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Growth Rate of Body Hair Obtained by FUE and the Benefits of Acell

Scalp donor area is the ideal source of hair for transplantation in Androgenic Alopecia.  Unfortunately, the scalp donor area is limited in all individuals.  For this reason, the availability of alternative sources of donor area is desirable.  One source is body hair.  Unfortunately, the yields and coverage potential of body hair are often unpredictable and often produce results that are not ideal.  Therefore, it is potentially beneficial for us to identify means to improve the survival rate and coverage value of body hair.  One potential way to improve coverage of body hair is through the application of Acell, an extracellular matrix.I compared the yield from beard hair transplanted to a donor area strip scar pretreated with Acell to the yield of chest hair transplanted to a donor area strip scar that was not pretreated with Acell.  The objectives of the study were to evaluate the yield of two different sources of hair and to see if Acell offered any potential increase in the survival rate of body hair.

Methods:I made all the recipient sites with a 1.3 mm solid core needle attached to a counting incision device available from Cole Instruments.  I obtained 50 beard hair grafts using a 0.9 mm punch Cole Instruments (CI) punch set at 2.3 mm depth on a (CI) minimal depth handle.  I extracted 25 beard hair grafts from the right side of the neck and 25 beard hair grafts from the left side of the neck.  I then obtained 6 chest hair grafts using the same 0.9 mm (CI) punch on a CI depth control handle set at 2.4 mm.I chose a patient with 4 different strip scars.  I treated a 0.5 cm X 7 cm donor area strip scar located in the mid-line of the donor area superior most of 4 other strip scars with 50 beard grafts.  This scar was located in Boxes 1 and 5 as I defined in Donor Area Density differences in Asians andCaucasians.  I treated the 3rd most superior strip scar that measured 0.4 cm X 3.5 cm that was located in box 6 with six chest hair grafts.I pre-treated the scar that received 50 beard hair grafts with 2 cc of a solution containing 1mg/cc of Acell.  I injected the Acell into the full layer of the scar.  I did not pre-treat the scar that received 6 chest hair grafts.

Results:After six months I evaluated the growth in each scar.  I counted the growing hairs by attaching the tip of a Gentian Violet marker to a Counting Incision Device.  Each time I counted a hair, I made a mark on the hair.  The CID recorded each mark accurately.The growth of the beard hair was 46 out of 50 grafts.  The growth of the chest hair was 0 of 6 grafts.

Discussion:In the past I have noted a variety of differences in the survival rates of body hair.  Most studies where minimal density is attempted suggest an optimal rate of growth is 60% for body hair of any type.  Scalp hair on the other hand often ideally has a yield of 90%.Survival rate studies often are impaired by the lack of means to accurately record the number of hairs that are produced.  The use of the CID, which I developed, equipped with a gentian marker on the tip allowed me to accurately record the number of hairs that grew.   In this manner I was able to insure that no hair was either counted twice or missed.  I was also able to insure that the recorded count was absolutely accurate.This study shows both a difference in the survival rate of beard hair as compared to chest hair, as well as a difference in the survival rates for grafts placed into a recipient area pre-treated with Acell compared to a recipient area that was not pre-treated with Acell.  I performed an informal investigation to evaluate the survival of chest hair grafts placed into a strip scar that was pre-treated with Acell a year ago.  I noted that the growth of chest hair in this patient was not as good as the growth of his beard hair from a procedure performed 2 years ago.  As a result I wanted to see if pre-treating the scalp with Acell had an improvement in the growth of chest hair.  I anecdotally found that the Acell improved the survival of chest hair in follow up 6 months later.  The natural follow up to this evaluation was to objectively evaluate the survival rate of body hair in donor scars in the absence and presence of Acell.Strip scars are often devoid of hair growing in them.  Even with trichophytic closure, hair is often absent in strip scars.  Without the trichophytic closure one can usually count on these scars to be predominately devoid of hair.  The advantage of such a barren area is that they are useful for measuring transplant yields.  While it is true these areas are not normal skin, strip scars readily accept grafts and produce good yields.  Bald areas due to androgenic alopecia on the other hand often have dormant hairs that may resume growth at any point following the start of a hair yield study.  Unknown variables such as exogen hairs in an otherwise bald zone that resume growth prior to follow up may confuse hair growth yield studies.  Such regrowth may produce spurious results that are higher than actual yields.  Similarly existing hairs in a predominantly bald zone that are counted at the beginning of a study might evolve into the exogen phase prior to the follow up evaluation and result in an inaccurate lower yield than expected.  Scars rarely have such exogen hair issues.  Thus they are truly bald skin and potentially ideal for analyzing hair growth yields.The use of a donor template allows us to more precisely define regions of the donor area and allow us to follow specific regions in the donor scar to evaluate hair growth yield.  Each zone or box is predictable based on 8 major regions and 6 minor regions.  The presence of scar in any box may be easily annotated prior to a procedure.  Furthermore, any action in a specific box may be recorded during a procedure so that a physician can follow the consequences of any action, as well as monitor the density of follicular units in any given region.  Procedures may include removal of grafts via FUE or the location of any scar.  It could also allow for the annotation of a skin lesio that is present prior to a procedure.Prior body hair survival rates suggest that a 60% yield is quite good.  Higher densities can negatively impact the yield.  Conversely, lower densities can result in better yields.  High body hair densities can occasionally produce high yields.  In this instance we did not seek a higher density, as we did not want to evaluate this variable.  Therefore all body hair densities were kept low in this study.


