth and stops hair thinning.


Egg- Mix some honey to egg yolk and massage the scalp with this. Leave for 30 minutes. It is very good for hair growth.


Black Pepper- Take black pepper and lime seeds in equal quantity and grind in some water. Use this paste over the scalp regularly for healthy and long hair.


Aloe Vera- Add some aloe vera to triphla powder and use this mixture at least once a week. Do this regularly for 3-6 months. You will notice a remarkable change in hair growth.


Fenugreek- Take fenugreek seeds and soak for overnight. Mix these soaked seeds to amla, reetha and shikakai powder. Now add some lemon peels (dry) and 2 eggs to it. Grind these things and make a rough paste. Massage your scalp with this and leave for 15-20 minutes. After that, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. It is very well known and proven remedy for hair growth. This is the best home remedy for hair loss.

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Causes and Home Remedies for White and Grey Hair Solutions

1 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Causes and Home Remedies for White and Grey Hair Solutions

Hair is not just an attractive frame to the face, an adjunct to our vanity to be into a fashionable style which makes a statement about ourselves. It is indeed our crowning glory, a symbol of our virility, our desirability, and when turns grey our morale takes a decided turn for the worse.Greying of hair is not an unusual thing to happen.


The age when greying starts depends on one’s genetic inheritance. Aging is often a reason that causes the hair to turn greyish. But premature greying of hair is a condition that demands the need to pay attention to the root cause. Nonetheless, greying of hair is a normal part of the aging process unless there is an underlying medical condition that is causing the lack of pigmentation.


Causes of White Hair:


There are actually a number of reasons why some of us lose our hair. Some of these reasons include emotional stress, hormone differences, drugs, and changes in diet. And lastly in a lot of instances it is just because of genetics. For a man primarily, should your father have suffered baldness hair loss then the likelihood is greater that you will have problems with excessive hair loss as well. Early hair loss could start as early as the teenage years.


Inherited baldness is considered one of the major causes of mens baldness. Even though actually surgical hair implants is by far the most reliable and long-lasting cure for baldness, you can find hair loss regrowth treatments which may assist with combating hereditary balding in the earlier stages. But the truth is, after the hair follicles stop generating hair, the one remedy could be to surgically replace these.


Generally, surgical hair implantation comprises re-planting individual hairs along with their hair follicles from a particular area of the head and implanting each one into the balding spot. Many patients, have tried numerous alternative sources of hair loss information and, are convinced that surgical restoration could be the best way to move forward.


Might balding actually be the result of a terrible diet? In actual fact, a substandard diet that starves the body of essential vitamins and minerals, can lead to thinning hair. With regards to hair growth the most important ones are the vitamins B6, folic acid, and minerals magnesium and sulfur. These nutritional vitamins are crucial to build strong and healthy hair and encourage fresh growth.



Something you can test out at home is massage therapy. Massaging the head influences better blood flow around the scalp, which is good given that an increase in this circulation will provide extra minerals and vitamins to the hair follicles. These vitamins and minerals in addition to oxygen are crucial contributors in the formation of hair. Having a knowledge of the cause of thinning hair may help you to choose the right solution. Regular and thorough scalp massaging may help you to attain a little increase in hair thickness. There are lots of treatments available to be used together with scalp massage therapy, including special shampoo which can be applied.


Home Remedies for White and Grey Hair:

Home Remedies for Premature Greying of Hair

Premature Greying of Hair treatment using Indian Gooseberry

The use of Indian gooseberry is the foremost among the home remedies found beneficial in the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair. This is a valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth and hair pigmentation.


The fruit, cut into pieces, should be dried, preferably in shade. These pieces should be boiled in

coconut oil till the solid matter becomes like charred dust. This darkish oil is very useful against premature greying.

The water in which dried amla pieces have been soaked overnight is also nourishing for the hair. This water should be used for the last rinse while washing the hair.

Massaging the scalp every night with a teaspoonful of amla juice, mixed with a teaspoon of almond

oil and a few drops of lime juice, also proves beneficial in the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair.


