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Cold Sore Treatment – the New HerpoTherm Cold Sore Device

27 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

pFinally – a cold sore treatment method that works! Introducing the a href= target=_blankHerpoTherm (HotKiss) Cold Sore Treatment System/abr /br /br /br /If you have been through the distress of cold sores, from the first disturbing tingle right through to the eruption of ugly and positively painful lip herpes, reports of a medical device that is truly effective in stopping the development of a cold sore will be a revelation. Such a lot of lotions and potions have been used on cold sores with small if any efficacy, the a href= target=_blanknew HerpoTherm Cold Sore Treatment Device/a will feel like a little miracle /br /br /br /The actual science is simple – the HerpoTherm supplies an isolated application of heat (at around 50 degrees celsius) directly to the source of the herpes simplex virus. This heat inhibits the virus from reproducing, and applied early enough (with the very first sign of a tingle) stops the lip blister from even forming. br /br /br /br /Dermatological testing reveal highly positive results anytime the HerpoTherm is employed to treat a cold sore. Used early (at the first sign of a tingle or prickle) the HerpoTherm can stop the lip blister from even developing, and prevent the development and advancement of herpes simplex virus. Employed later, for instance once the blister has formed then the HerpoTherm can alleviate the symptoms, and many users report a reduction of irritation, burning or /br /br /br /And get this: 81% of patients screened reported a significant improvement within 1 day!br /br /br /br /The HerpoTherm is a medical device manufactured in Germany under fully controlled manufacturing parameters. It has no known unwanted side effects, and it has no chemical substances to aggravate your skinbr /br /The Herpotherm is in a handy lip stick sized case, so can be taken with you and used when you first feel that prickling sense, to put a stop to the horrible cold sore!br /br /br /br /If you suffer from the agony of cold sores, you should really a href= target=_blanktry the HerpoTherm Cold Sore Treatment Device! Now available in the UK./a/p