The length of hair growth for the beard hair suggested that many of the beard hairs began growing at the time of implantation based on a mean growth rate of 0.4 mm/day, which is similar to scalp hair.  Most body hair grows at a rate of 0.2 mm/day, but increases to 0.35 mm/day upon transplantation to the scalp.  Beard hair grows at a much faster rate than most other types of body hair.The advantage of using beard hair for transplantation is that it produces a better cosmetic result even when different sources produce a similar or slightly higher yield.  The rational for such improved coverage is the increased diameter of the hair shaft, which results in improved hair volume.  Doubling the diameter of a hair shaft quadruples the volume of hair coverage since the volume of a cylinder of hair is equivalent to the formula: V = Õ r2 h.  Furthermore, body hair often seems to become finer upon transplantation to the scalp whereas beard hair seems to retain its larger diameter.  Finally, beard hair generally grows with a characteristic wave that adds to the coverage or volume in the scalp.  These features make beard hair more ideal to produce a cosmetic benefit to the coverage of the scalp than other sources of body hair.  Unfortunately, the added curl or wave can produce an unacceptable contrast in the grafted hair compared to the scalp hair in those with straight hair particularly when the scalp hair is straight and fine.

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Hair loss and Fast Hair Growth Tips

2 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair loss and Fast Hair Growth Tips

However, one can take certain measures to ensure that hair grows as healthily and expediently as possible. Full advantage should be taken of the hairs’ growth phase, called ‘anagen.’ Growth of healthy hair largely depends on the hair follicle and hair’s normal healthy functioning and structure.


The hair structure has two parts – the non living part that projects from the scalp, and the living part buried inside the scalp skin, within the follicle. Alteration in the normal cyclical process of hair growth can cause hair loss. Many factors influence the normal hair growth cycle, including hormonal imbalance and genetics. In order to keep hair in peak condition, keep hair clean and healthy with the use of natural well-formulated cleansers and conditioners. Faster hair growth occurs with proper intake of nutritional supplements and consistent natural hair care – this is an important fast hair growth tip.




Healthy hair growth requires a number of nutrients so as to properly feed the follicle and maintain consistent hair growth, so pay special attention to formulating a healthy, natural (preferably organic) diet. This is perhaps the most important fast hair growth tip of all.


Nutritional deficiencies tend to manifest as dull, brittle hair, nails and affected skin. An excellent variety of fruits and vegetables will supply the proper nutrient range as well as many antioxidants which stimulate and speed hair growth while protecting existing hairs.


A protein called keratin composes the hairs’ structure, so the diet should include a wide variety of proteins, as well as omega 3 fatty acids found in items like cold water fish, flaxseeds or as supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in the scalp, and allow blood to flow more efficiently so that the majority of energy can be focused on hair growth.


Some women notice that taking a prenatal vitamin seems to stimulate hair growth. Finally, avoid excessive caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, which all impact negatively on health and metabolism. Be sure to drink lots of water so as to flush out toxins. These are important fast hair growth tips.





Hair follicles will go dormant and hair growth will cease for longer than normal periods if dietary needs and nutritional uptake requirements fall short. Thus, either hair growth will slow, stop completely, or the hair will eventually fall out.


On the other hand, if the body receives adequate nutrition, growth rate can be increased. Various oral supplements can speed vital nutrients through the bloodstream to the scalp. Essential nutrients include calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, silica, sulfur and zinc. The proper blend of amino acids and B-vitamins will also enhance hair growth.


Need more fast hair growth tips? The following nutrients and herbs may help:

Beta-carotene – Green and yellow vegetables and fruits contain excellent amounts of beta-carotene.


