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The Secret That Ancient Egyptians Wore Wigs

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

The Secret That Ancient Egyptians Wore Wigs

Article by elaine

Ancient Egyptians are the first group of people who used wigs in the world, which date may date back to 4,000 years ago. Later, wigs are brought to Europe and applied in various art festivals and plays. Beside, you can see lawyers and judges wear them in Britain and commonwealth countries nowadays. Even in China, wigs are mentioned many times in the masterpiece-The Book of Songs; Japanese and Korean often decorated themselves withbestwigs., especially on important occasions. This means that wigs are early widely used all over the world.The wall carvings show the traditions and daily life of Egyptians, on which a lot of paintings with delicate wigs can be found. One of the reasons that ancient Egyptians to wear wigs is to prevent lice, as lice live on the scalp. This is so a surprising fact!??

Wigs were popular amongst the upper and middle classes, the wealthier group maintaining a greater selection of wigs. Wigs were made by barbers or by wig specialists, which is one of the occupations open to Egyptian women. As wigs were also considered necessary for the afterlife, people were buried in tombs, some contained in specialized wig chest. Quite a few wigs have survived, in particular from the New Kingdom. Wigs varied in quality. The best wigs were made entirely of human hair. Others, apparently in the mid-price range, have vegetable fibers intertwined with the hair. The least expensive wigs are certainly the least realistic wigs which are made entirely from vegetable fibers. Therefore the ideal for a good wig seems to have been that it should look like real hair. We know that the Egyptians cleansed their hair, although we don’t know with what frequency, although hair combs appear among early grave goods, even from pre-dynastic days. Both single and double sided combs, made from wood or bone have been found.

As a matter of fact, wigs can be the symbol of social status at that time. In ancient Egypt, wigs were only used among the rich, simply because they were definitely luxuries.However, people use wigs for a variety of reasons. Wigs help young girls and boys be the fashionable stars in the club, university, or even in the street; movie stars appear more beautiful look with them on the screen; patients or those have little hair get warm when wearing wigs. But there is one point to remember: one wig is far from enough. You can wholesale wigs to choose among a wide selection of wigs.

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