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Thinking of Coloring Your Hair? Have a Pro Do It Right

16 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Thinking of Coloring Your Hair? Have a Pro Do It Right

Article by Patricia Woloch

Changing the color of hair is not a new idea and dates as far back as when ancient Greek heroes reddened their hair into a blazing symbol of courage, while their Roman counterparts used natural dyes to darken their hair. In the 1700’s, French women used powder to tint their hair shades of blue, pink, yellow and white, and today, about one-half of all American women color their hair. The number of men coloring their hair is increasing, also.

Unfortunately, however, many people are attempting to color their hair at home. This can be disastrous. We have all seen people walking around with bad color jobs including orange-tinted hair that was supposed to be red or blonde, hair that is much too dark, or much too light for their skin tone.

A big, floppy hat is one solution to a bad color job at home, but an even better solution is to go to a highly trained professional hair stylist in the first place. Whether you are trying to bring back the hair color of your youth or just trying something new and different, a hair stylist in a luxury salon can give you a new look without the need for a big hat and dark sunglasses.

You should see a professional hair stylist to color your hair if:

· Your hair is damaged. If your hair breaks easily and you lose a lot of hair while brushing, you need a professional to correctly color your hair. Hair can be damaged by a number of factors including too much heat from constant blow-drying. Excessive brushing and tearing of the hair will cause damage as will the sun. Your skin is not the only part of your body that needs to be protected from the sun’s UV rays. Powerful UV rays can damage your hair any time of the year, not just during the heat of the summer. Over-perming is also something that can damage the health of your hair. A normal perm can do damage to your hair, so over-perming will really do some damage. Over-washing you hair can dry out your scalp, cause flakes and less the natural oils on your head that protect the roots of your hair.

· You want to lighten your hair more than three shades. If you have dark hair and want to be a blonde, you must see a professional hair colorist. A professional may need to “strip” your hair of its pigment to add the new color of choice. It is a complicated process that, if not done properly, can turn your hair orange. A pro will prevent this from happening by using a toner to cancel out the redness, providing a more attractive golden color.

· You want a dramatic change such as brunette to blonde. By going to a professional hair colorist, you will save yourself the trouble of permanently damaging your hair or having the color come out all wrong.

· You have colored your hair and messed it up big time! If you attempted to color your hair at home, and it turned out poorly, please contact an experienced hair colorist immediately to schedule an appointment for a color correction. The more chemicals you put in your hair trying to fix your mistake, the more damage you will do and the more expensive correcting it professionally will cost.

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Hair Coloring Tips – Home Hair Coloring Tips

28 September;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Coloring Tips – Home Hair Coloring Tips

Article by Franchis Adam

Some hair professionals may try to discourage you from doing your own home hair color, saying that drugstore hair color products are harsh and the results can be uncertain. But the truth is that you can achieve excellent results and save a lot of money by coloring your hair at home as long as you know a few basics about choosing the right color and applying it correctly. The advantage of hair coloring is that a person can opt for a hair color that goes well with his or her looks and also according to the personal choice. Coloring the hair improves the confidence and looks of a person. Hair coloring gives an instant change to the person’s look. The changes can range from subtle, simple to the major and dramatic one. Hair color has an impact on the texture of the hair as it gives instant volume to fine and thin strands of hair and also affects the waves and curls in some cases.

Hair Color Mistakes

1. Applying dye to dirty, tangled hair.

2. Staining your skin or clothes.

3. Picking a color that does not fit with your natural hair color.

4. Dying eyebrows and eyelashes.

Hair coloring is not new to people as it has been carried out in the past too. Now there are various colors from blonde to blue made possible for both men and women. Hair dyes are made up of either bleaches or pigments or colors. The natural hair color of any person is due to the genetic or hereditary factors. Hair coloring can add fun, shine and drama to the hair style.

Permanent hair colors break the hair cuticle and deposit pigment in the hair shaft. Permanent color is said to lighten the hair as the hair is bleached and then the color is deposited in a single step process. Hair color is formed by the movement of the light rays either through absorption or reflection caused by artificial pigment which is added to the hair during the tinting process or by the natural pigment of hair. Permanent hair colors are used to cover gray hair to a large extent and it is also said to cause damage to the hair if they are used for a longer term and can even result in irreversible damage to the hair. Natural hair color is formed by the absorption or reflection of the light rays by the pigment called melanin. The amount, distribution and size of the melanin determine the hair color of the person.

Healthy Hair – Hair Coloring Tips

Shampoo that’s made for color treated hair keeps your hair color soft and natural looking. Regular shampoos can strip color and natural moisture from your hair.