Premature Greying of Hair treatment using Amaranth

Amaranth is another effective home remedy for hair disorders. Application of the fresh juice of the leaves of this vegetable helps the hair to retain its black colour and prevents it from premature greying. It also helps the growth of the hair and keeps it soft.


Premature Greying of Hair treatment using Curry Leaves

Liberal intake of curry leaves is considered beneficial in preventing premature greying of hair. These leaves have the property of providing vitality and strength to hair roots. New hair roots that grow are healthier and contain a normal pigment. The leaves can be used in the form of chutney, or may be squeezed in buttermilk. When the leaves are boiled in coconut oil, the oil forms an excellent hair tonic to stimulate hair growth and bring back hair pigmentation.


Premature Greying of Hair treatment using Ribbed Gourd (Jhina in hindi)

Ribbed gourd boiled in coconut oil is also an effective remedy for premature greying of hair.

Pieces of this vegetable should be dried in the shade.

These dried pieces should be soaked in coconut oil and kept aside for three or four days.

The oil should then be boiled till the solid is reduced to a blackened residue. This oil should be

massaged into the scalp. It will help enrich the hair roots and restore pigment to the hair.


Find powerful herbal remedies Massage Oil for Hair


Premature Greying of Hair treatment using Butter

The butter made from cow’s milk has the property of preventing premature greying of hair. A small roll may be taken internally and a little quantity may be massaged into the hair roots twice a week.


Premature Greying of Hair treatment using Vitamins

The vitamins considered useful in guarding against premature greying of hair are pantothenic acid, para-aminobenzoic acid (paba), inositol. The minimum daily requirement of these vitamins appears to be 10 mg of pantothenic acid, 100 mg of para-aminobenzoic acid, and 2 gm of inositol. To obtain satisfactory results, all three of these vitamins belonging to the B group should be supplied at one time, preferably in a form which supplies all the B vitamins, such as yeast and liver.


The three anti-greying-hair vitamins can also be produced in the intestinal tract by bacteria. Thus,taking a sufficient quantity of yoghurt daily and a tablespoonful of yeast before each meal is an excellent remedy for the prevention and treatment of premature greying of hair. If one wishes to take tablets of calcium pantothenate and para-aminobenzoic acid (paba), they should be taken in addition to the yeast and yoghurt, and not as a substitute for them.

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Hair Coloring Tips – Home Hair Coloring Tips

28 September;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Coloring Tips – Home Hair Coloring Tips

Article by Franchis Adam

Some hair professionals may try to discourage you from doing your own home hair color, saying that drugstore hair color products are harsh and the results can be uncertain. But the truth is that you can achieve excellent results and save a lot of money by coloring your hair at home as long as you know a few basics about choosing the right color and applying it correctly. The advantage of hair coloring is that a person can opt for a hair color that goes well with his or her looks and also according to the personal choice. Coloring the hair improves the confidence and looks of a person. Hair coloring gives an instant change to the person’s look. The changes can range from subtle, simple to the major and dramatic one. Hair color has an impact on the texture of the hair as it gives instant volume to fine and thin strands of hair and also affects the waves and curls in some cases.

Hair Color Mistakes

1. Applying dye to dirty, tangled hair.

2. Staining your skin or clothes.

3. Picking a color that does not fit with your natural hair color.

4. Dying eyebrows and eyelashes.

Hair coloring is not new to people as it has been carried out in the past too. Now there are various colors from blonde to blue made possible for both men and women. Hair dyes are made up of either bleaches or pigments or colors. The natural hair color of any person is due to the genetic or hereditary factors. Hair coloring can add fun, shine and drama to the hair style.

Permanent hair colors break the hair cuticle and deposit pigment in the hair shaft. Permanent color is said to lighten the hair as the hair is bleached and then the color is deposited in a single step process. Hair color is formed by the movement of the light rays either through absorption or reflection caused by artificial pigment which is added to the hair during the tinting process or by the natural pigment of hair. Permanent hair colors are used to cover gray hair to a large extent and it is also said to cause damage to the hair if they are used for a longer term and can even result in irreversible damage to the hair. Natural hair color is formed by the absorption or reflection of the light rays by the pigment called melanin. The amount, distribution and size of the melanin determine the hair color of the person.

