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Plant hair must catch up with fashion – hair, hair care, beauty – hairdressing industry

Article by hi joiney

Up in the morning, brush your hair static coming, coarse hair is difficult to show how the natural abundance, if spend disposable Conditioner factors like being stuck on the sand winds, not as dirty afternoon a week without washing. Dry my hair more than the fall appears to have problems, dandruff head itch came. And with seasonal hair style, inevitably hot dyeing dye, hair problem worse, “three thousand strands of worry” is no exaggeration … … no hurry, no hurry, there are options?? You can not fall behind the concept of plant hairWipe his face painted painting beautiful things they have been so well received by the impact of plant organic concept, for those products through a try, like, unable to stop the welcome development, but the hair care products like P & G is still very dependent on the chemical cleaning care agent, a little drag Oh. In fact, plant hair is already a very mature field, there are many very good brands and products available in China, such as Watsons, Sephora and some hair and beauty salon can be found, even with good domestic brands introduced . These plants hair salon products in Hong Kong, Europe and the United States has long been a family life that need to fashion a. The reason, as popular in the United States in recent years fortune in New York received numerous awards of natural organic plant care products brand JohnMasters Organics founder JohnMasters said, “I believe in existence of artificial compounds are necessary, but not a part of our body . ” Every day to reach him so artificial compounds, think is not a little frightening? Although the plant’s products may not be effective the chemical class of fast, but the emphasis to conditioning, and that plants in the hair of natural aroma exudes charm is not the kind of chemical Essence The taste can be enjoyed. Autumn “hair” Q plant AStill strong in the dry autumn and UV, the hair is easy to dry, while the hair is dry hair, loss of internal moisture, the result of brittle cuticle. With autumn wind, and often messy hair blowing invisible, even makes wire on the first infected a number of sticky dust and particulate matter. They’re like sandpaper on the gravel, in our daily hair and actions to increase the friction between the hair. Friction caused by the hair cuticle surface of hair curled, the hair surface becomes rough. There is also the season replacement scalp becomes sensitive. These are easy to fall hair root causes of problems, so the solution is to make pores, hair nutrition to restore smooth, with a scalp care products for the scalp become healthier. Many of these have the effect of plant components, such as olive oil, shea butter (it also Sun Function), castor oil, coconut oil has a moisturizing effect, so that pores, repair damaged hair; and chamomile, lavender, rosemary, cedar, etc. will ease the scalp, balance oil secretions to the scalp, itching and dandruff solution problem; hops, henna, and ginkgo can enhance microcirculation silk protein structure reconstruction of the hair, make hair more resilient. Plant care products containing these ingredients are basically, but not in species, less than synthetic products, not only generally visible shampoo, hair conditioner, hair oil also xh film, and even detailed to the scalp hair essence used, for example, a 15 ml JohnMastersOrganics have installed a dropper hair repair moisturizing cream liquid, which nourish the plant components 100% nutrition, ingredients, including jojoba, lavender, rosemary , cedar, etc., is effects-clean hair repair moisturizing fluid texture with the same face with the essence of cool liquid, which make dry hair easy to care, without struggle, resting natural. Can take 1-3 drops of liquid fill the palm of the wet friction and applied in the head and touch; also be mixed with a little more oil in the conditioner or xh products in intensive care so. Ancient magic natural hair regression Autumn hair, if done, people tend to be more trouble, because the dye is inevitable for hair damage, hair does not get angry more easily become dry, red or itchy scalp also gets up. Small mind a very profound understanding, after each hair appointments are worried about hair to “die”, but could not help but be infected to be hot. German beer garden balsam used in shampoos Herbacin feeling pretty good, which contain natural plant extracts in the natural macromolecular substances, can repair damaged hair, especially hair with a little chamomile classic milk better results. But think about only after damage repair, what can not always worrying about loss of hair coloring products. Looking at magazines, when learned in India called HANNA (Grenache) magic hair surgery, the use of pure plant, allowing natural hair color, hair and scalp and also conservation, and now in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, some senior SPA in a very popular, seen very heart of small mind. We all know, I am a die-hard elements of beauty What the party. The results, while back when shopping occasionally passing a store near Crescent City, actually found in hair care technology to do this, use a brand made in China called ” ” curiosity into a time when the “small mice. ” Hair product with the original of this rare quality of Xinjiang Henna plant (a henna same family of plants, non-toxic) of leaves and flowers as the main raw material, rich in vegetable protein and natural herbal extracts, mainly four kinds of dye hair care products. Magic is that the hair products make hair into a reddish-brown, but do not change color or display dark brown hair. Deep clean the scalp and it can make the scalp healthy, strong hair roots, itching, suppress dandruff and repair dry and damaged hair. Hair dye for those who require frequent in people who really trendy and healthy things, such as a small mind, tantamount to their own hair to be a plant product SPA, both experienced a sense of the mysterious ancient form of hair care then, also very interesting. Should know when using this product is to use olive oil and an egg, a spoonful of vinegar, mixing, and very old very natural, right? Little note home with its “nurturing hair oil,” made a second care, that the result is very good, especially on the scalp is very good, care more than the oil after the scalp and hair dry and improve the lot of the problems is that the process of care a bit long, almost an entire afternoon, but are also considered to enjoy a “slow beauty” as well.

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