Biotin – Oats, lentils, soybeans, peas, walnuts, brown rice and brewer’s yeast contain biotin, which can also be found in certain shampoos.


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – This nutrient contains sulfur, an element required for healthy collagen and keratin. In turn, adequate amounts lead to healthy hair growth.


Rosemary – this herb promotes hair growth. You can mix ½ cup of rosemary to 1 cup of water. Add this solution to your shampoo or use as a cleanser. Rosemary assists in the opening of blocked scalp pores, thus improving hair growth. You can also make rosemary tea and enjoy a few times per day, as ingested it also benefits overall blood circulation and supports hair growth simultaneously.




Another of the useful fast hair growth tips is to massage the scalp on a daily basis, as this stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles and removes underlying dead skin. The action will also unclog pores and remove excess sebum, allowing hair to grow more freely. You can massage while washing your hair.


In addition, you can try a longer Ayurvedic massage once or twice per week by using 1 tsp of warm sesame oil or gotu kola oil (available through Indian grocers, ethnic stores or online), gently worked into the scalp for approximately 10 minutes. If you have an especially oily skin or scalp, dry brush the hair with head dropped down so as to spread the natural oils. You can also use heated (warm, not overly hot) olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil. Applying the warm oil to the hair roots also stimulates faster hair growth. These massage techniques constitute good fast hair growth tips.


More Fast Hair Growth Tips – General Routine Maintenance


Another important fast hair growth tip is proper routine maintenance.


Certain essential oil applications will facilitate growth by penetrating the scalp and regenerating the follicles and roots. Proper hair cleansing that does not strip away the hairs’ natural moisture but rather gently removes excess sebum, dirt and bacteria, will also stimulate growth.


Find powerful herbal remedies Hair Loss Treatment


In the Ayurvedic tradition, as in other natural herbal modalities, herbal decoctions can be used to cleanse and then rinse the hair. For dry skin and hair, use lavender or geranium; for sensitive skin prone to outbreaks and an inflamed scalp, use chamomile; and for oily skin and hair, use sage, bay or rosemary.


The decoction can be made with approximately 8 parts strong herbal infusion with 1 part liquid olive soap (100 percent natural). One can then rinse with a color enhancer – sage or rosemary and walnut for black hair; henna paste and saffron (just a pinch, as it can be quite pricey) for copper or red hair; chamomile flowers for blonds; walnut for brunettes; and mullein for light brown hair.


Important fast hair growth tips, or tips to avoid hair loss and balding, also include what not to do. Avoid restraining your hair constantly with pony tails, clips or barrettes, which can lead to breakage, split ends and thinning. Also, brush gently, as excessive or harsh strokes can damage hair and injure the scalp, and be sure to use a quality full bristle brush or comb, which can certainly make a difference over time.


Another important fast hair growth tip is to avoid excessive coloring, perming and styling methods, especially those employing chemicals and heat. Excessive washing with shampoos containing synthetic or chemical ingredients will also negatively impact growth. Avoid washing hair every day unless you have oily hair and skin.


Remember to massage the scalp so as to increase blood circulation and therefore hair growth. Approximately 10 minutes every day will be sufficient. In general, avoid harsh chemicals, practice de-stressing techniques such as yoga or meditation, and be sure to obtain sufficient rest and sleep. Nutrition, too, is paramount.

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Faster Hair Growth Tips

7 September;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Faster Hair Growth Tips

Hair growth tends to slow down the older you get so age is also a consideration and of course your genetic blueprint plays a role too. Normal hair growth is therefore very difficult to define as it will vary considerably from person to person but on average, the hair on our head grows at a rate of around one centimetre a month.

All this said, there are some things you can do to maximise your hair growth potential and encourage it to grow faster but first it helps if you first have an understanding of the hair growth cycle and how the hair actually grows.

The hair growth cycle

On average, the human head contains around 100,000 hairs, 90% of which are actively growing at any one time. This growth phase is known as ‘Anagen’ and is one of three stages in the hair growth cycle. It lasts anything from a couple of years to about six or even ten years in total before the hair enters the second stage, ‘Catagen’. This is where over the next few weeks the hair follicle is degraded and the hair stops growing. Finally, the hair enters into the resting phase or ‘Telogen’ which lasts for several months and during this part of the cycle it is perfectly normal to shed a certain amount of hair, which can be as much as 100 hairs a day.

If we want to give our hair the best chance to grow faster and healthier then we need to take full advantage of the growth phase of the cycle and make sure that we are doing everything we can to minimise hair follicle damage and maximise hair growth potential.