Install a water filter for your shower or bath. Besides frequently being treated with chemicals, tap water coming through old plumbing contains undesirable elements like rust that leave your new hair color flat and dull looking.

Deep condition regularly – at least every two weeks – to restore moisture and shine to color treated hair. As roots grow out, a color enhancing conditioner will help your natural hair color blend with your color treated hair.

After shampooing, always blot your hair dry. Don’t rub hair dry or wrap it in a tight turban. When using a blow dryer, dry your head- not your hair. Over drying hair strips it of moisture and also results in static.

Caution while applying temporary dyes

Application of dye on chemically processed hair or the application of the wrong dye can result in odd colors. So it is usually recommended to choose a shade somewhat lighter than the natural shade of your hair.

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Avoid hair coloring to prevent damaging of your hair

20 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Avoid hair coloring to prevent damaging of your hair

Article by Sansal geel

People these days do not mind getting their hair colored. They are ready to spend any amount of money in coloring their hair. One must read hair color reviews before using it and should avoid damaged hair coloring. You must make sure that your hairs are in perfect condition to get colored and always consult a hair expert before you plan to get your hair inked. Read on to know more.

Coloring, perming, blow drying, straightening and what not, people are ready to go up to any extent to get a new hair style. They do not think about whether their hairs are ready for these kinds of things. All they care about is to have to latest ongoing hair style. Damaged hair coloring is something which shouldn’t be practiced at all, but youth these days give a damn about it and go for any kind of hair coloring techniques. Hair color reviews are something very important to read before you plan to apply them on your hair. One must read what experts say about a particular hair color and for what type of hair is it suitable. Always go for good quality hair colors and it is even better to go for natural hair colors in order to prevent your hair from damaging.

Hairs are very tough to manage; it takes ages and a lot of labour and patience to get perfect hair. Regular use of shampoo makes your hair rough, dry and tampered. The sudden increase of chemical products in the market have attracted a lot people and inclined them towards using them to get perfect hair. One should always go for more natural ways to protect and maintain their hair. Hair color reviews must be taken by an expert and hair coloring should always be done by a professional. Along with that damaged hair coloring should be a big no. First try and bring your hair in a state in which they are allowed to color. Always consult experts to know what would suit your hair and what not. Herbal and natural products do minimum damage to your hair but you must always seek advice from experts before using them also. Weekly hot oil treatments would ensure your hair look more healthy and shiny. Along with that it is mandatory to condition to your hair in order to remove dirt from them. Hair is something which makes you look beautiful if they are in proper condition. Your most percentage of beauty lies in how good your hair is.

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People these days do not mind getting their hair colored. They are ready to spend any amount of money in coloring their hair.


Few Handy Tips for Coloring Human Hair Wigs

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Few Handy Tips for Coloring Human Hair Wigs

Wigs crafted of natural human tresses look superb. For nearly the cost of a saloon trip, human hair wigs make sure that you have beautiful hair every day. You can curl them with an iron or set nicely with a blow dryer, human hair wigs let you make statement with not only your clothes but hair too!

When choosing a wig or a hair extension, it is often difficult to find just the right color matching to your tresses. You might want to precisely match your wig with a particular dress or something more unusual and glamorous altogether. No worries, you can suitably modify or color your human hair wigs and make them suitable to get varied looks for an occasion, party or your mood.

Coloring wigs of human hair is as easy and convenient as coloring your natural hair.. Any high quality hair color formulated for processed hair may be used, but we strongly recommend that you use the products made especially for human hair wigs to protect your investment.

You should choose hair colors or dyes that don’t have bleach, as it makes hair more fragile and shorten their lifespan. As you should not wash your wigs as often as you wash your hair, hair colors will last longer and take time to fade out, resulting in consistent beautiful hair.

Because real hair wigs need a lot of care, you should never rub the hair color into your wigs. Instead, it is advisable to use a soft, supple brush to evenly spread the color throughout the hair. You must make sure that you hang the wig in a natural position while coloring your human hair wig and restore it is same position after you are done with rinsing the wig in cold water.

Usually, wigs get one shade darker tones than the natural hair; this is because wigs of human hair are processed. So, to get the exact color of your choice it is advisable to go for a shade lighter than the color you like. You can use the same technique to add steaks or give highlights to your wig. Streaking usually looks more glamorous than global uniform shades.

Color them, perm them, style them or just blow dry them, you can sizzle up your look with just a little detailing to your wigs. Once you are into practice of coloring your human hair wigs, you’ll find endless possibilities for getting different looks!

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