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5 Handy Hints for Choosing a Fun Halloween Wig

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

5 Handy Hints for Choosing a Fun Halloween Wig

Article by Candice McInnes

The time for some Halloween wig ideas is almost upon us again. How time does fly!

Halloween is one of the best times of the year. You get to relive the child in you. Who says that only kids are allowed to wear outrageous Halloween costumes to collect candies over a trick or treat? Both young ones and young once can do it, besides it only happens once a year.

To stand out on a Halloween party, you should wear a matching wig for your Halloween costume to give you that eye-catching appeal and make everyone envious.

However, while there are an abundance of great choices available, there are also thousands of lame ones. In fact, many stores offer cheap wigs for Halloween, taking advantage of the fact that Halloween is getting nearer and many shoppers would buy costumes and wigs not only for the kids, but teens as well.

Always consider the following when browsing around the thousands of choices.

Wig Texture

A wig that doesn’t look like one will give you a stunning look. Wig texture may make or break your Halloween party outfit. So to make sure you get that desired look, consider buying one that looks like real hair. If it is really high quality, people might even think you are not wearing a wig at all.

Material of the Wig

Make sure that the material used are synthetic materials which cannot be easily worn out. Investing in a sturdy wig is worth it. You may even use it again after a year or so. So when you are looking for a Hannah Montana wig or Dora the Explorer wig for your kid, check the wig material.

Size of the Wig

If you are to use a wig, make it a point that it really fits your head. An ill-fitting wig will make you look awkward, and may ruin your entire Halloween party experience. So be sure to check on the size, because in this case size really does matter.


Depending on what character you want to imitate for the Halloween party, the wig color is nothing but very important. If you want to be a rocker dude then choose a vibrant red or purple one. If you want to be a witch, try a salt and pepper colored wig. You should never take the wig color for granted as it is also one important thing you should consider when buying one for yourself or for your kids.

Online Wig Stores

You can also visit web sites wherein you can find a set of good Halloween wigs at very reasonable prices. It is different of course in online shopping because you are only allowed to browse and see pictures of the wig, but would not assess it physically. However, the advantage of online shopping is that there are a lot to choose from, and there are so many online stores to visit. In many cases you can also find comments from buyers and these will also help a lot.

Finding the right wig that will match your Halloween costume can be easy if you would set your own standards and at the same time not spend too much money on it. It is a lot of advantage if you will become a wise-shopper nowadays. Buying a good quality of wig now will means you can wear it again at another time in the future.

All you need to do is to find a good site, check through some of their inventory, and you will quickly see that it is not difficult to come up with some excellent Halloween wig ideas.

Most importantly… Have Fun!

About the Author

Candice is an Internet entrepreneur and full time author. You can visit her website for tons of information on Minka Lavery lighting fixtures, fittings and accessories.


Few Handy Tips for Coloring Human Hair Wigs

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Few Handy Tips for Coloring Human Hair Wigs

Wigs crafted of natural human tresses look superb. For nearly the cost of a saloon trip, human hair wigs make sure that you have beautiful hair every day. You can curl them with an iron or set nicely with a blow dryer, human hair wigs let you make statement with not only your clothes but hair too!

When choosing a wig or a hair extension, it is often difficult to find just the right color matching to your tresses. You might want to precisely match your wig with a particular dress or something more unusual and glamorous altogether. No worries, you can suitably modify or color your human hair wigs and make them suitable to get varied looks for an occasion, party or your mood.

Coloring wigs of human hair is as easy and convenient as coloring your natural hair.. Any high quality hair color formulated for processed hair may be used, but we strongly recommend that you use the products made especially for human hair wigs to protect your investment.

You should choose hair colors or dyes that don’t have bleach, as it makes hair more fragile and shorten their lifespan. As you should not wash your wigs as often as you wash your hair, hair colors will last longer and take time to fade out, resulting in consistent beautiful hair.

Because real hair wigs need a lot of care, you should never rub the hair color into your wigs. Instead, it is advisable to use a soft, supple brush to evenly spread the color throughout the hair. You must make sure that you hang the wig in a natural position while coloring your human hair wig and restore it is same position after you are done with rinsing the wig in cold water.

Usually, wigs get one shade darker tones than the natural hair; this is because wigs of human hair are processed. So, to get the exact color of your choice it is advisable to go for a shade lighter than the color you like. You can use the same technique to add steaks or give highlights to your wig. Streaking usually looks more glamorous than global uniform shades.

Color them, perm them, style them or just blow dry them, you can sizzle up your look with just a little detailing to your wigs. Once you are into practice of coloring your human hair wigs, you’ll find endless possibilities for getting different looks!

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