Healthy hair growth relies on a number of nutrients to feed the hair follicle so in the first instance, faster hair growth starts from the inside and with your diet. Any nutritional deficiencies in your diet will show up as dull, lifeless looking hair, poor hair growth, thinning of the hair and even hair loss so making sure you have a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is essential. Fruit and vegetables contain important antioxidants which can help protect the hair and promote faster hair growth.

Hair is composed of a protein known as Keratin so not surprisingly, a diet lacking in protein can hinder hair health and growth. Many people are still unaware of the importance of getting enough Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet, a lack of which will show up in the health of your hair. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in oily fish or fish oil supplements and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and so can alleviate any inflammation in the scalp and as they help the blood flow more efficiently they also help to nourish the scalp.


Try to massage the scalp on a daily basis. Massage helps to stimulate the circulation of blood to the hair follicle and removes dead skin and helps to unclog pores all of which allow the hair to grow more freely. A good time to do massage your scalp is when washing your hair.

What to avoid

o Avoid any pressure on the scalp from tight pony tails, clips and clasps, elastic bands or anything that restricts your hair, your hair should be left as free as possible as much as possible. Don’t brush your hair too harshly, this can damage your hair as well as irritate your scalp.

o Hair colouring, blow drying, straightening, using heated rollers and perming your hair can damage the hair follicle and hinder growth as well as make the hair dry and brittle and more prone to falling out so refrain from subjecting your hair to any of these.

o Excessive washing of the hair, particularly with shampoos containing harsh chemicals can remove the natural oils in the scalp, so it is important to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and avoid washing the hair every day if you can.


The best way to encourage faster hair growth is to adopt a two-fold approach. First, make sure everything is right on the inside by eating a healthy and balanced diet and the second is to try to eliminate most or all the factors that can damage your hair or scalp and slow down the growth rate. Together this will give your hair the best opportunity to grow to its full potential, not only faster but healthier too.

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12 Bad Habits That Prevent Natural Black Hair Growth and Why It Happens

The most common 12 bad habits that prevent black hair from growing are the number one destroyers when it comes to growing black hair.  Almost everyone has some type of habit or has used some type of product that has produced a negative effect on their hair.  Bad habits are hard to break, and there are a number of them that prevent black hair from growing at a steady pace.

1.  Hair Pulling:  Hair pulling is a bad habit and a tough habit to break for those like myself who are afflicted with it.  Hair pulling often comes from some type of traumatic event that may have occurred early on in life, and pulling the hair was a way to cope with the stress as it provided some source of comfort.  I have lived with hair pulling since I was a child, but now whenever I get the urge to pull my hair, I stop myself and focus on the goal I wish to achieve, which is to have long beautiful waist length hair.  I can assure you if you continue to pull your hair, you are not going to meet this goal no matter how good it feels to pull your hair.

2.  Alopecia and Nervousness:  Alopecia is a disorder often caused by nerves or stress characterized by a circular pattern of baldness usually on the top of the head.  Alopecia is treated with injections directly into the scalp in the affected area.  I have never had Alopecia, but I will admit that during stressful times in my life, my nerves have gotten the best of me which resulted in lots of hair combing out.  Until you gain control of your stress, whether it is treated with medication or by a more natural way which is exercise, your hair will suffer greatly.

3.  Sickness:  If you have to go to the hospital and you are prescribed multiple medications for an extended period of time, it can really wreak havoc on your hair, leave your hair in an unhealthy state, and can actually take your hair out resulting in thinness and severe hair loss.  It usually takes a long time for the hair to recover from this ordeal, but with time and patience, your hair should be back to normal and in good shape.


4.  Infrequent Washing:  If the hair is not washed often (at least once a week), the hair becomes stale smelling and takes a long time to show any signs of growth.  By not washing the hair often on a regular basis, you are depriving your hair of the following:  (a) good blood circulation to the scalp, and (b) adequate moisture to the hair which are essential in fast hair growth.

5.  Harsh Non-Hydrating Shampoos Loaded with Sulfates:  Some people think the more suds a shampoo has, the cleaner your hair will become.  That is not true.  In fact, shampoo that is very soapy has a tendency to dry out the hair and rob it if the necessary oils needed to promote black hair growth.  The best thing to use is a sulfate-free shampoo which will effectively clean the hair without drying it out. 

6.  Not Enough Moisture:  Black hair dries out quickly, so it is important to apply cream and spray moisturizers at least twice a day to keep the hair well conditioned, which will make it less likely to break off.  Co-washing, which is washing with a conditioner, is also a good way to keep moisture locked in.