Healthy Hair – Hair Coloring Tips

Shampoo that’s made for color treated hair keeps your hair color soft and natural looking. Regular shampoos can strip color and natural moisture from your hair.

Install a water filter for your shower or bath. Besides frequently being treated with chemicals, tap water coming through old plumbing contains undesirable elements like rust that leave your new hair color flat and dull looking.

Deep condition regularly – at least every two weeks – to restore moisture and shine to color treated hair. As roots grow out, a color enhancing conditioner will help your natural hair color blend with your color treated hair.

After shampooing, always blot your hair dry. Don’t rub hair dry or wrap it in a tight turban. When using a blow dryer, dry your head- not your hair. Over drying hair strips it of moisture and also results in static.

Caution while applying temporary dyes

Application of dye on chemically processed hair or the application of the wrong dye can result in odd colors. So it is usually recommended to choose a shade somewhat lighter than the natural shade of your hair.

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Causes and Home Remedies for Alopecia or Hair Loss

22 September;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Causes and Home Remedies for Alopecia or Hair Loss

Alopecia areata (AA) is a recurrent disease, which can cause hairloss in any hair-bearing area. The most common type of alopecia areata presents as round or oval patches of hair loss most noticeably on the scalp or in the eyebrows. The hair usually grows back within 6 months to one year. Most patients will suffer episodes of hair loss in the same area in the future.


Those who develop round or oval areas of hair loss can progress to loss of all scalp hair (alopecia totalis). The cause of alopecia areata is unknown but commonly thought to be an autoimmune disorder (the body does not recognize the hair follicles and attacks them). Stress and anxiety are frequently blamed by patients as the cause of their hair loss. The most common treatment is with steroids (cortisone is one form) either topically or by injection.


The outcome of treatment is good when the alopecia areata process is present less than one year and poor, especially in adults, if the disease has been present for longer periods of time. Minoxidil (Rogaine®) can help to regrow hair. Surgical treatment of this disorder is not recommended. If you have questions concerning Alopecia areata, please contact an ISHRS physician.


Causes of Alopecia or Hair Loss:


Patchy hair loss in children and young adults, is called alopecia areata and is usually sudden in onset. This sometimes results in complete baldness, but in 90% of cases the hair returns within a few years. Alopecia universalis results in all the hair on the body falling out (including the eye brows and lashes) with a slight chance of regrowth, especially when it occurs in children. It is currently unknown why alopecia areata and alopecia unversalis occur. Although most cases of alopecia areata are resolved naturally, some doctors may try to speed recovery with hormone therapy or corticosteroid therapy. The treatment can be long and painful and may cause permanent scarring on the scalp brought on by atrophy.


There are many unatural causes for premature hair loss. Bleaching, dyeing, permanent waves, tight brading, blow drying, hot curlers, using hair picks and other chemical preparations can contribute to overall thinning by making hair weak and brittle and by causing the hair follicles to scar. In most cases the hair grows with proper care when the the source of the damage is removed. But severe damage to the scalp or follicles can cause permanent bald patches.



Temporary hair loss can be caused by a high fever, severe illness, thyroid disorders, vitamin deficiencies, drug treatment (like chemotherapy, anticoagulants and retinoids), beta blockers (to lower blood pressure)and oral contraceptives. It also can be caused by x-rays, scalp injuries and exposure to chemicals (including those to purify pool water, cleaning supplies and other chemical agents).


Remedies that promise to restore hair to a balding head have been around for centuries. Very little can atually be done to reverse the process. Preparations containing minoxidil appear to to provide moderate regrowth on balding spots, it seems to work better in younger people that have just started to lose their hair. More than 50% of minoxidil users claim that it thickens hair and slows future hairloss, but the one drawback is you must continue to use it or hair loss will continue. Some users experience skin irritation, resulting in further hair loss. A new oral drug called Propecia is currently on the market. It has shown marked success but with all medications, there are side effects and should be discussed with your doctor before being taken.


