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Post Color Hair Care Tips

11 November;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Post Color Hair Care Tips

Article by Garyson Galvin

Whether your hair speak of depth, cool tones, ash or violets, looking after your hair is essential if you want to retain moisture, healthy texture and the sparkle of the color. Various color palettes like gold, copper and reds are warm colors that spread vibrancy and glitter. Blues and violets are cool shades that look extra deep & rich.

Hairs that are colored incorrectly or too frequently become weak, porous, and full of split ends. The pH balance of hair is affected and scalp is also irritated, making hair prone to breakage and easy damage. While the color causes hair to swell and open up the cuticles, it is necessary that your hairdresser prescribes you a good cleanse and conditioning system that helps close the cuticles back, while ensuring that your hair doesn?t lose its natural moisture. Once the cuticles are closed, it is essential that you protect your hair against oxidation.

While the oxygen present in atmosphere causes your hair color to fade, other oxidants from sun, wind, chlorinated or tap water and swimming pools conspire to speed up the fading process, thereby shortening the life span of your hair color. You must stick to after-care products that make colored hair maintenance absolutely easy and simple.

Shampooing the Right Way

A color protective shampoo is made of mild cleansing antioxidants that help neutralize the corrosive action of oxygen in air and Ultra Violet rays. They protect against color stripping effects of sun, retain hair moisture to combat dryness, smooth cuticles and add loads of sheen and luster to add strength and beauty. These shampoos keep hair looking brighter and can be used on auburn, red, brown, violet or even black hair.

Proper Conditioning

Commonly, conditioners used after shampoo rinses are perceived as the sole form of hair conditioners available. They can be categorized as:

? Single dose shots conditioners? Heavy duty masks after shampoo? Leave-in serums? and After shampoo rinses

Shampoos contain surfactant molecules which surround particles of dirt and grease and wash them away from hair. Hair conditioners at the other end work exactly in the opposite manner. They contain positively charged molecules that get attached to negatively charged hair to allow raised cuticle to sit back against hair shaft, giving hair a smooth surface area, natural shine and reflecting light. Thereby, conditioners coat each hair follicle with a protective layer around them.

Protecting Colored Human Hair Wigs

While natural hair need gentle caring, colored human hair wigs and extensions need even milder treatment because they are not armed with natural mechanism to protect them. The key to keep your extensions in good conditions is to use gentle wigs care products.

No matter how tied up your day is, always ensure that you always given enough time to your hair.

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Covering Your Grey Hair with Hair Color

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Covering Your Grey Hair with Hair Color

Article by Sarika Kabra

Emma’s grey hair has given her a better look. Surprised? Continue reading. In her early 30s, Emma had some of her hairs turning grey. Instead of getting worried, she consulted a good hair dresser and opted for the burgundy look and you know what. She started looking brighter and sexier than ever before.

Turning grey is a natural phenomenon that occurs in almost 90% of the population across the globe. If you want to cover your grey sheds just opt for a hair color based on your looks and texture and experience a new world of excitement. Hair color has identified itself as a cosmetic for the hair. Hair colors are of three types- Temporary Hair Color, Semi Permanent Hair Color and Permanent Hair Color. Depending upon requirement, you can select your type of hair color. If you want to color your hair for a party you may opt for temporary hair color or use semi permanent hair color if you want to enjoy a new look during the Christmas holidays. Opt for permanent hair color only when you are confident of the new look and want to keep it for long. People with gray hair often opt for permanent hair color.

Your style and persona may also feel a boost by use of hair color. It can even be used as a fashion statement. We can darken hair for a day or a month, brighten strands permanently, and even make raven-colored tresses as pale as sunlight. We can add lighter, brighter, or darker stripes, as well as cloak grey hair in the color it once was or paint strands in a kaleidoscope of rainbow-inspired shades. We can opt for hair color that gradually jades with time (and leaves no tell-tale roots) or color that stays with the hair strand as it grows out.

Today, a large number of hair dyes are available in the fashion stores and the parlors. It is one of the cheapest options for getting rid of grey hair. To sport a hair color that suits your style, consult an expert. A good hairdresser will tell you exactly what you need, and they will have the skills required to target the grey hairs and get a subtle finish. Use only standard colors to prevent allied problems like dandruff.There are people in whom grey hairs appear only at the temples. Such type of problems can be done away with by having some color combed through them by your hairdresser. This may not cover your grey in totality, but it will certainly blend it with your natural color. This also gives you a chance to experiment with dying your hair.

People with light to heavy spread of grey flecks in their hair should consult a hairdresser for putting in some low lights. A tone that matches your natural hair color without completely covering it or making it flat and artificial looking should be chosen. Remember, the dye is simply to dim the grey hairs so that they have the appearance of a natural highlight.

When it comes to covering your full head of grey, you have to opt for a full hair dye. While doing at home, opt for a hair color that matches with your natural hair color or is slightly lighter than it. Opt for a permanent dye only when you are confident about its coloring as it is going to last for more than ten to fifteen washes.Color your strands of grey rather than getting worried about them, unless of course you are too young to have them. Consult your hair dresser and opt for the first coloring by them to understand the basics. Thereafter, you may continue doing it at home too. Hair color may stay for long depending upon the type you select for yourself.

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Can I Dye Or Color My Lace Wig?

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Can I Dye Or Color My Lace Wig?