7.  Unsafe Hair Dyes and Frequent Use of Dyes:  Dyes that are unsafe are those that contain ammonia which is a very harsh chemical that can lead not only to hair loss if used often, but can also cause serious disease like cancer.

8.  Too Much Heat:  Too much heat can literally fry black hair, particularly in young women who seem to think that using a flat iron every single day is absolutely necessary!  They don’t realize how much damage they are doing to their hair.  I recommend only applying this type of heat once a week.  In order to preserve your style, if your hair is long enough, wrap it at night so that you don’t feel the need to use the flat iron on it again the next day, or wear protective styles if at all possible during the week.

9.  Use of the Wrong Fashion Accessories:  Any hair accessory such as a barrette that has a metal clasp is capable of breaking the hair off because the hair will always get caught inside the clasp  when trying to remove it.  Whenever possible, search for accessories that have plastic clasps and those barrettes that are made with satin backing.  These types will cut down on hair breakage tremendously.  I know for a fact that Target carries a lot of satin barrettes that won’t tear your hair out.

10.  Excessive Handling of the Hair:  The rule of thumb is that if your hair is long, use protective styles during the week saving the more elaborate or free-flowing hairstyles for the weekend.  If your hair is short, use a simple style such as an afro with or without a part in it, or frame your afro with a pretty scarf or head band.  Simple styles when your hair is short during the grow-out phase will help prevent breakage.  Save the twists and braid-outs for when your hair has gotten longer (at least 6 months out from your big chop).

11.  Use of the Wrong Styling Tools:  To comb afro-textured hair with a fine-toothed comb in its natural shrunken state is a crime because it rips and tears out the hair.  Always use a wide-toothed comb and moisture the hair first.  This will help the comb glide through the hair better.  If you use a pick to pick out your fro, picks with metal prongs are bad for the hair as they tend to shred the hair.  Using a plastic pick is much better and causes far less damage to the hair.

12.  Wigs and Weaves:  The use of wigs and weaves during the grow-out phase only suffocates the scalp and does not permit adequate air to get to the scalp for fast growth.  Also, when you are wearing a wig or a weave, there is less of a chance that you will be massaging your scalp, and scalp massage is a necessary part for hair growth.  Your hair and scalp need to breathe, and they cannot do so if they are continually covered up.

To learn about other bad habits that prevent natural black hair growth and what you can do to promote your own black hair growth, you will find the answer in Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long.  Simply go to  

Tracey M. Kramer is a graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Office Administration.  She is a mother of two, an expert author and article writer who enjoys writing about crafts, personal growth and health issues. 


Get successful hair growth with reliable hair treatment experts

3 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Get successful hair growth with reliable hair treatment experts

Hair loss is a very common problem that people face nowadays. The problem is faced by both males and females. Though this is becoming a persistent problem, there are also remedies that offer successful hair growth. There are many hair treatment experts who take care that your problem of hair loss or any other problems related to hair are taken care of properly. There are various things that contribute to hair loss and hair problems. The first thing that leads to hair loss is pollution. The extent of pollution is increasing day by day and the problems related to hair and hair loss is also increasing. Secondly, the lifestyle of people is also changing. They have minimal time which they can devote to proper hair care. Thus successful hair growth is becoming a real problem.

Hair treatment experts are inventing various means to segment successful hair growth. Various kinds of products are being developed and invented everyday so that problems of hair loss can be dealt with. Most of the hair experts now are adopting natural means and products for treating problems of hair loss. Natural elements and ingredients are nowadays used in almost all the products that are related to health. These products do not have any side effects like other chemical products. These products are manufactured in the various herbal laboratories that deal with hair treatment. Then these products are tested by various hair treatment experts before being marketed.

There are certain things that you can try at home for successful hair growth before trying hair treatment experts. If these fail, then definitely expert advice is required. Initially you can use a good shampoo and conditioner for washing your hair. Clean scalp and hair reduces hair loss to a great extent. Along with that, you must take proper diet with some vitamin supplements. Though many people think that what has diet to do with hair, but diet plays a major role in successful hair growth. Oiling hair at regular intervals also helps in keeping hair healthy and minimizes hair loss too. If these natural elements do not solve the problem of hair loss, then medical advice has to be sought definitely.

Hair treatment experts can provide suggestions as how to achieve successful hair growth in various ways. If baldness is an issue and there is tremendous hair loss, hair transplantation is a way that can help you overcome the problem. But this is an expensive process. Some experts also suggest using hair products that have DHT inhibitors, as they help in reducing the problems of hair fall. Apart from these, antiandrogens are also a great source that enhances hair growth. These chemicals are mainly available in the forms of lotions and creams in the market and can be used on the scalp and on the hair to reduce hair fall. Many hair treatment experts also recommend using stimulants for hair growth. These have to be used on the scalp of the head as that is the source of hair growth. These stimulants not only restrict hair loss but also augment successful hair growth.