Hair transplantation involves the relocation of plugs of skin from parts of the scalp containing active hair follicles to bald areas. A form of cosmetic surgery called scalp reduction involves tightening the scalp so that hair-bearing skin from the back and sides of the had is pulled toward the crown. Like hair transplants, the process is both painful and expensive, it also does nothing to stop genetic or age-related hair loss.


For cosmetic reasons, many people turn to wigs, hair pieces and weaving or even tattooing to replace lost eye brows and eye lashes. You cannot reverse natural balding, but you can protect the hair you do have from damage that can lead to thinning. People who leave there hair its natural color and texture will end up with healthier hair. By using shampoo designed for your hair type and taking care of your hair you can help to keep the hair you have. Proper brushing can help to condition your hair by distributing its natural oils and protecting the hair follicles. Never brush your hair when it is wet, this put too much stress on the hair and can cause it to break or splinter. Remeber, because hair is not living tissue it cannot repair itself.


Home remedies for hair care


A diet rich in zinc should be followed, as the main cause of dry hair is the lack of mineral zinc.


Rosemary is an useful hair tonic and conditioner. Rosemary also aids retain color especially in dark hair.


Chamomile and lemon juice have a soft bleaching effect on hair. Mix chamomile tea with lemon juice and use as a clean to lighten hair. One of the good home remedies for hair care.


For troubles with dandruff, add rosemary and/or patchouli essential oils to your shampoo or mix with almond oil as a hair treatment for your scalp.


Wash hair with peppermint or spearmint tea to support hair growth.One of the best home remedies for hair care.


Use flat beer to help avoid spit ends do it once or 2 times a month but it straight on your hair, wrap it in a towel for 1 to 2 hours and rinse out. Apply raw egg and olive oil to avoid hair loss. One of the effective home remedies for hair care.


To a cup of coconut milk put in two tablespoons of gram flour. Apply on the scalp and massage softly. Wash the hair after five minutes. Use this practice one time in a week.


Find powerful herbal remedies Herbal Shampoo for Dandruff


Make a conditioner by mixing one tablespoon of castor oil, one tablespoon of glycerin, a teaspoon of cider vinegar, a teaspoon of protein to a tablespoon of soft herbal shampoo. Apply it on scalp and leave it on for 20-25 minutes and then wash the hair. One of the simple but useful home remedies for hair care.


Add a teaspoon of lavender oil to the coconut oil and heat it for a few seconds. Massage the scalp at night and then shampoo the hair in next morning. Follow this method twice a week for soft and shiny hair.


For hair growth apply coconut milk with aspirin and leave in hair for 2 hours then wash and wash hair.


A tea and beer rinse is one of the oldest habits to bring shine to your hair. Boil used tea leaves in sufficient water, let it cool and then use this liquid as the last rinse.


In the parallel fashion you can use flat beer (i.e. after letting the bubble out). This is a immense conditioner to be used for your hair.


To get that shine one can use honey to keep your scalp moisturized. You can make honey lotion for your hair by adding 3 teaspoons of honey for pint of water. One of the popular home remedies for hair care.


The use of henna as a natural conditioner proves to be very helpful for your hair. It helps to bring back the bounce and flair of your hair which has been deficient for quite a while. 15. For a enormous hair treatment/conditioner try 1 egg yoke, 1-2 Tbsp Olive Oil, and 2-3 drops Vitamin E. Merge these, wet hair, mix combination into hair. Let set for 3-5 minutes, feels/looks/smell strange but it works so fine and then wash out with shampoo.

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Treatment of Lice ~ Hair Home Treatments

25 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Treatment of Lice ~ Hair Home Treatments

Parents have become so frustrated with repeated treatment of lice and attempts to combat an infestation of nits that they are willing to go to such extremes…out of desperation…to rid their child of these pesky vermints…Some parents have even gone to such lengths as to cut their child’s hair short, often leading to a traumatized child.