Usually when you purchase a lace wig you are able to select the color that you want, but sometimes things happen and the one you get is not the color you ordered. In cases like that your best bet is to contact the manufacturer of the wig to see what can be done about getting the color that you ordered. If for some reason, you cannot return the wig or if you are just tired of the old color and ready for a change you can dye or color your wig to any desired shade.

Coloring Lace Wigs Made From Human Hair
Human hair wigs can be colored using the same dye you would use on your own hair, but you will need a few extra supplies to get the job done right. When coloring a human hair wig you will need to be careful to ensure you don’t get any of the color on the lace, if the color gets onto the lace it can ruin your wig and make it a bit more noticeable. Before applying any color to your human hair wig, apply a small amount of Vaseline to the lace to help prevent any hair dye from penetrating the lace. You should also keep the hair dye about 1 millimeter away from the lace, which doesn’t allow any color to show around the roots but keeps the lace its original color.

Coloring a Synthetic Lace Wig
Coloring a synthetic lace wig is a bit different from a human hair wig because of the synthetic fibers used to create the wig. The main difference is that you cannot use regular hair dye on synthetic lace wigs instead, you will need to use all-purpose or fabric dyes. The reason you have to use a different type of dye is that human hair wigs hold pigment, whereas synthetic lace wigs do not. Otherwise coloring your wig is the same, you need to be careful to avoid getting any dye on the lace and you want to follow the specific instructions that come on the box to ensure that you are doing it right.

If you are not comfortable coloring your own wig, no matter what it is made from, you can always visit a professional lace wig stylist to have it done. Many wig manufacturers actually recommend taking the wig in to have it colored because of the chemical processes that have to be used. Remember if you damage your wig while dying it you will have to purchase a new wig.

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Color options for your hair

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Color options for your hair

Like Cheryl Crow croons “I think a change will do you good.” After a long winter, many of us are ready for a change. While a new hairstyle is always good, sometimes all you need is a bit of color. And great way to test at home is with a temporary hair color like Roux Fanci-Full Rinse.

With no ammonia or peroxide, Roux Fanci-Full Rinse is safe and non-damaging to your hair. It deposits haircolor instantaneously to even tones and remove brassiness. It will even blend away gray hairs. An added benefit of using the Roux Rinse is that they have an accompanying product, the Roux Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse that enables you to add a little more color with every hair styling you do. The Rinse is available in 13 different hair colors, while the Mousse is available in seven.

To keep your hair color even longer, try using with a good color-depositing shampoo or conditioner. There are many out there, but our favorites are Altobella ClayPac ClayOns Color Shampoo and Claypac Color Conditioner.

The Claypac Shampoo combines a Multi-Vitamin blend of A, C, E and Pro-Vitamin B5 with vegetable proteins. It is a moisturizing shampoo that cleanses the hair and scalp while refreshing and brightening hair color.

The ClayPac Color Conditioners with color enhancers were designed to maintain the condition of the hair while being used on a daily basis without build up. ClayPac Color Conditioners will detangle, maintain brightness, tone and control fading.

So give it a shot…of hair color that is, to spruce up your hair style without sacrificing length.

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All about Hair color mistakes

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

All about Hair color mistakes

Article by Galena karsson

Summary-We all want to look different for various occasions and along with clothes, hair is the next thing which can add spark in one’s appearance. But unfortunately we are so excited, that we make some of the petite mistakes, which may have a negative impact on our hair. Read on to find out the mistakes one may perform while having his/ her hair colored.Introduction-Hair loss afflicts thousands of men and women all over the globe, which leaves them insecure and embarrassed. Normally an individual loses 50- 100 strands of hair in a day. Hair loss is not only related to ageing, but even hair straightening, hair color may lead to damaging of hair. Hair is the most mystifying condition which worries almost every man and woman. People consider their hair as an important asset and identity. And why not, it is the matter of self esteem. But unfortunately where comes; hair there follows hair fall too. Problem related to hair increase with improper food intake, excessive straightening, and use of colors. Everybody wishes to remain updated and hair is the best way to play with. It is good to remain updated with the latest trends that are making rounds in the city as far is hair colors or hair straightening patterns are concerned. Unknowingly jumping into these aspects not only affects one’s hair, but also hampers the individual’s self esteem.Find below some of the most common mistakes committed by individuals while hair coloring.Common hair color mistakes-i. Going by the cover- We all wish to have hair just like the one’s shown on advertisements or the packs of the hair color products. The image may be appealing, but before you fall for the hair color and use it. It is important to check the kind of hair type you bear and the skin type you possess.ii. Applying hair color without a test- As a proverb rightly says prevention is better than cure. Hair loss and hair problems can be cured, but why wait for such occasion to arise. The best way before going for applying hair color is to get the color tested on a skin patch. If it suits you, then you may go ahead, but if it doesn’t, then you may opt for some skin friendly or natural hair color.iii. Conditioned hair can lead to better color penetration- It’s a myth. Infact conditioned hair before applying hair color will smoothen the cuticle and in turn it will not allow much of the color to penetrate into the hair. This will not only waste your time and energy, but in the end the outcome of the color would be very poor.iv. Coloring your hair without protecting skin and clothes- If you are coloring hair on your own, it is important to protect your skin and your clothes. You can buy new clothes, but what about your skin? Hair color that falls on the skin and clothes are difficult to get rid of. In such an instance, the best way is to keep a towel on your shoulder. This will save the skin as well as your clothes.v. Keep hair color for long- Keeping hair color for long and thinking that it is most effective after when used latter is not an effective way, but a hair damaging technique. It is important to check for the expiry date and only then use it.

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