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Knowing all about Hair Growth

17 July;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Knowing all about Hair Growth

It is an innate desire of human beings to look attractive regardless of the hair type they have. Each ethnic race has its own standards of beautiful hair. These days, people pay much attention to the state of their hair. This element of our bodies has pure aesthetic function. However, the latter should not be underestimated, for millions of men and women suffer from this lurking fear of going bald. Mere presence of some beautiful hair strands on the scalp is of not much significance if not with coupled with some healthy and voluminous hair to match. You can have both the beauty and quantity if you follow some faster hair growth tips.

Logically, to be able to take good care and preserve hair beauty, we should know what hair growth actually is and how it grows. To start with, one should realize that hair is made of dead protein cells, called keratin. Protein, being digested in the body, forms different amino acids. The latter can be connected in the particular combinations, producing different forms of protein in our organisms: keratin, collagen, insulin, etc. The first one is the source of our hair.

Lanugo is one of the very first hairs a human being acquires. It appears on the skin surface during the intrauterine development of a baby. Lanugo is silky, glossy, and almost invisible, since it has no pigment. Besides lanugo, there are three more types of the human hair: – vellus hair, which is soft, fine, short, and non-pigmented; – terminal hair is pigmented and quite long; male arms, chest, and legs hairs are terminal, as well as hairs on the scalp; – intermediate – it is something in between the first two types; it is usually moderately pigmented.

The structure of the hair has two main parts: the hair shaft (the actual hair we can see on the skin surface) and the hair follicle (the point from which hair grows). Hair cells are formed in hair bulb, which is nothing but lower part of a cup-shaped hair follicle. The newly produced cells push the older ones out of the bulb. A hair bulb contains nutritious elements, oxygen, and amino acids necessary for hair growth, as well as eumelanin or pheomelanin pigment melanin; former makes our hair black or brown while latter accounts for red or blond hairs).

All the cells pushed out of the bulb continue to move out of the follicle, and beyond its boundaries they are known as hair shaft. The hair shaft consists of the inner part (cortex), which contains small amounts of water, vitamins, fats, pigment, and the traces of different metals. Cortex is covered by a protective layer – cuticle. If the latter is smooth, glossy, and undamaged, hair looks beautiful else it loses its shine and smoothness.

Just like the plants, which have periods of active growth and time to rest, our hair has the anagen phase, when new hair cells are constantly produced, the catagen phase, when hair stops growing and prepares to have some rest (1-2 weeks), and the telogen phase – resting time itself, during which all fully grown hairs are shed (5-6 weeks). Then everything starts all over again.

Growth of healthy hair largely depends on its normal healthy functioning and structure. The hair structure is divided into two parts – the non living part that is projected out of the skin of the scalp and the other living part, that remains buried inside the scalp skin. Both hair parts have various functions to perform, besides being an integral component of the hair growth cycles. Alteration in the normal cyclical process of hair growth is one of the main causes of hair loss. The factors that affect the normal hair growth cycle are hormonal imbalance and genetics. Though it is hard to take care of the above two factors of hair loss, it is essential for you to keep your hair clean and healthy with the use of well-formulated cleansers and conditioners.

Healthy and faster hair growth not only helps you to look beautiful, it helps you to tie them to good hair styling. Here is an interesting opportunity for trying the hair styling tips. You can also imitate the hair styles of some famous Hollywood celebrities. Apart from imitating the hair styles of celebrities follow the natural hair care tips and discover the secrets of faster hair growth for beautifully shining hair. So take proper care of your hair, promote faster hair growth and also give you the opportunity to the follow the trendy hair style. The best hair oil is Mira hair oil, this oil is known to stop hair loss and promote the growth of healthy hair. Mira hair oil does it all.

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Hair Growth Laser Makes For The Perfect Hair Loss Remedy

20 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Growth Laser Makes For The Perfect Hair Loss Remedy

Hair loss does not have to be something that holds you back for excelling and living life confidently.  While there are a number of treatments and products available to choose from, few compare the devices offered by Hair Growth Laser 50.  Laser treatment is gaining a prominence and this product is the perfect response to the hype.


When considering using laser therapy as a hair loss remedy, a lot of people turn to a doctor’s  office for assistance.  However what yo will find is Hair Growth Laser 50 uses the exact same lasers as the clinical models as a much lower price.  You will receive laser consisting of 5 to 0 mill watts in power and 650 nanometers  in wavelength, which is the exact same laser recently FDA approved.