Head Lice Home Treatments: Don’t resort to these drastic measures when there are other natural hair home treatments available at a fraction of the cost and work more effectively, without damaging your child’s natural hair follicles.

Natural Lice Head Treatment

Hair Lice Remedies: Hairspray ~ Preventing Lice: If you encounter an outbreak of lice at your child’s school, the first step to preventing lice from being attracted to a head of hair, is to spray a thick coat of strong spelling, super hold hairspray on the hair before leaving the house (costs less then the commercialized lice products on the market). The spray will create a barrier for lice to penetrate the scalp. The lice will also be repulsed by the smell of the hair spray. Instruct your child to douse their hair again, if necessary, midday….as a precaution and as a refresher.

Vegetable Shortening and Vinegar: Suspected symptoms for lice–If you do happen to come down with head lice…saturate the hair with a thick coat of vegetable shortening applied to the hair and roots (use lard, shortening, rather than oil for a more suffocating effect). Make it good and thick. Put a shower cap on, or wrap the head with plastic wrap, above the eyes, nose and mouth, and let sit for two hours. Afterward shampoo hair thoroughly. (Read below about using your regular shampoo.) The oils in the shortening suffocate head lice and prevent oxygen from getting to the eggs. It will also condition the hair and makes a great moisturizer. Rinse hair with (AVC) vinegar, catch the vinegar in a bucket then reapply (see note below), eventually rinse with clear, hot water. Comb hair with a nit comb to remove the dead eggs. Repeat one week later. Note: AVC (apple cider vinegar) will not destroy the natural pH balance to hair as with white vinegar, which is much harsher on hair follicles. (See notes below if you are having difficulty removing the lard from the hair)

Use Vinegar for Head Lice ~ AVC (Apple Cider Vinegar): Adult lice lay eggs, called nits, which stick like ‘glue’ to the hair shafts. After treating hair with a vegetable shortening (see above), or any of the remedies listed below, rinse hair thoroughly (over a ‘catch’ bucket) with AVC then reapply several times. The AVC dissolves the “glue,” allowing you to comb the nits from hair easily with a nit comb. (Careful with AVC, too much use and it will strip the ‘natural’ oils from hair creating dry and damaged hair—do not prolong use—use in moderation).

Baby Oil and Dawn: Use as a hair protectant. Saturate hair with Johnson’s Baby Oil (only trusted oil, besides olive oil) and cover with a shower cap (or wrap the head with plastic wrap—avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth) and let sit for two hours. The lice drown in the baby oil. Wash the baby oil from hair with Dawn Dishwashing liquid. Repeat one week later.

Antiseptic Mouthwash: Wet the hair and scalp with an antiseptic mouthwash, cover with a shower cap and wait two hours. Make sure the mouthwash is a strong antiseptic so it will kill the lice and prevent further infestation. A cheap brand will work just as well as long as it has strong antiseptic properties.


Lysol: Also a great antiseptic…To clean brushes and combs (particularly a nit comb), soak the items in Lysol, then rinse them with hot water. Lysol works the same way as the bleach and mouthwash mentioned above. Note: Lysol tends to be harsher on hair then other hair home treatments. It can be used but will dry the hair.

Tree Tea Oil for Head Lice: In preventing lice, shampoo hair regularly with tea tree shampoo. Tea tree oil, from the Melaleuca tree, is a natural ‘louse’ repellent. Tea tree contains antiseptic properties.

Olive Oil for Head Lice and AVC: Saturate hair with olive oil (the best of the best hair oil) and cover with a shower cap (or wrap the hair in plastic wrap—avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth) and let set for two hours to kill head lice and make removing nits easier. Follow by rinsing with AVC and comb out the nits with a nit comb.

