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Dos and Donts Of Hairdressing

25 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

pSelecting the right hairstyle for the right occasion is easy if you know how. A terrific hairstyle is one that is simple and yet elegant. For impromptu dates, donrsquo;t try anything new as it just might go wrong! Just because there are several elaborate hairstyles doing the celebrity rounds, does not mean those styles would look good on you. And you will need a professional hairdresser to help you with a fancy /br /These pointers are brought to you by a href= target=_blankHairdressers Elsternwick/a to help you prepare for your new /br /1. Never change your hairstyle drastically just before the party or wedding or date. Plan hair straightening, or curling, or fringes and bangs, or hair extensions, or hair cuts,nbsp; at least a month in advance. All changes in hair colour should be done at least two weeks /br /2. If you are the bride, ensure that the maid of honour, bridesmaids, your mother, or your mother-in-lawnbsp; are not planning a similar /br /3. Dont ever perm your hair or use styling gels before your trip to the /br /4. To prevent mussing your hair while getting dressed, put on your dress first and then get your hairdo /br /5. Ask your hairdresser for some extra pins just in case you have a hair mishap and need to tuck in those errant /br /null Start conditioning your hair at least 15 days before the big /br /7. Always compare your features with the hairstyle and colour you want and make sure it suits the colour of your eyes, your skin, and the dress and jewellery you are /br /null Check out latest fashion magazines and see if you like any hairstyles and then consult your hairdresser to see if it will suit you. Going for a second opinion may also be a good idea just to be sure that your choice is /br /9. If you usually have your hair down and you want to put it up for a special occasion, you need to try it out first to see if it suits you. You dont want to end up shocking people so it would be best to try and test out new hairdos before making a public appearance!br /br /10.If the occasion is really big, doing a few hairdressing rehearsals can help. Take pictures too. You can compare the pictures to see which style is best for /br /11.Wash and condition your hair a day in advance to avoid last minute /br /12.Use hairstyling products customized for coloured hair, if you have coloured hair. Use all hair care products in moderation. Remember to leave colour on for at least 45 minutes for best effects and avoid repeated colouring of your hair as it damages the /br /13.Never use the wrong hairstyling /br /14.Following fashion trends can be a good thing but dont become a slave to the in thing as constant change in hairstyles will damage your /br /15.Use fewer hair accessories and only those which suit your hairstyle. Donrsquo;t pile on the accessories as it will cheapen your /br /16.To prevent getting an uneven haircut, always switch off your mobile and never use it in the /br /17.Never try out hairstyles that you cannot maintain on your own without professional /br /18.Remember to keep your hairdresser happy and stress-free as this is the most important tip for a good hairstyle! Never turn up late for your hairdressing appointment or cancel without sufficient notice or even ask for an unscheduled session as this will really annoy your hairdresser. Dont offer tips on hairstyling techniques to your hairdress as she wont like it!br /br /Remember that healthy hair looks terrific and needs minimum styling. For naturally shiny and silky, pile your plate with lots of veggies and take fruit and nuts. Good nutrition also prevents hair fall and premature graying of /br /Donrsquo;t go on any crash diets as this could cause chronic hair loss. Losing weight should only be done gradually coupled with exercise and a nutritious diet. Make sure you test your hair with the colourant before you apply as you might react badly to some products. You should never colour your eyebrows or /br /With these simple precautions in place, you can have the gorgeous hairstyle of your dreams!/p
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