You will find hand held laser brushes that can get the job done as well.  The problem many consumers have with these devices is how much work is actually involved. It can wear you out quickly whereas Hair Growth Laser 50 products are all hands free.  Instead of working to re-grow your hair you can sit back and relax while your hair becomes thicker, healthier and fuller.


One problem that some products present is actually covering the entire thinning area fully. The good news is that hair loss remedy devices provide 100% coverage of the entire thinning area.  Instead of having a few laser to work with, Hair Growth Laser consists of an incredible number of 50 lasers or more.


Finally, you have got to talk about the price when i comes to these kinds of procedures.  Professional laser salons can charge thousands of dollars for a 6 month treatment.  Laser combs charge around 0, but the product is far less effective with just one laser.  Hair Growth Laser is the ultimate Hair Loss Remedy with over 50 lasers providing the maximum, results at a bargain price.



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Fast Hair Growth Product for Black Hair, Product versus Habits

25 April;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Fast Hair Growth Product for Black Hair, Product versus Habits

Article by Tracey M. Kramer

One of the problems most people of color experience with their hair is slow growth due to breakage, and they seek a fast hair growth product for black hair. Actually you may have no problem growing your own hair, but it seems like after the hair gets a certain length, breakage occurs and soon we are back to square one. Old habits are hard to break, but if you are willing to make a change, you will see dramatic results in your hair. Sometimes it is not only the product you are using in your hair, but old bad habits that prevent your hair from growing at a rapid pace. There are some things that can slow growth down that a person has little or no control over like: severe illness, being hospitalized and placed on strong and multiple medications, stifling environments and heavy pollution. Those things that you can control that prevent fast growth are extreme nervousness, lack of sleep and exercise (that increases blood flow to the scalp), not eating healthy, not drinking enough water, types of products that are bad for your hair, hair practices that have a negative effect on the hair like persistent coloring, hair pulling and twisting, not washing the hair enough, teasing or brushing briskly, etc. These are things that you can change in order to make improvements for the better and fulfill your goal to have long healthy black hair.As far as products go, good products for black hair are shampoos that contain humectants (ingredients that help to retain moisture) and those that are for coarse hair, color treated hair or permed hair as they will contain rich ingredients that help prevent dryness. Refrain from using products that are the shampoo/conditioner combinations as those conditioners are not as effective. About every 6 weeks, use a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos are necessary because they will get rid of the buildup left in your hair by your regular shampoo, and a clarifying shampoo will make your shampoo and conditioning sessions work better in your hair in the future.Sometimes the utensils we use to groom our hair are not used in the best manner. For instance, when your hair is wet, do not use the fine tooth end of the comb. Use a wide-toothed comb instead as it will handle the snarls and tangles better. Spraying on a detangler will also help as this will diminish the chance of losing more hair when you comb it. When your hair is dry and if your hair is in a natural state or curly, using the fine tooth part of the comb can be devastating as it will rip out your hair. In this case, the wide-toothed comb is still the better choice as less hair will comb out.When you get out of the shower and your hair is wet, do not dry your hair roughly with your towel. This will further tear and rip your hair out, and you will see evidence of this in the nap of the towel filled with hair that should have been left on your head. Next, comb the hair using a wide-toothed comb, part the hair in sections and start combing the hair from the bottom (the ends) working your way to the top. When you try this method instead of combing from top to bottom, you will notice less hair combing out. Looking for a fast hair growth product for black hair is not always the answer. The secrets to growing strong and long black hair are only a click away. Donna Hanover has written a book entitled, Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long In it you will find inside information no one else has published taken from many years of research and interviews with people who are living testaments to achieving long black hair. As a bonus, you will receive recipes you can use to achieve the desired length you are looking for. Go to

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8 Natural Female Hair Growth Remedies

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

8 Natural Female Hair Growth Remedies

Article by Caizechong

The main cause of hair loss is excessive use of shampoos and other hair products that have chemicals in them. The stress and anxiety that people suffer in their busy life are also said to be the reasons that lead to hair. Hair loss is common in men, but rare in women, often only occurring due to age, disease, serious hormonal changes or stress. While there are a number of medical remedies for hair that can be prescribed, there are also natural remedies that have been found to slow or stop hair loss in many women.

1. Lemongrass – This herb helps stabilizing oil product in the scalp. It also provides nourishment to the hair. You can use oil of lemongrass for massage as well.

