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Getting your molar replaced with a dental bridge.

29 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

pWhat is Dental Bridge?/p
pIf you have heard about a dental bridge before but were unsure of precisely what it was, here is your answer. A dental bridge keeps a new, manufactored tooth in place by bridging off the teeth in front of and behind the tooth getting supplanted. Like a denture, this tooth is created in a dental lab to fit your oral cavity, shape and shading, but is adjoined by caps that sit on the surrounding molars. So in contrast to a denture, this tooth does not sit in your gums, but rests on above. Many individuals have dental bridges, which is connecting a dental lab-made tooth where there is a missing tooth and connecting it to the teeth surrounding. So, if a person is missing a back molar, but has two healthy teeth on either side of the missing molar, a false tooth is made to substitute the missing tooth by attaching it to the healthy teeth. These are not removable, so although a bridge is a partial denture, it is not dentures in the sense that it can be /br /What are the advantages of having a bridge?br /Missing teeth certainly make it more difficult to eat, so the biggest benefit to the patient is the potential to chew food where there once was no tooth. What happens when there is a missing tooth, is the surrounding teeth attempt to close in where the space left by the missing tooth. When this happens, the teeth on either side of the missing teeth begin bending toward the missing tooth, making the surrounding teeth crooked. This is called tooth drifting./p
pA dental bridge looks totally natural as the dentist complements the color of your teeth presently and has the bridge made in the same color so that the bridge is not three shades brighter than your surrounding teeth. A bridge is strong and unless you lose the teeth surrounding the bridge, it is not going to fall out.You can get a bridge for front teeth as well, but this is a much more common strategy for restoring a persons back teeth and thus, their eating comfort./p
pbr /Types of Bridges/p
pThe most popular type of bridge is the traditional crown implant which uses the restored tops of the tooth in front of and behind to join the bridge together. Then all three teeth are secured in place, possibly while repairing work on the other teeth as well. There is also the cantilever bridge which is used to connect to one other tooth only. And finally the resin-bonded bridge which clamps to the outisde of your other teeth./p
pbr /Bridges will last well over 10 years and should be fine as long as your other teeth are healthy and dont need work, since they kind of hold the bridge in place. A bridge may have to be replaced once, but commonly when you get one, its for life./p
pLastly, flossing and brushing the surrounding teeth will keep them healthy and in turn keep the bridge healthy. Many people that have more than one missing tooth have more than one bridge, which is not uncommon and less of an expense than dental implants. Most dental insurance pay a portion of dental bridges dependent on the patients insurance and deductibles. Those needing bridgework may also check into dental discount insurance, which can also help with the cost of the procedure. Bottom line is to visit your local a href= target=_blankdentist office/a to get a professional opinion, and start regular a href=http://http// target=_blankteeth cleaning/a./p