Mayonnaise for Head Lice and AVC: Saturate hair completely with a thick coat of mayonnaise (a cheap brand will contain plenty of thick oils), working the mayonnaise in the hair and roots well. Wrap hair with plastic wrap (above the eyes, nose and mouth) or put a shower cap on. Let set for two hours. Shampoo hair thoroughly. The strong fatty oil in the mayonnaise will suffocate and kill head lice and nits. Besides, the mayonnaise is also an excellent hair conditioner. Rinse hair with AVC (apple cider vinegar) repeatedly, then rinse clean with water and comb hair with a nit comb. Repeat one week later.

Bleach: While you are in the washing frenzies, using lice-killing shampoos, laundering clothes and bed linens (use bleach when washing linens in the wash cycle and high heat in the dryer)…try adding ½ a cup of bleach to a sink full of water and soak all combs, brushes, barrettes, and hair clips in the solution, let them soak for at least an hour… then rinse thoroughly with hot water. Don’t forget razors, tweezers or any other ‘equipment’ used in or around hair.

Plastic Trash Bags: Quarantine your child’s favorite stuffed animal. What a great way to teach a child about hibernation. Place all comforters, quilts and stuffed animals in plastic trash bags, tie shut, and store in the garage for two weeks. Lice cannot survive without a human host. The eggs take one week to hatch, so after two weeks all the lice should be dead and your child’s “favorite pet” will then be ‘starved’ for lots of love just like an animal comes out of hibernation and starved for food. (But please instruct your child about the difference.)

Symptoms for liceStrange Facts:

Medicated lice shampoos may cause serious side effects in children and should never be used without a doctor’s supervision.
Most people resort to a lice shampoo containing the pesticide pyrethrin (derived from chrysanthemums) or permethrin (a synthetic form of pyrethrin). Recent Harvard studies indicate that lice are becoming pyrethrin resistant. These lice are becoming more resilient to the commercialized medicated products on the market today. That is why it is very important to become familiar with natural hair home treatments.
The medical term for a lice infestation is pediculosis.
The word louse, the singular form of the word lice, is slang for “a bad person.”
The word nitwit originated from the false idea that head lice infest only poor, uneducated children. Not so!! Don’t be humiliated, frustrated or embarrassed if your child comes down with lice. Lice have become more resilient to the commercialized medicated products on the market. According to data from Harvard researches, there are ‘superlice at large in the land.’ This gives more reason to experiment further into natural home hair remedies.
The term nit-picking originated from the tedious act of having to pick every nit from the head of a person infested with lice. This is a great time to teach your children about why apes and monkeys ‘groom’ themselves.
The expression “going over it with a fine-tooth comb” stems from combing the hair of a lice-infested person with a fine-tooth comb to get rid of all the nits, dead or alive.
Lice burrow into the scalp to feed on human blood. A chemical in their saliva stops blood from clotting. This chemical causes the persistent itching effect.
Female lice lay up to ten eggs a day. In a week the eggs hatch…in two weeks, with proper treatment…they can be disposed of.—Learn and know your remedies.

Note: To remove excess oil (especially petroleum jelly) from the hair…but only to be used on a short time basis for it will strip the natural oils, pH, of the hair use the following as a rinse:

Cornmeal or cornstarch (dry shampoo, best choice for natural alternative, however you may spend days with greasy hair)
Dawn dish detergent (best, fastest alternative, but will dry hair)
Goop hand cleaner—this is an extreme but if necessary, use—will dry out hair.
Wisk laundry detergent—also an extreme due to stripping the hair of the natural oils.

*Whichever you use—be careful not to get detergent into eyes.

*Many shampoos on the market today interfere with the effectiveness of the hair lice remedies. The only shampoo found so far to combat hair lice with medicated ingredients or hair home treatments was Prell. Remember, according to Harvard research studies, you are now dealing with ‘superlice’, which are adapting to commercialized remedies…but yet so far…have not adapted to natural hair remedies at home….

Photo of Head Lice/Picture of Head Lice

Because Lice is such a persistent annoyance…please visit Hair Remedies At Home for further information on treatment of lice.

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