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Keeping Your Hair Looking Beautiful

26 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

pAs January draws to an end most of us have already forgotten what our new years resolution was, the only trace thats left if the direct debit for the gym membership that well never use. So youre body isnt going to be getting that detox you promised but a hair detox involves much less effort. January is not just the month of having no money, being a pounds heavier than wed like and cold weather, its also the time of the awards season so all we see everyday is image after image of unrealistically perfect looking celebs just to make us fee that much worse./p
pIf you want to get those fantastic looking a title=celeb curls href= curls/a youre going to have to face facts and realise that its not going to be possible without completely destroying your hair. Your hair would really appreciate some time off and a good detox too. Clear away all your usual chemicals, sprays and other products you normally coat your hair in and ditch the straighteners, dryers and a title=curlers href= let your hair have the TLC it really deserves and give it a break. Your hair will be much dryer and frizzier this time of year so treat it to some hot oil treatments. Try massaging some hot coconut or olive oil into your head at the roots and working your way all the way down to the tips, leave it wrapped in a warm towel for a few hours before you rinse it out. Another budget tip is to melt some honey into hot water and run this through your hair to make it look shiny and full of life./p
pLeave the straighteners alone if you have a title=wavy hair href= hair/a embrace it. two hundred and thirty degree straighteners are not your friend. Naturally wavy or curly hair should be left to dry naturally. Small things you do throughout the day are doing to be damaging it too, you probably dont even notice when you twirl the ends round your fingers in the office but not only does this actually look quite cheap its also going to be damaging your hair./p