2. Using steam on your hair is also said to be a good way of hair loss prevention. Dip a towel into hot water, squeeze out the excess and wrap it on your hair. Leave it on the hair till the towel becomes cold and then repeat the process for ten minutes. Do not forget to have a oil massage, before using steam.

3. Many herbalists recommend taking large amounts of saw palmetto every day to prevent loss in women, according to The herb blocks a certain type of testosterone that is known to kill hair follicles on the scalp and cause baldness in both men and women. Taking saw palmetto should be done twice daily in 160 milligram tablets in order to see results.

4. Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for our health in so many ways, have also been shown to prevent hair loss. Consuming substantial amounts of omega 3s can help you avoid hair loss in the first place.

5. Dong Quai – Formation of DHT is the main cause of hair loss. Dong Quai contains phytoestrogens, which reduces the formation of DHT. Hence, Dong Quai is believed to be helpful in hair.

6. Rubbing your scalp with your fingers is also said to be a good way of controlling hair. Once you have washed your hair, rub your scalp vigorously with your fingers until heat is generated in that area. This helps in increasing blood circulation and subsequently hair growth.

7. A natural remedy for hair that has gained respect is ginger. It promotes growth and prevents thinning by stimulating hair follicles.

The common herb, rosemary, fights the possibility of attaining dandruff by 30%. Over time, dandruff leads to loss. It also helps to remove sebum accumulation, which is a mixture of fats, salts and cholesterol – a factor in the slow closing of hair follicles.

8. Just like our body, even our hair requires essential nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy. Hence, it is important that people indulge in a hair prevention diet to get rid of the problem of hair loss and also to promote hair growth. As hair loss prevention vitamins include vitamin A, B, C and E, make sure that you consume food containing all these important vitamins. The hair loss prevention foods include leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, etc. Including milk, yeast, wheat germ, honey, etc. in one’s diet are also good way of preventing loss.

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Practical Hair Growth Remedies

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Practical Hair Growth Remedies

Article by Harry Donovan

Hair loss is one of the biggest problems today among both men and women, and it’s not just a problem for the elderly, as some may perceive it to be. The reality is that anyone can start loosing his or her hair at any age – Hair loss doesn’t have any prejudice towards ethnicity, religion, or even sex. It can be one of the most stressful things in life, noticing your once beautiful hair is now beginning to dwindle away. Luckily, there are several proven hair growth remedies that you can use to reduce thinning, and possibly even begin regrowing your hair.

Hair Growth Vitamins – The Healthy Route to Hair Growth

Most hair loss can be explained by a decrease in capillaries that carry blood and nutrients to your hair follicles. This decrease in capillaries is often observed in older men, but as stated earlier it is becoming increasing popular among younger men and women. This is where vitamins come in; certain vitamins help keep your cells healthy and your blood nutrient-rich, which directly helps stimulate hair growth. Biotin is highly recommended as a hair growth vitamin – It promotes the production of elements essential to cell life such as amino acids, Fatty acids, and most importantly promotes cell growth. MSM is another vitamin that has shown exceptional results as a hair growth remedy, allowing hairs to grow almost double their naturally intended length before going into a “resting mode.”

Daily Habits to Spur Hair Growth

Eating healthy and taking vitamins sometimes isn’t enough; you’ll also be required to follow a regimen of several daily activities, and most importantly a few things that you cannot do. Here they are:

•Do not soak or cleanse your hair in extreme temperatures; frigid water can be just as damaging as extremely hot water. Luke warm water is suggested for washing and rinsing your hair.•Refrain from combing your hair back; this prohibits natural hair growth.•Thoroughly massage your scalp for 5-15 minutes after it’s been soaked, usually most practical to do in the shower. This helps keep the blood circulating freely throughout your hair follicles.•Create your own hair growth shampoo. There are hundreds of possibilities of what your personalized shampoo can consist of, but the two main ingredients that are sure to aid your hair are Coconut Oil and Almond Oil.

If All Else Fails You Still Have Options – Laser Hair Growth

One of the most effective ways to replenish your hair is through laser therapy. Lasers have been proven time and time again to increase blood circulation throughout the scalp; at this current time it’s arguably the most effective treatment for increasing blood flow to hair follicles. The only downside that comes with laser hair therapy is its steep price, but aside from that side effects are almost non-existent, and the benefits are unlimited.

When it comes down to it, most hair loss problems can be accounted for by simply switching to a healthier lifestyle, accompanied by vitamins tailored to this condition, and daily techniques known to promote the growth of hair. Laser therapy is an almost guaranteed restoration to your hair, and while the price is steep in comparison to the other, relatively cheap remedies, it’s rather affordable for a person with average income.

By Harry Donovan

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